Mediterranean Center
XIII Medjunarodni LEN Plivacki miting i otvoreno prvenstvo Crne Gore
13th LEN International Swim Meeting
"Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2008"
Open Swimming Championships of Montenegro 2008
Dear sports friends,
  The Organizing Board of HERCEG FEST Co, the Mimosa Cup Board and the Assembly of the town of Herceg Novi are pleased to invite you to participate in the 13th edition of the traditional LEN Swim Meet Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2008 in Igalo Spa - Herceg Novi...
  All competitors will be in the same time the participants of the 38th edition of the Mimosa Fest Carnival 2008 (the traditional cultural, fun and sport joining at the beginning of every spring) with various events in Herceg Novi and a gulf of Boka Kotorska. 
  So, be our guest in the most picturesque part of the Southern Adriatic Coast lane, have fun also take part in the Mimosa Cup regarding your sports possibilities.
  Worthy athletes should expect the awards of course dedicated to the best (the medals and Mimosa Trophy Bowl also the special sport gifts from the meeting's sponsors)...
  Regards to all -  See you in Herceg Novi, Montenegro !
Info: Prof. Ivan Zuber Tel/Fax +382 88 321-924
A.  Absolute B.  Born in 1990 & younger
A.  Absolute B.  Born in 1992 & younger
The meeting will take place on Saturday - Sunday from
                  16th-17th of February 2008
The competition will take place by the indoor pool 25-m, 8 lanes, water temperature 26 oC, with the air temp. 28 oC
The competition will be organized due to the regulations of PSCG and LEN. The swimmers will compete individually and in team. The number of appearances per each swimmer is limited to 3 without relay. The team ranking: in individuals the 16 best results in each discipline disregarding category and in relay races only one best score for each team.
Awards: the first three male and female swimmers in each style distance and category will get medals. The first male and female swimmers with the  highest points from LEN Score Tables will get rewards. Coach of the winning team will also be awarded. The best placed swimmers: 300, 150, 100 and 50 EUR. Best team will receive a traveling trophy the Mimosa bowl as a steady one.
  Entries to be sent until Feb 10, via hercegfest@cg.yu
  Satuday, (February 16, 2008)
200 m Ind. Medley (w)
200 m Freestyle (m)
100 m Fly  (w)
50 m Fly (m)
100 m Backstroke (w)
50 m Backstroke  (m)
100 m Breast (w)
50 m Breast (m)
100 m Freestyle (w)
50 m Freestyle (m)
4 x 50 m Free Relay (w)
40 x 50 m Medley Relay (m)
Sunday (February 17, 2008)
200 m Ind. Medley (m)
200 m Freestyle (w)
100 m Fly  (m)
50 m Fly  (w)
100 m Backstroke (m)
50 m Backstroke (w)
100 m Breast (m)
50 m Breast (w)
100 m Freestyle (m)
50 m Freestyle (w)
4 x 50 Free m Relay (m)
40 x 50 m Medley Relay (w)
.SWC JADRAN & Herceg Fest invite you to 39th edition of Mimosa Fest 2008!!!
. 25-m in-door pool of the Mediterranean Health Center in Igalo Spa, Herceg Novi, Republic of Montenegro...
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