Mediterranean Center
XIII Medjunarodni LEN Plivacki miting i otvoreno prvenstvo Crne Gore
13th LEN International Swim Meeting
"Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2008"
Open Swimming Championships of Montenegro 2008
              Exclusive Photo Slide Show(by Vladimir Minic)

Complete Results
Thanks for the engagement of Mr.D.Jocic and 
M.Milovanovic from the PK'Proleter' Zrenjanin
for the results reports
The Montenegro Mimosa 2008 Statistics:
Participants: 20 clubs; 220 athletes
Nations: Albania, BiH, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro
Best Man: Igor Beretic (SC Vojvodina, Serbia)
Best Woman: Danijela Djikanovic, (SC Vojvodina, Srbia)
Team Ranking: 
1/ SC Zelezara Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina)- 472 pts.
2/ Swim Federation of Belgrade (Serbia) - 385 pts.
3/ Zmaj-Alppam (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - 353 pts.
.SWC JADRAN & Herceg Fest thanks to all for visiting the 39th edition of Mimosa Fest 2008!!!
. 25-m in-door pool of the Mediterranean Health Center in Igalo Spa, Herceg Novi, Republic of Montenegro...
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