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September 21, 2017
Zrenjanin Cup 2017 - Milos Popov Memorial ... (Invitation)
(Zrenjanin, SRB) - Organized by the Proleter swim club, the worth anniversary is going to be celebrated. The 25th edition of the traditional international meeting Zrenjanin Cup - Milos Popov Memorial 2017 will be held on Nov.02-05. Place of the event: Jug swim center in the town of Zrenjanin (25-m pool). Age groups in the meet program: M-(Abs.; ages 15-16; 14); W-(Abs.; ages 13-14; 12). Deadline for the entries: Oct. 31. More info on this meet try via: pkproleter@gmail.com 
JUG pool, a place of the Zrenjanin Cup 2017...
September 17, 2017
"Swim by Heart 2017" in Banjaluka ... (Invitation)
(Banjaluka, BIH) - Organized by the 22 April swimming club, the 8th edition of the international AG meet "Swim by Heart 2017" is going to be held on Oct. 07. Place of the event: GOB Olympic pool in the City of Banjaluka (Rep.of Srpska). Age groups in the meet programe: M (02/03; 04/05; 06/07; 08/09; 10 & younger); W-(04/05; 06/07; 08/09; 10/11; 12 & younger). Click up the title to find out the official invitation. Deadline for sending the entries: Oct 04. More info on this traditional swimming meeting try to get via: akademskipkbl@gmail.com 
GOB pool, a place of the Swim by Heart 2017...
September 13, 2017
6th Int'l Meet "13 November 2017" in Skopje ...(Invitation)
(Skopje, FYROM) - Organized by the Beta swimming club, the 6th international AG meet "13 November 2017" is going to be held on Oct. 21-22. Place of the event: B.Trajkovski pool (25 m distance) in Skopje. Age groups in the meet programe: M/F (Abs.; 99/00; 01/02; 03/04; 05/06; 07 & younger). Click up the title to find out the official invitation (in Macedonian only). Deadline for the entries: Oct 17. More info on this meeting try to get via: pk.beta.skopje@gmail.com 
Competition pool, a place of the 13 November '17.
September 11, 2017
South Tyrol Int'l Meet 2017 in Bolzano, ITA ...(Invitation)
(Bolzano, ITA) - Organized by the swim club SSV Bozen, the traditional, 21st edition of the International Meeting Bozen/Bolzano 2017 is going to be held on Nov. 04-05. Place of the event: Municipality pool (25m distance) in the town Bolzano, Italy. Age groups in the meet program: M/F-(01 & older; 02, 03, 04, 05). It is announced that many world stars are entered. Click up over the link in the title to be redirected to the meet official web page. More info via: C.Mattivi at info@meetingbz.it
Competition pool, a place of the South Tyrol 2017..
September 06, 2017
Sharks Cup 2017 in Sarajevo, BIH ...(Invitation)
(Sarajevo, BIH) - Organized by the Sharks Swimming Club, the 3rd edition of the International AG meeting Sharks Cup 2017 is going to be held on Sept.30. Place of the event: Otoka pool in Sarajevo (25m distance). Age groups in the meet programme: B/G (03; 04; 05; 06; 07; 08; 09; 10; 11; & younger). Deadline for the entries: Sept.27. Read the official invitation. More info on this meeting is available via plivanje.info..
Otoka pool, a host place of the Sharks Cup 2017..
September 05, 2017
Furlan & Cunha won Capri-Napoli 2017 ...(Fina Report)
(Napoli, ITA) - Matteo Furlan (ITA) and Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) were the winners of the fourth and last leg of the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix 2017, a race held between Capri and Napoli, in Italy, this past weekend. The Italian champion completed the 16km race with the time of 3:53:37, while the Brazilian women's star touched home in 3:58:43. A total of 29 swimmers (17 men and 12 women) contested the race. Traditionally the distance of 36km was shorted this year because of the bad weather...
M.Fularn (ITA) - finally at the world OWS top...
August 25, 2017
Michael Andrew (USA) - Two new WJRs ...(Day-3 Results)
(Indy, USA) - On the Day-3 of the present 6th World Junior Championships Indianapolis 2017 American swimmer Michael Endrew (born in 1999) within the morning heats set two new world junior records (also the CRs and NJRs). In the men's 50 back he finished in 24.63, while in the men's 50 free he ranked first with the time of 21.75 (first junior ever under 22 sec). Click up over the link in the title to find out the complete Indy's Day-3 results. Also follow up the finals...
M.Andrew, USA - the new world swim power...
August 23, 2017
Anja Crevar - Bronze in the W 400 IM ...(Day-1 Results)
(Indy, USA) - The Indianapolis 2017 has started at the Indiana University aquatic center in the USA. On the Day-1 of the World Junior Swim  Champs 2017, SRB record holder, the Balkan Junior Champion and the Olympian, Anja Crevar in the W 400 IM earned the bronze medal this evening with the time of 4:42.24. In the morning prelims, Crevar finished as 2nd overall (4:45.08), while another Serb swimmer  Andrea Todorovic ranked 21st (4:59.91). See all results.
A.Crevar at the W 400 IM final.
August 21, 2017
Psych Sheet for the World Junior Champs 2017 ...
(Indy, USA) - Issued by the Swim World Magazine, the full Psych Sheet for the upcoming 6th World Junior Championships Indianapolis 2017 now can be found. Just 2 days prior to the start of the Champs (Aug. 23-28) at the IUPUI pool in Indianapolis, about 630 competitors from 93 NOCs now have got a chance to analyze there hopes for the potential achievements. Representing SRB team 3 swimmers are entered: Anja Crevar, Andrea Todorovic and Aleksa Bobar. Click here over the next link for the complete Champs Schedule
IUPUI pool - host place of the World Junior 2017.
August 20, 2017
Studzinski & Pozzbon took Ohrid Lake Marathon ...(Fina)
(Ohrid, FYROM) - The traditional Ohrid Lake Marathon 2017 (Fina Open Water Grand Prix series), concluded successfully, this past Saturday. Top three winners at the distance of 30k were: Alexandre Studzinski (GER)- 5:15:14.2, Evgenij Pop Acev (FYROM)- 5:15:15.3 and Gullermo Bertola (AGR)-5:15:16. Top swimmer on the women's side was Barbara Pozzbon (ITA)- 5:15:51.2. Cick up the title to find  out the full complete results.
A.Studzinski, GER - winner of the Ohrid Lake 2017...
August 16, 2017
Rasovszky & Cunha took Fina 10 K Lac Megantic ...(Fina)
Lac Magantic
(Lac Megantic, CAN) - Hungary's Kristof Rasovszky and Ana Marcela Cunha of Brazil were the best on Saturday at the fifth leg of the 2017 edition of the FINA Marathon Swim World Cup at the Lac Megantic, CAN. Rasovszky won with the time of 1:58:18.0, while Cunha in 2:06:12.86. On the men's side, second ranked was Federico Vanelli (ITA) - 1:58:21.6, while third Allan Do Carmo (BRA) - 1:58:25.02. Read the official Fina Report from this traditional marathon.
A.M.Cunha, BRA - top world OWS star in 2017...
August 12, 2017
The Swimming - University textbook by V.Markovic...(PDF)
(Belgrade, SRB) - As an University textbook, dedicated to the bachelor students in Serbia, the new publication named Swimming (Plivanje) is issued in 2017. The author of this book: prof.Dr.Vladan Markovic, 4-time Olympian, the Mediterranean Games medalist and the Balkan titles winner, in the present professor of the Singidunum University, Belgrade. After the latest  publications issued by B.Milisic (1983), Z.Ahmetovic & I.Matkovic (1995) and S.Kurbanovic (2013), this edition for the first time covers also the practical strategies for the swimmer's rise towards the Olympic levels.
Cover page of the new book: "The Swimming"...
August 10, 2017
Fina World Cup Series - Eindhoven 2017...(On Line Results)
(Eindhoven, NED) - Organized by the Netherlands Swimming Federation, on Aug. 11-12, the Fina World Cup Series 2017 will be continued with the third leg. Place of the event: Eindhoven Aquatic center. After the Moscow and Berlin meets (where four new WRs have been set), the upcoming one should be seen as the new spectacular event. Click up the title to find out start lists and follow up the full on line results (via Omegatiming.com)...    
Competition pool, a place of the Eindhoven 2017. 
August 07, 2017
Sabac Marathon 2017 - concluded...(Ozon.rs Report)
(Sabac, SRB) - Organized by the Municipality of Sabac, on Sunday, the 48th edition of the Sabac Marathon - Peace Race 2017 concluded successfully. Overall, 18 athletes from 5 countries took part in the event (19km race from Jarak to Sabac, SRB). In the men's concurrence, Tamas Farkas (SRB) won the marathon race, while among women far best was Lenka Sterbova (CZE). Click up the title to read the Ozon.rs report... 
Presentation of the atlets at the start in Jarak...
August 06, 2017
Fina World Cup Series - Berlin 2017...(On Line Results)
(Berlin, GER) - Organized by the DSV (the German Swimming Federation), on Aug. 06-07, the Fina World Cup Series 2017 will be continued with the second leg. Place of the event: Berlin Aquatic center. After the Moscow meet, top ranked in the present are: among women Sarah Sjostrom (SWE) - 109 pts, while on the men's side Chad Le Clos (RSA) - 36 pts. Click up the title to follow up the full on line results (Omegatiming)... 
Competition pool, place of the Berlin 2017 meet...

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