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Vladimir Minic, Swim Coach - graduated at the FSPE

The Photo Doc is arranged as a tribute to our Head Coach for his excellent engagement in the development of our swim activities
(February 16, 2007 - Belgrade)--- At the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of the Belgrade University, Vladimir Minic the  coach of the Swim Star 2000 swimming club has concluded today his 4-year education with the excellent - highest mark (10). His work "The establishing of the Eco Camp Lucice at the River Lim in Serbia" has been elaborated in front of the FSPE's official  comission that was consisted of Prof.Dr Krasomenko Miletic (mentor of the final work), Prof. Dr Nastas Ilic and Doc.Dr Marina Djordjevic-Nikolic. Congratulations on behalf of Swim Star 2000 SC's management ! - Goran Rasula, Director, Feb,2007

The FSPE commission...
V. Minic elaborates the results of his work...
Part of the audience...
Prof.Krasomenko Miletic, the works' mentor
V.Minic showing the video documentation..
At the end... Congratulations !!!

Vladimir Minic defending the results of his diploma work at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Belgrade, Feb.16,2007

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