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Archive - Serbian Swimming Events 2016/2017
S w i m   E v e n t s   i n   S e r b i a   a n d   t h e   B a l k a n s   i n  2 0 1 6   a n d   2 0 1 7
Main Previous Events
St.Clause Meet 2017, SRB
NYE 2017, Kragujevac, SRB
St.Nicholas 2017, SRB
Vracar Youth Meet 2017, SRB
Phoenix 2017, SRB
SRB SC Champs 2017
Pancevo Cup 2017, SRB
Kragujevac Cup 2017, SRB
Kikinda Cup 2017, SRB
Zrenjanin Cup 2017, SRB
Poletarac 2017, SRB
KG October 2017, SRB
BEG Winter League '17, SRB
Youth Hopes 2017, SRB
SRB LC Champs 2017
SRB Cadet Champs 2017
SRB Pioneer Champs 2017
Senta 2017, SRB
VOV Open Camps 2017, SRB
VOV Pioneer Champs 2017
Bjelica Cup 2017, SRB
Aqua 235 Cup 2017, SRB
Vidovdan Cup 2017, SRB
Belgrade Trophy 2017, SRB
Petnica Cup 2017, SRB
Piccolo 2017, SRB
Tzar Constantin 2017, SRB
Zmaj 2017, SRB
Belgrade League 2017, SRB
Sarengrad 2017, SRB
Mladost 2017, SRB
Red Star SC Meet 2017,SRB
Dubocica Cup 2017,SRB
Banat Spring Cup 2017, SRB
Pirat Open 2017, SRB
Easter Meet 2017, SRB
11 April Grand Prix, SRB
Nis Cup 2017, SRB
SU 200 & more 2017, SRB
SRB Open Champs 2017
SRB Cadet SC Champs 2017
Lambasa Memorial 2017, SRB
Vojvodina Open 2017,SRB
Winter Magic 2017, SRB
Europe 2017, SRB
Santa Clause 2016, SRB
Kragujevac NY 2016, SRB
Phoenix 2016, SRB
St.Nicholas 2016, SRB
Vracar Youth Meet 2016, SRB
VOSA - SRB Open 2016
Pancevo Cup 2016, SRB
Kragujevac Cup 2016, SRB
Kikinda Cup 2016, SRB
Zrenjanin Cup 2016 - SRB GP
Ante Lambasa 2016, SRB
Poletarac 2016, SRB
W.League of Belgrade 2016
Kragujevac Oct 2016, SRB
Swim Hopes 2016, SRB
Leskovac's Victor 2016, SRB
Subotica Cup 2016, SRB
Pioneer SRB Champs 2016
Cadet SRB Champs 2016
Aqua 235 Cup 2016, SRB
SRB Summer Champs 2016
Bjelica Cup 2016, SRB
Vojvodina Champs 2016, SRB
Petnica Cup 2016, SRB
Zmaj 2016, SRB
BEG Summer League 2016
Dubocica Cup 2016, SRB
Subotica Spring Cup 2016
Sarengrad Cup 2016, SRB
BGD Summer League 2016
Red Star Meet 2016 in SRB
Balkan Junior Champs 2016
Eastern Meet 2016, SRB
Chigota Spring 2016, SRB
Pirat Open 2016, SRB
11 April Grand Prix, SRB
Nis Cup 2016, SRB
Spring Banat Cup 2016, SRB
Subotica's 200 & More, SRB
SRB Pioneer SC Champ 2016
SRB Cadet SC Champ 2016
Copper Cup 2016, SRB
SRB Open SC Champs 2016
Winter Magic 2016, SRB
Vojvodina SC Champs 2016
Y.Pioneer Vojvodina 2016
Europe 2016, SRB
St.Claus Meet 2015, SRB
NYE 2015  Kragujevac, SRB
St. Nicholas 2015, SRB
Vosa'15 - SRB Winter Champ
Phoenix Cup 2015, SRB
Pancevo Cup 2015, SRB
Vracar Meet 2015, SRB
Kikinda Cup 2015, SRB
Zrenjanin Cup '15-GP Serbia
Ante Lambasa 2015, SRB
Cigota 2015, Zlatibor, SRB
Poletarac 2015, N. Sad, SRB
Leskovac Victor 2015, SRB
Swim Hopes 2015, SRB
Summer Cup Kragujevac '15
SRB Summer Champs 2015
SRB Y.Pioneer Champs 2015
SRB Pioneer Champs 2015
Vojvodina LC Champs 2015
Vidovdan Cup 2015, SRB
Belgrade Trophy 2015, SRB
Zmaj 2015 - Novi Sad, SRB
Tzar Constantinus 2015, SRB
Banjakuka Open 2015, BIH
Djetinja Cup 2015, SRB
Dubocica Cup 2015, SRB
Sarengrad Cup 2015, SRB
Red Star Meet 2015, SRB
Djurdjevdan Cup 2015, SRB
Balkan Junior Champs 2015
Pirat Open 2015, SRB
Banat Spring Cup 2015, SRB
Nis Cup 2015, SRB
11 April Meet 2015, SRB
Eastern Meet 2015, SRB
Serbian Open 2015
SRB Y.Pioneer Champs 2015
SRB Pioneer SC Champs 2015
PSCS Winter 2015 R-3, SRB
VOV Winter Champ 2015, SRB
Polet Cup 2015, SRB
Copper Cup 2015, SRB
Star 2015, SRB
Winter Magic 2015, SRB
Europe 2015, SRB

World's Greetings...
Click here to meet more of our friends from the world. Thanks & Greetings to all of them from Belgrade, Serbia...
Mr.G.Rasula, CEO & Head of the Swim Star 2000 Group sent us the greetings from his swimming tour in Histria, Rovinj, Croatia.
Zrenjanin, SRB
Leaded by Ms.Jelena Dimic, Captain, the Swim Star 2000 squad, greats us from the SRB Winter Champs'13, Zrenjanin
Igor Rasula, founder of this web portal, greeted us from his recently spiritual & recreational visiting of the Corfu Island GRE
Colorado, USA
Drew Greenman, great friend  from Michigan, ex-swimmer of Portage Northern HS, greets us from Aspen, Colorado, USA...
Igor Rasula, founder of the Swim Star Web Portal and the PSS web site editor-in-chief, greets us from his temporal stay in Paris, France
Caba Siladji, Serbian swim super star and the "new swimming kids" greeted us from the international meet Becej Sprint 2012, Serbia.
Milorad Cavic, Olympic silver  medalist, World Champion and the SRB legend, greeted us from his 4th Olympic Games - London 2012
Sebastian Higl and Dejan Pejinovic, the Serbian Olympic Swim Team coaches, sent us greetings from the  London Olympic Games 2012
Misa & Eli Misljenovic, Serbian swimming and sports testing experts and Bane Dinic, member of the ITA head coach staff, greet us from Italy.
Slavko Pamucina, Headcoach of SC Caltanissetta (ITA) and his son Mihajlo sent us Xmass greetings from Sicily, Italy...
Lima, PER
Katarina Simonovic SRB record holder and the Balkan Junior Champion, sent greetings from the World Juniors Lima 2011
Borut Petric, SLO swim legend and coach of national juniors, greeted us form Euro Champs EJC Belgrade 2011, Serbia
Caba Siladji, SRB breastroke record holder and D.Pejinovic, SRB head Coach, greeted us from the Belgrade Trophy 2011
Radovan Siljevski, 2nd top swimmer of the Serbia Open Champs 2011 and Vladimir Minic, Coach of the SC Swim Star 2000, greeted us from Nis, SRB
SRB coach board - I.Varga, A. Ljiljak, D.Ovuka and V.Ristic Head Coach, greeted us from the Balkan Junior Champs 2011 in BIH
Herceg Novi, MNE
Vladimir Minic, coach and his athletes from the SC Swim Star 2000 sent us greetings from the recent Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2011, MNE...
V.Stjepanovic, I.Lendjer & Caba Siladji, SRB swim squad, sent us greetings from the Dubai 2010 - Fina World SC Championships, UAE
LEN & FINA events
LEN European LC Championships
Berlin 2014, GER
August 13-24, 2014
Fina World LC Championships
Barcelona 2013, ESP
July 20 - August 04-16 2013
Fina World SC Championships
Istanbul, 2012, TUR
December 12-16 2012
30th Olympic Games
London 2012, GBR
July 15- August 04, 2012
LEN Euro Junior Championships
Antwerp 2012, BEL
July  04-08, 2012
LEN Euro Junior Championships
Debrecen 2012, HUN
May 21-27, 2012
Szczecin 2011
LEN Euro SC Championships
Szczecin 2011, POL
December 08-12 2011
Shanghai 2011
Fina World SC Championships
Shanghai 2011, CHN
July 16-31, 2011
EJC Belgrade
LEN European Junior Championships
EJC Belgrade 2011, SRB
July 07-11, 2011
Dubai 2010
Fina World SC Championships
Dubai 2010, UAE
December 15-19 2010
Eindhoven 2010
Endhoven EC 2010 sc
LEN Euro Championships
Budapesrt 2010, HUN
August 09-15, 2010
Helsinki EJC
LEN Euro Junior Championships
Hesinki 2010, FIN
July 10-14, 2010
European SC Championships
Istanbul 2009, TUR
December 10 - 13, 2009
Fina World Championships
Rome 2009, ITA
July 26 - Aug 01, 2009
Amsterdam 2009
Amsterdam Cup 2009
Prague (CZE)
LEN Euro Junior Championships
Prague 2009, CZE
July 08-13, 2009
LEN Euro Junior Championships
Belgrade 2008
July 30 - August 03, 2008

European Youth Olympic Festival
EYOF 2007
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December 22, 2017
St.Clause Meet 2017, Novi Sad, SRB...(Results)
Novi Sad
(Novi Sad, SRB) - Organized by the SC Vojvodina, this upcoming Saturday, the new edition of the traditional AG meet St.Clause 2017 is going to be held. Place of the event: Klisa Slana Bara 25-m pool in Novi Sad. More then 550 athletes from 34 clubs (BIH, HUN, FYROM and SRB) would take part in the events. Click up the title to find out start lists in all disciplines and follow up the on line results. 
Slana Bara pool, a place of the St.Clause 2017...
December 22, 2017
New Year Eve Cup 2017, Kragujevac, SRB...(Results)
(Kragujevac, SRB) - Organized by the SC Seal, this upcoming Saturday, the new edition of the traditional AG meet New Year Eve Cup 2017 is going to be held. Place of the event: Park Olympic pool in the City of Kragujevac (C.Serbia). More then 340 athletes from 29 clubs (BUL, FYROM and SRB) would take part in the events. Click up the title to find out the complete start lists and follow up the on line results. 
Park pool, a place of the New Year Eve Cup 2017..