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Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Modena, Italy 2001
Belgrade League 2001
Serbian Champs 2001
Montenegro Cup 2001
Harkany 2000, Hungary
Modena, Italy 2000
Trento, Italy 2000
Riccione, Italy 1999
Venezia, Italy 1999
Zrenjanin Cup 1998


We greet you all and would like firstly to express thanks for visiting our web portal. This is a Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club  Presentation. Here you may follow all our activities, as well as many others, from Yugoslav Swimming Federation, Serbian Swimming Association also from many attractive events been held in Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), the Balkans and worldwide. Many useful swim links and friends' sites can be found from this place (M-Swim, NuotopunoIT,  Harvard Swimming, Swim Rings, Rari Nantes  Trento On line Magazine, SportlinkUk, Nuotatore Magazine, EuroswimLinks, etc.). Special corners of our portal are arranged to all of you who need just actual news, YU swim results, education tips, swim events calendar, interesting quiz game, Chat, Forum, ICQ, contacts, etc.
Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club, Belgrade, was  founded in the early spring of 1999, just in the worst situation to all of us here in Serbia, under the rains of bombs and missiles those been sent to Belgrade by the Nato alliance. But our love for swimming and sport in general gave us the power to start again from the beginning and survive. We'll never forget really great supports from many of our great friends. Tribute to the institutions, persons as well as the unknown people and thanks forever. Introduce some of them here bellow.

Tribute and thanks in general:
FIN Rome, Italy
Italian Olympic Committee
Welington, FL, USA
Italian Swimming Federation, Rome, Italy
Rari Nantes Trento SC
Ultra Coach
Sportlink UK
Swimming Club
Rari Nantes Trento, Italy
Innovative software for the Fitness Industry, USA
Web Sport Community
Vujic Company
Daily News Magazine
'Trudbenik' Company
Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Vujic Company and Charitable Organization, Yugoslavia
"Politika" Daily  magazine
Thanks for sport and swim cooperation:
Nuoto puno IT
Mr. Guerra Cristiano
Nuoto punto IT # 1 Italian and European Swimming Portal
Stilelibero ON LINE
M-Swim UK
Mr. Michael Downes 
Swim Star 2000 SC site Bronze Award June 2000
Rat's Swim Silver Award
Rat's Swimming Award 
Swim Star 2000 SC, Belgrade
Winner of the Silver Award for 2001
via www.insweep.com
World Wide Swimming World Wide Swimming Portal 
West Chester University, USA
Swimming Federation of Belgrade
Thanks to Mr. Ivan Djordjevic for all his understanding and aid.
TOP 50 Swimming Sites Top 50 swimming sites
The best globe Swimming Sites 
Watch about us in media Thanks to all media in Yugoslavia and abroad
Swim Star 2000 SC in media 
Swim-City Top25 Top 25 swimming sites
Place of the various swimming interests
Special thanks to
Mr.Vladimir Stanisavljevic, Swim Coach and sport's enthusiast
Xavier College, Melbourne, Australia
Thanks to our Donors:
European Tours and participation in the  various international swim events could not be  realized without sponsorships of our friends and donors. So, we use this page to extend our huge thanks especially to some of them mentioned bellow:

ZTP Belgrade
Serbian Railways
Belgrade, Yugoslavia
I*net, Belgrade
The first internet YU sport provider
Delije Belgrade
The sport portal who helped us in 1999
Yugoslav Airlines, Belgrade
We couldn't be at the competitions without the JAT support
Velimirovic Inzenjering, Cacak
Thanks for help us within the Italian Tour
CIP Institute, Belgrade
CIP Institute, Belgrade
Thanks for help us in our early beginning

Swim Star 2000 logo Swim Star 2000 SC at the International tours:
Kranj (Slovenia), June 2002
Mainz (Germany), May 2002
Modena (Italy), May 2001
Thessaloninki (Greece), Dec. 2000
Modena (Italy), June 2000
Harkany (Hungary), April 2000
Trento (Italy), March 2000
Rome (Italy), March 2000
San Benedetto (Italy) January 2000

Thanks also to our founders : Igor Rasula, our best swimmer and Sergio Filipovic, Advanced Coach
3rd Anniversary - March 24, 2002 
Not to forget...
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