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Sergio Filipovic, Head Coach of the Oman Swim Team with Mr. David Marsh, the USA ex-Swim Legend sent us greeting from Gwangju...

Muscat, OMN

Sergio Filipovic Head Coach of the Oman Natioanl Team and Marcel Wouda, Head Coach of the Dutch NTC, sent us greets from the City of Muscat, Oman.
Ohio Friends

Serbian swimmer T.Djurovic and athletes from the Findlay Univ. Ohio, USA, sent us greets from  the GLIAC Champs 2017

SRB swimmers D.Stankovic, A.Nikolic & D.Mladenovic, sent us greetings from the winter preparation in Florida, USA.


Mr.Igor Rasula founder of this portal with girlfriend Dragana sent us greetings from Madrid, ESP (in front of Palacio Real),
Zrenjanin, SRB

The men's team of the Swim Star Swimming Club sent us greetings from the National Winter Championships held in Zrenjanin, Serbia

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February 18, 2024
Doha 2024 World Champs - Day-8... (Results)
(Doha, QAT) - Day-8, the last one at the Champs Doha 2024 ended. The new world champions became: in the M 50 back I.Cooper AUS (24.13); in the W 50 breast R.Meilutyte LTU (29.40); in the M 1500 free D.Wiffen IRL (14:34.07); in the  W 50 free S.Sjoestroem SWE (23.69); in the M 400 IM L.Clareburt NYL (4:09.72); in the W 400 IM F.C.Colbert GBR (4:37.14); in the M 4x100 Medley realy USA Team (3:29.80) and in the W 4x100 medley relay AUS Team (3:55.98)... From the SRB Team, in the prelims A.Crevar ranked 2nd in the W 400 IM (4:41.11) while in the finals, she placed 4th (4:38.93); in the M 4x100 Medley Relay SRB Team ranked 18th (3:37.98).  See complete results.
A.Crevar, SRB - 4th at the Women's 400 IM in Doha...
February 17, 2024
Doha 2024 World Champs - Day-7... (Results)
Doha 2024
(Doha, QAT) - Day-7 of the swimming events at the present World Champs Doha 2024 ended tonight with a great results. In the evening finals, the new world champions have became the next athletes: in the W 50 fly S.Sjoestoem SWE (24.63); in the M 50 free V.Bukhov UKR (21.44); in the W 200 backstroke C.Curzan USA (2:05.77); in the M 100 fly D.Matos Ribeiro POR (51.17); in the W 800 free S.Quadarella ITA (8:17.44) and in the Mix 4x100 free realy CHN Team (3:21.18)... Click up the link in the title for the official results...
C.Curzan, USA - far best American swimmer in Doha..
February 16, 2024
Doha 2024 World Champs - Day-6... (Results)
Doha 2024
(Doha, QAT) - Day-6 of the World Champs Doha 2024 ended pretty nice. In the evening finals, the new world champions became: in the W 100 free M.Steenbergen NED (52.26); in the W 200 breast T.Schouren NED (2:19.81); in the M 200 back H.Gonzalez ESP (1:55.30); in the M 200 breast Z.Dong CHN (2:07.94) and in the M 4x200 free relay CHN Team (7:01.84). 

From the SRB Swim Team, Andrej Barna took part in the Men's 50 free. In the prelims he ranked 15th (22.05), while in the evening SFs he placed as 13th (21.89).

H.Gonzales - new World and Euro backstroke power..
February 15, 2024
Doha 2024 World Champs - Day-5... (Results)
Doha 2024
(Doha, QAT) - Day-5 of the present World Champs Doha 2024 ended successfully at the Aspire Dome. In the evening finals, new world champions became the next  athletes: in the W 200 fly L.Stephens GBR (2:07.35);  in the M 100 Free Z.Pan CHN (47.53);  in the W 50 back  C.Curzan USA (27.43); in the M 200 medley F.Kox CAN (1:56.64) and CHN Team in the W 4X200 free (7:47.26).

From the SRB Swim Team, Andrej Barna took part in the Men's 100 free final race. He ranked 6th with the time of 48.02. See the full official results...

L.Pudar (BiH) earned the bronze in the W 200 fly...
February 14, 2024
Doha 2024 World Champs - Day-4... (Results)
(Doha, QAT) - Day-4 of the present World Champs Doha 2024 concluded this evening in the Quatar's capital. New world champions became: in the M 800 free D.Wiffen IRL (7:40.94); in the W 200 free B.S.Haughhey HKG (1:54.89); in the M 200 fly T.Honda JPN (1:53.88); in the M 50 breast S.Williamson AUS (26.32; in the 4x100 medlay mix USA Team (3:40.22). From the SRB Swim Team, in the prelims, in the M 100 free, A.Barna ranked 7th (48.31), while in the SFs he touched the wall as 5th (48.05); in the W 200 fly prelims A.Crevar ranked 10th (2:11.63), while in SFs she placed 9th (2:10.23); in the W 50 back N.Stanisavljevic placed 25th (29.00).
A.Barna (SRB) earned place for the M 100 free final...
February 13, 2024
Doha 2024 World Champs - Day-3... (Results)
Doha 2024
(Doha, QAT) - Day-3 of the present World Champs Doha 2024 did not bring new world records, despite it has been expected. New world champions this evening became these athletes: in the M 200 free Sunwoo Hwang KOR (1:44.75); in the W 1500 free Simona Quadarella ITA (15:46.99); in the W 100 back Claire Curzan USA (58.29) and in W 100 breast Qianting Tang CHN (1:05.27)... From the SRB Swim Team, within morning prelims, U.Zivanovic in the M 50 breast ranked 26th (28.27). See the official results...
S.Hwang (KOR) - a new world super swim star...
February 12, 2024
Doha 2024 World Champs - Day-2... (Results)
Doha 2024-by-WA
(Doha, QAT) - Day-2 of the swimming events at the present World Champs Doha 2024 brought few nice results in the morning prelims: P.Coetze (GER) in the M 100 back (53.32); Q.Tang (CHN) in the W 100 breast (1:06.16); L.Martens (GER) in the M 200 free (1:45.74), S.Quadarella (ITA) in the W 1500 free (16:02.96)... From SRB Swim Team, V.Stjepanovic ranked 21st in the M 200 free (1:47.55) and J.Markovic 30th in the W 100 back (1:03.70), while M.Bukvic in the W100 breast DNS. See the full official results...
Z.Pan (CHN), yesterday WR in the 100 free (48.60)...
February 11, 2024
Doha 2024 World Champs - Day-1... (Results)
(Doha, QAT) - The swimming events at the present World Champs Doha 2024 started today in Quatar.  Some of the morning prelims top results: K.Douglass (USA) in the W 200IM (2:10.01); E.Winnington (AUS) in the M 400 free (3:44.37); A.Kohler (GER) in the W 100 fly (56.41); N.Korstanje (NED) in the M 50 fly (23.02)... From the SRB Swim Team, Dj.Matic ranked 29th in the M 50 fly (23.97), in the M 4x100 free relay SRB ranked 6th (3:14.420) while in the W 4x100 free SRB team is ranked 13th (3:47.12). See the full official results...
V.Stjepanovic, the leader of the SRB Team in Doha...
February 10, 2024
Velez Cup 2024 in Mostar, BiH... (Invitation)
(Mostar, BIH) - Organized by the Velez Swim Club, the 6th edition of the International AG meeting Velez Cup 2024 is going to be held on Feb.24. Place of the event:  FPMOZ swim center (25-m pool) in the town of Mostar (BIH). Age groups those are invited: M/F-(2006, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 2016 & younger). Click up the title to find out the official invitation with the full propositions. Deadline for sending the entries: Feb.21. Add info can be available via info@pkvelez.ba.
FPMOZ pool, a host place of the Velez Cup 2024...
February 04, 2024
The complete Entry Lists for Doha 2024... (Omega Timing)
(Doha, QAT) - Within the swimming at the present  World Aquatics Championships Doha 2024, FINA has presented also full entry lists in all disciplines. Like other sports in Doha, the swimming will have a record number of participating countries and entered athletes. As an official timekeeper, the Omega has lifted up the Entries Book on its portal. Representing Serbian Swim Team, 11 athletes are entered: A.Crevar, V.Stjepanovic, A.Barna, N.Stanisavljevic, N.Acin, U.Nikolic, M.Bukvic, Dj.Matic U.Zivanovic, K.Milutinovic and J.Markovic. See more.
Aspire Dome, a host place for the swimming in Doha.
February 03, 2024
World Aquatics Champs Doha 2024... (Full Program)
Doha 2024
(Doha, QAT) - Organized by the FINA and the Local Organizing Committee, World Aquatics Championships 2024 is at the start. The records were announced at the joint press conference: more than 2,600 competitors from 201 countries, coaches and refugee team are in Doha to compete in 75 medal events. Up until Feb.18 this event will provide an offer for many athletes as a qualifying chance for the upcoming Olympic Games Paris 2024. The 6 sports will take place at three venues across Doha. The swimming will be held at the Aspire Dome (including water polo and artistic swimming), while Hamad Center will host diving events and Old port for the OWS competition.. The swimming starts on Feb.11. Read the official event program of Doha 2024...
January 31, 2024
New President of the Serbian Swimming...
(Belgrade,SRB) -The Annual meet of the Assembly of the Serbian Swimming Federation has been held today in Belgrade. In front of 33 official delegates /members, Mrs. Snezana Zugic, former Secretary General of the Diving Association and the official of the Ministry of youth & sport has become a new President of the PSS. In her first inaugural speech, she expressed her enthusiasm and commitment to introduce new initiatives that will improve conditions for swimmers, coaches and all who make up our swim community. She confirmed that the vision of the swimming rise in Serbia exists and it would be focused on improving sports infrastructure, supporting talents and strengthening cooperation with other relevant sports organizations. Read more...
S.Zugic, new President of the Serbian Swimming...
January 19, 2024
Swim for the Epiphany's Cross 2024, SRB...(Blic)
(Belgrade, SRB) - Traditionally organized by the Serbian Orthodox Church, on the the Holy Day, the Swimming for the Epiphany's Cross 2024 has been held all across the country. It's believed that on this day, Jesus Christ was baptized in the Jordan River and revealed himself as a Son of the God. Today, more than 5,000 participants took part in the Holy race at the distance of 33 m. At the Ada Ciganlija Lake in Belgrade, N.Trajkovic took Holy Cross, in Grocka M.Vukotic, in Beocin L.Obradovic, in Vlasotince M.Dimitrijevic, in Dimitrovgrad M.Lekov, in Prokuplje L.Minic, in Nis at Cair S.Stankovic, in Sabac S.Isailovic, in V.Gradiste I.Radosevic. See more...
Holy Cross swim all across Serbia, C.Gora, R.Srpska..
December 22, 2023
Deda Mraz - Santa Clause Meet 2023, SRB...(Results)
Novi Sad
(Novi Sad, SRB) -Organized by the Vojvodina swimming club, dedicated to the new swim kids, traditionally prior to the New Year's eve, Deda Mraz - Santa Clause Meet 2023 is going to be held in Novi Sad. Place of the event Klisa Slana Bara 25-m pool. More then 370 athletes form 23 clubs (from SLO, BiH, N.Mac and SRB) are entered for this event. Click up the title to find out the complete start lists. There you can watch out the on line results.
S.Bara pool - a place of the Deda Mraz Meet 2023..

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