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World's Greetings...
Click here to meet more of our friends from the world. Thanks & Greetings to all of them from Belgrade, Serbia...
Milica Ostojic, the 2007 Balkan Junior Champion and the best swimmer of the SC Red Star, BEG greeted us from Athens, Greece
Our greatest Bulgarian friends Ivan & Tsveta Tsanov, sent us the summer greetings from the town of Ahtopol, Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria
B.Jovic, Coach, I.Beretic and I.Zgomba, part of SRB team greeted us from the City of Bangkok,THA
Swim legends - Borut Petric & Tanya Bogomilova (BUL) with Tanya Smid, new Slovenian swim star greeted us from Sofia, BUL
Vladimir Anusic, Coach of SRB team with Daniel Gyurta  the best HUN junior breastroker sent us greetings from Antwerp'07 Junior Champs, BEL
Walter Bolognani, Head of the Italian Junior swim team, sent us a "sour smile" from the recent Romaquatica 2007, ITA
Slavko Pamucina, Head Coach of the Messina Polisportiva SC with his 'swim star' - Gianluca Di Tano, greeted us from Sicilia, Italy
Stefano Nurra, NC Ghirlandina's  Coach and Alessia Filippi sent us greetings from Modena,ITA
Milos Rujevic & Igor Lucic, the new stars of Partizan Rowing club, sent us greetings from SRB Cup 2007
Luca Marin, Italian, European  and the world swim star sent us the greetings from Piskeo meeting, Messina, Sicily
Milan, Nemanja and Risto, the members of the 'Srbi za Srbe' Charity Foundation, sent us greetings from Detroit, MI, USA...
Mondello Pietro and Slavko Pamucina, Head Coach of the Messina Polisportiva, greeted us from Syracuse, ITA... 
Cannes, FRA
Tamara Duverger with Ma, the new France's swim pearl sent us the charm greets from Cannes, FRA
Mirna Jukic (AUT) & Miroslava Najdanovski (SRB) - two swim pearls greeted us from AUS..
Vladimir Stanisavljevic and Stefan Vidmar, Coach of the Australian swim stars sent us the greetings from Melbourne
Branislav Dinic, member of the Coach Staff of the Italian national team, greeted us from Melbourne 2007 Championships, Australia
Mike Bottom, in Australia as a coach of SLO & B.Kostic coach of SRB sent us greetings from the Sussie O'Neil pool  in Melbourne (AUS)...
From Melbourne 2007 (AUS), special greetings have arrived from Mladen Tepavcevic and Minja Najdanovski
Herceg Novi
Vladimir Minic, our Coach and Ivan Zuber exYU swim Legend greeted us from Montenegro 
Igor Rasula, Swim Star best swimmer and our Web Portal Editor in chief, sent us greetings from the Detroit Pistons Palace, USA
Slavko Pamucina, our former Coach now Head Coach of NC Messina SC Sicilia, greeted us from Taormine meet, Italy.
Martinik Isl.
Radenko Miskovic, former swimmer of SC Belgrade, now advanced trainer greeted us from the Caribbean Islands...
SC Braga
SC Braga, our POR club mate started season with Records at Int'l Tavira 2006, Portugal
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Debrecen 2007, Hungary
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Melbourne 2007
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SHANGHAI 2006, China
FINA World SC Champs 2006

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Belgrade Victor 2006
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December 31, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Marvelous "Deda Mraz 2007" - Web Gallery...(by Jan Valo)
Novi Sad
(Novi Sad, SRB) - More the 600 competitors, talents and already confirmed younger category stars took part in the traditional New Year Eve meeting Deda Mraz 2007 (St.Nicholas).. 34 clubs overall with 4 teams from BiH, 3 FYROM and 27  from Serbia took part in the events... Click up the title for the professional web image gallery prepared and arranged by our exclusive reporter Mr.Jan Valo...
Fantastic images from the SPENS sport & swim center in Novi Sad..
December 30, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Lendjer + Pejinovic - Serb swim couple of 2007...
(Belgrade, SRB) - The 2007 contest of our web portal is concluded. The best Serbian Swim Couple, Swimmer + Trainer is Ivan Lendjer + Dejan Pejinovic, members of SC Proleter, Zrenjanin. Starting Nov.15, 937 voters from all over the globe, predominantly from Serbia, took part in our contest... 43 votes are rejected, because of the various different reasons. The winner of the worth award among the contestants is Aleksandar Bakic. Showing his worthiest results, records and the achievements in 2007 at our special web page, we would also like to nominate Ivan Lenjder as top-5 swimmers ever appeared in this country... All winners of the awards will be informed!
December 26, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Swim Star Web Portal - 2007 in recapitulation...
(Belgrade, SRB) -- More then 1 million clicks over the pages of SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL in 2007. Of course, the pages with the results were the "most interesting"... But the galleries, EYOF2007 presentation, reports from Melbourne 2007, Antwerp 2007, Belgrade Trophy 2007, Balkan Junior Champ 2007, Jarak-Sabac Marathon '07, Universiade Bangkok 2007, and Debrecen 2007 Euro  SC Champs, also have been visited a lot... Thank you all. We're going on. The Belgrade 2008 European Junior Chamaps is waithing for the new swim stars. Welcome!
Sparkles from the most seen covered events in 2007
December 24, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
XVI St.Nicolas 2007 Int'l Meet - concluded ...(Results)
(Nis, SRB) - 16th edition of the International LEN meet "St.Nicolas 2007" concluded successfully in the city of Nis, Serbia, organized by SC Sv.Nikola.. 303 athletes in 4 categories from 28 clubs (Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, BiH and Serbia) took part in 2-day events... The final team ranking: 1/SC Vardar (FYROM); 2/Volos (Greece); 3/SC Vojvodina (Novi Sad). The  meet best competitors are Sergej Naumovski (APKS, FYROM) and Tanja Smit (ZKR, Slovenia)... Click here for the Medal Table or up the title for the complete official results....
December 19, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
NEMO Cup 2007 in Skopje - concluded...(Results)
(Skopje, FYROM) - The 3rd international meeting NEMO Cup 2007 concluded successfully by the Karpos pool (25-m), organized by SC Delfin... 472 participants (29 clubs from Bulgaria, Serbia and FYR of Macedonia), took part in this great event... Final team ranking: 1/SC Varadar (Skopje) - 302 pts; 2/ SC 'Mladost' (Skopje) - 283 pts; 3/ APK Student (Skopje) - 226 pts. Click up the title for the official results...
25-m pool of the Karpos swim center in Skopje....
December 16, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Cavic in 50 Fly - Another European Gold...(Complete Results)
(Debrecen, HUN) - Day-4 of the Euro SC Championships, brought another happiness to the Serbian Swimming Sport... Mike Cavic in 50-m fly swam out under 23 sec. setting the New Champs Rec (22.89) and picked up his second European Gold Medal... Miroslava Najdanovski ranked 13th in 50 free SF with the time of 25.34. Watch complete results of the Day-4 of SRB Squad in Debrecen
Mike Cavic - at the podium of the men's 50 butterfly.
December 15, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Tepavcevic in 50 Breast - Another SRB's Semis...
(Debrecen, HUN) -- Day-3 of the Euro Championships in the morning heats, brought another SFs for the Serbian Team. Mladen Tepavcevic  in 'his' 50-m breast touched the wall with the worthy time of 27.82 and captured 11th position for the evening Semi Finals. See the complete results of the SER Squad in Debrecen
Mladen Tepavcevic 31-year old SRB record holder...
December 14, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Mike Cavic - European Gold in Debrecen...(Complete Results)
(Debrecen, HUN) -- The Day-2 of the European Short Course Championships concluded successfully for the Serbian Team. Mike Cavic and Ivan Lendjer took part in the 100-m fly final - Mike Cavic picked up a gold medal at the end with the time of 0:50.53 while Lendjer swam out fantastically and was ranked 6th. Congratulations !! See all results of SER Squad in Debrecen
Mike Cavic - winner of the Euro Gold in 100-m Fly...
December 11, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
World Swim Against Malaria - Congratulations...
Zrenjanin 2005
(Belgrade, SRB) -Swim Star 2000, one of the first participants of the World Swim Against Malaria the humaniatarian aid that has been held in the course of 2005 and 2006 all over the globe, earned the special congratulations from Mr. Rob Mather, Head of this greatest manifestation ever held in domain of the swimming sport. Worthy final results were set... 
30 clubs with 320 competitors from 5 countries helped this event at the Zrenjanin Cup 2005 meet..
December 10, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Dzivdzan Cup 2007 - concluded in Belgrade...(Results+Gallery)
(Belgrade, SRB) - The 5th edition of the international age group meeting 'Dzivdzan Kup 2007' concluded in Belgrade by the SRC Vracar 25-m pool. More then 470 younger competitors from 34 clubs 6 from BiH; (1) SLO; (6) FYROM; (1) MNE and (20) SRB, took part in 2-day events...Click up the title for the Complete report..
Popular SC pool of the Vracar sport center in Belgrade
December 03, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Feniks Cup 2007 in Sombor - Concluded...(Results)
(Sombor, SRB) -- The 3rd edition of the AG meeting Feniks Cup 2007 dedicated to the younger category swimmers concluded by the Mostonga Center (25-m pool) in the town of Sombor.. 23 clubs with more then 250 competitors (FYROM and Serbia) took part in the events. Click up a link for the Jan Valo's presentation...
Marvelous conditions at the popular  Sports center 'Mostonga' in the town of Sombor   (Photo by Jan Valo)
December 02, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Zrenjanin Cup 2007 - Concluded...(Results)
(Zrenjanin, SRB) -- The 16th edition of the traditional Zrenjanin Cup is concluded successfully at the Jug Swim Center (25-m pool) in the town of Zrenjanin.. 21 clubs with 190 competitors (BiH, HUN, ROU, FYROM, MNE and Serbia) took part in 2-day events.. The Swim Star 2000 SC was represented by D.Komazec, B.Radinovic and F.Kovacevic.. Click up the title for the official results...
Opening of the Zrenjanin Cup 2007 (Photo by V.Minic)
November 25, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
GP Italy 2007- concluded in Travagliato...(Results)
(Brescia, ITA) -- The 3rd leg of the "Gran Premio Italia 2007" concluded tonight with the "Trofeo Atleti Azzuri d'Italia" organized by G.A.M. Team from Brescia. Mike Cavic, SRB's and the world super star reached the Gold in 100-m fly (51.64), while in 50-m fly he touched 3rd (23.93)... Click up the title to find out the complete official results of the finals in Travagliato, ITA...
M.Cavic - another step for the Euro top in Debrecen..
November 25, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
XIth Pancevo Cup 2007, SRB - concluded...(Results)
(Pancevo, SRB) - The 2007 Pancevo Cup, traditional AG event dedicated to the younger category swimmers is concluded successfully in the town of Pancevo, organized by the SC Dinamo... 300 competitors (17 clubs from Serbia and Romania) took part in this event... Click up the title to see the complete Final Results...
Marveolus pool in the town of Pancevo, Vojvodina..
November 24, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Mike Cavic - Two Medals in Genova 2007...(Results)
(Genova, ITA) - The second part of the Grand Prix Italy 2007 concluded tonight with the traditional 34th Trophy of Nico Sapio 2007 ... Mike Cavic (SRB) picked-up two medals: in 50 fly a gold with the time of 23.75, while in the 100 free he touched 2nd (47.90). Click up the title to watch the complete results (heats+finals)...
Mike Cavic at the top position in 50 m fly (23.75)...
November 18, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Mike Cavic - Second Gold in Berlin 2007...(Results)
(Berlin, GER) - The Berlin 2007 brought more two new WRs - Nystrand SWE in 50 free (20.93) and Pereira BRA in 200 IM (1:53.14)...Mike Cavic the Serbian super star picked up his second gold now in 100 Fly (51.07). Ivan Lendjer, SRB in 100-m fly (53.57) and Caba Siladji SRB in 100-m breast(1:03.18), swam out their worth races in the morning prelims. The complete Berlin 2007 official results may be watched at the www.omegatiming.com. 
Mike Cavic - SRB and the world super star in Berlin...
November 18, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
28th Novi Sad Int'l Meeting - concluded...(Results)
Novi Sad
(Novi Sad, SRB) - 28th edition of the oldest international meet in Serbia "Novi Sad 2007" is concluded successfully in the City of Novi Sad. More then 300 competitors from 27 clubs (HUN, SLO, BiH, RUS, FYROM, BUL, ROM, MON and SRB) took part this AG event... Click up the title for the complete final results of the meeting...
Spens Swim Center in the City of Novi Sad, Vojvodina
November 17, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Berlin 2007 - Mike Cavic - Gold in 50 Fly...(Results)
(Berlin, GER) - Two new WRs at the 6th leg of the 2007 Fina/Arena World Cup - Stefen Nystrand (SWE) in 100m free 45.83 and Marleen Feldhuis (NED) in 50 m free  23,58... Mike Cavic picked up a gold in 50 Fly (23.19) followed by Rupprath (GER) and Lauterstein (AUS)... Ivan Lendjer and Caba Siladji swam out worth races in the morning prelims... All disciplines may be watched on-line at the www.omegatiming.com. 
Mike Cavic - at podium of the men's 50 fly in Berlin...
November 12, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Lendjer beats Markovic in 200 Fly - Day-3 ..(Results)
(Zrenjanin, SRB) -- Day-3 of the Serbia Open 2007 brought us the fantastic duel-in-the-pool between Ivan Lendjer (1990) and Vladan Markovic (1977) in men's 200m butterfly. At the end: Lendjer 2:00.61 - Markovic 2:01.14... Click up the title for the Day-3 official results of the finals...
Ivan Lendjer, European Junior LC record holder...
November 11, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
More new standards at Serbia Open - Day-2 ..(Results)
(Zrenjanin, SRB) -- Day-2 of the Serbia Open 2007 brought more new national standards in Abs, Junior Cadet and pioneer categories.. Just few names have to be mentioned: Milica Ostojic of SC Belgrade, Stefania C. Draganov and Nikola Celic of SC Proleter, etc..Click up the title for the Day-2 and Day-1 finals together...
Milica Ostojic (SC Beograd) Aps Rec holder in 800 free (9:10.42) with her coach Mr.Sergio Filipovic...
November 10, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Eight new national standards at Serbia Open ..(Results)
(Zrenjanin, SRB) - Day-1 of the Serbia Open 2007 brought 8 new national standards in cat: Stefanija C. Draganov (SC Proleter) in 400-m IM (5:04.47) and 100 breast (1:12.47); Caba Siladji (SC Novi Sad) in 100-m breast M (1:02.13); Men's realy of SC Vojvodina in 4x50 free (1:34.37), Womens relay of SC Proleter 4x50 free (1:48.71), etc... Click up the title for the Day-1 finals
"Jug" swim center in Zrenjanin, place of the event...
November 09, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
In Memoriam - Mr.Branislav Braca Milisic ..
(Belgrade, SRB) - Unbelievable voice has come to us and all swim people of Serbia... Branislav Braca Milisic Magister and Prof of the physical education, Expert of the swimming and sport of the Department of Sport of the Republic of Serbia, died yesterday in Belgrade. On behalf of the management and all members, SC Swim Star 2000 expresses huge sadness and condolence...
Mr.Branislav Braca Milisic - Thank you Sir!!...
October 28, 2007 -------------------------------------------------------
Ante Lambasa Memorial 2007 - concluded...(Results)
(Belgrade, SRB) - The new swim season 07/08 started in Serbia with the worthy 15th anniversary. The oldest LEN event in Serbia Ante Lambasa Memorial 2007 is finished successfully in Belgrade at the Tasmajdan Swim & Water Polo center, organized by the Swimming Club Beograd. 150 athletes from Greece, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina  and Serbia took part in 2-day events...   Click up the title for the official reports and results... 
Tasmajdan Aquatic Center - Day-1 (Photo by V.Minic).
October 24, 2007 -------------------------------------------------------
15th Anniversary of Ante Lambasa Memorial, SRB...
(Belgrade, SRB) - Prior to the 15th anniversary of the oldest LEN event in Serbia "Ante Lambasa Memorial" 2007, Igor Rasula, co-editor of our web portal arranged special presentation on the Lambasa meetings held in period from 1999 to 2006... This is also our tribute and thanks to the SC Beograd organizer and the host club of this worthy swim event in the Serbian capital...
V.Markovic and D.Djikanovic, at the Lambasa Meet..
October 20, 2007 -------------------------------------------------------
SE European Games - Day-4 concluded...(Results)
(Thessaloniki. GRE)- Day-4, of the SEE Games 2007 is concluded with 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals for the Serbian squad - I.Kopas in 100-m Back (0:59.52) and I.Lendjer in 50-m Fly Men (25.00) won golds. The swimming events at the 1st South Eastern European Countries Games 2007 are finished with this evening final races. The complete official results from the Day-2 to Day-4 may be found at the link above... 
September 20, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Preliminary Calendar of the LEN Events in 2008 ...
(Rome, ITA) - The LEN European Committee has annouced the preliminary calendar of its events in 2008... In Serbia, 11 meets will be organized including Euro Junior Champrs 2008 - Kikinda Cup 2008; Zmaj 2008 (Novi Sad); Petnica Cup 2008 (Valjevo); Belgrade Trophy 2008; Vidovdan Cup 2008 (Krusevac); Ante Lambasa Memorial 2008 (Belgrade); Pancevo Cup 2008; Serbian SC Open 2008 and St.Nicola Cup 2008
September 10, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
The FISU Universiade Flag arrived Belgrade...
(Belgrade, SRB) -- Mrs.Snezana Samardzic-Markovic, Minister of Youth & Sport of Serbia, at the yesterday's ceremony in Belgrade, accepted the FISU flag regarding the next 25th Universiade 2009  from the hands of Mr. Eric Saintrond, Director of the International federation of the University sports. Serbian Minister said: "On behalf of the Serbian Government, I'm honored to accept the flag of FISU which will stay in Belgrade for the next two years. It is also a great honor for the Belgrade to host this World Student Games on there 50th anniversary"... 
September 09, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Milica Ostojic - the Red Star's Athlete of the Month...
(Belgrade, SRB) - The Sport Association of Red Star Belgrade, proclaimed the athletes of the August 2007... Among the 33 sport clubs, one swimmer earned the respectable award (500 euro  brought by sponsor "YU-Point", Belgrade). Specially for the SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL, Milica Ostojic said: "I would like to express my huge gratitude to the 'Red Star' Association, but also to my coach Mr. Srdjan Filipovic, whose help and aid all those months behind drove me to the Balkan Junior Champion title". Congratulations!!! (Photo via SD 'Crvena Zvezda'Belgrade web site)
September 01, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
2007 Open Championships of Central Serbia...(Results)
(Krusevac, SRB) - 2007 Open Championships of Central Serbia is concluded today in the town of Krusevac, SRB.. Nine clubs - members of the PSCS with 177 competitors took part in the events... Team ranking: 1/SC Nis 2005 (Nis); 2/SC Kraljevo (Kraljevo); 3/ Rasina (Krusevac)...
  The 50-m in-door Olympic pool in the town of Krusevac, Serbia.
August 30, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
VIII International Becej Marathon 2007, SRB ...(Gallery)
(Becej, SRB) -- The traditional Becej Swim Marathon at the aquatorium of the Tisa River is concluded this past week-end... Thanks to the kindness of SC Becej and its chives, the marvelous photo gallery is now available... Click here also for the Complete Official Resuls... 
  Winners of the 14 K marathon:  1/Bojan Zivanovic; 2/ Laszlo Sasvari; 3/ Janos Demeter...
August 28, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Mediterranean '08 - OWS Champs in 2008 - initiative...
(Bar, MON) -- Swim Star Web Portal is honored to issue the initiative that comes from Mr.Miodrag Banovic, prof. Director of the traditional Marathon of the Montenegro coastline, also the one of the top swim/sport persons in Montenegro, dedicated to the national swim federations of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, FYROM, Montenegro and BiH, with the idea of establishing a new Mediterranean OWS Championships in 2008... Click up the title to read and introduce the complete idea. (Arr. in Serabian only) 
  Sutomore-Bar - the route of the traditional Marathon of the Montenegro coastline, one of the oldest Open Water event in the South-Eastern Europe, since 1988...
August 25, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
1st Open Water Championships of Serbia 2007...(Results)
(Topola, SRB) - Organized by SC Marathon, SRB the 1st Serbian Open Water Champs is finished successfully by the Zobnatica Lake near the town of Backa Topola, SRB. 25 athletes from Hungary, Slovenia, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia took part in the 5 K race... Final ranking: 1/Rok Kerin (SLO); 2/Balazs Sasvari (HUN); 3/ Evgenij Pop Acev (FYROM).. Find the complete results.. 
  Rok Kerin (SLO), 5 K Champion of OWS Serbia 2007.
August 20, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Apatin - Danube Marathon 2007, SRB...(Gallery)
(Apatin, SRB) -- The traditional swimming/triathlon fest "Danube Marathon 2007" concluded at the aquatorium of the Danube River meanders in the town of Apatin, Vojvodina this past weekend. In the Swim Marathon (in the main race 3.6K), the absolute winners are: 1/Bojan Zivanovic (Backa Topola) 41:09; 2/Janos Demeter (B.Topola) 42:28; 3/ Robert Simon (Becej) 42:47...
The Danube'07 triathlon winners: 1/N.Sudarov (Novi Sad), D.Mladenovic (Zajecar); 3/J.Milutinovic (Belgrade)
August 20, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Geza Memorial - Jagodina Open 2007...(Results)
(Jagodina, SRB) -- The 10th traditional meet Jagodina Open - Geza Memorial 2007 was concluded this past week-end at the first Aqua Park in Serbia (by the 50-m Olympic pool).. 254 participants (from 20 clubs including SC Rabotnicki FYROM and SC Lugano, Swiss) took part in the events. Team ranking: SC Banat (Kikinda); 2/ SC Delfin (Kragujevac); 3/ SC TEK (V.Crljeni)....
Swimming paradise in the heart of Central Serbia...
August 19, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Montenegro Coastline Marathon 2007...(Results)
(Bar, MON) -- Thanks to the kindness of Mr. Miodrag Banovic, Marathon Director, we're now in the position to show you the official results of the recently concluded 5K marathon the "Montenegro Coastline 2007" held in the harbor of Bar, Montenegro (Aug. 11). Final ranking: 1-2/ Rok Kerin (SLO) and Evgenij Popacev (FYROM)-58.16. Milos Pupovic (SRB) ranked 3rd with the time of 1:02.32
Harbor of Bar - the place of the MON 2007 marathon.
August 18, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Igor Majcen-Winner of Jarak-Sabac 2007 Marathon...
(Sabac,SRB) -- 38th edition of the traditional Jarak-Sabac Marathon 2007 is concluded successfully at the distance of 18.7k downstream of the Sava River near the town of Sabac, Serbia. Final marathon ranking: 1/Igor Majcen (SLO) -2:25:15; 2/Rok Kerin (SLO) - 2:26:01; 3/ Evgenij Popacev (FYR Macedonia) - 2:29:19... Watch the complete report and mini gallery at our Special Web presentation...
Rok Kerin (SLO), Evgenij Popacev (FYROM) and Igor Majcen (SLO) - winners of the Jarak-Sabac 2007 Marathon...
August 16, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
1st South Eastern European Countries Games 2007...
(Thessaloniki, GRE) -- On September 17-21, 2007, in Thessaloniki, Greece, the new global sport event at the wider region of the Balkan peninsula will start its life. 1st South-Eastern Euro Countries Games 2007 will gather at its beginning the athletes in 9 sports (11 countries ALB - MLT - BIH - ROU - BUL - MDA - CRO - SRB - MON - SLO - TUR... As on the swimming, due to the LEN info, age categories that will be invited are M-90/91, W-92/93... No official information exists in the present, but with the fresh news we'll appear in very short period of time..
The National Center Posidonio of Thessaloniki (GRE)
August 15, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
III Round of the Summer League of Central Serbia '07...
(Krusevac, SRB) - III round of the Summer League of Central Serbia 2007 is concluded on Aug. 14 in the town of Krusevac, SRB (50-m)... After the last part, the final team ranking is as follows: 1/SC Sveti Nikola (Nis); 2/ SC Nis 2005 (Nis); 3/ SC Delfin (Kragujevac).. Click up the title for the complete official results..
Stefan Savic (SC Sv.Nikola)- the worthiest swimmer...
August 14, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
ARIS-NIKEAS Gallery from the Balkan Junior '07...
(Athens, GRE) - According to the kindness of the chives of the  G.N.O. Aris Nikeas sport club and our future swim & media cooperation, we're now in the position to show you the complete web gallery from the Balkan Junior Championships 2007 held this past week-end in the Capital of Greece... Add information you may also reach by John via arisnikeas@arisnikeas.com
The Alimoy Aquatic Center in Athens, Greece...
August 14, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Day-6 report from the Universiade 2007...
(Bangkok, THA) - Among the participants from Serbian swim squad, in today's  morning heats, Nadja Higl took part in 100 m Breast Women and was ranked 36th (of 40 participants) with the time of 1:16.11... Radovan Siljevski swam out his 50 m Free Men (23.70) and was ranked 34thd (of 74)... See the complete results...
Bye Bangkok 2007 - welcome Belgrade 2009.
August 14, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Serbian Pioneer Championships 2007...(Results)
(Krusevac, SRB) - The 2007 Serbian Championship for pioneers (long course pool) have been held this past week-end in the town of Krusevac. 18 domestic clubs with 110 participants took part in two days events.. Stefania Cordas Draganov of SC Proleter Zrenjanin set the new national standard in 200 IM women (2:28.18)
Marvelous conditions for worth swimming in Krusevac
August 13, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Day-5 report from the Universiade 2007...
(Bangkok, THA) - Among the Serbian participants in today's  morning heats, Sebastijan Higl took part in 400 m IM Men and was ranked 24 (of 28) with the time of 4:48.09... Danijela Djikanovic swam out her 50 m Fly Women (28.25) and was ranked 23rd (of 56) while Radovan Siljevski in 200 m Free Men touched 21st (of 54) with the time of 1:52.22... 
Sebastijan Higl and Siljevski at the Bangkok 2007.
August 13, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Serbia ranked second at the Balkan Junior 2007...(Results)
Alimoy Center Athens
(Athens, GRE) -- The Serbian national junior swimming team finished the  Balkan Junior Championships 2007 (Athens, Greece) with two times silver in team rankings.. On the Day-2 more new 7 gold medals were earned (14 overall at the Championships)... Click up the title for the complete report, results and galleries...
  The Balkan Junior champions  (Day-2) in 4x100 m free women's relay, Serbian team shows the power - Gold medalists: Milica Ostojic, Monika Senji, Tijana Vukanovic & Andjelka Petrovic (Photo by D.Pejinovic)
August 11, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Day-1 Balkan Junior Championships 2007...(Report)
Alimoy Center Athens
(Athens, GRE) -- The Serbian national swimming  team has starded successfully at the 2007 Balkan Junior Championships organized by KOE (Hellenic Swimming Federation)... Few best results of the Serbian team: Andjelka Petrovic earned  the Gold medal in 50 free 27,60; Ivan Kopas Gold medal in 50 back 28.54; Caba Siladji Gold medal in 200 breast 2:20,84 (NRec); Ivan Lendjer Gold in 100 fly men 54,69...
  At the Balkan Champs podium (on the Day-1) in 4x200 m free men's relay (silver): I.Lendjer, P.Kostic, L.Bogdanovski &  B.Stojanovic (Photo by D.Pejinovic)
August 11, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Day-3 report from the Universiade 2007...
(Bangkok, THA) - Three participants from Serbia took part in the Bangkok '07 morning heats. Igor Beretic, swam out 50m Back Men with the time of 28:00 (ranked 36th  of 48 athletes).... Radovan Siljevski in 100 m Free Men touched 44th of 74 participants with the time of 52.02... Nadja Higl swam out 200m Breast Women with the time of 2:38.81 and touched 28th of 38 swimmers... See our Special web page on the Serbs at Bangkok'07.
Brabnislav Jovic, Ass.Coach and Ivan Zgomba in the Univerziade village
August 09, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
24th Universiade in Bangkok - opened...
(Bangkok, THA) - The 24th edition of the Universiade Bangkok 20007 is opened (being held on Aug.8-18)... Among the 17 sports (10.000 participants), the swim events will be the most excited and is scheduled for Aug. 09-14... The swimming will be held at the aquatic center of the Thammasat University. On the Day-1 only one competitor of Serbia took part in 200 m fly men - Ivan Zgomba. Watch the complete report and results.
Ivan Zgomba - our special reporter from Bangkok World Universiade....
August 08, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Welcome to the Swim Clinic in Lignano, ITA...
(Lignano, ITA) - After Bill Sweetenham (2002), Gennadi Touretski  (2005) and Bob Bowman (2006), another one great world swim coach leads the Nuotopuntoit clinic in Lignano, Italy... Stephan Widmer, Swiss-born but since 1997 coach of the Queensland Academy of Sport (AUS), the trainer of Libby Lenton and Leisel Jones will be the  Special Guest Presenter in Lingano... Organized by the top European web swim media nuoto.it and the GE.TUR, the coach seminar will be held on September 14-16...
Stephan Widmer to headline the Swim Clinic in Italy.
August 07, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Traditional Jarak-Sabac Marathon 2007 - August 18...
(Sabac, SRB) - Considering the extremely bad weather that has flown over Western Serbia and the whole country on August 04, Milorad Rajsic, Rajsa, Marathon director and the organizing board of this traditional open water event canceled the schedule, and now defines the new term for AUGUST 18 (Saturday) with the complete, same program of the events.. All fresh news and the official info may be reached at our special web presentation... Welcome to the 38th edition of the Jarak-Sabac Marathon 2007 -Peace Run in the town of Sabac, Serbia on August 18, 2007...
  Sparkles from the previous Jarak-Sabac Marathon that has been held in 2006.
August 05, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Serbia Open 2007 - concluded...(Results)
(Belgrade, SRB) - Serbia Open Championships gathered this weekend 162 athletes from 22 domestic clubs and 26 participants from Belarus, Uzbekistan, FYROM, RSA, BiH and Montenegro - overall 188  (all in Abs, Junior and Cadet cat.). After 3 days few national standards are set.. The worthy times were swam out in women's 50 m back- Veramei (BLR) 30.03 and Djikanovic (SRB) 30.34; In men's 100 free Neviarouski (BLR) ranked first with 49.80 while in women's 100 free Hanchar (BLR) touched first with 57.62. The results of the finals are available.
Indoor Olympic pool of the Tasmajdan swim center.
August 04, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Swim Program for Bangkok 2007 Universiade...
(Belgrade, SRB) - Four days left until the start of the Bangkok 2007, the 24th Summer Universiade (August 8-18)... Among the 17 sports, the swimming will be the most excited and is scheduled for August 09-14... The national University board of Serbia has announced the swim squad that is consisted of the next participants: Danijela Djikanovic, Nadja Higl, Radovan Siljevski, Igor Beretic, Ivan Zgomba, Ivan Gutesa and Sebastijan Higl. Mike Cavic regretably receded, because of the hurt... Click up the title for the official Bangkok swim program.
Mike Cavic, left Bangkok 2007 on the way to Beijing 2008.
August 03, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
Petar Kostic - Second time wins Cacak Marathon...(Results+Gallery)
Ovcar Banja
(Cacak, SRB) -- Petar Kostic (SC Partizan, Belgrade), record holder of this most popular Open Water event in Serbia won again Cacak Marathon at the aquatorium of the Medjuvrsje Lake in Ovcar-Banja Spa. Among women, Dejana Mikasinovic (SC Partizan, Belgrade) was ranked the first... More then 45 competitors different ages took part in this event. Also 500-m Fun Run has been held...
Winners of the "Cacak Marathon 2007" at podium...
August 02, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
EYOF 2007 - the Swimming Final Review ...
Eyof 2007
(Belgrade, SRB) - EYOF 2007 Special web presentation about the swimming actualities held by the Tasmajdan swim center in Belgrade, brought us now the final review of the achievements set by the best participants... No doubt, the New European Swim Stars are born. From the pen of our reporter and the author Igor Rasula, you can find out some exclusive swim facts... 
The Macromedia SWF video clip with the men's 50 free final is also arranged.. Click up the title to find more..
August 02, 2007 --------------------------------------------------------
38th Jarak-Sabac Marathon 2007 - moved...(Breaking News)
(Sabac, SRB) - Considering the very unpleasant info on the storm weather that is expected all across the Serbia, got from at least 3 lead weather prediction companies, starting on Friday (August 03) to Tuesday (August 07),  the Marathon Director Milorad Rajsic - Rajsa, together with sponsors and the Assembly of the town of Sabac chose to cancel the  Marathon 2007  (for August 04).. The new term of the Marathon 2007 will be set on time.
Milorad Rajsic, Director of the Jarak-Sabac marathon 
July 30, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Aqua235 Cup 2007 - concluded ...(Results)
(Jagodina, SRB) - Organized by SC Aqua235, the fourth edition of the age group swim meeting was held this past weekend in the town of Jagodina... More then 200 competitors from 13 Serbian clubs took part in the events. Final team ranking: 1/ SC Dinamo (Pancevo); 2/SC Valis (Valjevo); 3/ SC 11 April (Beograd)
25-m out-door pool in the town of Jagodina, SRB...
July 28, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
EYOF 2007 - Swimming Day-5 ...(Gallery+Results)
(Belgrade, SRB) -  Day-5 of the swimming events at the 9th European Youth Olympic Festival is concluded this evening with the next disciplines: 800 freestyle  W; 400 IM M;  200 butterfly W; 100 Back M; 100 Breast W; 200 free M and 4x100 medley relay (male & female)...The complete results of the finals+gallery are now available
The tribune of the Tasmajdan center on the Day-5...
July 26, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
EYOF 2007 - Day-4 - concluded...(Gallery+Results)
Tas Pool
(Belgrade, SRB) - The fourth day of the EYOF 2007 swim events is concluded with some extremely worth results... In the women's 400 IM, Aimee Willmott (UK) swam out with the time of 4:50.32 and picked up her second gold at the EYOF. Due to the FINA scales, great achievements and the gold medals earned also Sergey Ivanov (RUS) in men's 200 Fly (2:01.97) and Krzysztof Pielowski POL in men's 1,500 Free (15:43.55)... Find out more...
Tasmajdan pool at the today's morning prelims...
July 25, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
EYOF 2007 - Day-3, pause in swimming...
(Belgrade, SRB) -  The third day of the swim events at the EYOF was intended for rest and practice. All national teams used their chance to have a cool down practice before the last two days of the competition. Also, a few teams went to the downtown for sightseeing. The Swim Star Web Portal team visited yesterday the Tas pool and inteviewed some famous swim persons (Video clips)...
Mladen Tepavcevic - short interview for our web Swim Star web portal...
July 23, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
EYOF 2007 - Swimming Day-1 concluded...(Report+Gallery)
(Belgrade, SRB) -  The first day of the swim competition at the European Youth Olympic Festival is concluded this evening with the Finals Day-1 by the Tasmajdan swim pool, Belgrade... Eight events are finsihed on the Day-1 (400 free W; 100 free M; 100 fly W; 200 backM; 200 breast W; 200 IM M and both relays (4x100 free). Click up the title to open-up the Special EYOF '07 web presentation with the results and galleries...
The crowed at the Tas swim center in Belgrade...
July 23, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
EYOF 2007 - The Marvelous Opening Ceremony...
(Belgrade, SRB) -  Among 3,400 athletes and national delegates - the participants of the EYOF 2007, many guests and the EOC officials, the Presidency of the Serb Olympic Committee, the EYOF Organizing Board and the members of the Serbian Government, the IX European Youth Olympic Festival was declared open by Snezana Samardzic-Markovic, Minister of the Youth and Sport of Serbia...Watch the EYOF web blog arranged by Igor Rasula
The Olympic torch at the entrance of the BEG Arena..
July 22, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Ivan Lendjer New European Record Holder...(Report)
(Anwerp, BEL) -  Ivan Lendjer set the new European Junior record in 100 Fly Men - 0:53.21 and picked up the Gold medal... Caba Siladji made the great success, too. In 100 Breast M he swam out to the 4th position with the time of 1:02.63 (Nrec)....
In the men's 4x100 medlay final, Serb team (Kopas, Siladji, Lendjer and Stojanovic) set Nrec with the time of 3:46.12 ranked 7th.. 
The greatest Serbiam swim couple in last three years - Ivan Lendjer with his coach prof.Dejan Pejinovic... (Photo by Vladimir Anusic)
July 22, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
SRB Men's Relay Team in Antwerp's Final...
(Anwerp, BEL) -  On the Day-5, in the morning prelims of the marvelous European Junior Champs, the Serbian men's relay team succeeded  to get into Final in the 4x100 Medlay Relay event with the time of 3:49.42 (new national standard)... Besides Lendjer's final in 100 Fly M this would be another great chance this evening for the new Serbian swimming achievement and the promotion. Congratulations for the great Serbian performances in the Antwerp 2007... Find out more at our Special web page...
SRB men's relay team - new Nrec in 4x100 medley...
July 21, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Ivan Lendjer in Antwerp's 100 Fly Men Final...
(Anwerp, BEL)-Day-4 evening events of the Euro Junior brought fantastic swimming of Serbia's Ivan Lendjer in the men's 100 m Fly. Coming as 4th to SF, at the end Lendjer was ranked 1st, with the new Nrec 0:53.30... No doubt that the new European Championships title will be brought to Belgrade - by Ivan Lendjer.. In the "Serbian second semis" today, Caba Siladji in men's 100 Breast swam out to the 9th position with the time of 1:03.86 (new national standard), Click up to find more...
Ivan Lendjer - the new Antwerp medal can be seen...
July 20, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Caba Siladji - Silver in 50 Breast in Antwerp...
(Anwerp, BEL) - Day-3 Caba Siladji of SC Novi Sad, won silver medal in 50-m breast M with the time of 0:28.53 (the new N Rec)... In the afternoon's SF Siladji finished also at the second place touching the wall with the time of 0:28.61 (Nrec) while Lazar Bogdanovski was ranked 14th in his 200-m backstroke M (2:07.10)... In the morning prelims Tijana Vukanovic swam out to the 23rd in 100 Fly W (1:04.44) and Isidora Tesic was 44th in 50 Back W (0:32.46) with her LBT (life best time). 
Caba Siladji and Mattia Pesce (ITA) - men's 50 brest.
July 20, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Summer Champs of Central Serbia - Round 1...(Results)
(Krusevac, SRB) - The first round of the traditional 2007  Summer Championships of Central Serbia is concluded on Tuesday July 17, in the town of Krusevac, SRB.. 228 competitors from 12 clubs members of the PSCS took part in the events... Final team ranking: 1/SC St.Nikola (Nis); SC Paracin (Paracin); 3/ SC Valis (Valjevo)... Click up the title for the complete official results...
Out-door Olympic pool in the town of Krusevac...
July 19, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
EYOF 2007 Olympic Village - opened...
(Belgrade, SRB) - The first EYOF press conference in the new media center at the Olympic village in Belgrade was held today where the journalists had the opportunity to be introduced in the conditions and facilities for their working next several days. Mrs. Radmila Hrustanovic, co-Mayor of the city of Belgrade, Snezana Samardzic Markovic, the Minister for Youth and Sport of Serbia and Djordje Visacki,  Executive Director of the EYOF 2007 festival held a brief summary conference. Find out the report at EYOF 2007 Special (Arranged  by Igor Rasula)
Olympic Village in Belgrade, host of all EYOF athletes
July 18, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Lendjer -Silver in 50 Fly at Antwerp 2007...(Results)
(Anwerp, BEL)- Day-1 of the European Junior Champs 2007 brought  a Silver medal to Serbia. In two evening semi finals, Ivan Lendjer touched the first like in the morning prelims in 50 Fly M with the time of 0:24.83, while Tijana Vukanovic swam out to the 11th position in 200m Fly W (2:21.60)... Later on in this session 2, in the 50-m Fly M final, Ivan Lendjer touched the second (0:24.57) and earned the Silver Medal. Congratulations! 
Ivan Lendjer - the first medal for Serbia in 50 Fly...
LC Championships of Vojvodina 2007, SRB...(Results)
(Subotica, SRB)- On July 13-14 in the town of Subotica, Serbia, the Summer LC Championship of Vojvodina region (in Absolute, Junior and Cadet concurrences) has been held. 10 clubs took part in the events. Final team rank: 1/ SC Vojvodna; 2/SC Novi Sad; 3/ SC Kikinda... Click up the title to open-up the official final results
50m Olympic pool in the town of Subotica, Vojvodina..
July 14, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Serbian Team for the EYOF 2007...
SRB team
(Belgrade, SRB) -- On July 06, the Serbian Swimming Association announced the final roster of the national selection for the EYOF 2007 - swim competition. Eight male and six female swimmers will represent domestic swimming at the Tasmajdan pool in Belgrade (August 23-27).  The Serbian swim hopes will show their best.. Good luck to all !!... See the EYOF Special by Igor Rasula
The Serb Squad (with juniors) at Kosice Meet (SVK)..
July 11, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Pioneer Champs of Vojvodina 2007, SRB...(Results+Gallery)
(Subotica, SRB) - The Pioneer Summer Championships of Vojvodina region is concluded on July 09 at the 50m out door pool of the Dudova Suma Complex in the town of Subotica. 15 clubs - members of the PSV took part in the event. Team ranking: 1/SC Vojvodina; 2/ SC Novi Sad; 3/SC Proleter.. Click up for the complete report...
Olympic pool in the town of Subotica (Ph by Jan Valo)
July 07, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
EYOF Special Web Blog by Igor Rasula...
(Belgrade, SRB) -- Prior to the start of the upcoming EYOF Belgrade 2007 (on July 21-28), with the idea to cover the swimming actualities (among 11 sports at the festival), Igor Rasula, co-editor of the SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL, started arranging the special EYOF web blog.. Introduce the history of EYOF, meet the swim facilities, the best swim Euro nations (453 athletes are entered from 46 countries), Find out more...
Olympic flame arrived Belgrade on July 06...
July 02, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
1st Becej Summer Cup 2007, SRB...(Gallery+Results)
(Becej, SRB) - 1st Becej Summer Cup 2007 is concluded this past week-end in the town of Becej, Vojvodina).. 16 domestic clubs including Siklos and Sigetvar (HUN) and Galeb-Koksara (BiH) took part in the events. The final team ranking: 1/SC Kikinda (Kikinda); 2/ SC Novi Sad (Novi Sad); 3/ SC Feniks (Sombor). Click up the title for the official results... The exclusive photo gallery is now added - arranged for Swim Star Web Portal by Jan Valo.
Serbian super stars: Siladji, Stojanovic and Lendjer...
July 01, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Mini Gallery from the Banjaluka Open 2007, BiH...
(Banjaluka, BiH) - The new/old international swim event the Banjaluka Open 2007 has been held on May 26-27, 2007 in the town of Banjaluka (BiH) by the new City Aqua Park... This highly professional organized event by the SC Olymp, Banjaluka had its promoters and well known world stars:  Mike Cavic (SRB), Gordan Kozulj (CRO) and Emil Tahirovic (SLO). Thanks to the kindness of Zeljko Panic, Head Coach of the SC Olymp, now we're in the position to show you this short gallery... Add info olymp2002@gmail.com
June 30, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
18th Belgrade Swim Marathon 2007...(Gallery)
(Belgrade, SRB) The 18th edition of the traditional open water swim event the Belgrade Swim Marathon 2007 is concluded today, by the pleasent City lake of the famous Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade... Race distance was 3,5 km long... More then 120 competitors of different ages from all over the Balkans took part in the main race as well as in the Fun Run (300 m).. ..
BEG Marathon winners: 1/Ivan Zgomba (0:38.13); 2/Petar Kostic (0:38.23); 3/ Vuk Vuckovic (0:40.02)...
June 28, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
XI Vidovdan Cup 2007, SRB...(Results)
(Krusevac, SRB) - XI International Meeting "Vidovdan Cup 2007", organized by SC Rasina is concluded today successfully in Krusevac... Over 300 competitors from  domestic clubs including five teams from FYROM took part in the events. Team rank: 1/Dinamo SC (Pancevo); 2/ Nis 2005 SC (Nis); 3/ Paracin SC (Paracin)..
50-m out-door pool in the town of Krusevac, SRB..
June 24, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
VI Belgrade Trophy 2007 - concluded...(Final Results)
(Belgrade, SRB) - The 6th edition of the LEN meet the Belgrade Trophy 2007, organized by the Swimming Association of Belgrade is concluded today at the indoor  pool of the Tasmajdan center, Belgrade. 41 teams with 260 competitors (from 7 countries) took part in 2 days events. Click up the title, to watch the Photo gallery and Day-1 finals Video Streaming (prepared by Igor Rasula)..
Tasmajdan - the Belgrade's swim temple...
June 24, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Cavic at the Speedo AG Meet in Ft.Lauderdale...(Results)
(Ft.Lauderdale, USA) - Together with Duje Draganja (his former CAL colleague), Serb swim star Mike Cavic took part in the Speedo Invitational at Ft.Lauderdale this week-end... Croatian Duje Draganja posted a victory in the 50 free with a time of 22.63, with Cavic following at 22.74 for second-place honors. In 50 fly, Cavic clocked in 24.06 to beat Draganja (24.14)...Click up for more... 
Mike Cavic in his training prior to the Bangkok 2007..
June 21, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
New Swim Design-Project of the PSCS , SRB...
(Krusevac, SRB) - Upon the authority of the PSCS Swim Association of Central Serbia, a new swim design-project of the development of the beginners in this part of the country is defined. The theme title - "The influence of the different approaches at the basic swim education to the accepted swim knowledge". The chief of the project - Dr.Tomislav Okicic, doc... Click up the title to download (.pdf 793KB) project-plan (Arr. in Serbian Cyrilic only)...
June 16, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
10th Petnica Cup 2007, Serbia...(Complete Results+Gallery)
(Valjevo, SRB) - The 10th edition of the Int'l swim meet Petnica 2007 organized by SC Valis Valjevo ic concluded successfully by  the marvelous swim center of Petnica near the town of Valjevo (W. Serbia)... Click up the ttitle for the complete report, three photo galleries, and results sheet from this meeting at the special Swim Star Web Portal presentation...
The opening ceremony of the 10th Petnica Cup... 
June 11, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
III Dolphin Cup 2007, Skopje...(Results)
(Skopje, FYROM) -  The 3rd edition of the international swim meet Dolphin Cup 2007 is concluded successfully in the City of Skopje, FYROM... 262 competitors from 26 clubs of Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia took part in the events. Danijela Djikanovic (SRB) and Aljosa Arlov (SRB) were named as the best. Click up for the results..
'Biser' out-door 50-m pool in Skopje...
June 11, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Poletarac 2007 - Int'l AG Meet in Novi Sad...(Results+Gallery)
Novi Sad
(Novi Sad, SRB) - The II edition of the International AG swim meeting Poletarac 2007 organized by Swimming Club Novi Sad is concluded succesfully this past wekend in the City of Novi Sad (SRB)...
Unbelievable picture from the SPENS swim complex.. 
Photo by Jan Valo (Vojvodina)...
June 08, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
5th Anniversary of the First Bulgarian Swim Site...
(Sofia, BUL) -  To the honor of the great international cooperation and the worthy 5th anniversary of the FBSS (the First Bulgarian Swimming Site), the Head of Swim Star 2000 Agency and the Swim Star 2000 Swim Club, Belgrade, Mr.Goran Rasula expresses tribute to Mr.Ivan Tsanov - the only Giant of the Balkan swimming sport. 
Ivan Tsanov, still active in the BUL Masters Swimming.
June 07, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
18th Belgrade Swim Marathon 2007...(Invitation)
Ada Ciganlija
(Belgrade, SRB) -  The 18th edition of the traditional Belgrade swim marathon 2007 is going to be held on June 30, at the City lake of the Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade downtown... Race distance 3,5 k... Awards 300, 200, 100 euro.. More info on this worth open water event may be reached from Mr.Darko Glavas Cell:+381 64 504-6656 or via e-mail: darkcaty@gmail.com
Marathon squad of the Partizan SC, Belgrade...
June 05, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Matija Matt Jaukovic - Star in Australia...(Swim Interview)
(Sydney, AUS) -  Matija Matt Jaukovic, ex-Champion of the FR Yugoslavia, SCG and Montenegro in backstroke and ind. medley disciplines, the actual Montenegro's record holder and two times participant of the European swimming Championships, since 2005 a student of the University of Sydney, replayed to our inquiry for a short interview dedicated to all swim adorers round the globe.
Matt Jaukovic, in the top six in the AUS swimming...
June 04, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
23rd Harkany Cup 2007, Hungary - concluded...(Gallery)
(Harkany, HUN) - The 23rd Int'l AG meet Harkany Cup 2007 gathered 22 clubs from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosna and Herzegovina, Serbia and Hungary as a host country...
Meet best swimmers Milica Ostojic (SC Red Star Belgrade) and Ivan Lendjer (Proleter, ZR) in absolute and Stefanija Cordas Draganov (Proleter, Zrenjanin) is named as the best girl in the cat. 93-94...
Photo by Jan Valo...
June 03, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Summer League of Belgrade 2007 - concluded...(Results)
(Belgrade, SRB) -  The traditional Summer League of Belgrade tournament is concluded on Saturday at the Tas center in Belgrade... 8 BEG clubs with SC Kikinda as a guest, took part in the events in Round 3+4. The final team rankings: 1/SC Partizan (4686 pts); 2/ SC Vracar (1533 pts); 3/ SC 11 April (1261 pts.)
Jelena DImic (SC Swim Star 2000) Silver and Tijana Djurdjevic - (SC Red Star) Gold in women's cat 89/90
June 03, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
City of Modena 2007 - Complete Report...(Results)
(Modena,ITA) -  The 34th edition of the Trophy of the City of Modena 2007 is concluded successfully. 36 clubs with more then 600 competitors took part in 2-day events... Jovana Bogdanovic (SC Red Star Belgrade) picked up a Gold in 200 Breast (YoB 91/92) with a time of 2:39.52 and Bronze medal in 100 Breast - 1:16.66
Jovana Bogdanovic, SRB record holder and SC Red Star best swimmer, at the Belgrade's airport...
May 27, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
In Memoriam - Mirko Radojkovic...
(Paracin, SRB) - Soreness and unbelievable voice came  to us and all Serbian swim people from the PSS. Mirko Radojkovic, one of the greatest Serb swim enthusiasts, member of the chief board of the Crnica Swim Club and Father of Borko Radojkovic (1986), the most talented swimmer of Serbia in last ten years, died in Belgrade on May 24... Rest in piece Man, and thanks for all you've inlayed in the Serbian Swimming...   (Goran Rasula)
Mirko Radojkovic has gone to Serbian swim legends.
May 26, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Grand Prix Slovakia 2007 Int'l Meet...(Results)
(Bratislava, SVKB) -  The traditional LEN meet "Grand Prix Slovakia" is going to be held on May 25-27 in the Capital of Slovakia...The organizer announces the Euro stars to take part in... From Serbia 6 competitors are entered: Siladji (Novi Sad) Siljevski (Partizan), Djikanovic, Beretic, Gutesa (SC Vojvodina) and Higl (SC Dinamo)... Click up the title for the Complete results...
Agnes Kovacs, Hungary's swim star swam out her races in Bratislava...
May 19, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Vladimir Anusic - New Coach Power of Serbia...
(Novi Sad, SRB) - Mr.Vladimir Anusic,prof, coach of the Vojvodina Swim Club, Novi Sad is the most valuable swim trainer in Serbia in last five years... Graduated recently as MS in sport management at the F@M faculty, Novi Sad, he confirms his modern strategy and huge energy to awake up Serbian swim sport. Special page on Mr.V.Anusic is arranged by B.Avramovic (in Serbian only). 
V.Anusic with his pearl T.Vukanovic in Rio de Janeiro.
May 19, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Mladost 2007 Int'l Meeting - concluded...(Results)
(Zrenjanin, SRB) - The traditional SC swim event (the latest SC event prior to summer season) Mladost 2007 has been held on May 19 in the town of Zrenjanin... 22 domestic  and 4 clubs from BiH and Hungary took part in the events with more then 350 athletes. Final team ranking: 1/Proleter; 2/Vojvodina; 3/SC Zmaj (BiH)...
25-m pool of the Jug sport center in Zrenjanin...
May 18, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Serbian Junior Squad in Kosice, SVK...(Results+Gallery)
(Kosice, SVK) - 36th edition of the Olympic Hopes Meet been held in Kosice, SVK last week-end, brought the  marvelous achievements of the Serbian national team... 3 Gold medals has been earned by Milica Ostojic (1991) of Red Star SC, Belgrade, coached by Sergio Filipovic,... Click up the title for the special presentation from this event with the complete results of the Serbian squad... 
Serbian Team in Kosice - (Photo by Sergio Filipovic)...
May 12, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
120th Anniversary of the Swimming in Serbia...(Results)
(Sombor, SRB) - Organized by the SC Polet, Sombor,   the 120th Jubilee of the first swim event in Serbia is celebrated on May 12 in Sombor with the new Junior international swim meet... 10 domestic clubs and 6 from Hungary took part in the events... Click up the title to watch the official results Additional info: gimre@ptt.yu
The Mostonga in-door SC pool in the town of Sombor, Vojvodina...
May 05, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
Mr. Bozo Svarc died in Belgrade...
(Belgrade, SRB) - Mr. Bozo Svarc, the President of the Partizan Swimming Club, Belgrade, ex-YU top athlete and the sport official, died yesterday in Belgrade in 89. As a suvivor of the Jasenovac fascistic camp (in the World War II), Svarc retired as the Colonel of the JNA (ex-YU national army). Last 30 years he was engaged at the wide range of the development of sport activities  especially at the Partizan Sports Association, Belgrade...
Bozo Svarc - the sports legend of ex-Yugoslavia and Serbia at the tribune of the latest Swimming Championships of Serbia & Montenegro.
April  28, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Mile Mihajilovic died in Belgrade...
(Belgrade, SRB) - Mr. Mile Mihajilovic, the member of the club's staff of the SC Vracar Belgrade, one of the greatest swim enthusiast in Serbia, died last night in Belgrade... The Swim Star 2000 SC management and all members express our huge sorrow to his family and the club. The funeral will be held on May 02, at the Topcider Cemetery (13:30). Sincere swim people of Belgrade will always be thankful to this great personality... 
Mile Mihajilovic, dedicated his time and energy to the swim kids & talents..
April  16, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Swim Talents 2007 Meet in Kikinda, SRB...(Results)
(Kikinda, SRB) - The traditional Age Group swim meet "Swim Talents 2007" has been held this past weekend in the town of Kikinda... 277 participants from the 18 clubs (incl. 3 teams from BiH and FYROM) took part in the events... Nikola Celic (SC Proleter) set 2 new SRB pioneer standards. Click up for the Complete Results...
Swim Center Jezero in the town of Kikinda, Vojvodina.
April  16, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Markovic - Swam over the Beijing Cut in 200 fly...(Results)
(Cadiz, ESP) - The España's Absolute "OPEN P50" Champs is concluded on Sunday in Cádiz organized by RFEN. Vladan Markovic (ZD, Belgrade) swam over the Beijing 2008 state cut with a Gold in 200 m fly (2:00.36) while in 100m fly he was ranked 3rd (0:54.82)... Jovana Bogradnovic (1992) of Red Star, Belgrade set her best in 200m breast (2:38.58) and was ranked 6th in 100m breast (1:15.82).. Click up for the all champ's results..
Vladan Markovic (1977) of Golden Dolphin SC (BEG)..
April  15, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Polet Cup - Sombor 2007, SRB...(Results)
(Sombor, SRB) - The international Age Group meeting "Polet Cup 2007", organized by the SC Polet Sombor is concluded in the town of Sombor this past week-end... 13 swimming clubs (including 3  teams from Hungary) took part in 2-day events. Click up the title to watch the complete official final results...
The Mostonga 25-m pool in the town of Sombor..
April  11, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Memorial Laza Stojsic 2007, SRB...(Results)
(Becej, SRB) - The traditional Age Group swim meeting "Memorial Laza Stojsic 2007" is concluded this past week-end by the marvelous swim center in the town of Becej (Central Vojvodina)... 20 domestic clubs (incl. 3 teams from Hungary and BiH) took part in the events... Team Ranking: 1/SC Partizan (Belgrade; 2/ SC Novi Sad (Novi Sad); 3/ SC Vojvodina (Novi Sad) ..
Swim Center in the town of Becej, Vojvodina...
April  05, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Easter Meet 2007 - Novi Sad, SRB...(Results)
Novi Sad
(Novi Sad, SRB) - This past week-end the traditional Age Group event "Easter Meeting" is concluded in Novi Sad,  organized by the Swimming Club Vojvodina (Novi Sad)... 15 domestic clubs with SC Zmaj, Tuzla (BiH), SC Delfin Bambini, Skopje  (FYROM) took part in the events. The final team ranking: 1/ SC Proleter (Zrenjanin); 2/ SC Vojvodina (Novi Sad); 3/ SC Novi Sad (Novi Sad).. Click up the title for the official results...
Spens Swim & Sport center in the City of Novi Sad...
April  01, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Winter Champs of Central Serbia (Round 3)...(Results)
Krusevac pool
(Krusevac, SRB) - More then 120 competitors from 13 clubs members of the PSCS took part in the Round-3 of the Winter Champs of Central Serbia 2007. Click up the title to be redirected to the official web page of this competition... The complete results of the Round-3 are available now....
50m Olympic pool in the town of Krusevac, place of the PSCS event...
March 31, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Mike Cavic - Ranked 6th in 100 Fly Men...
(Melbourne, AUS) - Day-7 finals of the 12th FINA World Swim Championships brought "only one" new WR - Australia's women's relay in 4x100 medley set a new world standard of 3:55.74... Mike Cavic, best Serb, in "his" 100-m Fly Final touched the wall in 0:52.53 and was ranked 6th... This was the best presentation of the Serbian Swimming ever at the World championships...
Mike Cavic at the preparation prior to the start of the men's 100m Fly final.
March 31, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Minja Najdanovski - 35th position in 50 Free...
(Melbourne, AUS) - Day-7 of the XII Fina World Champs for the Serbian squad stated in the morning with the women's 50-m free race, where Minja Najdanovski took part in the 14th of 18 heats overall... With the time of 0:28.73, the only Serbian lady was ranked 35th of 122 world's participants...
Miroslava Najdanovski, after her 50-m free event in the heat 14...
March 30, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Mike Cavic - ranked 6th in 100 Fly Semi Finals...
(Melbourne, AUS) -  Day-6 of the XII Fina Worlds will be memorized forever, especialy among the Serbian participants at the Rod Laver Arena... Mike Cavic (SRB) in the morning heat 1 (without entered time) just "against himself and the whole world" swam out the 100-m Fly and was ranked  2nd overall with the time of 0:51.70 (the new National REC and FINA "A" cut for Beijing 2008 Games).
In the evening Semi Finals Cavic touched the wall in 52.16 and was ranked 6th for tomorrow's 100 fly historian final!!! Congratulations!!
Mike Cavic, after he finished men's 100 fly (51.70). (Photo by Swim Star 2000 Agency)
March 29, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Day-5, Najdanovski - Serb National REC in 100 m Free...
(Melbourne, AUS) - The Day-5 of the 12th FINA World Swim Champs brought a new delight to the Serb Squad in the Rod Laver Arena... Minja Najdanovski in 100 Free prelims set the new national standard with the time of 0:57.11 dividing the 36th position overall with Ionela Cosma (ROM) in this discipline...This is also the over jumped "B" cut for the Beijing 2008... Congratulations!!!
M.Najdanovski at M2007. (Photo by Swim Star Agency)
March 27, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Tepavcevic is ranked 13th in 50 Breast Semi Final...
(Melbourne, AUS) - The Day-3 of the 12th FINA World Swim Champs brought us another delight... Mladen Tepavcevic (1976) part of 'Serb swim trilling', took part in 50 m Breast S-Finals! In the morning heat, among 125 athletes overall, he touched 15th with the time of 0:28.24.. In the evening SF he touched 13th (28.38)...
Mladen Tepavcevic - only 14/100 sec above his and the national REC...
March 26, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Melbourne  - Cavic is ranked 6th in 50 Fly Final...
(Melbourne, AUS) - The first final for Serbian swimming  at the 12th Fina World championships in Melbourne brought the marvelous 6th position for Milorad Cavic (1984) in 50 Fly Men (with the time of 23.70).. Final rank in this race: 1/Schoeman (RSA) 23.18; Crocker (USA) 23.47; 3/Andkjaer (DEN) 23.56. Congratulations!!!
Milorad Mike Cavic at the start block 1 prior to the 50 Fly Men final...
March 25, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Mike Cavic touched 7th in 50 Fly Semi Final...
(Melbourne, AUS) - The pair of the Serbian men's swimmers started the M 2007 with the prelims in the Day-1 morning heats. Among 160 participants Mike Cavic in 50-m fly  touched 5th overall with the time of 23.71 while Mladen Tepavcevic in his 100-m breast men, among 117 athletes swam out to the 33rd position with the time of 1:02.80.. 
In the evening Semi Final, Mike Cavic swam out as 7th with the time of 0:23.94. Congratulations!!
Mike Cavic, after he finished his marvelous prelim in 50 fly (23.71). (Photo by Swim Star 2000 Agency)
March 24, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
New/Old President of the Serbian Swimming...
(Belgrade, SRB)- According to the results of the double voting of 49 delegates - from the Serbian swim clubs - members of the Serbian Swimming Association, Dusan Dimitrijevic is elected today (25:23) as the  new - old President of the PSS. At the Conf hall of the Obrenovac Hotel, the new PSS chief board was also proclaimed....
D.Dimitrijevic expresses thaks to the PSS delegates.
March 22, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
10 medals for SC Banat in Germany...(Report)
SC Banat
(Bad Bergzabern, GER)- SC Banat, Kikinda (SRB) took part in the traditional Euro meet SOLAR 2007 in Bad Bergzabern (Germany), this past weekend March 17-18. Among 680 athletes (48 clubs from 27 countries) 6-men team picked up 10 medals overall: 1 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze medals. See the report (in Serbian only)...
Team of SC Banat with D.Cortan, Serbia's Consul...
March 18, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Younger Pioneer Champs of Serbia 2007...(Results)
Jezero Pool
(Kikinda, SRB)-- The Younger Pioneer Championship of Serbia 2007  (short course pool - athletes born on 1995-1996) is concluded in Kikinda, on March 18. More then 200 competitors from 26 Serbian swim clubs took  part in 2-day events this past week-end... Click up the title to find out the Complete Final Results...
Jezero Swim & Sport center in the town of Kikinda...
March 12, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Younger Pioneer Champs of Vojvodina...(Results)
(Kikinda, SRB)-- The Younger Pioneer Championship of Vojvodina Region for 2007 (short course pool) is cocnluded on Saturday in the town of Kikinda. 
Final Team Rankings of the Vojvodina's Pioneer Championships is as follows: 1/ SC Vojvodina (Novi Sad); 2/ SC Proleter (Zrenjanin); 3/ SC Banat (Kikinda)... Click up the title for the complete official results of the Champs....
Jezero Swim Sport and Center in the town of Kikinda, Vojvodina...
March 11, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Pioneer Champs of Serbia 2007-concluded...(Results+Gallery)
(Sombor, SRB)- The Pioneer championships of Serbia 2007 (short course pool) for the athletes ages 13-14, is concluded on Sunday (March 11) in the town of Sombor by the 25-m pool of Mostonga Sport Center. 25 clubs with about 200 competitors were entered in 2-day (4 parts) events. Click up the title for the Champs report...
Champs opening ceremony at the Mostonga pool...
March 04, 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------
Pioneer Champs of Vojvodina 2007...(Results)
(Kikinda, SRB)-- 2007 Championships of the Vojvodina for the pioneer category (born 1993-1994) was held on Saturday by the 25-m pool of Jezero Swim Center in Kikinda. The final team rank: 1/Vojvodina, Novi Sad (1047pts.); 2/ Proleter, Zrenjanin (647); 3/ Banat SC, Kikinda (557pts)...Click up for the complete results.
D.Vukobrat - pioneer star of the Banat SC, Kikinda...
February 03, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
4 New Records at the Serbia 2007 (sc)...(Results+Images)
Novi Sad
(Novi Sad, SRB)-- The national championships of Serbia 2007 (short course pool) is started yesterday (Day-1) at the Spens Center in Novi Sad... About 200 competitors from 25 domestic clubs took part in the events... 4 new national records are broke... Click up the title to be redirected to the Special page on this Championships...
Add info: Prof.Vladimir Minic  vminic76@gmail.com
February 25, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
SC Championships of Vojvodina, SRB...(Results)
(Kikinda, SRB)-- The 2007 Winter Championships of Vojvodina (Abs, Junior & Cadet)) is concluded this past week-end in the town of Kikinda... 13 clubs PSV members took part in 2-day events... Team rankings: 1/SC Vojvodina (Novi Sad); 2/ SC Proleter (Zrenjanin); 3/SC Novi Sad (Novi Sad)... Click up the title for the complete final results...
February 25, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
M.Tepavcevic at Gullmót KR 2007, ICL...(Results)
(Laugardalslaug, ISL)-- The 3rd edition of the Int'l AG meet Gullmót KR 2007 was held in Iceland (Feb 23-25) at the 50-m pool.. Among the athletes from 4 countries, Mladen Tepavcevic (as part of Hafnarfjardar, ISL), Serb  rec holder in breastroke, won 2 Gold medals. The 50-m breast he swam out in 28.47 (28.38 - final Serb cut for Melbourne) and 100 breast in 1:03.85 (1:02.52 Serb cut for Melbourne). Watch the complete 'Hi-Tek' live results.
M.Tepavcevic (at the swim competition in Iceland)...
February 24, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Winter Champs of Central Serbia-Round 2...(Results)
(Krusevac, SRB) - More then 180 competitors from 13 clubs of the Swim Association of Central Serbia took part in the events of the Round-2 of the Winter Champs of Central Serbia 2007. Click up the title to be redirected to the official web page of this competition... The complete resuklts of the Round-2 are available now...
The Olympic in-door pool in the town of Krusevac...
February 23, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Petar Stoychev - the Official Web Site...
(Sofia, BUL)-Due to the info issued by www.bulswim.info Petar Stoychev, Bulgarian swim legend, six times FINA OWS Cup champion and one of the most respectable swimmer of the Balkan ever, established the official web site of his own... Click up the title to be redirected to the Stoychev's web site...
The home page image of the Stoychev's web site...
February 20, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Missouri Grand Prix 2007 - concluded...(Reports)
(Columbia,Mo)-- Missouri Grand Prix '07 concluded this evening at the marvelous Olympic pool of the Mizzou Aquatic center in the City of Columbia (USA). Despite that none of the swim people expected nor he own, the world swim star no.1 Michael Phelps set one WR and picked up 5 golds... also was named the winner of the Missouri 2007. Click up the title for the complete day by day report from Igor Rasula, our special US reporter...
Michael Phelps after seting new WR (Photo by AP)...
February 18, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
League of Belgrade 2007-Round 4...(Results)
(Belgrade, SER) -- The Winter League of Belgrade2007 is concluded at the SFC Vracar in Belgrade... About 400 competitors from 10 Belgrade's clubs took part in the final Round-4 events (all ages)... Click up the title for the Official results... 
Vracar 25-m in-door swim pool in Belgrade....
February 17, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Winter Champs of Central Serbia '07 - Round 1...(Results)
(Krusevac, SRB) - 321 competitors from 15 clubs of the Swim Association of Central Serbia took part in the Round-1 of the Winter PSCS Champs 2007... At the renovated Olympic pool in Krusevac, more then 650 visitors and funs by the tribune followed the event... Click up the title for the complete offcial results.. Add info V.Petrovic e-mail:petrovicveselin@yahoo.com
The Olympic in-door pool in the town of Krusevac...
February 17, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Winter League of Belgrade 2007-Round 3...(Results)
(Belgrade, SER) -- The third part of the traditional Winter League of Belgrade is concluded today at the SFC Vracar in Belgrade... 300 competitors from 10 clubs took part in the events (all ages)... Click up the title for the Official Round-3 results... 
  Vracar 25-m in-door swim pool in Belgrade....
February 17, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Two Serbs at America East Championships 2007...
Boston Univ.
(Boston, USA) - The 2007 Conference Champs of the America East Association is concluded the previous weekend at the Aquatic Center of the Boston University. Men's Team Champion for 2007 is the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Two Serb swimmer/student took part in this worthy event:  Milos Djukic (UMBC) and Vladimir Sreckovic (SBU). Info: igorrasula@yahoo.com
Team of UMBC - 2007 Champion of ECAC...
February 16, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Vladimir Minic earned Prof. title at the FSPE University of Belgrade...
(Belgrade, SRB)--- At the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of the Belgrade University, Vladimir Minic the  coach of SC Swim Star concluded today his graduation  with the highest mark (10). His work "The establishing of the Eco Camp Lucice at the River Lim in Serbia" has been elaborated in front of Prof.Dr Krasomenko Miletic, Prof. Dr Nastas Ilic and Doc.Dr Marina Djordjevic-Nikolic. Congratulations on behalf of Swim Star 2000 management ! 
Vladimir Minic explains his work through digital doc...
February 15, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Aleksandar Malenko announces hunger strike protest...
(Skopje, FYROM)-- Signalized by www.bulswim.info the "Dnevnik" daily magazine issued early today that the best Macedonian swimmer ever Aleksandar Malenko has announced the hunger strike protest if his national sport status would not be defined soon. Malenko says: "In my talks to the advisors of Prime Minister Gruevski, I've got promises...".. Malenko is twice FYROM Olympian (1996 and 2004) and the European junior champion in 200 m butterfly  (Copenhagen 1996)...
Aleksandar Malenko at the LEN Meet Zrenjanin 2005..
February 13, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Winter League of BEG 2007 - R(1+2) Younger...(Results)
(Belgrade, SRB)-- The top Belgrade's team competition - League of Belgrade - winter SC edition was continued this past week-end in Belgrade by the 25-m pool of the SFC Vracar... More then 200 younger category swimmers of 10 Belgrade's clubs took part in the Round 1 and 2... Click up the title for the Complete Results...
25-m pool of the SFC Vracar Center in Belgrade....
February 12, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2007...(Results+Gallery)
(Herceg Novi, MNE) - The 12th edition of the Int'l swim meet Mimosa is concluded in Igalo, organized by the 25-m pool of the Mediterranean Center. 200 athletes from 19 clubs (BiH, Montenegro and Serbia took part in 2-day events... Team Ranking: 1/Vojvodina (Novi Sad); 2/ Jadran (Herceg Novi); 3/ Beograd (Beograd)...
The pool of the Mediterranean Health Center in Igalo
February 11, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
The STAR 2007 Meet, Kranj, SLO...(Results)
(Kranj, SLO) - The II LEN Meeting Star 2007, organized by KPD Zvezda swimming club is concluded today by the marvelous Olympic pool in Kranj... 360 competitors from 37 teams (8 countries) took part in the events -37 from Serbia... Click up the title for the complete Day-1 and Day-2 results of the meeting, via PZS timing system...
The City Olympic pool in the town of Kranj, SLO... 
February 07, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Mr.Zoran Aleksov - New President of PFM...
(Skopje, FYROM) - According to the info been got from Mr.Aleksandar Filipcev, new Presidency of the Swimming Federation of FYR of Macedonia is elected on January 31 at its General Assembly. The new PFM Board - Mr. Zoran Aleksov, President, Mr. M.Ristevski Vice President (for swimming), Mr.Diki Bojadzi, Vice President (for OWS), Mr.S.Lazarevski (for WP)... Mr.A.Filipcev is the Chief of the PFM Control Commission... Congratulations !!!!
The Assembly of the PFM (Photo by Mak Sport)...
February 06, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Acknowledgment to Swim Star SC management...
SSC Shipka,BUL
(Sofia, BUL) - Excluding some individual participations in Serbian swim meetings, after 16 years, one complete Bulgarian team of 15-member delegation took part in the recent Grand Kikinda '07. Expressing the gratitude,  Shipka Swim Club consigned a Special Acknoledgment to Mr.G.Rasula, Director of Swim Star 2000 SC and our Web Portal... Special thanks have also been sent to Mr. Radovan Silaski, Meet Director of 'Kikinda Cup 2007'... 
Click up the title to read the official acknowledgment.
February 04, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Day-2 of the Kikinda Cup 2007...(Results)
SC Shipka(BUL)
(Kikinda, SER) -- Day-2 of the II LEN Intenational meet Kikinda Cup 2007 is concluded successfully by the Jezero swim & sport center in the town of Kikinda... The Meet final Team Rankings: 1/SC Proleter (Zrenjanin); 2/ SC Banat (Kikinda); 3/ SC Olimpija (Ljubljana)... Click up the title for the Day-2 Final Results...
  Team of SC Shipka, BUL coached by G.Stankovich....
February 03, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Day-1 of the Kikinda Cup 2007, Serbia...(Results)
(Kikinda, SER) -- II edition of the LEN Intenational meeting 'Kikinda Cup 2007' has started today at the marvelous 25-m pool of the 'Jezero' swim center. 
More then 600 competitors from 28 clubs - teams took part in the events... Here are guests from Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Bulgaria with 120 athletes. From Serbia, 19 domestic clubs are presented...
Pool of the Jezero Swim Sport and Center at the opening ceremony...
February 02, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Gorana Goranic at the University of Bridgeport...(Interview)
(Bridgeport, USA)-- One of the best Serbian backstroker and a member of SC Red Star, Belgrade, Ms. Gorana Goranic has made an inverview for our web portal directly from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA... As on the fact that interst exists among domestic swim fans, the talk is arranged in Serbian only...
G.Goranic at her last Ante Lambasa 2006 Memorial.
January 30, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
Nikola Celic at Dr.Fig 2007 in Slovenia...(Results)
(Kranj, SlO)--- The 9th edition of the traditional Dr.Fig Meeting dedicated to the younger category swimmers is concluded this past week-end in Kranj, SLO, organized by SC Merit-Triglav... More then 420 competitors from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia took part in the events... Nikola Celic (1995) of SC Proleter (Zrenjanin) picked up 5 medals overall... See the complete results...
Nikola Celic - a new Serbian swim pearl is born (SC Proleter, ZR)...
January 24, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
United World Games 2007, Wien, AUT...
(Wien, AUT)-- Due to the kind invitation been got from Mag. Franziskus Bertl and PDM Sports, Austria, Serbian Clubs are invited to participate in the great event the United World Games 2007 being held in Wien on June 28 / July 01... Among 8 sports, the swimming would be the most interesting... Age groups: 89/90/91; 92/93; 94/95/96... Deadline for the entries: May 21st, 2006... 
Click up the title to reach the official information...
January 12, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------
LEN Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2007...(Invitation)
Mimosa 2006
(Herceg Novi, MON)---- The 2007 LEN Montenegro Mimosa Cup will take place at the International Health Center in Igalo, on Ferbuary 10-11... According to the recent words of Prof. Ivan Zuber, the Mimosa Cup  Director, it is expected that more then 200 competitors from 6 countries would take part in 2-day events. Click up the title for the official Mimosa Cup promotion...
Ivan Gutesa and Minja Najdanovski of SC Proleter, Zrenjanin, winners of the Mimosa Cup 2006 trophies...

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