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LEN & FINA events
Fina World LC Championships
Kazan 2015, RUS
August  02-09, 2015
LEN European LC Championships
Berlin 2014, GER
August 13-24, 2014
Fina World LC Championships
Barcelona 2012, ESP
July 28 - August 04, 2013
Fina World SC Championships
Istanbul, 2012, TUR
December 12-16 2012
30th Olympic Games
London 2012, GBR
July 15- August 04, 2012
LEN Euro Junior Championships
Antwerp 2012, BEL
July 04-08, 2012
LEN Euro Junior Championships
Debrecen 2012, HUN
May 21-27, 2012
Szczecin 2011
LEN Euro SC Championships
Szczecin 2011, POL
December 08-12 2011
Lima 2011
Fina World Junior Championships
Lima 2011, PER
August 16-21, 2011
Shanghai 2011
Fina World SC Championships
Shanghai 2011, CHN
July 16-31, 2011
EJC Belgrade
LEN European Junior Championships
EJC Belgrade 2011, SRB
July 07-11, 2011
Dubai 2010
Fina World SC Championships
Dubai 2010, UAE
December 15-19 2010
LEN Euro SCChampionships
Eindhoven 2010, NED
July 10-14, 2010
LEN Euro Championships
Budapesrt 2010, HUN
August 09-15, 2010
Helsinki EJC
LEN Euro Junior Championships
Hesinki 2010, FIN
July 10-14, 2010
European SC Championships
Istanbul 2009, TUR
December 10-13, 2009
Fina World Championships
Rome 2009, ITA
July 26 - Aug 01, 2009
Prague (CZE)
LEN  Euro Junior Championships
Prague 2009, CZE
July 08-13, 2009
Rijeka 2008
European SC Championships
Rijeka 2008
December 11-14, 2008
Manchester 2008
FINA SC Championships
Manchester 2008
April 09-13, 2008
Eindhoven 2008
LEN LC Championships
Eindhoven 2008
March 13-24, 2008
Debrecen 2007
LEN SC Championships
Debrecen 2007
December 13-17, 2007
LEN Junior Championships
Antwerp 2007
July  18 - 22, 2007
Melbourne '07
FINA Championships
Melbourne 2007
March 17-Apr 01, 2007
HELSINKI 2006, Finland
LEN Euro SC Champs 2006
RIO 2006, Brazil
Fina World Youth Champs'06
BUDAPEST 2006, Hungary
LEN Euro LC Champs 2006
SHANGHAI 2006, China
FINA World SC Champs 2006
TRIESTE 2005, Italy
LEN Euro SC Champs 2005

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Here you may find out the Archived  Actualities from the previous years predominantely in the domain of the Serbian swimming sport ..

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Archived Events Worldwide in 2015/2016...
July 28, 2017
Budapest Day-6, CR and two ERs in finals...(Special Blog)
(Budapest, HUN) - On the Day-6 in the Hungarian capital, more new 6 disciplines were in the program in the morning heats. Anton Chupkov (RUS) in the finals set new CR, ER in the M 200 breast  with the time of 2:06.96. Beside him, the new world champions also became: in the W 100 free Simone Manuel (USA) - 52.77; in the M 200 back Evgeny Rylov (RUS) - 1:53.61 (ER); in the W 200 breast Yuliya Efimova (RUS) - 2:19.64; and in the M 4 x 200 free relay, GBR Team (7:01.70). Find here the full complete Day-6 Official Results.
S.Manuel (USA) - world champion in the W 100 free.
July 27, 2017
Budapest Day-5, A.Chupkov twice CR... (Special Blog)
(Budapest, HUN) - On the Day-5 in Budapest, 5 new disciplines were in the program.  In the M 200 breast  Anton Chupkov (RUS) in the heats and SFs, sets new CR - 2:07.14... The new world campions became: in the M 200 IM Chase Kalisz (USA) - 1:55.56; in the M 100 free Remel Caeleb Dressel (USA)  -47.17; in the W 50 back, Etiene Medeiros (BRA) - 27.14 (AR); in the W 200 fly Mireia Belmonte (ESP)- 2:05.26 and in the W 4x200 free , USA Team - 7:43.39.  Find here the full Day-5 Official Results.
A.Chupkov,RUS - new leader of the RUS swimming..
July 26, 2017
Budapest Day-4 - Two new World Records...(Special Blog)
(Budapest, HUN) - On the Day-4 in Budapest, 5 new disciplines were in the program. Two new WRs were set by the USA mixed relay 4x100 (in the heats 3:40.28 and final 3:38.56). The new world campions became: in the W 200 free Federica Pellegrini (ITA) - 1:54.73; in the M 200 fly Chad Le Closs (RSA) - 1:53.33; in the M 50 breast Adam Peaty (GBR) - 25.99; in the M 800 free Gabriele Detti (ITA) - 7:40.77, and in the 4x100 free mixed, USA team (3:38.56 WR). Find Day-4 Official Results.
Detti & Paltrinieri, ITA couple in the M 800 free top..
July 25, 2017
Budapest Day-3 - Three new World Records...(Special Blog)
(Budapest, HUN) - On the Day-3, after the evening semis & finals, three new WRs were set. The new world campions became:in the M 200 free, Yang Sun (CHN) in 1:44.39 /ASR/; in the W 1500 free Katie Ledecky (USA) in 15:31.82; in the W 100 back Jacqueline Kylie Masse (CAN) with the time of 58.10 /WR/; in the M 100 back Jiayu Xu (CHN) in 52.44, and in the W 100 breast Lilly King (USA) with the time of 1:04.13 /WR/. In the M 50 breast Semi Finals Adam Peaty (GBR) set new world top time 25.95 /WR/. Find  the Day-3 Official Results.
A.K.Masse,CAN - new WR in the W 100 back (58.10).
July 24, 2017
Budapest 2017 - Swimming Day-2...(Special Blog)
(Budapest, HUN) - On the Day-2 of the Swimming events in Budapest, 5 disciplines were in the program. After the evening finals, new world campions became: in the M 100 breast, Adam Peaty (GBR) with the time of 57.47 CR; in the W 100 fly, Sarah Sjostrom (SWE) in 55.53 CR; in the M 50 fly Benjamin Proud (GBR) with the time of 22.75; in the W 200 IM Katinka Hosszu (HUN) in 2:07.00.. Find the full Day-2 Official Results.
A.Peaty, GBR- two times new CR in the M 100 breast.
July 23, 2017
Budapest 2017 - Swimming Day-1...(Special Blog)
(Budapest, HUN) - The Swimming Competition started today at the marvelous Danube Arena. On the Day-1, 8 disciplines were in the program . After the evening finals, the new world campions became: in the M 400 free, Yang Sun (CHN) with the time of 3:41.38; in the W 400 free Katie Ledecky (USA) in 3:58.34 (CR); in the M 4x100 free, the USA Team (3:10.06) and in the W 4x100 free, the USA Team (3:31.72).  Find here the complete  Day-1 Official Results.
K.Ledecky, USA- two times new CR in W 400 free..
uly 21, 2017
Reymond (FRA) & Kunha (BRA) won 25 K races...(Special Blog)
(Balaton, HUN) - Two longest OWS events at the distance of 25 km concluded both in the men's and women's categories. Within the Men's 25k race, among 25 swimmers Axel Reymond (FRA) earned gold medal with the time of 5:02:46,4. Within the Women's 25 k race among 19 swimmers - participants, Ana Marcela Kunha (BRA) won with the time of 5:21:58,4. Read more info from the Day-7 of the Budapest 2017...
A.M.Kunha (BRA) - World champion in the W 25 K...
July 19, 2017
A.Twichell, USA - Gold in the W 5 K...(Special Blog)
(Balaton, HUN) - On the Day-5 of the World Champs, the Women’s 5 K race concluded at the Balaton Lake. 58 competitors overall took part in this event. Gold medal and the World Champion title are earned by Ashley Twichell (USA) with the time of 59:07,00. Silver medal caught Aurelie Muller (FRA) in 59:10,50, while the bronze medal Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) with the time of 59:11,40. Represented SRB swim team, Jelena Jecanski placed 44th (1:04:31,30). Read more...
A.Twichell (USA) - World champion in the W 5 K...
July 18, 2017
Weertman, NED - Gold in the M 10 k  at Balaton...(Special Blog)
(Balaton, HUN) - On the Day-4 of the World Champs, the Men’s 10 K race concluded successfully at the Balaton Lake. 65 competitors took part in this event. Ferry Weertman (NED) won in 1:51.58.5 just barely beating Jordan Wilimovsky of the USA (1:51:58.6). French swimmer Marc-Antoinr Olivier caught bronze medal with the time of 1:51:59,2. Represented SRB, Tamas Farkas placed 36th (1:54:34.0), while Bence Balzam 51st with the time of 2:00:01,4. Find out more in our Special Blog...
F.Weertman, NED - World champion in the M 10 K...
July 16, 2017
Budapest 2017 - Women's 10 K - concluded...(Special Web Blog)
(Balaton, HUN) - On the Day-2 of the World Champs, the Women’s 10 K race gathered 62 athletes at the Balaton Lake. Aurelie Muller (FRA) won 10km world title today finishing in 2:00.13.7.  Ecuador's Samantha Arevalo finished only 3.5 sec behind the winner.  Arianna Bridi (ITA) and Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) were both awarded the bronze medal in the most thrilling part of today's event. Find out more info in our Special Web Blog from the World Championships.
A.Muller (FRA), the World Champion in the W 10K...
July 12, 2017
BIH Summer Champs 2017 - concluded...(Results)
(Banjaluka, BIH) - Organized by the Swim Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina, the BIH Summer Championships 2017 concluded successfully. Place of the event: GOB Olympic pool in the City of Banjaluka. More than 310 athletes from 20 clubs (members of the PSBIH) took part in 3-day events. Nine new national records were set. Top meet performances: among females, Amina Kajtaz (SC Velez) for the W 50 Back (29.76), while among males Nikola Bjelajac (SC Olymp) for the M 100 free (50.82). Click over the link in the title to find out the full official results in all disciplines from Banjaluka.
GOB pool, a place of the BIH Summer Champs '17..
July 06, 2017
Golden Bear 2017 in Zagreb, CRO...(Entry Lists - Results)
(Zagreb, CRO) - Organized by the Medvescak swim club, the 32nd edition of the international meet Golden Bear 2017 is going to be held this upcoming week-end. Place of the event: the Svetice Olympic indoor pool in Zagreb. More than 250 athletes from 37 clubs (GBR, POL, SRB, HUN, ROU and CRO) would tajke part in 2-day events. Click up the title to find out the Entry List on the official HPS web site. There you can follow up the complete results from this traditional swim meeting.
Svetice pool, a host place of the Golden Bear meet..
JuLy 03, 2017
France Open Champs 2017 - concluded...(Results)
(Chartres, FRA) - This past week-end, the France Open Swim Chapms 2017 conculded successfully. Place of the event: Chartres L'Odyssee outdoor Olympic pool.  Many world starts participated. From the SRB, Caba Siladji in the M 50 breast  ranked 3rd (27.71). Sebastian Sabo in the M 50 fly earned silver (23.79). In the M 100 back Vuk Celic ranked 1st in B final (56.86). Click up the title to find out the full official results from Chartres.
France Open Champs 2017 - the official meet logo...
June 30, 2017
"Veronika 2017" in Kamnik, SLO...(Results)
(Kamink, SLO) - Organized by the Kamnik swim club, the 16th edition of the international AG swim meeting Veronika 2017 is going to be held on July 01. Place of the event: Pod-Skalco out-door 50-m pool in the town of Kamnik, Slovenia. More than 300 athletes from  21 clubs (CRO, BIH, HUN and SLO) take part in the events. Click over the link in the title to see the start lists. There you can follow up the full official on line results.
Pod skalco pool, place of the Veronika '17 meet..
June 28, 2017
Setubal 10 K Marathon concluded...(Fina Report)
(Setubal, POR) - Kristof Rasovszky, from Hungary, won the third stop of the 2017 FINA/HOSA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup, held on June 24 in Setubal, Portugal. This was the first-ever triumph for a Magyar competitor in a leg of the world cup. In the women's event, the Italian Rachele Bruni celebrated her 8th victory in the 10 km circuit. Represented SRB swimming Jelena Jecanski placed 32nd of 33 women's swimmers. Read the full report on the Fina official site...
K.Rasovszky, HUN - new world OWS star...
June 28, 2017
Bulgarian Open Champs 2017 in Sofia...(Official Results)
(Sofia, BUL) - Organized by the Bulgarian Swimming Federation, this upcoming weekend the Bulgarian Open Swim Champ 2017 is going to be held. Place of the event:  Diana Olympic pool in Sofia. More than 300 competitors from 41 clubs (GER, SVK, KAZ, GRE, TUR and BUL) would take part in 4-day events. Click up the title to find out start lists. There you can follow up the full On Line Results. Live Stream find via BGswim.com.
Diana pool, a host place of the BUL Champs 2017..
June 23, 2017
CRO & SLO Open Champs 2017 in Rijeka...(Complete Results)
(Rijeka, CO) - Organized by the Croatian and Slovenian Swimming Federations, in the City of Rijeka (CRO), the CRO and SLO Open Championships 2017 started today. More than 200 athletes from SLO, HUN, SRB, BIH and CRO take part in 3-day events.  On the Day-1, CRO star Doris Beros in the W 1500 freestyle, set the new NREC (17:19.82). Serbian star Vuk Celic (represented SC Zvezda, Kranj) earned the silver medal in the M 200 back (2:03.08)... Follow the results on the HPS site...
Kantrida pool, a place of the CRO & SLO Champs...
June 16, 2017
"Srdjan & Maksim 2017" in Trebinje, BIH...(Results)
(Trebinje, BIH) - Organized by the Leotar swim club, the 13th edition of the international AG meeting Srdjan & Maksim 2017 is going to be held on June 17-18. Place of the event: Municipality out-door pool in Trebinje (Republic of Srpska).  More than 300 athletes from 18 clubs (CRO, SRB, MNE, NOR and BIH) would take part in 2-day events. Click up the title to find out start lists, where you can also follow up the full on line results...
Municipality pool, the host place of the Srdjan & Makism '17 meeting..
June 14, 2017
38th Ciutat de Barcelona 2017 - concluded...(Results)
(Barcelona, ESP) - Organized bt the CN Sant Andreu swim club and the Catalana Federation, the 38th edition of the international Trophy of the City of Barcelona 2017 (Mare Nostrum Series) concluded successfully this evening. Beside the Spain's top stars G.Belmonte, Lozano, Pons Ramon and others, many world stars competed such as Efimova, Sjostrem, Cseh, Hosszu, Larkin, Seebhom, Chupkov... Click up the title to find out the official results both days of the competition.
Pere Serrat pool, host place of the Barcelona meet.
June 13, 2017
15th Anniversary of the FBSS's start...(BGswim.com)
(Sofia, BUL) - Really, worthy anniversary was celebrated this past week, the 15th year of the FBSS's appearance (First Bulgarian Swimming Site) on the web. Started on June 08, 2002 with a little help of our Swim Star Web Portal, Dr Ivan Tsanov, former elite Bulgarian swimmer, masters swimmer and one of the main swim experts in the Balkans, correspondent of the LEN and Fina, opens the modern swim media. Today, the BGswim.com site is  dispersed throughout the wide interests of aquatics, not only in his home land, but also worldwide. Read the special interview with I.Tsanov (in the BUL Cyrillic only). Congrtulations from the Belgrade's friends !!!.
Dr.I.Tsanov - top leader of the Balkan swimming..
June 11, 2017
Dolphin Cup 2017 in Skopje - concluded...(Results)
(Skopje, FYROM)- Organized by the Dolphin swim club, the 13th edition of the international meet Dolphin Cup 2017 concluded Sunday. Place of the event: Center 50-m pool in Skopje. More than 410 athletes from 36 clubs (ALB, BUL, KOS, TUR and FYROM) took part in 2-day events. Top meet performances: among men, Svetlozav Nikolov (Sprint BUL) for the M 400 free (4:06.56), while among females, Mia Krstevska (Orion FYROM) for the W 200 back (2:23.99). Click up the title to find out the full official results from Skopje.