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3-4. JUN  2006. BUDAPEST
Organizer: BVSC 1911  Swimming Team, Budapest, Hungary
Guests:12 European nations, 55 clubs

June 05, 2006  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Photo Gallery from the 4-day staying in Budapest...
(Belgrade, SER) – After 4 days of nice organization and the participation of our delegation in the 9th edition of the traditional BVSC Cup 2006, the special photo gallery is prepared and arranged for our web site. 
Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club would like to express gratitude firstly to Mr. Laszlo Szabo, Meet Director and a Chief of the BVSC 1911 swimming Club, Hungary for the marvelous hosting as well as to the Mr. Dragan Grujic and Mr.Milutin Milosevic from the Serbian Railways who enabled us to take part in this worthy event.... We also would like to underline the contribution of the management of SC Valis, Valjevo and SC Jagodina 2000 (Serbian swim clubs) who recognized our ideas to co-operate and send our talents to the best Euro meetings, where our athletes  should be able to reach new experiences and compete in rather serious swimming concurrences...
Part of the Belgrade's delegation with Mrs.S.Dimic, by the Danube River bank in the heart of Budapest

June 04, 2006 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sorak  and  Petrovic - medalists in BVSC's Day-2...
(Budapest, HUN) – Day-2 of the 9th BVSC Cup 2006 in Budapest, has brought more medals and highest places for the Serbian participants... 
Stefan Sorak (1992, SC Banat) was ranked 1st in 100 butterfly (1:04.45) also broke rec in 400 IM (5:10.87); Andjelka Petrovic (1992, SC Valis) won the bronze medal in 100 back (1:12.05); Andjelija Sreckovic (1991, SC Jagodina 2000) was ranked 4th in 100 butterfly (1:15.85), Vanja Petronijevic (1991, SC Valis) swam to the 4th position in 100 back (1:10.54) and 7th in 400 IM (5:48.61)
Marvelous BVSC Olympic pool in Budapest...
The Complete Official results...(pdf. 528 k)

June 03, 2006 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Andjelka Petrovic (SC Valis, Valjevo) won the  Gold Medal...
(Budapest, HUN) – Day-1 of the 9th edition of the BVSC Cup 2006, AG International meeting in Budapest, Hungary has brought us the marvelous news... Andjelka Petrovic (1992, SC Valis) won the Gold medal in 100-m free (time 1:01.72). She was also ranked 4th in 100-m breast (1:23.58)
Other results of the Belgrade's delegation: Vanja Petronijevic (1991, SC Valis) was ranked 4th in 100 free (1:01.48); Adjelija Sreckovic (1991, SC Jagodina 2000)  4th in 100 free (1:03.60), Marko Dimic (1992) in 100 free (1:10.40); Ivana Kovacevic in 100 free (1:15.15); Filip Kovacevic (1994) swam 100 free in 1:26.50; Vasilije Vojinovic (1994) in 100 free 1:38.16... The complete results report will be available at the end of the meeting.
Andjelka Petrovic, the new power of Serbian women's swimming

June 02, 2006 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Belgrade's delegation - on its way to the Budapest meeting...
(Belgrade, SER)– Regarding the general sponsorship that has been got from the Serbian Railways, Belgrade, as well as the special invitation from Mr. Lazslo Szabo, Tech Director of BVSC 1911 Swim Club, Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club, supported by SC Valis and SC Jagodina 2000, departured the capital of Serbia this morning on their way to the marvelous "9th International Age Group BVSC CUP 2006" in Budapest, Hungary.
12-member delegation led by Mr.Vladimir Minic, Coach will tray to do their best in the pool at this one of the greatest AG European swim meet... It is expected that more then 750 young competitors from 55 clubs (12 nations) take part in 2-day events... 
Swim Star 2000 Team:
Randjelovic Mina, 1996 (100 free, 100 back);  Kovacevic Ivana, 1992 (100 free, 100 breast); Petrovic Andjelka, 1992, SC Valis - (100 free, 100 breast, 100 back, 400 IM ); Sreckovic Andjelija, 1991(SC Jagodina 2000 -  100 free,100 breast,100 fly ); Matic Andrej, 1996 (100 free); Vojinovic Vasilije, 1994 (100 free, 100 back); Kovacevic Filip, 1994 (100 free ); Dimic Marko, 1992 (100 free, 100 breast ); Petronijevic Vanja, 1991 (SC Valis -100 free, 100 back, 400 IM); 
Chief of the Team Delegation:  Mrs. Sasa Dimic
Head Coach:    Mr. Vladimir Minic 
Medical suppervisor:  Dr. Jasmina Randjelovic

1. part: Saturday 03/06/06. warming-up at 13.00,start at 14.00
Competition  1. 50 m butterfly women 98/99 

2. 50 m butterfly men 98/99 

3. 100 m freestyle women 96/97,94/95,93/92,90/91

4. 100 m freestyle men 96/97,94/95,93/92,90/91

5. 50 m back women 98/99 

6. 50 m back men 98/99

7. 100 m breast women 96/97,94/95,93/92,90/91

8. 100 m breast men 96/97,94/95,93/92,90/91

9. 200 m medley women 96/97,94/95

10. 200 m medley men 1 96/97,94/95

11. 4X200 m free women 1-95/97,1-94/95,1-92/93,1-90/91 mix relay

2. part: Sunday 04./06/06. warming-up at 8.00,start at 9.00
Competition  12. 100 m back women  96/97,94/95,92/93,90/91

13. 100 m back men 96/97,94/95,92/93,90/91

14. 50 m freestyle women 98/99

15. 50 m freestyle men 98/99

16. 100 m butterfly women 96/97,94/95,92/93,90/91

17. 100 m butterfly men 96/97,94/95,92/93,90/91 

18. 50 m breastroke women 98/99

19. 50 m breastroke men 98/99

20. 400 m medley women 92/93,90/91

21. 400 m medley men 92/93,90/91

22. 4X200 m free men 1-96/97,1-94/95,1-92/93,1-90/91 mix relay

Address: BVSC Úszószakosztály, Budapest, 1142, Szonyi u.2.Hungary
                 e-mail:bvsc.swimm@mail.datanet.hu  (fax.:00-36-1-2730-886)

Inscription-date:May 1st, 2006.(last coming-in-time)
Charge:5.00 Euro for each individual start and 15.00 Euro for the relays
In the courses (heats=decisions) we will place the swimmers without considering their age

Awards: Medals for the places 1-3 in all ranking-groups
               10 special prizes for the best times according the LEN-point-table
               5-5 categories women/men
               Cups for the places 1-3 in teams olimpic point-table (10-7-6-5-4-3-2-1)

Other information: 
Judges:Members of Budapest Swimming Federation
Acknowledgement:We will acknowledge you and your inscriptions after receiving your lists
Starting lists, will be available 30 minutes before the start.
Ranking lists.will be available 30 minutes after the last race
Insurance:Take care of your insurance (in all cases) by yourself
TURBO SPORTS,will sell different accessories for swimmers
In the entrance area of the pool the buffet is opened
Meet Director: László Szabó jn., BVSC-Tech.Director

Expressing huge gratitude to Mr. János Krizsanits,BVSC-President and Mr. László Szabó jn., BVSC-Tech.Director, our sport friends from Budapest, for their kind invitation to our Club and its younger athletes, "Swim Star 2000 SC", Belgrade with 3 guests will participate in the greatest Age Group European event in 2006. 12-member Belgrade delegation with Mrs. Sasha Dimic, Chief and Mr.Vladimir Minic, Head Coach would inlay all their efforts as well as courage to show their potencies in the highest concurrence form 55 European cubs from 12 Nations... Beside our club, another Serbian team will also take part - SC "Banat" Kikinda with Mr.Dragan Markovljev, Head Coach.

Izrazavajuci ogromnu zahvalnost celnicima najpoznatijeg Madjarskog kluba BVSC G-dinu János Krizsanits-u i G-dinu László Szabó-u za njihov licni poziv da nasi mladji takmicari ucestvuju na BVSC Kupu 2006, PK "Swim Star 2000" iz Beograda sa svoja tri gosta pojavice se na najvecem ovogodisnjem Evropskom AG mitingu. 12-to clanu delegaciju predvodi G-dja Sasha Dimic i trener Vladimir Minic. Oni ce ulazuci svoje najvece napore pokusati da pokazu sav svoj talenat i potencijalnosti medju plivacima 55 klubova iz 12 evropskih zemalja. Pored naseg tima, iz Srbije ce ucesce u Budimpesti uzeti i PK "Banat" iz Kikinde, na celu sa svojim trenerom Draganom Markovljevom. 

For the more information, press release, etc., please call: bvsc.swimm@mail.datanet.hu

All other info on this swim event may have be reached also via: rasula@beotel.net
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