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April 25, 2017
Two Int'l AG Meet in Serbia concluded... (Results)
Kragujevac, Kikinda
(Belgrade, SRB)- This past weekend, in the City of Kragujevac (C.Serbia), organized by the Pirat SC, the new edition of the int'l AG meet Pirat Open 2017 joined more than 420 athletes from 28 swimming clubs (BUL, FYROM and SRB). Organized by the Banat SC, in the town of Kikinda (Vojvodina Region) the Banat Spring Cup 2017 joined more than 260 athletes from 16 clubs (ROU and SRB). Click up over the links above for the full official results respectively (via the PSS data base)... 
Competition pools in Kragujevac and Kikinda, SRB...
April 24, 2017
Int'l Strock Graz Trophy 2017, AUT... (Results)
(Graz, AUT)- Organized by Atus Graz swim club, this past week-end in the City of Graz, the international swim meet Graz Trophy 2017 concluded successfully. Ovearall, 113 clubs/teams (ITA, GER, HUN, SLO, CRO, SVK, LUX, CZE, SWE and AUT) took part in 3-day events. Place of the event: Graz Eggenberg/Auster 50m pool. This competition was the election event for the Budapest 2017. See the full official results...
Auster pool - a host place of the Graz Trophy 2017.
April 23, 2017
5th International Meet Rijeka 2017, CRO...(Invitation)
(Rijeka, CRO)- Organized by the Rijeka swim club, the 5th edition of the Int'l AG Meet "Rijeka 2017" is going to be held on May 27. Place of the event: Kantrida Olympic pool in the City of Rijeka.  Age groups in the meet programme: M/F - (04; 05; 06; 07 & younger). Click up the title to read the official invitation with the full schedule & regulations. Deadline for sending the entries: May 24. Additional info on this competition: plivackiklub.rijeka@gmail.com
Kantrida pool - a host place of the Rijeka 2017...
April 22, 2017
HUN National Team Champs 2017 in Debrecen...(Results)
(Debrecen, HUN)- Organized by the HUN Swimming Federation, this weekend the Hungarian National Team Championships 2017 is taking place in Debrecen. Overall 50 clubs participate. Team ranking after the 2nd day of the champs: SC Gyori, BVSC Zuglo & SC Egri.  Few worthy wins were made by T.Kenderesi in the M 200 fly (1:54.89); L.Cseh in the M 200 IM (1:59.43) and in the M 50 fly (23.49); in the W 400 free Ajna Kesely in 4:06.64 defeated K.Hosszu (4:07.64). Representing SC Iron, SRB star Lazar Zlatic, placed 6th in the M 100 back final (56.70). See full official results.
Debrecen pool - place of the HUN Champs 2017...
April 21, 2017
22 April Meet 2017 in Banjaluka, BIH...(On Line Results)
(Banjaluka, BIH)- Organized by the 22 April swim club and the Assembly of Banjaluka, the 8th edition of the int'l meet 22 April 2017will be held this weekend. Place of the event: GOB Olympic pool in Banjaluka, BIH. About 400 competitors from 39 clubs (CRO, GRE, SRB, FYROM, SLO and BIH) would take part in 2-day events. Click up the title to find out the entry lists. There you can follow up the on line results (via Plivanje.info)...
GOB pool - host place of the 22 April Meet 2017...
April 20, 2017
Dubocica Cup 2017 in Leskovac, SRB...(Invitation)
(Leskovac, SRB)- Organized by the Dubocica swim club,  the 3rd edition of the int'l AG meet Dubocica Cup 2017 is going to be held on Apr 29. Place of the event: 50-m  Olympic pool in the town of Lescovac, (S.Serbia). Age groups in the meet program: M/F-(00 & older; 01/02; 03/04; 05; 06; 07; 08; 09 and younger). Click up the title to find out the official invitation with the program and schedule. Add info try via: pkdubocica@gmail.com
Dubocica pool - host place of the Dubocica 2017...
April 18, 2017
13th Int'l Dolphin Cup 2017 in Skopje...(Invitation)
(Skopje, FYROM)- Organized by the Dolphin swim club,  the 13th edition of the inter'l meet Dolphin Cup 2017 is going to be held on June 10-11. Place of the event: Center Olympic pool in the City of Skopje. Age groups in the meet program: M/F-(Abs, 00/01; 02/03; 04/05; 06/07; 08 & younger). Click up the title to find out the official invitation with the program and regulation. More info on this meet try via: aleksandarf@yahoo.com
Center pool - host place of the Dolphin Cup 2017...
April 14, 2017
Arena Pro Swim Series - Mesa 2017, USA...(On Line Results)
(Mesa, AR, USA)- Organized by the USA Swimming, this week the 3rd stop of the Arena Pro Swim Serias 2017 takes place in Arizina (Apr.13-15). Place of the meet: The Skyline Aquatic Center in the City of Mesa Arizona. Many world swimming stars are entered, among others  N.Adrian, K.Ledecky, A.Ervin, T.Shields, etc. Representing Louisville University, SRB star Andrej Barna would take part in the M 100 & 200 free. Click here to find out the full Psych Sheet. Click over the link in the title to follow up the complete on line results.
A.Barna - participant of the Pro Swim Series 2017...
April 13, 2017
Fina anty-doping measures prior to Budapest 2017...(Report)
(Lausanne, SUI) - During the period Jan-Mar, the Fina announced that more than 600 testing missions were conducted on 376 swimmers from 38 countries. Various tests and analyses were done: urine sample, blood sample for athlete passport, or blood sample for the detection of prohibited substances/methods. With less than 100 days prior to the start of the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest (HUN), the FINA’s out-of competition anti-doping program continues to target the top athletes that will attend the competition.. Read the official report.
April 12, 2017
McDonald's Lima Cup 2017 in Osijek, CRO...(Invitation)
(Osijek, CRO) - Organized by the Osijek Zito swim club, the 16th edition of the int'l AG swim meet McDonald's Lima Cup 2017 is going to be held on Apr.29. Place of the event: Municipality in-door 25-m pool 6 lanes. Age groups in the meet program: B/G-(2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & younger). Click up the title to find out the official invitation with the schedule and propositions. More info can be available via pkosijek@pkosijek.hr
Osijek pool - a host place of the McDonald's meet...
April 10, 2017
Easter Meet 2017 - concluded in Novi Sad...(Results)
Novi Sad
(Novi Sad, SRB) - Organized by the Vojvodina swim club, the traditional int'l AG swim meet Easter 2017 concluded successfully. Place of the event: Klisa Slana Bara 25-m pool. More than 240 athletes from 17 clubs (SLO, HUN and SRB) took part in the events. Top meet performances: among girls, Dunja Crnkovic (SC Spartak, Subotica) for the W 100 free (1:06.41 - 450 pts), while among boys Ilija Lekic (SC Viking, Paracin) for the M 100 free (59.69 - 426 pts). See full results..
Slana Bara pool - a host place of the Easter 2017.
April 07, 2017
Spring 2017 Meet in Maribor, SLO...(On Line Results)
(Maribor, SLO) - Organized by the Maribor swim club, the 11th edition of the international swim meet Spring 2017 is going to be held on Saturday. Place of the event: Pristan Olympic pool in the City of Maribor, Slovenia. Coming from Serbia, SC Vojvodina and SC Novi Sad are entered. Click up the title to find out the entry lists. There you can follow up the complete on line results from the Maribor meet...
Pristan pool - a host place of the Spring 2017.
April 06, 2017
11 April Grand Prix Belgrade, SRB...(On Line Results)
(Belgrade, SRB) - Organized by the 11 April swim club, this week-end the new edition of the international AG meet 11 April GP 2017 is going to be held. More than 340 athletes from 46 clubs (ITA, BIH, CRO, FYROM, HUN, GRE and SRB) would take part in the events. Place of the event 11 April 50-m pool in New Belgrade. Click up the title to find out the entry lsits and follow up the full on line results (via the PSS data base)...
11 April center - a host place of the 11 April meet.
April 06, 2017
Nis Cup 2017 in Nis, SRB...(On Line Results)
(Nis, SRB) - Organized by the Swim Club Nis 2005, the 8th edition of the international AG meet Nis Cup 2017 is going to be held this Saturday. Place of the event: Cair Olympic pool in the City of Nis, Serbia. More than 300 athletes are expected to take part in the meet in City of Nis. Click up the title to follow up the on line results...
Cair pool - a host place of the Nis Cup 2017
April 03, 2017
W.Bolognani holds Coach Clinic in Pristina...(Fina)
(Laussane, SUI) - The FINA Clinics for Coaches and for Officials are available to National Federations wishing to host a training Clinic in their country or attend a Clinic in the continental region. All Coaches clinics are conducted by an international swimming expert approved by FINA.In the period from 20-26 of April, in Pristina, for the domestic swim development, Coach Clinic will be led by Walter Bolognani, Italian National Junior Head Coach. See the schedule of other clinics going to be held in 2017.
W.Bolognani - ITA Junior Head Coach & Fina Expert.

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