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Modena, Italy, May 26-27, 2001
Upon the new kindly invitation from Prof. Mauro Zanni, President of AS. "Modena Nuoto" Swimming Association, Modena, Italy,  the delegation of "Swim Star 2000" SC, Belgrade participated again in this traditional European age group swimming event at the end of May 2001.
Igor Rasula

Igor Rasula on May 27, 2001 before the M 100 m free race which he swum out in the best time 1:02.48

Igor Rasula and Dejan Ilic

Igor Rasula
and Mr. Dejan Ilic, Coach, returned back to Belgrade full of the fantastic impressions again. They spent  four, really unforgettable days by the 50 m open "Dogali Pool" in the City of Modena. This year our Team has got fantastic bowl for our second participation also the efforts in the development of the international sport cooperation. Every moment our couple used to mingle with other sportiest, to learn something new and to get more experiences from all aspects. 

Modena is the most picturesque town we've ever seen. Let us repeat our gallery made in the previous arrival. An interesting page was established after our participating in this meet last year. Want to see it, to know some about its history, to meet monuments? Click here

Regarding his times from the last "Trofeo Ghirlandina" Meet,  Igor Rasula, our competitor has made some rapid steps down this year. But he was not satisfied at all, firstly because of the unexpected influence that has been picked just on the day before he arrived to Modena. Regrettably, his early best time in 200 m free (LC) 2:13.05 which had been swum out only 7 days prior to Modena (at Naissus Cup 2001) Igor didn't repeat here. 2:17.05 was his time in this race on the Day-1 of the event. At the end he was ranked 14th in total among 28 athletes age of 15. Next day Igor swum out his two best times in 50 m Free and 100 m Free LC (0:28.81 and 1:02.48) again upon the body temperature of up to 38 deg.C. By the way, this Meeting was Igor's first open pool competition in this season, and we all hope that he would have better luck  just in the next two International Meets: "Belgrade 2001" (June 15-16,2001) and "Vidovdan Cup 2001" (June 28, 2001). The management of our Club really appreciate all Igor's and Mr. Ilic's sport efforts irrespective our athlete healths troubles and we congratulate them for the courage to participate in one of the most important age group Meeting this year in Europe.


Dogali Pool, Modena
Igor Rasula, 200 m Free (lane 8)

Igor Rasula prior to the M 200 m freestyle race Heat 3 (Lane 8)
HEAT 3 (200 m Free Men) Born CLUB TIME
1/   ALVIANO Daniele 1986 AS GARBAGNATE NUOTO 2:15.13
2/   RASULA Igor  1986 SWIM STAR 2000 BEOGRAD 2:17.05
3/   BOCCHI Lorenzo 1986 C.L. BISSOLATI SQ. B 2:22.25
4/   LUGLIO Christian  1986 R.N. ADRIA MONFALCONE 2:23.28
5/   SACCHI Marco 1986 MODENA NUOTO  2:36.26
6/   CATTALARI Marco 1986 REZZATO NUOTO  2:37.64

Final ranking of the men's 200 m Free (1986):  Igor Rasula 14th place of 28 competitors in total.


Among many participants (of up to 45 clubs) at this respectable Meet, we had luck and met some of our old sport friends especially from Slovenia and Croatia. According to the talks those made at the competitions, we hope a new cooperation should be established very soon. As a deputy of Mr. Ivan Djordjevic President of Belgrade Swimming Association, Mr. Dejan Ilic used some time to present the new "Belgrade 2001" International Meet which will be held on June 15-16, 2001 in Belgrade, also to invite competitors especially from Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.  We used this moment to express our thanks for the understanding and especially their sincere promises that they will come to Belgrade after so many years again. The special presentation of SportlinUK our Britain Web promoter was also organized at the meet opening


Mr. Josko Kuhar
Mr. Tomaz Torkar
Mr. Slobodan Glavicic
Mr. Josko Kuhar 
Head Coach and manager of Jadran Swimming Club, Split Croatia
Mr. Tomaz Torkar 
Olimpija Swimming Club, Ljubljana, Coaches Coordinator for the younger categories swimmers of Slovenian Swimming Association
Mr. Slobodan Glavicic
Head Coach and manager of Mornar Swimming Club, Split, Croatia

For the all support and assistance to participate in "5. Trofeo Ghirlandina 2001" Meet and also for the continual contribution to our Club's development our thanks have to be sent firstly to Prof. Mauro Zanni, who enabled our athlete to get the chance and participate in this fantastic swim event for the second time. His understanding and kindness we all appreciate so much. We're also sending our love to Prof. Mauro Soldati, trainer and one of the top man of NC Ghirlandina Team, Modena also the member of the Meeting's Organizing Committee. Regards to Mr. Plazinic from Modena Nuoto Club for his engagement to help us in overcoming all our organizing problems.

Modena, May 26, 2001
Prof. Mauro Zanni
President of A.S. Modena Nuoto, Modena, and the Meeting director, with Mr. Dejan Ilic, our Head Coach
Modena, May 27, 2001
Prof. Mauro Soldati
Coach and manager of NC Ghirlandina, Modena with Mr. Dejan Ilic, Coach and Igor Rasula our competitor

Special thanks and tribute for the support in organizing our participation at the
"5. Trofeo Ghirlandina Meet 2001" in Italy, we have to extend to our partners:
"Velimirovic Engineering" Co., Cacak, Yugoslavia
Ares Chimica S.p.A., Milano, Italy
A.S. Modena Nuoto, Modena, Italy

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