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 5th LEN International Meet Belgrade Victor 2006, Belgrade, June 24/25, 2006...
Belgrade Victor 2006
The 5th edition of the International meeting Belgrade Victor 2006 organized by the Belgrade Swimming Federation is started  on Saturday (June 24) at the marvelous Olympic pool of the Tasmajdan Swim and Water Polo Center, Belgrade. About 300 competitors from 25 clubs (6 countries - Turkey, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia) took part in the events... Day-by-day reports, results and photo galleries will be arranged here for all our visitors worldwide... 
June 25, 2006 .
Belgrade Victor 2006 - Day - 2
2006 Swim Star 2000 Agency, Belgrade
.The Complete Meet Results (in .pdf)
......The Complete Day-2 Finals (in .pdf)
Emil Tahirovic, BG Winner,  with his coach at the Tasmajdan Center
Danijela Djikanovic, BG Winner, swam cuts for Euro 2006 in Budapest
Photo Gallery (By J.Milutinovic & I.Rasula)
 The Tasmajdan swim center in Belgrade (June 25 - prelim events)
Winners of 50 Breast Women- 1/J.Bogdanovic (NR 35.35); 2/V.Komlenac; 3/D.Mikasinovic
 Jugoslav Milutinovic, Ass.Coach of Swim Star SC and Mr.Borut Petric, Ex-YU Swim Legend
Ivan Zgomba (SC Vojvodina, Novi Sad), student of the Southern Illinois University (USA)
Among the best meet participants - Igor Beretic (SC Vojvodina, Novi Sad)
Radislav Opacic, Coach and NikolaTarajic (SC Aquarius, Sombor)
 Events in the pool on the Day-2 prelims
 The beauties and the Meet best swim squad - the Turkish National team...
 Domagoj Vranjkovic best competitor of the Porec Swim Team (Croatia)
Tijana Vukanovic (SC Vojvodina) - winner of 50 Free Women with New National Record 27.73
Vukasin Paunovic - the best swimmer of SC Partizan, Belgrade
I.Djordjevic, President of PSB and A.Mladenovic Secretary of sport of the Belgrade Assembly

June 24, 2006 .
Belgrade Victor 2006 - Day - 1
2006 Swim Star 2000 Agency, Belgrade
.The Complete Day-1 Results (Prelims + Finals in pdf)
Mini Photo Gallery (By J.Milutinovic & I.Rasula)
 Tasmajdan Olympic pool in Belgrade (June 24)
Belgrade Victor Trophy 2006
 Dejana Mikasinovic (SC Partizan, Belgrade)...
Part of Turkish National Team
Emil Tahirovic (SC Merit-Triglav, Slovenia)
Team of Swim Star 2000 SC, Belgrade
 Borislav Brkic (SC Banat, Kikinda)
 Vladan Markovic (SC Z.Delfin, Belgrade)
 Vanja Petronijevic (SC Valis, Valjevo)
Part of the Team of the Olymp SC, Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Men's winners of 50 m Breast: 1/E.Tahirovic (Merit-Triglav, SLO), 2/M.Koren (Merit-Triglav SLO) 3/C.Siladji (Novi Sad)
Men's winners of 50 m Free: 1/B.Brkic (Banat), 2/N.Tarajic (Aquarius), 3/B.Stojanovic (Kikinda)
 The Official Program and schedule of the Meet
(Arranged by Igor Rasula, June, 2006)...
Special thanks we send to Mr.Marko Djordjevic, Meet Secretary for the engagement in the results reports... 
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