Let us present some of the best Serbian and SCG swim coaches, firstly with a wish to popularize this sport, to help you introduce their successes, also to give a chance someone to ask them about anything in the domain of swimming uprise, to exchange skills and experiences worldwide, and the like...
Serbian and Montenegrin

Prof. Aleksandar Skanata
Prof. Aleksandar Skanata, one of the most experienced Swimming Coach in the country, Chief Coach of Red Star SC, Belgrade and ex-Coach of YU National Team. More then 400 YU (former Yugoslavia) records with various athletes, Balkan Champions, medalists in the Mediterranean Games and European Champs. Click up the title to visit Prof. Skanata's temporarily web page. Any contact you may have by e-mail: skanata@fcmail.com or by phone: ++381 11 184 706

Mr. Sergio Filipovic
Mr. Sergio Filipovic, advanced swim trainer (graduated at the Sport Academy, Belgrade), and the member of Swim Star 2000 SC foundation sice march 19999. Mr. Filipovic is ex-YU record holder in 400 and 1500 m freestyle men, ex-Coach of Red Star SC, Belgrade, Swim Star 2000 SC, Belgrade, Rari Nantes Ascoli (Ascoli Piceno - Italy) and Chimera Nuoto (Arezzo, Italy). In the period 2002-2004 he was the head coach of Sporting Clube de Braga (Portugal) and part of portugal national Junior selection. Any contact you may have by e-mail: sergiof72@yahoo.com

Mr. Dejan Ilic
Mr. Dejan Ilic, ex-Coach of the Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club, Belgrade, ex swimming champion of former Yugoslavia and Serbia as a member of Red Star SC, Belgrade in 400 m freestyle and long distances. Two seasons he stayed in German swimming as a member of Munchen SG swimming club. Absolvent of Faculty of Physical education at the University of Belgrade, Desk for swimming. Any contact you may have by e-mail: decisa@net.yu or by mobil: ++381 64 1177731

Ms. Iva Ivovic
Mrs. Iva Ivovic-Katic, advanced swim trainer, ex-coach of Belgrade Swimming Club, Belgrade, ex-technical Secretary of Yugoslav Swimming Federation, Belgrade. Now she is the assistant coach of "Jadran" swimming and water polo club, Herceg Novi, Montenegro.  Click up here to watch Mrs. Ivovic's official web presentation. Any contact you may have by this addresses e-mail: aimilos@montsky.net or by phone: ++381 (69) 552-963

Prof. Branislav Kostic
Prof. Branislav Kostic, Head Coach of Proleter Swimming Club, Zrenjanin, Vojvodina, SCG. More then 18 years in YU and Serbian swimming. Considering all his sport personality and consults so far, Swim Star 2000 SC Belgrade have to express our great gratitude for Mr. Kostic's advises especially in our earlier club's development.  Click up the title to introduce Prof. Kostic's references and personal presentation. Direct link to Prof. Kostic you may also have by e-mail: kostici@mgnet.co.yu  by phone: ++381 23 41 344 or Mobile ++381 63  567 447

Prof. Ljubisa Jovanovic-Cira
Prof. Ljubisa Jovanovic - Cira, Head Coach of the Crnica Swimming Club, Paracin (Central Serbia). More then 20 years he is in Yugoslav and Serbian swimming.  Click up the title to watch Prof. Jovanovic's personal presentation. Direct contact to Prof. Jovanovic can be made via his e-mail: marijajov@ptt.yu  or phone: (++381) 035 563-488

Slavko Pamucina
Mr. Slavko Pamucina, since Oct 01, 2003 Head Coach of SC Swim Star 2000, Belgrade. More then 16 years he is in swimming as the swimmer (SC 'Jadran' Herceg Novi and SC 'Red Star' Belgrade), instructor, OWS athlete... Absolvent of P.E. Faculty, University of Belgrade and in the present one of the youngest professional swim trainer in Serbia & Montenegro. Still actual record holder of Montenegro in 50 Free Men. Click up the title to watch the complete Curriculum Vitae of Mr. Pamucina. Direct contact: by e-mail slavkop@sezampro.yu or mobil +381 64 1964-185 

Swim Star 2000 SC's management will try to continue in presentation of other worth and  extremely modern 'Hi-tech'  swim coaches not only from Serbia but also its wider surrounding, all with the wish to show their contributions firstly to discover many new swim talents in their clubs, cities and countries, also to extend them thanks for their efforts in the popularization of this marvelous sport...
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