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Sergio Filipovic, Head Coach of the Oman Swim Team and David Marsh, the USA ex-Swim Legend greet us from Gwangju
Muscat, OMN
Sergio Filipovic, Head Coach of the Oman Natioanl Team and Marcel Wouda, Head Coach of the Dutch NTC, sent us greets from the City of Muscat, OMN. 
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SRB swimmer T.Djurovic and athletes from the Findlay Univ. Ohio, USA, sent us greets from the GLIAC Champs 2017...
SRB swimmers D.Stankovic, A.Nikolic & D.Mladenovic, sent us greetings from the winter preparation in Florida, USA.
Mr.Igor Rasula founder of this portal with girlfriend Dragana sent us greetings from Madrid, ESP (in front of Palacio Real),
Zrenjanin, SRB
Leaded by Ms.Jelena Dimic, Captain, the Swim Star 2000 squad, greats us from the SRB Winter Champs'13, Zrenjanin
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January 19, 2021
Swim for the Holy Epiphany's Cross 2021... (RTV)
Ephiphany 2021
(Belgrade, SRB) - According to the Covid-19 issues, this year the traditional Swim for Epiphany's Cross (organized by the Serbian Orthodox Church) concluded worthy at many places all across the country. In Zemun the cross is lifted by Anja Vukajlovic; in Becej Srbislav Ciplic, Paracin Uros Rajic, in Priboj Marko Karadzic, in Kikinda Dusan Novakovic, in Belgrade (Lake of Ada Ciganlija) Uros Nikolic, in Novi Sad Nemanja Blagojevic, in Kragujevac Marta Dunjic, in Vinca Milan Kicovic, in Grocka Dusan Lukic... etc.
A.Vukajlovic took the holy cross at the R.Danube in Zemun
December 21, 2020
Sebian LC Champs 2020 - concluded...(Results)
(Belgrade, SRB) - Under the patronage of the Serbian Swim Federation, the Serbian LC Champs 2020 (individual and teams) in cadet, junior and absolute categories concluded sucessfully on Sunday. Place of the event: MGM 50-m pool in Belgrade. More then 470 athletes from 46 clubs took part in 3-day events. Top meet results were set by:  Andrej Barna (SC Spartak) for the M 100 free (49.17) and Nina Stanisavljevic (SC Dubocica) as a member in the W 4x50 free (25.16). See complete results.
December 12, 2020
Pioneer LC Champs of Serbia - concluded...(Results)
(Belgrade, SRB) - Organized by the PSS and under the full protection measures, the Serbian Pioneer LC Champs 2020 concluded sucessfully. Place of the event: MGM 50 m pool. More then 200 athletes from 32 clubs took part in the competition. Due to the Fina pts, top meet performances were set  by Nemanja Matic (SC Obilic) among boys in M 100 fly (1:02.11 NPRec), while among girls by Miona Djuric (SC Obilic) for the W 50 free (30.29).. See the complete results...
MGM pool, a host place of the SRB Pioneer LC Champs '20...