San Benedetto del Tronto (March 16-23, 2000)

Mr. Igor Rasula

Many, miles were swum out in pour conditions in our pool in Belgrade in the preious 2-year practice... All because of the sanctions and other circumstances held in this country. But all our swimmers really do their best despite the situations. Receiving the previous invitation form Mr.Mario Mazzarella, Head of the 
Nandi Ars Swimming Club, Igor Rasula went through the basic training in San Benedetto (Italy) in the first part of January 2000. After that he continued his prep in Belgrade at the Tasmajdan Swim Center. That was not enough to expect the extreme results at the international event, but Igor's potency have been already seen in the races at the official domestic winter competitions where he swum out all his top times.
This is really one family
Preparation for the traditional Euro Meet in Trento included also last two central national swim events:  the first Republic Cup in the town of Zrenjanin (February 26, 2000) and the National Short Course Championships in the town of Pancevo (on March 4, 2000). After those events, Igor's training was continued in Serbian Capital. 
On March 16, 2000  Igor Rasula and
Dejan Ilic, his swim coach  went to the town of San Benedetto and Ascoli (Italy) for the their final preparation, just 10 days before the Euro Meet 2000 in Trento (Italy).
In the center of Benedetto

All their other activities have been targeted to the sponsors and donors whom we owe really great thanks, first of all to "Montenegro Airlines" Podgorica, State and the Republic Ministry of sport, CIP Institute of transportation, Belgrade, and of course to our former coach and international consultant Mr. Sergio Filipovic.

Kisses to Teodora and Sladja our supporters in Villa Rosa (Italy).

Rari Nantes Ascoli management
Similar to the staying in January, this time all Igor's final training were allowed by fantastic and hospital people from San Benedetto. We really thanks again to Mr. Guliano Corradi, president of Rari Nantes Ascoli Swimming Club, Mr. Mario Alfonsi and Mr. Enzo Iavarone, managers. God bless you all.

Swim Star 2000 in Benedetto
Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club
management arrived to the town of San Benedetto del Tronto with the only wish to meet and introduce the great people there and to bring them all our gratitude and respect forever.
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