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September 17, 2020
Dolphin Sprint 2020 in Skopje... (Invitation)
(Skopje, N.Mac) - Invited by Mr.Aleksandar Filipcev, meet director, the first international meet in the Region of South Eastern Europe according the pause because of corona circumstances will be held in Skopje. III Dolhin Sprint 2020 is going to take place at the Olympic outdoor center Aerodrom in Skopje on Sept. 26. Age groups in the meet program: M/F - (abs., 05/06, 07/08, 09/10, 11, 12 and younger). Click up the thitle for the schedule and propositions. Deadline for the entries: Sept. 22. For more info call organizer via aleksandarf@yahoo.com. 
Aerodrom pool, host place of the meet in Skopje...
August 16, 2020
Pool Hygiene and Safety for Kids during COVID-19...
(Bazuka, UK) - Informed by Tamara Jennings, with the government allowing sporting and leisure facilities to open up across the UK, it's crucial to remind people about the importance of swimming pool hygiene and safety, especially during COVID-19. So, recently published guide “A Parent’s Guide to Swimming Pool Safety & Hygiene” might be usefull also for our followers. It covers important topics such as:
•    Basics of pool hygiene - how parents can help kids maintain good health and hygiene practices.
•    Understanding the risks of recreational water illnesses (RWIs) and water-borne infections.
•    Important pool safety knowledge...
•    Other essential swimming and water safety advice and best practices for parents and their children.
May 04, 2020
World Champs  Fukuoka moved to 2022...(Fina)
(Lausanne, SUI) - Following consultation with the city of Fukuoka, Japan Swimming Federation, organisers, athletes, coaches, technical committees, TV partners and sponsors, FINA is pleased to announce that the FINA World Championships in Fukuoka (JPN), initially scheduled for the summer of 2021, will now take place from May 13-29, 2022. President Dr. Julio Maglione sent a message: "At a time of unprecedented uncertainity, Fina hopes the announcement of these dates will allow for some clarity in planning for all concerned". Read the official news...