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The Golden Donors of Swim Star 2000 SC
 The gratitude to all donors and promoters for their serious efforts to aid our swimming activities,
especially of the yougest swimmers, helping them to participate in various domestic and international meetings,
enabling us the equipment for training, swim suits, clothes, vitamins, etc. Not enough but we're satisfied at all.
We'll always be thankful, of course, for all your kindness and understanding !
*Citadela - commerce*, the authorized dealer of the LINDAB Company, Sweden,  Subotica, Serbia & Montenegro citadela@yunord.net
YU railway
*ZTP Beograd* The national Railway and transportation company of Serbia, Enterprise "Belgrade", Belgrade, Nemanjina 6/IV, Serbia.   www.yuzel.co.yu
No. 1 Sport Browser
*OAZA YU Internet provider* One of the very first and the most popular Sport Web Site in Serbia & Montenegro, help us found for the first time ever about the swimming sport in Serbia (Plivacke nade Crvene Zvezde) www.oaza.co.yu/sport
*Delta Sport*Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, V.Popovica 9 
 Exclusive dealer of the Speedo equipment www.speedo.com
*State Ministry of Sport* Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, Bul. M. Pupina 2, helped us with the the fundamental activities on the development of the swim sport  www.gov.yu
CIP, Belgrade, YU
*C I P Institute of transportation* Nemanjina 6/IV, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro
The main domestic engineering company for designing and realizing the infrastructure facilities in Serbia  www.sicip.co.yu
Politika Daily magazine
*Politika*The biggest and the oldest Daily News Magazine, Belgrade, Makedonska 29, Serbia & Montenegro www.politika.co.yu
Delije Internet Fan Club
*Delije Internet*Red Star FC Fan Club, the oldest web portal od FC Red Star supporters, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro www.delije.net
Interactive Fitness Technologies, Inc.
*UltraCoach*, the Official Multisport Training Software of the Ironman Triathlon Montclair, California, USA  www.fitcentric.com
SPORT daily sport magazine
*SPORT*, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, the oldest Daily Sport magazine in the wider Region of the Balkan  www.jsl-sport.co.yu 
Montenegro airlines
*Montenegro airlines* - Air Company of Montenegro, Podgorica, Beogradska 10, Ph. Serbia & Montenegro, +381.81.623.762 montair@cg.yu
Geo-in international
*Geo-in international* - Intelectual Office in technical science, Belgrade, Ustanicka 127c , Serbia & Montenegro,kovacicz@EUnet.yu
Vujic, Valjevo
*VUJIC Company*, Valjevo - Alekse Dudica 61/1, 14000 Valjevo, Serbia & Montenegro,
Ph. +381 14 227-201    Fax. +381 14 227-202 www.vujic.co.yu 
KMG Trudbenik, Belgrade
*KMG Trudbenik* - Designing and Constructing Company, Belgrade, 79 Bulevar Revolucije, Serbia & Montenegro, Ph. +381 11 422 140   Fax. +381 11 422 688 
Inet Internet Hoast
I*Net sport - The most inteligent web portal in Serbia & Montenegro, and the very first media who promoted Swim Star 2000 SC on Internet www.inet.co.yu/sport
Sport Zurnal, daily sport magazine
*Sportski Zurnal* - The biggest daily sport magazine in Serbia & Montenegro as well as in the Balkan Region, Belgrade, Makedonska 29, szurnal@politika.co.yu
*SportlinkUK*, one of the best Euro Sport  Web Community. Take the opportunity to present the accomplishment of your team, athletes, club or yourself  in person, all via www.sportlinkuk.co.uk
Sport Connect, Greece
Sport's connection all round Greece, SPORT INFO BANK the main Swim Star 2000 SC promoter in Greece. Check it immediately www.sportsib.com
Velimirovic Inzenjering
*Velimirovic Engineering* Cacak, Zeleznicka b.b. Ph.+381 32 224 357, Hotel President, Cacak, Serbia & Montenegro
JAT, Belgrade
*JAT Airways*Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro -- On line booking for any domestic and international flights by JAT Airaways lines you may have at www.jat.com


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