Rome (March 20-21, 2000)
The Presidency of our Club has had a great pleasure to visit the Italian Swimming Federation residence in the City of Rome at the Olympic Stadium. Pursuant to our prior request and the kind invitation to our full "Swim Star 2000" SC delegation for the "Euro Meet Trento 2000",  we talked to Mr. Gianni Storti Secretary General and brought him our sincere thanks for his understanding and kindness in the worst period for our sport during the war time of 1999.
As an official delegate of the Yugoslav Swimming Federation, Mrs. Olivera Mladenovic, consigned the facsimile of our Special recognition dedicated to Mr. Walter Bolognani ex manager and the President of Rari Nantes Trento Swimming Club, Italy. Both sides extedned their hopes about the future cooperation between our two National Federations. We underlined and sugested that it should be more comprehensive and progresive, especially in the domain of the youngest pioneer, cadet and junior's cathegories development.
The facsimile of the Special recognition for Mr. Walter Bolognani has been consigned to
Mr. Gianni Storti, Secretary General of the Italian Swimming Federation
Mr. Storti and Mrs. Mladenovic Swim Star 2000 presidency in FIN, Rome
March 21st, 2000, Rome, Italy (at the FIN official office)
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