"Memorial Alfredo Magnanini"
Modena, Italy, June 3-4, 2000
Upon the affable invitation from Prof. Mauro Zanni, president of AS. "Modena Nuoto" Swimming Club, Modena, Italy, on our great verve, the delegation of Swim Star 2000 SC, Belgrade participated in one of the oldest and traditional European junior swimming event in Modena in the beginning of June 2000.

Here you'll meet our friends, find out the results, something about the  treaties of our new international sport cooperation, watch some images from  Modena, Milan and Bergamo cities and some of our journey's piquancies. Welcome everyone.

Modena the old center

Modena is the most picturesque town in Europe we've ever seen. Want to see it, to know some about it? CLICK HERE
After 50 m free race

The first competitor from FR of Yugoslavia ever at this traditional International  Meeting in Italy, Igor Rasula (1986), Swim Star 2000, SC, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Igor by the Serbian flag

On our verve, the flag of  Republic of Serbia was flaunting among up to 10 others from various European countries (Slovenia, Italy, Moldavia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, etc.).
Igor Rasula and Dejan Ilic by the pool

After the Modena meet, Igor Rasula and Mr. Dejan Ilic, Coach, returned back to Belgrade full of fantastic impressions.
They spent  four, really unforgettable days by the Comunali Pool in Modena. Every moment they used to mingle with other sportiest from many European countries, to learn something new and to get more experiences from all aspects.
Swim Star 2000 SC management would  like to thank to all Italians from the Organizing Board and the City of Modena for the kindness, understanding, sympathies in almost any situations and places to us and much more.

Igor Rasula had an entry for three races: 100m back, 100m and 50m free. Regrettably, as he perceived some pains in the right knee in the morning of the first day, he didn't take part in backstroke. He was so sorry, because he was able to swim his best time and it might drive him directly to the final group. 1:07,14 Igor swam in 100m free and 29,81 in 50m free (the best in open pools this year). We were all satisfied. That was the aim of the present training's macro-period. A peak we should expect for sure in the State Championships at the end of July 2000.

Before the start of 100 m free
Total concentration
Igor Rasula - Line 8
Igor Rasula at the start of the men's 100 m freestyle race (lane 8)


We're really indebted to many Italians for all their aid to our Club last and this year. All of them understood our sport's and life's troubles.  You may find them on this Site. Also our thanks and respect to them. In Modena we had a luck to meet these two unpretentious but great men: Prof. Mauro Zanni, president of Modena Nuoto, SC and Mr. Mauro Soldati  manager and Coach of Ghirlandina SC, Modena. Beside their invitation to participate in this great meeting, they helped us in reaching of all guaranties for the delivery of visas, supported our accommodations in Modena and every moment had only kindly words for our swimmer and our delegation at all.

In that name, for all their support and assistance in our participation in "5. Trofeo Ghirlandina" meet and for the gratitude and their contribution to our Club's prosperity, our Presidency awarded the Special Recognition to Modena Nuoto Swimming Club and its President via Mr. Dejan Ilic, Coach. Also Mr.Goran Rasula, our manager had a short talk to Mr. Mauro Soldati about our wish to invite sport delegations from Modena Nuoto and NC Ghirlandina to visit Belgrade and participate in the famous "Ante Lambasa Memorial", LEN Meeting in October 2000. To our some small surrprise, the new real friends have been found in Modena. Far from home, but near in our minds.

Mr. Dejan Ilic and Prof. Mauro Zanni
Prof. Mauro Zanni, president of A.S. "Modena Nuoto", with Mr. Dejan Ilic, our Coach
Mr. Mauro Soldati and Mr. Goran Rasula Mr. Mauro Soldati, Coach and manager of NC Ghirlandina, Modena with Mr. Goran Rasula our manager


Modena sightseeing, our spiritual treasure

Igor Rasula at "Pavaroti & Friends" Concert general trials (Modena, Novi Sad Park, June 4, 2000)

All round the City of Milan one of the European Megalopolis, on June 5, 2000

Sightseeing round Bergamo  picturesque and charm town near Milan, on June 5, 2000

Igor Rasula by the commands of Boeing 737-300 (Flight 417 of Yugoslav Airlines, Begramo-Belgrade on June 5, 2000) 

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