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Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club - Recent Activities...
June 30, 2015

Great honor to Igor Rasula, our Editor-in-Chief ... (Kosssev portal)
(Gracanica, Kosovo, SRB) - For his worthy engagement in the domain of the charity and humanitarian works last 10 years in Serbia, the Balkans, Europe  and around the world, as a sign of the special honor, Igor Rasula, the founder of this web site and its Editor-in-Chief, and the far best swimmer in the Clubs history is acknowledged by the Serbian Orthodox Church
On the Holly national day Vidovdan (on June 28, 2015), the Humanitarian organization 'Serbs for Serbs' for the collosal dedication in helping Rasko-Prizren Eparchy and the Serbian Nation across the territory of the Kosovo & Metohija received the respectable Order of Saint Sava. From the hands of His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch Irinej, this highest SPC award was handed to Mr. Igor Rasula President and CEO of thatfoundation in the port of the Gracanica Monastery. 
Congratulations from all members of the Club !!!
I.Rasula and his Holiness the Serbian Patriarch Irinej...
March, 15, 2013 
Our team at the Winter Champs of Serbia 2013...
(Zrenjanin, SRB) - After the serious winter preparation, 12-member delegation of the Swim Star 2000 swim club Belgrade took part in the events of the Winter Swimming championships of Serbia 2013. 
At the 25-m indoor competition pool of the JUG swim center in the town of Zrenjanin,  the most valuable achievements were set by Dragan Komazec (1987) in the men's 50 m freestyle (28.31 - 380 pts) in the men's concurrence, while among females by Jelena Dimic (1989) for the W 50 free (33.13 - 345 pts). Click over the next link to find out the official results from the SRB Winter Nationals 2013
SC Swim Star 2000 squad at the tribune of the JUG swim center in the town of Zrenjanin..
September 30, 2011 ------------------------------------------------------- 
Igor Rasula, our Editor - new Humanitarian Serbian Star...(pecat.co.rs)
Pecat Magazine
(Belgrade, SRB) - Igor Rasula, MS in Journalism, our Editor in Chief, one of the founders of the Swim Star Web Portal and one of the best swimmers of our Club in the last decade, also the President of the International Charity Organization "Serbs for Serbs" gave an exclusive interview for the popular political Serbian weekly magazine "Pecat" (The Seal). His worthy engagements within the humanitarian activities in the native land and the countries in the wider Region of the Balkans in the last six years are presented in the worthy 3-page interview... 
In the article "Serbian Youth isn't fallen asleep", Igor also mentioned his destiny to stay in the swimming sport, now as a journalist in spite his education and the masters degree consider politics... Click up the title to be redirected to the pecat.co.rs internet portal, to read the full article (issued in Serbian Latin only)... Congratulations!!!
The first page of the interview of I.Rasula for the Pecat Magazine, Serbia (issued Sep. 29, 2011).
April 09, 2011 
Our team at the 11 April Belgrade 2011 Meeting...(Results)
(Belgrade, SRB) - Celebrating the 31st anniversary of its foundation, Swimming Club 11 April organized the Age Group Meet "11 April Belgrade 2011". More then 320 athletes from 20 domestic clubs took part in this meeting. Swim Star 2000 SC has been represented by five men's competitors: Bojan Radinovic, Filip Jesic, Filip Kovacevic, Vasilije Vojinovic and Luka Filipovic. Worthy swimming could be seen among our athletes. The best place and the gold medal for the category 17 and older has been earned by Filip Kovacevic in the men's 50 m back, with the time of 32.21. Click up the title to see the full official results of this interesting competition...
  Filip Kovacevic at the 50 back podium (central position)..
March 27, 2011 
Swim Star team at the Serbian Champs 2011...(Results)
Novi Sad
(Novi Sad, SRB) - For the Winter Championships of Serbia 2011 (short course pool) that was held in the City of Novi Sad (Klisa 25m pool) the small squad of the Swim Star 2000 swimming club, leaded by headcoach Vladimir Minic, took part in the absolute categories. This champs gathered 330 competitors from 37 Serbian clubs. The roster of our club for this event: Bojan Radinovic, Vasilije Vojinovic, Jelena Dimic, Filip Jesic, Sava Devic and Filip Kovacevic. Worthy results have been earned by our competitors considering the poor conditions we've had last months in the preparation. Prof. Vladimir Minic has arranged great macromedia photo gallery from Novi Sad.
  Coach Vladimir Gajic and his swimmers in Novi Sad..
February 19, 2011 
Swim Star 2000 SC team at the Winter BEG League 2011...(Results)
(Belgrade, SRB) - For the traditional regional swimming competition "Winter League of Belgrade 2011", the members of our Club inlayed many efforts previous months within the preparation at the Pinki swim center. This meet, as usually is organized by the PSB (Belgrade Swimming Association) and is predominantly seen as the team competition, the 'battle' among the clubs from the territory of the Serbian Capital... 14 clubs participate with about 660 athletes (of all ages). For the weekend (Feb 19-20), ten our swimmers took part in the Round 1+2 events, among all Bojan Radinovic, Filip Kovacevic, Vasilije Vojinovic and Marko Dimic. Interesting photo from the Vracar swim center (Belgrade), a place of the Belgrade League is made at the beginning of the competition. 
  Ass.Coach Vladimir Gajic and part of his talents by the pool deck of the Vracar Swimming Center...(Photo by I.Rasula)
June 12, 2010 
Swim Star 2000 Club at the Serbia Open 2010...(Results)
Serbia Open 2010
(Becej, SRB) - Organized by the Serbian swim federation, the new edition of the Summer open championships in absolute concurrence Serbia Open 2010 started June 11 in the town of Becej (Vojvodina province), Serbia. About 180 competitors from 31 clubs-teams  (inc. teams from Slovenia, Hungary and Austria), took part in the events. Coming from the Swim Star 2000 SC, 8 athletes were entered: Dragan Komazec, Marko and Maja Roljic, Bojan Radinovic, Sava Devic, Filip Kovacevic, Emilija Relic and Tijana Cejovic... Worthy times were swam out in the preliminaries on the Day-2, and the places in the B finals were earned. Click up the title to see the official results of this Championships...
  Sava Devic, Filip Kovacevic, Dragan Komazec and Bojan Radinovic at the trbune of the Mladost swim center in the town of Becej - for the Serbia Open 2010...(Photo by V.Minic,prof)
May 27, 2010 
Igor Rasula - concluded his Masters Education in Great Britain...
(Belgrade, SRB) - After six years of his mid, undergraduate and masters education, Igor Rasula, the ever best swimmer of the SC Swim Star 2000 and the Editor-in-Chief of this Web Portal, turned back to Serbia. Within 2004/2005 at the PN High School, Michigan (USA), Igor earned his HS degree. In 2005/2008 he graduated the BA in Journalism from  the Olivet College, Michigan (USA). Granted by the EU Council of education, 2-year Masters program Igor concluded at the Danish School of Journalism (DEN), University of Amsterdam (NED) and the University of Wales (GBR).... Congratulations for the really great magister dissertation and Master in Journalism degree - from all his friends from Belgrade and Serbia!!.
Igor Rasula with his Mother at the Airport "Nikola Tesla" Belgrade upon landing from London (UK).(Photo by V.Filipovic)
February 13, 2010 
Swim Star SC at the Winter League of Belgrade 2010...(Results)
League of Belgrade 2010
(Belgrade, SRB) -- The traditional regional competition of the Belgrade Swimming Association - Winter League of Belgrade 2010, started at the Vracar swim center (25-m pool) in Belgrade on February 13... The team of our club is leaded by Dragan Komazec, captain, also followed by Bojan Radinovic, Filip Kovacevic, Jugoslav Milutinovic and Vasilije Vojinovic. Two newcomers are girls Cejovic Tijana and Reljic Emilija (both born in 1997). In the Rounds III and IV (first weekend in March) we'll also expect the returning swimmers brother & sister Dimic to join the team.. Click up the title to open up the official results of the Round-1 (older group)...
Filip Kovacevic, Bojan Radinovic, Dragan Komazec and Vasilije Vojinovic, our worth competitors (in different age categories) at the pool deck of the Vracar Swimming Center at the begining of the Winter League of Belgrade 2010... (Photo by V.Minic,prof)
October 25, 2009 
Swim Star SC at the Ante Lambasa Memorial 2009...(Results)
Ante Lambasa 2009
(Belgrade, SRB) -- The 17th edition of the traditional swim meet Ante Lambasa Memorial 2009 concerns the beginning of the new swim season for our club... Four our competitors were entered in this oldest LEN meeting in Serbia: Dragan Komazec (1987) - Captain of our club, Bojan Radinovic (1991), Filip Kovacevic (1994) and Vasilije Vojinovic (1994). Bojan Radinovic in 50 free set his LBT (29.47) LC pool, while Dragan Komazec in the 100 fly (1:11.19) picked up the silver medal. Filip Kovacevic also was good in 50 free (30.11) ranked 15th in the junior category (of 32 athletes )... Click up the title for the complete official results of the meeting..
Dragan Komazec, at the podium of the men's 100 fly with Dejan Vasiljkovic (SC Jagodina)... (Ph by V.Minic,prof)
February 15, 2009 
Swim Star Squad at the Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2009...(Report)
Mimosa Cup 2009
(Herceg Novi, MNE) -- The 14th edition of the traditional swim meet Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2009 concluded at the marvelous Mediterranean Health Centre in Igalo Spa near Herceg Novi.  Swim Star 2000 SC took part in this event with 3 men's competitors... Dragan Komazec, Bojan Radinovic and Filip Kovacevic... Worthy results have been swam out, especually by Dragan Komazec in 50 free (26.08) who again confirmed his strength in spite poor conditions at the pool for everyday preparation in Belgrade ... Click up the title to find out the complete results of the Mimosa Cup 2009 (the official web presentation) where you can find out the Special Gallery (prepared by our Head Coach Prof. Vladimir Minic...
Dragan Komazec, the best men's competitor of the Swim Star 2000 swimming club in the Mimosa 2009's pool...
December 05, 2008 
Swim Star team at the Zrenjanin Cup 2008...(Results)
(Zrenjanin, SRB) -- The 17th edition of the traditional swim meet Zrenjanin Cup -Milos Popov Memorial concluded today at the marvelous JUG sports & swim center in the town of Zrenjanin... Swim Star 2000 SC took part in this event with 4 men's competitors... Dragan Komazec, Bojan Radinovic, Kovacevic Filip and Devic Sava... Worthy results have been swam out, especually by Dragan Komazec (1987) in 50 free (26.06)... In spite he was entered, Vasilije Vojinovic did not participate because of some unexpected illness.. Click up the title to find out the complete results... Click also here over the link for the complete Photo Gallery (arranged and prepared by our Head Coach Prof. Vladimir Minic...
The best men's competitors of the Swim Star 2000 swimming club, Belgrade at the Zrenjanin Cup 2008...
November 25, 2008 
Igor Rasula at the Erasmus Master's Blue Book 2008/2010...
(Aarhus, DEN) -- Continuing his education in domain of the Journalism and Mass Communication, since August 2008, Igor Rasula, our best swimmer ever, and now Editor-in-chief of the SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL, has been admitted for the Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Journalism within Globalization. First semester Igor is settled down at the Danish School of Journalism (DEN), second one at the UvA University Van Amsterdam (NED), while at the next school year he will be at the University of Wales (Great Britain). The magister theme that is already chosen deals with the "War & Crises in the World"... Click here over the next link to open up the Erasmus Blue Book 2008-2010, where at the p.p. 22 you may find out the interview with Igor and all other 44 participants from all over the world.
2008-2010 Group of the Eramus Mundus Master Program in Journalism at the University of Aarhus in Denmark...
June 07 , 2008 
Swim Star 2000 SC took part in the Summer League of Belgrade 2008...
Belgrade, Tasmajdan
(Belgrade, SRB) -- Our club takes part in the traditional regional meeting "Summer League of Belgrade 2008", with the top 13 competitors of all ages... Unfortunately, poor situation with the preparation process (we take two Belgrade's pools) do not allow the best achievements. In spite of that all our athletes continue to be joined to the club and strong work at everyday training.. The top times for the Round-3 have been set by Dragan Komazec (1987) and Rastko Mazic (1991)... All others were also good: Jelena Dimic, Sanja Lazic, Marko Dimic, Vladimir Dudar, Filip Kovacevic, Anderj Matic, Vasilije Vojinovic and others...
Vladimir Minic,prof., Head Coach of the Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club, Belgrade with his top swimmers.
May 20 , 2008 
Igor Rasula - Interview for the Swim Star Web Portal...(Interview)
(Michigan, USA) - The most successful swimmer of our Swim Star 2000 swim club, Belgrade, since 1999, its founder and also editor-in-chief of this SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL, has concluded his  education at the Olivet College, Michigan, USA (earning the bachelor degree in the Journalism and Mass Communication, with the carieer GPA of 3.65 (US edu scale 1-4))... An exclusive swim interview with Igor Rasula we dedicate to all our visitors, swim mates, his - our former coaches, colleagues, etc., in Serbia and worldwide...
Igor Rasula, at the commencement of the 2008 graduation ceremony at the Cutlet center of the Olivet College, Michigan (May 17, 2008)
October 28 , 2007 
SC Swim Star Started the New Season at the "Ante Lambasa 2007"...
Belgrade, Tasmajdan
(Belgrade, SRB) -- Our club started the engagement within the new swim season 2007/2008 at the recent traditional XVth LEN International meeting "Ante Lambasa Memorial 2007"... Thre best men's competitors of the Swim Star 2000 swimming club took part in 2-day events by the famous Tasmajdan swim & water polo center in Belgrade...
  In the most popular event 50 m free Dragan Komazec was ranked 19th in absoulte (of 120 competitors overall),  with the time of 0:27.22, Ratko Mazic swam out his life-time best (0:28.89), while Bojan Radinovic was ranked 64th with the time of 0:30.89  Congratulations to all!(watch the Complete Results)
Dragan Komazec(1987), Rastko Mazic (1990) and Bojan Radinovic (1991), top members of the Swim Star 2000 SC.
August 16, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Igor Rasula - the Interview for the Shipherd's Magazine, USA...
(Olivet, MI, USA) -- Igor Rasula, the best swimmer of our club ever, now student of the final year of Journalism and Mass Media at  the Olivet College, Michigan, USA also the co-editor of our Swim Star Web Portal, gave an interview for the respecrable Shipherd's Record - the periodical magazine of the OC (issued on July 2007)... 
In the interesting article titled "International Bonds", asked about his future in swimming and profession by Levi Yockey, the author and staff writer, Igor Rasula explained: “I know that swimming opened up so many doors for me,” he said... “After graduation, I plan to go back to my old swim club in Serbia (Swim Star 2000, Belgrade), and make it the best it can be in the country one day, so that other young people and swimmers might have the same opportunities I did.”... 
Click up the title to open up the next page where you may read the complete article...
  The facsimile of the article in the "Shipherd's record" Magazine, pp.21, issued on July 2007...
August 03, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
SC Swim Star 2000 awarded its best swimmer in 2006/2007...
(Belgrade, SRB) -- For the SRB summer national LC championship that is helding three days by the famous Tasmajdan swim and water polo center in Belgrade (August 03-05), the management  and the coach staff of our Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club arranged the small genuine ceremony for the best swimmers and all our athletes... 
  At the end of the present swimming season 2006/2007 for all her achievements throughout the practices and many competitions, where she has participated in and worthy presentations of  the club's colors, Jelena Dimic (1989), Captain of the team and the best swimmer was awarded with the Special Annual Club's Award, Congratulations!
Igor Rasula, team manager consigned the Award to Jelena Dimic, on behalf of the management and all members of the Swim Star 2000 SC, Belgrade.
June 03, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Full in the Nature 2007 - Multi Sport Events at the Lim River...
Lim 2007
(Belgrade, SRB) -  Would you like to meet Central Serbia and its splendid and pure nature? Would you like to go Rafting, Swimming, Climbing, Paragliding, Speleologic investigations, open sport events, folklore games or just meet historic monuments (Sopocani, Mileseva and other Serb heritages). See the slide show from the previous summer, or the complete photo gallery of some interesting places at the Tour the River Lim, Serbia.... Upon the cooperation with the experienced instructors, the Professors of the Physical education (University of Belgrade) and the Rafters of the Lim, welcome to the "Full in the Nature 2007 Action"... All Info: Vladimir Minic,prof. Cell (381) 65 265-9885 .
June 03, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Summer League of Belgrade 2007 - Jelena Dimic BEG's Silver...(Results)
(Belgrade, SRB) -  The traditional Summer League of Belgrade tournament is concluded on Saturday June 03 at the Tas swim center in Belgrade... Eight  BEG clubs with SC Kikinda as a guest, took part in the events in last Rounds 3+4. The final team rankings: 1/SC Partizan (4686 pts); 2/ SC Vracar (1533 pts); 3/ SC 11 April (1261 pts.). Among the females in the oldest category, Jelena Dimic (1989) in all 4 rounds won Silver medal overall in the concurrence of more then 10 competitors (89-90). Jelena also assured the Club's Gold Annual Award...
Jelena DImic (SC Swim Star 2000) winner of the Silver and Tijana Djurdjevic - (SC Red Star) the Gold in women's category 89/90... Congratulations !!!
February 11, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Swim Star SC at the International "Mimosa Cup 2007", Montenegro...
Herceg Novi
(Herceg Novi, MON) –- Continuing the Club's participation at the LEN Mimosa Meeting one of the most popular swimming event in SCG (Serbia & Montenegro), the Swim Star 2000 SC delegation was consisted of Rastko Mazic (1991), Dragan Komazec (1987) and Vladimir Minic, Head Coach... Our two guys showed the present power after the winter preparation been organized at the Goc maintain and the Vrnjacka Banja Spa (SRB)... Dragan Komazec has got onto Top 10 in 50-m free with the time of 0:26.24 (among 72 participants), while in 50-m fly he touched 23rd overall with the time of 0:30.89. Rastko Mazic swam out his LTB (life time best) in 50m free (0:29.24) while in  50-m breast he was ranked 17th overall with the worth time of 0:36.75... Congratulations !!!
Coach Vladimir Minic with his top Swim Star swimmers...
January 16, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------------
Club's winter preparation in Vrnjacka Banja Spa, Serbia...
(Belgrade, SRB) –- This 2007 winter hollidays of our 'smaller' swimmers the Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club used to spend in the most famous tourist resort of Serbia - the Vrnjacka Banja Spa... Our 15-member delegation leaded by Prof. Vladimir Minic, Head Coach and the Chief of the coach staff spent at the highest places of the Goc mountain - Central Serbia (exc. 1,000 m) where our swimmers have had many footings, walkings, outside excursuses, etc. in the open-air, while in the pool of the Breza Hotel (25-m long) in Vrnjacka Banja, the afternoon swimming preparations were organized. Our club uses this moment to send thanks to Mr.Dragoslav Blagojevic, Director of JKP "Beli Izvor" who help our team to get the best conditions for swim training in Vrnjacka Banja.
Swim Star 2000 Team, prior to the departure of Belgrade.
December 15, 2006 --------------------------------------------------------------
Club's Pioneer Meet - "New Swim Stars are Coming"...
(Belgrade, SRB) –- Continuing the tradition of the club's ceremonies with the consigning of the awards and the annual recognition to the best swimmers (at the end of each calendar year) the management of the club decided to organize an interesting younger pioneer meeting named the "New Swim Stars are Coming..." where the younger category swimmers showed their potencies. In 10 races (two age groups), fantastic swimming were seen... The top three results are awarded with diplomas and special Club's gifts... Igor Rasula, the best swimmer of our Club, and Jugoslav Milutinovic our top OWS swimmer consigned the awards, also motivated new talents to go ahead in their worthy sports engagements.
The winners in all categoies earned diplomas and gifts...
November 05, 2006 ------------------------------------------------------------
Our Club's New Struggle to Provide Add Support...
Ann Arbour,MI
(Ann Arbor, USA) –- Our new club's goal, defined at the beginning of this season is to step up from the present swim and media engagements. Our management decided to do more then in the previous period to set the connection to the HS and the college swim teams as well as an independent clubs from Michigan and other parts of America, where we should try to provide an additional support and experiences dedicated to the Serbian swimming and its new swim kids... 
Pursuant to that, Igor Rasula, the Co-editor of this web swim portal and the best swimmer of our club visited this past week-end the town of Ann Arbor, well known as the place of the best American Swim&Dive school - the Univeristy of Michigan (home of Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman)...
Igor Rasula in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA...
October 28, 2006 --------------------------------------------------------------
New Power of Swim Star 2000 SC in the 2006/2007 season...
(Belgrade, SCG) – At the 14th edition of the traditional LEN Meet "Ante Lambasa Memorial 2006", our club has taken part in 2-day events with 5 competitors: Dragan Komazec (1987) in 50 & 100 Free and 50 Fly; Jelena Dimic (1989) in 50 & 100 Free; Rastko Mazic (1990) in 50 & 100 Free, Ivana Kovacevic (1992) in 50 & 100 Free and Boris Cetkovic (1988) in 50 Free...
Just at the beginning of the season, our athletes showed that the worth one month practice helped them start the season marvelous - Boris Cetkovic in 50 Free (0:27.22) set the A Junior standard of the PSB and confirmed his nice season 2006 - 2007 (his last as junior)... Ivana Kovacevic also did her best in 100 Free (1:15.91) as well as Jelena Dimic in 100 Free (1:12.79).
Nikola, Aleksa and Djordje Rackovic - our club's future, with their Father (Mr.Rackovic) and Coach Vladimir Minic...
June 11, 2006 --------------------------------------------------------------
Goran Rasula - On the future of the Serbian Swimming...
Belgrade Exclusive Swim Interview
(Belgrade, SER)) -  Since the separation of Montenegro from the Union of SCG last months, we have asked Mr. Goran Rasula, our Director and one of the main person of the swimming sport in Serbia for a short talk on the Serb swim future... The Interview is dedicated to domestic swim audience and is arr. in Serbian only...
Mr.G.Rasula, Director of Swim Star 2000 SC, Belgrade with his best athletes: Dragan Komazec (1987) and Jelena Dimic (1989).
June 06, 2006 ---------------------------------------------------------------
Photo Gallery from BVSC Meeting in Budapest (HUN)...(Results+Gallery)
(Budapest, HUN) -  After 4 days of wonderful organization and the Swim Star 2000 delegation's participation in the 9th edition of the traditional BVSC Cup 2006, the special photo gallery is prepared and arranged for our web site. 
Special thanks the club' management expresses to the top persons of the BVSC club as well as to our General sponsor the Serbian Railways, Belgrade...
Part of the Belgrade's swimming delegation with Mrs. S.Dimic, chief organizer and Swim Star SC's leader...
May 17, 2006 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Junior Weekly Magazine writes about 'Swim Star'...
Junior Magazin
(Belgrade, SCG) – The new modern Serbian Sport Junior Magazine in its issue dated May 03 has presented SC "Swim Star 2000" one of the most popular swimming club in Serbia as well as in the the Balkan Reagion and wider part of SE Europe...
From the pen of Mr. Bojan Djuric, sport journalist, many sparkles from the club's previous 7 years activities and engagement in swim sport have been mentioned.
The management of the club and its Marketing & Media Swim Star Agency, but first of all the Coach Staff and all our  swimmers are very proud to watch their presented achievments that have been mainly earned just regarding their "steel will"... So, the title of the article should explain really many, many things with all our enthusiasms: "The Kids of Steel Will"... 
The article in the latest issue of the Junior Sport Magazine, Belgrade, SCG
April 27, 2006 ---------------------------------------------------------------
Swim Star 2000 Club's Ceremony in Belgrade...(Report)
April 16, 2006 ---------------------------------------------------------------
Igor Rasula finished the swim season in America successfully ...(Report)
(Olivet, MI, USA) – The traditional Olivet College Banquet at the end of the swim/diving season, this past Saturday has joined more then 200 guests, parents, friends, donors and the officials, where the best athletes have been awarded. The Olivet Men's Swim/Dive team has become the 2006 MIAA Champion (at the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association)... Igor Rasula, the best athlete of our Swim Star 2000 SC, set three new Olivet College RECs: in 200 Free (1:44.63); in 400 Free Relay (3:13.02) and in 800 Free Relay (7:03.50)...
Head Coach Stubbs designates
Igor's words of thanks to his 
Mr.Dave Stubbs, Olivet Head Coach 
the 2006 OC annual awards
colleagues and the OC officials
with Igor Rasula
March 25, 2006 
Gallery from the NCAA Swim & Dive Championships 2006, Atlanta...(Report)
March 08, 2006 ---------------------------------------------------------------
The Exclusive Photo Gallery from Chicago by I.Rasula...(Gallery)
February 26, 2006 ------------------------------------------------------------
Winter League of Belgrade 2006 - concluded...(Results)
(Belgrade, SCG) - The Winter Swim League of Belgrade 2006, the traditional equip championships of the younger category swimmers came into the end. On Saturday, the III round for the older group competitors is concluded by the Vracar Sport Center, Belgrade... 9 Belgrade's clubs with about 150 competitors took part in the events. Click the title for the complete result report...
  Dragan Komazec, new men's swim pearl of the Swim Star SC.
February 12, 2006 ------------------------------------------------------------
Igor Rasula - OC Records and A Final at the MIAA Championships 2006...(Report)
(Jenison, USA)- The New Champion of the 2006 MIAA Conference (Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association) is the Olivet College Men's Swimming. As part of OC, Igor Rasula, our best swimmer, broke 3 school records and climbed to 5th position in A Finals in 200 yd. Freestyle (time 1:44.63). Click up the title to find out Igor's swimming season's report... The Photo Gallery from the MIAA Championships 2006 is available here directly...
  Igor Rasula as part of the Olivet College Men's Swimming 2006 (USA).
January 17, 2006 ------------------------------------------------------------
Katie Hoff - The Special Greetings to Swim Star 2000...(Interview)
Katie Hoff (USA) ------------------------------------
(Towson, MD, USA) -- To the proud of our Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club and all our swimmers, but previously as a grant for the enormous efforts been inlayed all those years behind in the popularization of the swimming in Belgrade and Serbia & Montenegro, the Swim Star Agency, Belgrade has got an exclusive interview with the Best World Women's Swimmer... 
Named as a best girl swimmer of the U.S. in 2005, US record Holder, Athens 2004 finalist, World Champion in Montreal 2005 and the winner of many gold medals at the main domestic and the World events in last two years... It is just enough to say - Katie Hoff... 
The exclusive interview at the web page is completely arranged in English and Serbian respectively by Igor Rasula, the best Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club athlete, student of the journalism at the Olivet College, Michigan and since Jan. 2006 the official member of IJF (International Federation of Journalists - ID Card license - SM3895)...
  Katie Hoff: " Napred Swim Star 2000 !  "Best wishes to you in your studies at the Olivet College, Igor. And give my best to all your team mates in Belgrade, Serbia."
January 16, 2006 ------------------------------------------------------------
Swimming for the Holly Cross in Serbia...(Invitation)
(Belgrade, SCG) -- On Thursday Jan 19, the main traditional Epiphany's Ritual the  Swimming for the Holy Cross of the Serbian Orthodox Church on 'Bogojavljanje', will be organized in Sabac and Belgrade... It is expecting that more then 3,000 people will support this OWS event at these two places at the river banks of Sava... Also other towns of Serbia will organized their rituals at their open water resources...Click up the title to watch the Photo Gallery from the Sabac event in 2005...
.Slavko Pamucina, 2005 Holly Cross winner in the Sabac iced race...
December 30, 2005 ------------------------------------------------------------
Swim Star Swimming Club comes into its Year the 8th...(Report+Gallery)
J.Dimic and G.Rasula
(Belgrade, SCG)--- The traditional Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club anniversary we have celebrated by the prom night at the Charm Caffe of the '25 of May' sport center, Belgrade downtown where the best athletes Boris Cetkovic (1988) and Jelena Dimic (1989) have been awarded with the Special Recognition. The Chief of the Club and all members expressed the gratitude to many well known and unknown persons who have helped our organization in the past... The Swim Star 2000 SC is going on !!!
  Click up the title for the special report & photo gallery... 
  Jelena Dimic, MVS of 2005 among women's swimmers...
December 27, 2005 ------------------------------------------------------------
The Greetings from Ft.Lauderdale Aquatic Center, USA ...(Report+Gallery)
OC Men's Swimming --------------------
(Florida, USA)--- Igor Rasula, our best athlete and competitor has stayed in the Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Center in Florida (second part of December) at the serious training process with his the Olivet College Men's Swimming Team coached by Dave Stubbs...
   As we have already annouced, a special web  presentation is available now completely arranged and designed by Igor Rasula... Click up the title to get on...
  Svim prijateljima u Beogradu i Srbiji, ali i sirom sveta zelimo Srecne Bozicne i Novogodisnje praznike, uz vasceljenski pozdrav MIR BOZJI, HRISTOS SE RODI !!!!

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