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  The International  Age Group Swimming Competition, Out-door Olympic Complex of Petnica, Serbia
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   June 18, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
  Special Petnica 2007 Gallery by Jan Valo...(Click left to open-up gallery)
Petnica 2007
The exclusive photo presentation from the 10th Swimming Meeting Petnica Cup 2007 dedicated especially to all participants of this marvelous competition which is concluded on June 16, 2007 in Valjevo, Serbia, is prepared and arranged by Mr.Jan Valo, the Swim Star 2000 Agency’s special reporter. All those who would like to reach the professional formatted picture-files (in the resolution that may allow the direct printing), please contact us or directly the author of this gallery via Jan.Valo@entjuba.co.yu
Ekskluzivnu foto prezentaciju 10-tog jubilarnog mitinga “Petnica Kup 2007”, namenjenoj posebno svim ucesnicima - takmicarima ovog sjajnog sportskog dogadjaja koji je okoncan 16. juna u Petnici (Valjevo), realizovao je G-dinJan Valo, specijalni izvestac Swim Star Web Portal-a. Svi oni koji bi zeleli da dodju do jpg fajlova u profesionalnom fomatu (a koji omogucuje direktnu izradu fotografija), mogu se obratiti nasem webasteru se sa zahtevom ili direktno autoru galerije na e-mail: Jan.Valo@entjuba.co.yu
Closing of the 10th Petnica Cup 2007.. Welcome all to Valjevo, next year..

   June 16, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
  The Petnica Cup 2007 Final Report...

(Valjevo, SRB) -- The 10th edition of the international meeting Petnica 2007 is concluded today succesfully...422 competitors from 23 swimming clubs...
The Complete Official Results  (June 16)
Final Team Rankings - (June 16)
Photo Gallery from the Part-2
Special slide show from the Petnica Cup 2007...(Arr. by Valis - Tech Team)
Petnica 2007 - winners:
The best teams:
      1/ SC Dinamo, Pancevo, Serbia
      2/ SC Proleter, Zrenjanin, Serbia
      3/ SC Banat, Kikinda, Serbia
The best meet competitors:
      Boris Stojanovic (SC Kikinda) - men's concurrence
      Andjelka Petrovic (SC Valis) - women's concurrence

   June 16, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
  The Petnica Cup 2007 (Part-1)...

(Valjevo, SRB) -- The splendid picture at the swim complex in Petnica has just arrived... 422 competitors from 23 clubs (FYROM, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia) with more then 300 visitors at the tribune colored the celebrity of the Swimming Club Valis for the 10th LEN Petnica Cup 2007... Click the links bellow to watch the official results (Part-1) and the special photo gallery from the meeting
The Official Results Part-1  (June 16) - separately available...
Photo Gallery from the Part-1 of the meeting (June 16) - Arr. by SC Valis Tech Team, Valjevo
Mr.Vladimir Boskovic, Head Coach of SC Valis with his best women's athletes...

   June 15, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
  The Official Start List of the Petnica Cup 2007...

(Valjevo, SRB) -- In total 422 competitors from 23 clubs including 25 athletes from SC Delfin Skopje and 14 swimmers from SC Bosna, Sarajevo are entered for the 10th LEN Petnica Cup 2007, being held  tomorrow at the Petnica Swim Complex in Valjevo... The official Start list is now available for all visitors of this web portal as well as to all fans of the clubs' participants...
The marvelous conditions expect all swimmers to do their best at the Swim Center in Petnica...

   June 14, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------
  The Preliminary Psych Sheet of the Petnica Cup 2007...

(Valjevo, SRB) -- More then 420 competitors from 23 clubs incl. 25 athletes from SC Delfin Skopje and 12 swimmers from SC Bosna, Sarajevo are entered for the 10th LEN Petnica Cup 2007, being held this upcoming week-end  at the Petnica Swim Complex in Valjevo... The record number of starts (208 M / 140 W) in 50 free is broken (2 days prior to the start)... Click up the title to watch the Complete Psych Sheet of the Petnica 2007 (arranged on June 14)...
Welcome to Valjevo, Serbia - to the marvelous Swim Center of Petnica, Serbia...
.The Official Invitation.
Arranged and issued by the Marketing Staff of SC "Valis", Add info available by e-mail: s131289@ptt.yu
Welcome to the town of Valjevo (Western Serbia) to one of the most pleasant out-door Swim Complex you've ever visited... Just to let you know, from the earth's depth of 250 m, the pure groundwater in the capacity of 20 l/sec fill outs the all swim facilities several times a day, with its continual temperature of 27 deg.C. You'll be impressed, no such similar place for the highest swim performance could be found in this region.
.Swimming Club Valis, Valjevo, upon the patronage of the Assembly of the town of Valjevo, would like to invite all athletes, clubs, swim fans, etc. from the wider region of the Balkan and the neighbor countries, to take part in the 10th swim anniversary the LEN swim meet Petnica Cup 2007, being held on June 16, 2007... 
Especially, younger category swimmers and their clubs should have here the nice chance to show their potencies, to have fun and to get into positions to reach new swim titles, medals and worthy awards.
For more details on this LEN meeting you may call directly  Mr. Zoran Petronijevic (Meet Director) via  Tel./fax (+381) 14 222 091, 14 235 262  Cell: (+381) 63 346-485 or via E-mail contact: s131289@ptt.yu
( A ) Born 1994 & younger
( A ) Born 1996 & younger
( B ) Born 1992 & 1993
( B ) Born 1994 & 1995
( C ) Born 1990 & 1991
( C ) Born 1992 & 1993
( D ) Born 1989 & older
( D ) Born 1991 & older
Entry Lenex file is available here 
Deadline for the entries June 15, 2007. via addresses bellow
Tel/fax: +381 (0)14 222 091, e-mail: s131289@ptt.yu
 (Morning - Part-1) 
(Evening - Part-2) 
50 m Free A,B,C,D (m/w)
100 m Free A,B,C,D (m/w)
100 m Breast C,D (m/w)
50 m Breast A,B (m/w)
50 m Fly A,B  (m/w)
100 m Fly C, D(m/w)
100 m Back C, D (m/w)
50 m Back A, B(m/w)
200 m Ind.Medley C, D (m/w)
4x50 m Free Relay Abs.(m/w)

Municipality of Petnica - place for health and sport recreation with extremely clear and untouched waters and nature in this part of Serbia

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