Swim Star 2000 SC at the fist International Meet in the new 2003/2004 season

Log of the town
"Koztarsasag Napja 2003"

Hullam 91 UVE Swimming Club, Szekesfehervar, Hungary
Indoor swim pool of the City of Szekesfehervar on October 18-19, 2003

Upon the complete organization of the Swimming Federation of Belgrade, competitors of 4 best Belgrade's clubs represented Belgrade's Age Group swimming at this traditional swim event in Hungary
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Szekesfehervar pool
The Complete Official Results:
  Day - 1 Day - 2
  100 m Fly A-B men   200 m Back A-B men
  100 m Fly A-B women   200 m Back A-B women
  50 m Fly C-D men   100 m Back C-D men
  50 m Fly C-D women   100 m Back C-D women
  200 m Free A-B men   100 m Breast A-B men
  200 m Free A-B women   100 m Breast A-B women
  100 m Free C-D men   50 m Breast C-D men
  100 m Free C-D women   50 m Breast C-D women
  100 m Back A-B men   100 m Free A-B men
  100 m Back A-B women   100 m Free A-B women
  50 m Back C-D men   50 m Free C-D men
  50 m Back C-D women   50 m Free C-D women
Arranged and prepared by the Organizing Committee of the Event (Szekesfehervar, October 19, 2003)
Stevan Sosic, the best Belgrade's swimmer in B cat. in 100 Fly, 200 Free and 100 Free, S. Pamucina (Coach of Swim Star 2000) and Boris Cetkovic
Swim Star 2000 SC competitors: Olga Kovacevic (1991), Stevan Sosic (1987), Sandra Todosijevic(1987), Boris Cetkovic(1988) and Ivana Kovacevic(1992)

 On the City of Szekesfehervar :

 Székesfehérvár, called Alba Regia in the Middle Ages, is one of Hungary's most ancient cities, with the significant events of their history happened over the centuries. This was the place where the Hungarian kings were crowned and buried. Székesfehérvár was established on hills surrounded by marshland by the great emperor Géza, who reigned from 972 to 997. Under the rule of King Saint Stephen (1001-1038) the town was a populous and extensive settlement. King Stephen’s basilica was one of the monumental buildings of its time in Europe, and remained the most important site in the mediaeval Hungarian state for five centuries. A great deal of building tool place in Székesfehérvár during the 12th century, and by the 14th century the city, by now of strategic importance, was surrounded by walls. The Turks captured the city in 1543 and kept it under their rule for 145 years. Turkish rule ended in 1688. From 1720 onwards a great deal of building took place in the town, with townhouses being built in the baroque, rococo-, and so-called copf styles, and it is these which imparted a new atmosphere to the town and characterize its appearance today. 
  Székesfehérvár is located 60 km from the capital, Budapest, and has 106,000 inhabitants, of whom 60,000 are of working age, with a further 30,000 aged under 20.  The city's hinterland contains 31 settlements of varying sizes, with a population of 100,000. Of this number, 54% of the  workforce are employed in manufacturing.  Székesfehérvár is one of the most rapidly developing places in the country, and has attracted over two billion dollars of inward  investment over the last decade. The town's three colleges have over 3,000 students. At the Kodolányi János Foundation College the students can take degrees in tourism, communications, and economics besides taking the degree in language teaching. The town is also home to the Digital Region project, which provides an interactive medium of communications open to all the towns people. 
 The program of the event:
  A.  1986 and older
  B.  1987 - 1988
  C.  1989 - 1990
  D.  1991 - 1992
  Day - 1 Day - 2
  100 m Fly A-B   200 m Back A-B
  50 m Fly C-D   100 m Back C-D
  200 m Free A-B   100 m Breast A-B
  100 m Free C-D   50 m Breast C-D
  100 m Back A-B   100 m Free A-B
  50 m Back C-D   50 m Free C-D
Swim Star 2000 SC at the event:
Swim Star 2000 Team
Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club started for the first time at this traditional swimming meeting... We've been represented by two men and three women athletes... Our team was consisted of junior, cadet and pioneer category swimmers: Stevan Sosic (1987) - Double Champion of Serbia and Montenegro (SCM & LCM) in Cadet category for 2003 and the Captain of the team, Sandra Todosijevic (1987), Boris Cetkovic (1988), Olga Kovacevic (1991) and Ivana Kovacevic (1992)... 

Mr. Slavko Pamucina, Coach of the team has inlayed all his efforts in a week prior the meeting to prepare young competitors for this international event as it was held just three weeks since our beginning in the new 2003/2004 season. However, he selected the best athletes in the moment also expected worthy engagement in all entered races... And successes were not missed... Stevan Sosic swam to his three 7th places (B category) in 100 Fly (1:06.28), 100 Free (0:59.03) and in 200 Free (2:09.00)...

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  Complete information, schedule, program, etc.
    Mr. Sardi Akos, President
    Hullam 91 UVE Swimming Club
    8000 Szekesfehervar, Kadocza u. 23, Hungary
    e-mail: hullam@vnet.hu

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