VIII International Swimming Meeting
Thessaloniki, Greece, December 2 - 3, 2000

National Sport Complex
Thessaloniki, Greece
December 2-3, 2000

Organized by:
Swimming District Committee of Macedonia,
Thessaloniki, Greece

In the pool
Igor Rasula, Captain of the SC Swim Star 2000
at his preparation for the Alexandria 2000
Hellenic Swimming Federation
White Tower, Thessaloniki bay
The most of the time spent in Thessaloniki the delegates from Serbia used to find themselves  by the sea coast. The beautiful weather at the beginning of December 2000 really enabled us to walk around and to introduce many of the top places of this charm and pleasent city.
Pursuant to the kindly invitation arrived by Mr. Dontas, President of the Swimming District Cpmmittee of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, and the officials from Hellenic Swimming Federation, Igor Rasula and Mr. Dejan Ilic, coach spent three fantastic days at the traditional International Meeting "Alexandria 2000". This is the first participaton of the Swim Star 2000 swimming Club, Belgrade at some of the popular swim events in Greece. On behalf of the Club Officials we'd like to extend thanks to our new Greek friends for all their kindness, love and hospitality. Here at this web page you'll also introduce something about Thessaloniki City and its monuments.
via the Swim Star 2000 SC, Belgrade

Ancient Thessaloniki

The capital of Macedonia and second largest city of Greece. It was first established in 316 B.C. by Kassandros and named after his wife, Thessaloniki, sister of Alexander the Great. It is here that Paul, the Apostle of Nations, first brought the message of Christianity (50 A.D.) and that Demetrius, a Roman officer died in martyrdom, thus becoming the holy patron of the city for ever (303 A.D.). Thessaloniki becomes the second important city of the Byzantine Empire, next to Konstantinople, ornamented with numerous majestic and glamorous architectural works that display all forms of Byzantine art. After this illustrious era, the enemies take over. But each time, after every catastrophe, Thessaloniki reexalts her splendor, dressed in her eternal garment of ancient and Byzantine glory.

Thessaloniki Center

Mr. Dejan Ilic by the sea

Today Thessaloniki with its University and the International Trade Fair - a crossroad for peoples' friendship and collaboration - is a lively modern city bustling with life and movement. Large avenues, parks and squares, lines of trees that frame commercial streets with showy shop-windows. Small family run taverns and basement pastry shops offer a delicious variety of famous Macedonian specialties, At every step you can hear the heart of  Thessaloniki throb.

A heart that is immortal both in sorrow and in joy. A friendly heart to all who intend to come to Greece.

Hotel Vergina, hall

HOTEL Vergina was our place for rest. Thanks to all hospital people who enabled our staying to elapse quite comfortable.
Greece is swimming nation
Alexandria Swimming Meeting has its old tradition. This event has become one of the top popular events in Europe last years. Every year the Meeting joins almost 300 athletes from Greece and other countries mainly from the Balkan Region. Our competitor Igor Rasula choose to swim in long distance races the men's 400 m free and 1500 m free. So, irrespective the fact that he ranked 14th in the men's 400 m free Igor swum out his best time for the third time at the beginning of this new swim season (4:55,04). More important is that it was his first open competition where he succeeded to surmount a stress in the pool by the junior and senior athletes. Special thanks for the invitation and support to participate in this event we're sending to Mr. K. Donates, president and Mr. M. Pathtarou Secretary General of KOE Swimming District Committee of Macedonia.

Igor in Thessaloniki
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