Riva del Garda, Trento and Rome (March 26-27, 2000)

In Atesina Bus

The Swim Star 2000 fans with the members of our delegation seized to walk round Trento, some short period of  time in the town of Rovereto and the second day of the competition in the glamorous touristic place of Riva del Garda. From Riva, we're sending really the best regards to all our mates worldwide.

First picture in Riva del Garda
The chief football managers, and tourist promoters at the Adriatic coast in Hystria, City of Pola, Croatia came to Trento especially to foster "Swim Star 2000" Team at Euro Meet 200.

Tribute to Mr. Miro Lukic and Mr. Milan Rasula and thanks for all your kind words at the end. Really the best swim fans were by our swimmer, in all his races as well as in outside activities. Of course, see you in Pola by the seaside, in the midd of  August. Wait for us.

Mr. Lukic and Mr. Rasula
After the serious sightseeing, we've found a peaceful place to outreach our legs. Café refreshment by the pleasant bar at Vela Hotel. By the way, a night before we really spent in cheerful atmosphere, with two guitars and many Trentino wines.

Vela Coffee Bar
Thanks to Rari Nantes people

Together in humanity and harm

 We love swimming all together
Lake Lago di Garda shore line. Mr. Igor Rasula sat by the dock in the beautiful marine of the North coast in the town of Riva del Garda.
Too cold water like in his pool in Belgrade
Trentino fantastic region, really full of sentiments, charms and warms. 

We really like this town
Our basis in Trento was installed at  Vela hotel at the right-hand side of Adige river. We're sending regards to the management of Vela hotel and especially to all people at the kitchen and by the reception board.
Vela Hotel - at the Reception Board
Here on this selphy, we're together: Strice, Biljana, Miro, Igor,  Sergio,  Olivera,  Dejan and Dalida.... Oops, of course Goran is behind the camera. 

Love you all

This is a picture from our parting. March 26, 2000 in front of Madona Bianca pool. Three fantastic days at this Meeting. Sure, we'll be back here next year. We promised. Of course with Maca, Igor's mother. We're sorry that she couldn't be with us this year. Maca, we really thought about you. Here's a big kiss from all of us.
Rome, center of the World

For our future prosperity and luck, also for all our friends wherever they are, we insisted to find ourselves by Trevi fontane in Rome. We just thought the best wishes and threw some coins over our heads. A success will come, we're sure. We do believe in that. Not only for us. For you too, all our visitors and supporters. And remember, very, very soon.
Swim Star 2000 in front of Colosseum

Colosseo, Rome, March 27, 2000. Miracle of the world. That was the last station of our pleasent 10-day journey throughout Italy. Next time that would be the first one. We promised to all our mates, also to ourselves. From that place we shall start fulfilled by the power. To reach the new successes, to the top, and higher. Right to the stars.
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