On the Swim Star 2000 SC Foundation's History

History of our Club
Written in Belgrade on Sept 20, 1999

The roots of the youngest Yugoslav and Serbian Swimming  Club "Swim Star 2000",  have arose in autumn of 1998 from the own idea of the Belgrade's teenage group of the extra talented swimmers born from 1984-1987. All of their very first steps in swimming have been made  in the period from 1990-1992 at the popular  'Zabica' Youth Swimming School in New Belgrade, upon the engagement of Prof. Maja Ivanisevic Coach and the school owner and Mr. Vlada Comic, Assistant Coach.

Mitar Deuric (1987)

In the period from 1992 to 1995, the group of more then 20 swimmers from the 'Zabica' school has been selected for the next upper serious, competitive works. It was really sensational for all parents of the youner swimmers and the officials from the 'Zabica' swim school to see the extremely semi-professional engagement of every kid in everyday training process by the 12.5-m long pool (with 3 lanes) of the 'Seven Secretaries of SKOJ' elementary school in New Belgrade.

Igor Rasula (1986)
From 1995, since they become  registered swimmers of 'Red Star' Swimming Club, Belgrade and YU Swim Federation, the most prospective athletes from that group were selected by the coach staff for the upper level. The five swimmers begun to work in the professional conditions by the 50-m Olympic pool of the famous '25 of May' Center in Belgrade coached by Prof. Tanja Knezevic.

Filip Andjelkovic (1985)

As almost all the senior athletes of the 'Red Star' Swimming Club, had moved out from the Club in the moment regarding many difficulties, this youth group of five talents and worthy kids practically became the first team just in the year of 1996. Since that they have won various races and brought many medals and awards with really fantastic results at the International Swimming Meetings, Republic and State Championships and swim events in the categories of younger and older pioneers. 

Since the year of 1998, Mr. Sergio Filipovic advanced swimming trainer started coaching with this group as a new Red Star SC assistant trainer. His modern concept, new methods, hard work, 2-training a day and the like, really brought many successes. And that was not a miracle, especially for those young athletes. You may watch their pictures here  dated 1998/1999.

Dejan Zivkovic (1985)
But, the swimming pulse of all these five talents, their wish to swim and compete just for Red Star SC, were not adequately recognized by the management of the club.  So, still at the beginning of 1999, an idea to establish some new independent - non governmental Belgrade's Swimming Club was born for the first time.

Milos Radojicic (1985)

The new club Swim Star 2000 SC, Belgrade is born on January 15, 1999. 
Unfortunately, just two months later on, in one awful evening on March 24, 1999, to the regret of the promoters, parents, potential sponsors and the members of the foundation, our swim team was broken and turned off under the bombs and missiles in the period of the unmoral aggression on Belgrade and FR Yugoslavia. What's more, all sports activities were stopped, among them swimming.  Almost all athletes were in the shelters instead by their sport centers and stadiums. But, after 11 terrible weeks and awful nights for 78 days, our swim stars are "born again". Our heroes, our five old-young kids leaded by  Igor Rasula formed a new team with the same name  Swim Star 2000 SC for the second time...

Their love for swimming overcame many difficulties and poorness. That  power was stronger than any war,  terror, bombs, fires and especially the cold water in their pool. They had thought if they would get luck, a new Club's success can be touched very soon. 

Finally, on September 20, 1999 the re-born  Swim Star 2000 swimming team started again, this time by the official affiliating to the membeship of the Yugoslav Swimming Federation and the Serbian Swimming Association... 

The First Club's Achievements earned in 2001/2002 Seasons:

 Power in 2001 (Second Season)
Ana Prica, Nina Kosanovic, Nadja Milojevic, Sandra Todosijevic with Igor Rasula as a Captain
Mr. Dejan Ilic, Coach, with the part of the team at one of the training by the "25 of May" Swim Center, Belgrade
Team in 2001
Mr. Dejan Ilic Coach, Igor Rasula, Jovana Plavsic, Vanja Kovacevic, Saska Vukojicic, Nina Kosanovic, Milica Stankovic and Sandra Todosijevic 
 Power in 2002 (Third Season)
2002 Team
Dejan Ilic, Coach with Nina Kosanovic, Damjan Stankovic, Jovana Plavsic, Stefan Miladinovic, Dimitrije Stankovic, Katarina Djordjevic, Milica Stankovic, Vanja Kovacevic and Saska Vukojicic
Swim Star 2000 Chiefs in 2002
D.Ilic, O.Mladenovic
Mr. Dejan Ilic, Head Coach of the Club and Mrs. Olivera Mladenovic, President, celebrate their 2-year long cooperation and efforts that have been inlayed in our swim talents.
And we set our primary goals... 
Igor Rasula
Igor Rasula, Captain of the Club, the most valuable swimmer, two times Champion of Srebia for 2002 and three times Vice Champion of Yugoslavia in 2002 (all in cadet concurrence).

Meet our Present Expert and Management Board:

Head Coach of the Club
Since September 2005
Mr.Vladimir Minic
Prof. Vladimir Minic. Head Coach  of the Club since September 01, 2005, previously Coach assistant of our Club (2004/2005), graduated at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Belgrade, SRB
International Consultant
Creator of the Club's Program activities
Mr. Slavko Pamucina
Mr. Slavko Pamucina Ex Coach in the period Oct.2003 - Sep.2005), Ex-YU Champion and record holder in pioneer and cadet categories, absol. of P.E. Faculty, University of Belgrade, now Coach of Messina Polisportiva NC, Italy
International Consultant
Technical Consulting of the Club's Strategy
Mr. Sergio Fiipovic
Mr. Sergio Filipovic advanced swim trainer, Ex-Coach of Red Star SC, Belgrade,  the very first Coach of Swim Star 2000 SC, Ex-Coach of Rari Nantes Ascoli (Italy), AS Chimera Nuoto (Italy) and Sporting Club Braga (Portugal).
 Domestic Expert Consultant
Head Coach of Red Star SC, Belgrade
Mr. Sasa Skanata
Prof. Aleksandar Skanata, the most experienced swim trainer in Serbia with more then 2000 National and Republic Champion titles and cca. 400 Records of former Yugoslavia and Serbia 
Executive Manager, Director
Chief of the Club's Foundation
Mr. G. Rasula
Mr. Goran Rasula, B.Sc.Hydro.Eng.
President of the Club's Management Board, Executive Manager and Sport Director, CEO of the Swim Star 2000 Marketing Agency, Belgrade
President of the Club
The owner & member of our Foundation
Mrs. Olivera Mladenovic
Mrs. Olivera Mladenovic M.Sc.Ph.
The President and owner of the Swim Star 2000's Foundation and the ex Vice President of the Serbian Swimming Association, Belgrade

Youth Organisation for the Development of Swimming, Synchronize Swimming, Water Polo and Water Sports
III Bulevar 28/73, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, Affiliated to PSS (Serbian Swimming Association since 1999)

For all contacts:  swimstar2000@gmail.com

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