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A new youth swim team for the 3rd Millennium  Help us  by humanitarian donations... Thanks a lot..
Hello  everybody on July  20, 1999 !
Thank you for visiting our Club's  web presentation. This is the very first page of this site that has been installed on the Internet. Welcome all... Here you can meet new Belgrade's swimming talents, who joined for the first time on the horrible and tragical '99 days in Serbia.  So, we thought it should be of your interest to introduce some of the Belgrade's  humanitarian tragedies. We all hope it will never be repeated here or anywhere over the globe. That is the main reason for our poorness in the moment and opstacles for the fast rise. So, let us appeal to all people of good will for any aid. We intend to stay in this grear sport, to grow up and to become real swim stars one day.

We'll never forget your sincerely help !!!!
He is our hero
Our best swimmer Igor Rasula at the traditional international "Italo Nicoletti" Meet  in Italy (July, 1999)
Feel free to send your donations to:
Scotia Bank, Branch 21212, A/c No. 8321825, Danfort & Pape,
Toronto, Canada

  www.fina.org The association of the National swimming federations ... 
  The world place No. 1 of the Swim, Diving and Water Polo development...
Swim 2000
  Top 50 swimming links is the swim Web portal, the first station of our Club's globe promotion 
  The great swimming revel, equipment, events, links, etc. and the best mates at www.swim2000.com
  Yugoslav Swimming Federation, Belgrade, Yugoslavia Ph/Fax +381 11  682-952
  Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club, Belgrade is the only promoter of Yugoslav Swimming in the world
No. 1 YU sport site OAZA
  The first serious Sport site in Yugoslavia on the Internet. Tribute to the people at OAZA site
   who opened up the door for us and many sport clubs in Yugoslavia. Thanks for the kindness so far.
Rari nantes Trento Magazine
   Rari Nantes Trento On LINE magazine... our first int'l promotions at  www.rarinantes.it
   European news of the swimming, events, results, records, and other information. Visit them !
ZTP Belgrade
  Humanitarian donations and help in all the ways will never be forgotten. Thanks a lot and God bless you. 
  Tribute to the people from Serbian Railway transportation, Enterprise  Belgrade, Nemanjina 6/IV, Belgrade
Italian Olympic Committee
  Italian Olympic Committee had the sincere understanding for our sport interest all these years. 
   We'll never forget their kindness so far, especially in the spring and summer of 1999.

For your info: 
Our best swimmer Igor Rasula and his swimming mates established the first Yugoslav swimming Web site ever, just in the period of their swimg activities within the SC "Red Star", Belgrade.... Click over the link on the left to introduce the Red Star SC athletes in the course of  1998...
To all Serbs of good will all over the world -- Don't hesitate to contact us ! 
Just to provide even small funds for our talents' development...  or just to say hello to us.....we'll appreciate that with pleasure !!!
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