Igor Rasula's message from Trento:

Mr. Bolognani  and Igor Rasula

I had a great pleasure to participate Euro Swim Meet in Trento, for the second time. I was very glad that I've got a chance to meet You again, to talk to You or just stand by You.... All those, quite enough for my full luck. But for such a short time...because of our busyness there. Maybe  it could be longer some other time. It's all right. Thank You Sir.
Palazzo Pretorio, Trento
And after Trento all your tour will continue to Trento again, to the town of the Religious Council, charming places and pleasant people. I like it really. You'll too.
All my respect I'm giving first to the man who really helped us so much. Mr. Bolognani, hope we don't need  words anymore... Our feelings comunicate...Right ?
Beside the usual  kindness of Rari Nantes people this year, a sincere regard has been showed to us by the special invitation for complete "Swim Star 2000" SC delegation.

Smiles on every faces at the end

If you do not mind, come in and look through this complete presentation. Hope you'll enjoy.

I really did it in Trento, at the end of March 2000. Thanks to my Ma and Pa of course, for their abdication from many own duties to help me stay in Italy this year.

Igor at Madonna Bianca pool

Igor's Italian fans
All my early dreams about the big competitions were based on the idea to have many friends and fans back. On the day of our arriving to Trento, my dreams came through. Really the best fans were by me at Madonna Bianca pool with the extremely large "Forza Igor" transparent. I had a luck. And the success did not neglect me at all.

My present and former trainer
Mr. Ilic and Mr. Filipovic - my present and former Coach - sincere friends, teachers, sport's parents and much more... always by me.

Welcome to the latest "Swim Star 2000"  web presentation.

Its about our nice journey throughout Italy  and our participation in the 32. Meet " Europeo di Giovanile Nuoto Trento" in the period from 24th to 26th of March 2000. You can also meet our great friends  from San Benedetto, Italy, part of my family from Pola, Croatia, my Italian fans too, and of course Trento's friends first of all Mr. Walter Bolognani ex-president of Rari Nantes Trento Swimming Club, Italy. O.K. come inside. Don't loose your time. Choose a link bellow:

San Benedetto del Tronto (March 16-23, 2000)
Final practicing at Rari Nantes Ascoli Swim Camps

FIN Rome (March 20-21, 2000)
Our official visit to Federazzione Italiana Nuoto

Trento (March, 23-26, 2000), 32. Euro Meet Trento 2000
Meeting events, images, etc.

 Riva del Garda, Trento and Rome (March 26-27, 2000)
Sightseeing round Riva del Garda, Trento and Rome

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