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Igor Rasula and Dejan Ilic, Head Coach at
Mainz Mombach, Germany, May 18-19, 2002

LEN INTERNATIONAL SWIMMING CONTEST OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MAINZ SPORTS CLUB, Mainz, Germany, was held from 18th to 19th of May, 2002.  This traditional event joined this year about 300 athletes from Swiss, France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Croatia, Yugoslavia and other countries.  It took place by the outdoor swimming pool located at  "AM GROSSEN SAND" in the city of Mainz. Long course pool in the marvelous open sports area in Mombach (part of Mainz) hosted not only the competitors, but also the audience from Mainz, Frankfurt and other German cities.

Igor Rasula, Captain of our team represented not only his club, but also Belgrade and  Serbia. He has been entered to compete just in  three races. On Saturday the first day of the event, Igor properly swam out 400 m Free and was ranked 2nd (time 4:36.20) in cadet category. The next day he swam to his two new medals: the gold in 100 m Free (time 0:59.57) and silver in 200 m Free (time 2:10.12).

What's more essential: the new sport friendships were made at this swim event. Special gratitude  for the excellent host we have to express to Mrs. Simone Post, Meet Director and the main person of this traditional Swim Fest one of the respectable Euro age group meet, also in the official LEN calendar. The Presidency of our Club also would like to thank to Mr. Dietmar Gobel, manager of USC Mainz for his kindness in the organization of our pleasant 4-day staying. We'll be back next year...we promise... and with more athletes.

Igor Rasula (Mainz, May 19, 2002) by the pool deck
Victor Ceremony in the men's 100 m Free cadet category, with Igor Rasula, our best swimmer at the top position
Some of many interesting moments...

Mr. Dejan Ilic, Coach with Mrs. Simone Post, Mainz Meet Director (Mainz May 18, 2002)

Mainz Swim Fest 2002 opening ceremony on May 18, 2002 by 50 m open 'Am Grossen Sand' pool in Mombach

200 m Freestyle victor ceremony (cadet): Stefano Razeto Gold (SG Frankfurt, Germany) and Igor Rasula Silver (Swim Star 2000, Yugoslavia)

The time of concentration of our competitor (Igor Rasula, pool line 1) before 100 m Freestyle race (Mainz-Mombach, March 19, 2002)

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