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"XVI HARKANY CUP" May 27-28, 2000  Harkany, Hungary
The blazon of Harkany
Upon the kind invitation from Pecs Baranya Swimming Federation and of the Organizing Committee, our delegation visited Harkany, Hungary in the period from May 26 – 28, 2000. Traditional swimming competition XVI “Harkany Cup” joined up to 600 sportiest from many European countries this year. 
Interesting data is that 10 Yugoslav teams with over 100 participants took part in this swim event: “Beograd” SC (Belgrade), “Crnica” SC (Paracin), “Pivara” SC (Jagodina), “Proleter” SC (Zrenjanin), “Delfin” SC (Ada), “Nis” SC (Nis), “Vojvodina” SC (Novi Sad), "Spartak" (Subotica) and  “Swim Star 2000” SC (Belgrade).
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South Hungary is the most beautiful part of the country with small hills covered by vineyards and orchards full of nice landscapes.
Many charming and sweet places, monuments, sources of drinking and mineral waters, excellent swim facilities, etc., for everyone who would like to find a destination for real rest. Tray to come here one day. Be sure, you won't be sorry.
One of the open pool for recreation

We all wished to stay here not only for the competition

Outdoor and indoor swimming pools in fantastic sport resort of Harkany’s Health Center rounded with trees, sleek swards, small shops, cafes, restaurants, aqua guns and many other facilities for water sport, really impressed us so much. 
On our way to Harkany we had to jump over Danube River near the town of Mohacs. We enjoyed in beauties of the nature all round.

Car Ferry in Mohacs
Opening Ceremony

The beginning of the Opening Ceremony.

Igor Rasula
Our swimmer Igor Rasula, although  it was his first appearing here in Hungary, tried to do his best in this moment, also to find a new experience and to compare his own possibilities with many worthy domestic and international participants.
Hungarian hospitality given by the organizers we'll always remember. Traditional wine evening for the delegates in one famous and old cellar in Harkany where we just used to taste some rare wines and meals for the dinner brought us pleasure.
Wine's dinner
Igor Rasula and his coach Mr. Dejan Ilic, now have a great wish  to come to Harkany some more time, to stay one longer period in a serious training process. We all hope that it would be possible in the close future.
Igor and his trainer
The captain of our Team Igor Rasula after many miles swam out for the last 7 years first in the "Red Star" SC, Belgrade, then in the "Swim Star 2000" Swim Club paricipating in more than 40 domestic, regional and International Meets in Yugoslavia and abroad, definitely has got a real nice chances to become a great swimmer one day. Extending him huge gratitude for his strong will and endurance all his supporters wish him realy the best future. Fly Igor Fly
After the warm-up prep, our competitor unfortunately complained on his goggles which could not protect his eyes from the sun shining especially in the backstroke events. This was the first outdoor competition for him in tthe course of 2000, without any training under the same conditions. In addition, it was so hot both days of the meeting with just a few  rare shadows near the pool. But all those didn't hamper Igor to do his best in Hungary Warm-up is ended
Start of the 100 m free race (Group 3), Igor Rasula at the start block, line 3 Man 100 m free (1986)-group 3
Igor Rasula in the moment of the total concentration, prior to start of the men's 50 m backstroke race (lane 1) and on the next picture (bellow) he's on the start. In this group Igor ranked 3rd, with the time of 35,60. In the men's 100 m free heats, beside his very bad turn, Igor reached the 24th position (among 55 competitors in total) with the time of 1:07,40. This achievement brought him also the fourth best place among Yugoslav participants. The worthiest time Igor rasula has swum in Harkany was in the men's 50 m free - 30,08 (his best time in LC pools in the season 2000). Unfortunately, he wasn't satisfied with that.  50 m back start
Start of the men's 50 m backstroke race (heats - group 3), On the picture on the right, Igor Rasula is in front of camera - by the start block, lane 1 of the competition pool in Harkany. Igor Rasula, Line 1

Second day in the evening, our Hungarian friends from Pecs Baranya Swimming Federation prepared a special dinner for all Clubs’ delegates. Mr. Goran Rasula, manager and Mr. Dejan Ilic, coach of "Swim Star 2000" SC awarded Dr. Jozsef Barton, president of the Pecs Baranya Swimming Federation by the Special Club's Recognition as gratitude for the federation's understanding and kind invitation to our swimmers to participate in this event. Also, we brought special thanks and presents to Mr. Eva Ferenc, manager of Harkany Swimming Club.

Mr. Barton thank you very much. We'd like to get the chance to be in Harkany next year, too.

Dr. Jozsef Barton and Mr. Dejan Ilic

VISIT HARKANY - and have a great fun !!!!

Gyogy Furdo Health center, Harkany We're really grateful for the pleasant staying in Hungary and would like to invite other young swimmers and their coaches worldwide to come to Harkany. You'll meet fantastic people and have the best conditions for training or competing. It's well known, Hungarian swimming is one of the best in Europe. Come and see

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