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Archive of the World Events in 2008 - 2009...
December 20, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Manchester, Duel-in-the-pool - concluded...(Results)
(Manchester, GBR) - Duel-in-the-pool between USA and Europe concluded last night in Manchester. 3 new WRs were set: Julia Smit, USA in 200 IM (2:04.60), Rebecca Soni, USA in 100 breast (1:02.70) and USA men's relay 4x100 free (3:03.30)... In 16 disciplines, EU swimmers won in 800 free W (Adlington 8:10.59), 800 free M (Colbertaldo 7:31.18 ER); 100 back W (Simmonds 56.69); 200 fly M (Rock 1:51.46); 50 free W (Halsall 23.44) and 200 IM M (Goddard 1:52.62)... More...
M.Rock, GBR won over Phelps in 200 fly (1:51.46)...
December 14, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Romanian Junior LC Championships 2009...(Results)
(Pitesti, ROU) - In the town of Pitesti, Romania, the 2009 Romanian Junior LC Championship (long course pool) was organized on Dec. 10-13, by the Swimming Olympic center. More then 500 competitors incl. top new ROM swim stars took part in the 4-day events. Click up the title to watch the full official results of the all 4 days semi-finals and finals (issued by the swimming.ro).
The competition pool in Pitesti, a place of the events.
December 06, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Miklavz meeting 2009, SLO - concluded...(Results)
(Ljubljana, SLO) - 18th edition of the traditional int'l AG meet Miklavz 2009 concluded successfully on Sunday in Slovenia's capital. Place of the event was the 25-m pool of the Tivoli complex.  Final team rank: ILE (France); 2/ Olimpija (SLO); 3/ Triglav (SLO). SRB new swim hopes did their best. Click up the title to watch the complete Day-1 + Day-2 results issued by the Ljubljana timing...
Tivoli swim pool - a place of the Miklavz'09 meeting..
December 06, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
AT&T 2009 US Nationals (SCY) - concluded...(Results)
Federal Way
(Federal Way, USA) - The events at the 2009 USA SCY National Champs came to the end on Saturday night. The best US women's breaststroker Rebecca Soni set the new MR in the 200y breaststroke (2:05.12). Adrian Nathan took home a crown in the men’s 100y free (41.80). Many great world names appeared in this champ. See the A final race in the men's 100 breast: Mike Alexandrov (52.07),now US swimmer (native of BUL) beats Kitajima (JPN) and Shanteau (USA) - issued by the www.swimnetwork.com.
M.Alexandrov at the start of the 100 breast final..
December 05, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
17th Alexandreia Meeting, Thessaloniki, GRE...(On-Line)
(Thessaloniki, GRE) - The 17th edition of the traditional AG meeting (in the LEN calendar) Alexandreia 2009 is going to be held on Saturday/Sunday in Greece by the National 50-m pool AG Dhmhtriou... More then 400 athletes are entered from BUL, KZH, CYP, FYROM, SRB, SVK and GRE. From Serbia, SC 11 April (Belgrade) will take part in 2-day events.. Click up the title to find out the complete Start Lists and the full On-Line results...
The competition Olympic pool in Thessaloniki, GRE..
December 01, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
'NEMO Cup 2009' in Skopje- concluded...(Results)
(Skopje, FYROM) - The 5th edition of the international AG meeting NEMO Cup 2009 concluded Sunday by the Karpos pool in Skopje. More then 440 competitors from ALB, Prishtina, ROU, BUL, SLO, TUR, BiH, SRB & FYROM took par in 2-day events. Meet trophy winners: Tanja Smid (Maribor, SLO) and Damjan Petrevski (Aquatic).. Awarded as the best team of the Nemo Cup was the SC Plovdiv (BUL). Watch out  the complete official results..
Karpos pool, a place of the traditional NEMO Cup..
November 30, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Lotte Friis, DEN - new WR in 1,500 free...(Report)
(Birkerød, DEN) - Officially issued by Danish swimming federation, this weekend in the town of Birkerød (at the 25m municipality pool), Lotte Friis, DEN super star and the national rec holder set the new World Record in the women's 1,500 free (15:28.65). This time is better then the Katie Ziegler's previous WR (dated 2007) for 4.25 sec.  Find out the full report (in Danish language only)...
L.Friis, after few endeavors at Fina WC, finally set WR
November 28, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Spelin and Vesnin Memorial 2009 - concluded...(Results)
(Kranj, SLO) - 26th edition of the international Spelin & Vesnin Memorial '09 concluded Saturday in Kranj, SLO. Organized by the SC Triglav, this event gathered more then 500 competitors from BiH, GRE, CRO, HUN, SRB and SLO ... The best performances were swam out by SLO stars Matjaz Markic in 100 breast (1:00.18) & 100 free (51.50) and Anja Carman in 100 back (59.63). Click up the title to open  the official results (via pzstiming.net)..
M.Markic - the meet best swimmer of the Spela '09.
November 23, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Burgh & Hardy - 2009 Fina World Cup winners...(Report)
(Singapore, SIN) - Cameron van der Burgh (RSA) and Jessica Hardy (USA) are the overall winners of the 2009 FINA/ARENA Swimming World Cup, respectively in the men’s and women’s category. Burgh, already winner in 2008, collected 163 points, while Hardy finished the five-meet series with a total of 210 points. Both winners took home a prize money of US$ 100,000. Throughout this year’s World Cup, Burgh has established two WRs while Hardy four.. Read the official Fina report...
Cameron Van Der Burgh - world best in the moment.
November 22, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Singapore 2009 Day-2, Three New WRs...(Results)
(Singapore, SIN) - The 2009 Fina World Cup concluded today in Singapore by the Sport School pool. Within the Day-2 finals, three new world records were set. Kathryn Meaklim (RSA) in 400 IM (4:22.88), Peter Marshall (USA) in 50 back (22.61) and Therese Alshammar (SWE) in 50 fly (24.38)... Francesca Halsall (GBR) set new WC in the women's 100 free (51.19). Click up the title to see the full official results at the omegatiming.com...
P.Marshall, USA, at the world backstroke's throne...
November 17, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Romanian Open Champs 2009 (SC pool)...(Results)
(Hunedoara, ROU) - Romanian Open Championships 2009 (Senior and Junior categories) were held from Nov.12 to 15 in Hunedoara. 51 new national standards were set... Among seniors, due to FINA points table, highest vaulues were set by Catalin Cosma (1988) in 200 free (1:45:27) among men and Ionela Cozma (1989) in 100 free (54:74) on the women's side. Click up the title for the full official results of the absolute category.
Catalin Cosma, new Romanian power for the world...
November 15, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Berlin 2009 Day-2 finals - 10 new World Records...(Results)
(Berlin, GER) - Berlin 2009 finished in the "unbelievable atmosphere". 10 WRs were broken. In the 200 free Paul Biedermann (GER) new WR (1:39.37).. Jessica Hardy (USA) in 50 breast (28.80). Cameron VD Burgh (RSA) in 100 breast (55.61); Evgeny Korotyshkin (RUS) in 100 fly (48.48). Shiho Sakai (JPN) in 100 back (55.23). Zige Liu (CHN) in 200 fly (2:00.78). Darian Townsend (RSA) beated M.Phelps in 200 IM - new WR (1:51.55), Leisel Jones (AUS) in 200 breast new WR (2:15.42). Hinkelien Schreuder (NED) in 100 IM (57.74). Arkady Vyatchanin (RUS) new WR in 200 back (1:46.11). Roland Schoeman (RSA) set the new WC record in 50 free (20.57).. More..
S.Sakai, JPN, top world backstroker.. (Ph by I.Rasula).
November 14, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Five new WRs in Day-1 finals at Berlin 2009...(Results)
(Berlin, GER) - Day-1 of the Fina World Cup in Berlin in the evening finals brought more 5 new WRs: V.D.Burgh, RSA in 50 breast (25.25); Leisel Jones, AUS in 100 breast (1:03.00); Paul Biedermann, GER in 400 free (3:32.77); Shiho Sakai, JPN in 200 back (2:00.18) and Steffen Diebler, GER in 50 fly (21.80). WC records were set by Therese Alshammar, SWE in 50 free (23.34) and Lotte Friis, DEN in 800 free (8:04.61).. Find all results..
P.Biedermann, new WR in 400 free at his home...
November 14, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Sergey Fesikov, RUS - new WR at Berlin 2009...(Results)
(Berlin, GER) - Day-1 of the 4th stop of the 2009 Fina World Cup started this morning in Berlin. Russian athlete Sergey Fesikov in the men's 100 IM set the new WR (50.95) in front of two South Africans Zandberg (51.79) and Townsend (52.54). Neil Versfeld, RSA set the new WC in the men's 200 breast (2:02.56).. Serbian star Radovan Siljevski in 100 free swam out LBT (48.62) and was ranked 35th.. Click up the title for full results..
S.Fesikov, Russian new super star (Ph by G.Scala)...
November 11, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Stockholm - 4 new WRs, Nadja Higl Gold...(Results)
(Stockholm, SWE) - Fina World Cup leg in Stockholm concluded tonight at the Eriksdalsbadet. Four new WRs are set by Peter Marshall, USA in 50 back (22.73), Zige Liu, CHN in 200 fly (2:02.50), Therese Alshammar, SWE in 50 fly (24.46) and Jing Zhao, CHN in 100 IM (58.40). 7 new WCs were also set: Colbertaldo, ITA in 1,500 free (14:28.35); Halsall, GBR in 100 free (51.61); Van Den Burgh, RSA in 100breast (56.17); Belmonte, ESP in 400 IM (4:26.40), Sakai, JPN in 100 back (56.42), Townsend, RSA in 200 IM (1:51.79) and Bousquet, FRA in 50 free (20.64). The only SRB athlete this evening Nadja Higl in the 200 breast final earned gold medal (2:18.54 NR)...
M.Phelps, two times bitten at the Fina Cup 09 in SWE.
November 11, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Stockholm D-2 - J.Hardy new WR, N.Higl in Final...(Results)
(Stockholm, SWE) - Day-2 of the 2009 Fina World Cup in Stockholm, in the morning heats brought another WR... American star Jessica Hardy (1987) set the new WR in the women's 50 breast (28.96). From the participants of the SRB squad, Caba Siladji was DISQ. in 100 breast, Ivan Lendjer ranked 16th in 100 fly (51.20), Radovan Siljevski was placed 13th in 50 free (21.54 LBT), while  Nadja Higl in 200 breast as 2nd earned position in final (2:21.50). Follow up the full results (omegatiming.com).
J.Hardy, with the new world mark at the Fina Cup '09.
November 10, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Stockholm - Galvez, Zhao and Almeida - new WRs...(Results)
(Stockholm, SWE) - Day-1 of the Fina Cup in Stockholm  brought three new WRs: Felicity Galvez, AUS in 100 fly (55.46); Jing Zhao, CHN in 50 back (25.82) and Kaio Almeida, BRA in 200 fly (1:49.11). 7 new WCs were set: Friis, DEN in 800 free (8:07.94); Nystrand, SWE in 100 free (45.54), Marshall, USA in 100 back (49.29), Jones, AUS in 100 breast(1:03.74), Versfeld, RSA in 200 breast (2:02.67) and Simmonds,GBR in 200 back (2:02.01)..
Felicity Galvez, Australian new women's swim power.
November 10, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Stockholm 2009 - Jing Zhao new WR in 50 back...(Results)
(Stockholm, SWE) -The 3rd leg of the Fina Cup, started Tuesday in Stockholm. Top world stars from 33 countries are entered.. On the Day-1 in the morning heats of the women's 50 back Jing Zhao (CHN) set new WR (26.08). From SRB athletes, in 100free Radovan Siljevski ranked 30th (48.60); in 50 breast Caba Siladji set NR (26.85) and was placed 11th;  Ivan Lendjer swam out 200 fly in 1:59.60 and 50 fly (23.54); in the 100 breast Nadja Higl ranked 14th (1:07.73 NR). See the complete results...
Eriksdalsbadet, great swim arena in Stockholm, SWE.
November 07, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Unbelievable Moscow 2009 - 3 WRs and 4 WCs...(Results)
(Moscow, RUS) - Day-2 of the 2009 FINA World Cup II in Moscow's Olympiskii pool, brought sensational results... New WRs are set by Jessica Hardy, USA in 50 breast (29.36); Evgeny Korotyshkin, RUS in 100 fly (48.99) and George Du Rand, RSA in 200 back (1:47.08)... WC records were set by: Roland Schoeman, RSA in 50 free (20.88); Joanna Maranhao, BRA in 200 fly (2:04.01) and in 400 IM (4:26.98), as well as Cameron Van Der Burgh, RSA in 100 breast (56.36)... Find out complete results...
E.Korotyshkin, RUS - at the world's top in 100 fly...
November 06, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Guehrer and Verraszto - New WRs in Moscow...(Results)
(Moscow, RUS) - Day-1 of the 2009 FINA World Cup II concluded Friday in Moscow, with the two new WRs. AUS swimmer Marieke Guehrer set WR in the women's 50 back (26.17). HUN star Evelyn Verraszto in the women's 200 IM also swam out WR (2:06.01). Three records of the WC were set by Jessica Hardy, USA in 100 breast (1:03.75); Gavez Felicity, AUS in 100 fly (55.82) and Sergey Fesikov, RUS in 100 IM (51.45)... More...
M.Guehrer - Aussie beauty and a world record holder.
November 03, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
37th Int'l Meet MLADOST 2009, Zagreb, CRO...(Invitation)
(Zagreb, CRO) - One of the oldest swim competition in this part of the continent "Mladost 2009" (37th edition) is going to be held on Nov. 21-22 in the Croatian capital. Organized by the swim club HAPK Mladost, it is expected many European and the world stars to be entered. Age categories: M- (91/92; 93 & up); W-(93/94; 95 & up). Venue: Sports Park Mladost (25-m pool). Deadline for the entries: Nov.13. Add info: miting@hapk-mladost.hr
Competition pool of the Mladost '09 meet, Zagreb...
October 29, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Masters Competition in Timisoara, ROU...(Invitation)
(Timisoara, ROU) - Mihai Lisetchi, swim manager and enthusiast from Romania, invites all Masters swimmers from the region of SE Europe to take part in the DKMT Cup 2009 in Timisoara. Date of the event: Nov. 21. The venue: indoor swimming pool (25 m, 6 lanes), located  in the Complexul Bega... Deadline for the entries: Nov 14. More info: contact@timisoara.inot-masters.ro
Masters swimming team from Timisoara wishes you welcome to the swimming spectacle in Romania... 
October 28, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Lurtz won Abu Dhabi Marathon 2009...(Report)
(Abu Dhabi, UEA) - At the Abu Dhabi Marathon, German star Thomas Lurz won the 15km race on October 25, the ninth and final leg of the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix 2009. In the women’s event, Anna Uvarova (RUS) conquered her second triumph of the season, after winning the previous race of the series, on August 1 in Lac Magog (CAN)... Overall winner of the GP 2009 is Petar Stoychev BUL legend for the 9th consecutive times.
Petar Stoychev, Grand Prix Series winner of 2009... 
October 25, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Steffen Deibler, GER - new WR in 50 Fly (SC)...
(Aachen, GER) - After he caught silver medal in Durban last weekend in the men's 200 free (1:43.17), German swim star and Olympian Steffen Deibler (1987) at the 40th edition of the ISF Schwimmfestival in Aachen last night (Schwimmhalle Ost) succeeded to set the new SC world record in the men's 50 fly (22:06). Click up the title to watch the full official results of this competition.
Steffen Deibler - new world star coming from GER...
October 22, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
China's Liu Zige - WR in the women's 200 fly...(Report)
(Jinan,CHI) - At the present XI National Games of China held in Jinan, Liu Zigeset  the new world record in the women's 200-m fly (LCM competition) with the time of 2:01.81. The previous WR was in hands of Jessicah Schipper (2:03.41) set at the World Championships in Rome this year. It has to be mentioned that Liu was the  world-record holder and gold medalist with the time of 2:04.18 in 200 fly at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Jiao Liuyang took second position in 2:05.57, while Gong Jie placed third (2:06.18). See the People's Daily report.
Liu Zige, Chinese and the world star (Photo by Fan Jun)..
October 20, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
3rd Meet Banjaluka Open 2009, BIH - canceled...
(Banjaluka, BiH) - As it was announced by the Swimming Club Olymp, the 3rd edition of the International meeting Banjaluka Open 2009 is definitely canceled. The reasons - problem with the renovated Incel pool in Banjaluka as well as the lack of funds that have to be provided by the municipality institutions... Click up the title to read the official note regarding this decision at the web page of the Olymp SC (issued in the Serbian language only)...
Zeljko Panic, Meet director of the Banjaluka Open '09.
October 18, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
2009 Fina 10 Km World Cup - concluded...(Report)
(Dubai, UAE) - Thomas Lurz (GER) and Poliana Okimoto (BRA) confirmed their domination and won the 2009 Fina 10 km Open Water Swimming World Cup... In the last leg held yesterday in Dubai (UAE) at the Mamzar Beach,  German and Brazilian champions showed thier world power.. Thomas Lurz finished ahead of Vladimir Dyatchin of Russia and Thomas Allen of G. Britain, while Poliana  Okimoto nosed out Angela Maurer of Germany and Larissa Ilchenko of Russia. Click up the title to read the full report at the Gulfnews.com web issue..
T.Lurtz at his last 10 km win in 2009 (Ph by O.Clarke).
October 17, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Marshall, Hardy and Alshamar new WRs in Durban...(Results)
(Durban, RSA) - On the Day-2 of the 2009 Fina/Arena World Cup, in the women's 50m breast, Jessica Hardy (USA), set the new WR (29.45), while in the men's 50m back, Peter Marshall (USA) set WR (22.75). In the women's 50 Fly, Therese Alshammar swam her 2nd WR (24.75).  Serbian rec holder Nadja Higl, while she has finished first in the morning prelims, in the evening finals in the 200-m breast replayed again the first place and earned gold medal with the time of 2:20.41. Watch out the complete Day-2 results (at omegatiming.com).
J.Hardy - world breaststroke power (Ph by D.Miralle).
October 17, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Therese Alshamar - WR in 100 Ind.Medley...(Day-1 Results)
(Durban, RSA) - On the Day-2 prelims of the first leg of the 2009 Fina World Cup, Therese Alshammar, SWE  succeeded to break WR in the women's 100 Ind.Medley (58.51)... On the Day-1 among many worth times (NRs and MRs) all swam out in the evening finals, Serbian rec holder and the World Champion Nadja Higl, ranked 5th (1:07.73 NRec)... In the same event first went Jessica Hardy (USA) 1:04.15 MR. See complete Day-1 results.
Therese Alshammar - Sweden's and the world star...
October 14, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Legendary Italian Coach Castagnetti died in Verona...
(Rome, ITA) -  Italian Swim Federation has announced that the national coach and one of the greatest coaching names in Europe and worldwide Alberto Castagnetti suddenly died on Monday at his home in Verona, ITA... Almost all Italy's successes last years are joined to the name of that great swim person and his dedication to the swim development. On behalf of the management  of the Swim Star 2000 SC Belgrade and the swimming audience of Serbia, we express our huge soreness....
Alberto Castagnetti, chief of the ITA national team...
October 14, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
28th Spelin & Vesnin Memorial 2009, SLO...(Invitation)
(Kranj, SLO) - Organized by the Triglav SC, Kranj, 28th edition of the famous Spelin & Vesnin Memorial will take place at the municipality Olympic pool (SCM course) in the town of Kranj, SLO. Age categories: M-(90 & older; 91/92; 93/94; 95/96; 97 & up); W-(92 & older; 93/94; 95/96; 97/98; 99 & up). Date of the meeting: Nov. 28.. Click up the title to open up the official invitation with the program, schedule, propositions and awards offer... For all aditional info, please call: klub@pklub-triglav.si
This meet is organized in the memoriam to the great Kranj's swim talents Spelo Rebolj and Vesna Prapotnik...
October 10, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
International Meet START 2009, SLO - concluded...(Results)
(Kranj, SLO)- 4th edition of the Intarnational swim meet "START 2009" concluded successfully by the municipality Olympic pool in Kranj (SLO) - SCM pool distance. More then 300 competitors from Austria, BiH, Croatia, Italy, FYROM and Slovenia took part in this event that was marvelously organized by the Zvezda Kranj SC... Few nice times were swam out in both men's and women's concurrence. Click up the title to open up the full official results at the organizer's web site www.drustvo-zvezda.si
Great conditions for the season opening in Kranj, SLO.
October 05, 2009 -----------------------------------------------------
Lurtz and Okimoto won Hong Kong Fina Cup 2009...
(Hong Kong, HKG) - Thomas Lurz (GER) and Poliana Okimoto (BRA) continue to dominate their respective men’s and women’s fields. Both swimmers swept the three Asian legs, held in Chun An (CHN) on Sept.20, Shantou (CHN) on Sept.26, and Hong Kong (HKG) on Oct.4... With these wins, Lurz has won a total of eight gold medals on the World Cup series '09, while Okimoto has a total of seven gold medals and two silver medals. The the Hong Kong leg included 44 swimmers (26 men and 18 women) from 15 nations... Click up the title to read the official FINA report with the complete results.
P.Okimoto - the beauty and the world champion...
September 28, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Lurtz - more two titles at China's Marathons...(Report)
(Shantou/ An Chun, CHN)-- The FINA 10km Marathon  World Cup 2009 has moved on to Asia, where China  staged the 8th and 9th out of twelve races in this year’s series. The big 10km winners continue to be world champion Thomas Lurz (GER) in the men’s field and Poliana Okimoto (BRA) among women. Those athletes triumphed at both of the races, which took place on  Sept. 26 in Shantou and before that on Sept. 20 in An Chun (CHN). See the full official report...
T.Lurtz, GER - far best world cup swimmer in 2009...
September 26, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
New season starts in Székesfehérvár, HUN...(Invitation)
(Székesfehérvár, HUN)-- Traditionally organized by the   Hullam91 Swim Club, the well known age group meeting "KÖZTÁRSASÁG NAPJA 2009" is going to be held on Oct 24-25 in Székesfehérvár, Hungary. It is expected  more then 500 competoitors from Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy, Croatia, Hungary and other countries in the region to take part in 2-day events. Sardi Akos, Meet Director invites you to introduce the program, propositions and to enter the meeting on-line via www.hullam91.hu site...
Sárdi Ákos, well known Hungarian swim manager...
September 19, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
LEN Congress for 2010 Calendar in Denmark...(Reports)
(Copenhagen, DEN) - On September 18. and 19. in Copenhagen under jurisdiction of the LEN and Danish Swimming Federation, a congress regarding upcoming 2010 swimming, water polo, open water swimming, diving, synchro and masters calendar was held. More then 300 representatives from all national swimming and water sports federations took part in this event. More information is available via LEN's official web site.
September 15, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Cadiz 2009 Euro Masters - started...(Results)
(Cadiz, ESP) - The 12th edition of the European Masters Swimming Championships started today in the city of Cadiz, Spain. More than 4,000 competitors from 34 countries are entered finally. On the Day-1, two events were held (200 IM m/f and 800 freestyle m/f). Serbian participant Igor Sevo cancelled out from the Champs. Click on the title to see the official results via the www.rfen.es web site.
September 13, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Swimming for Adults - sports and health, ROU...(Report)
(Oradea, ROU) - The first international conference dedicated to practicing swimming by adults (masters swimming) held this past week in Oradea, Romania... Starting from the role of swimming in adult practitioners’ life and in society, the conference aimed to define a theoretical perspective on masters swimming movement as a social phenomenon. Organizers were the Masters Swimming Association of Romania and the Association of Masters Swimming in Hungary. Read the full report..
Part of the participants of the Conference in Oradea..
September 07, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Lurz won inaugural New York Marathon...(Report)
(New York, USA) -  On Sunday, Thomas Lurz earned his fourth FINA 10 K World Cup victory in-a-row with the time of 1:47:41.5 (his fifth overall) by winning the New York City inaugural stage; the seventh out of 12 races in the 2009 series. Second came  Vladimir Dyatchin (RUS), 1:47:43.5, while 3rd place took Francis Crippen (USA), 1:47:43.9... Among women Brazilian Poliana Okimoto earned her fourth 10 K victory of the 2009 World Cup season. Find out more at the Fina press release 70...
Thomas Lurz, GER confirmed supremacy at the Fina OWS 10K Cup..
September 06, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Porec Dolphin Marathon '09, CRO - concluded...(Results)
(Porec, CRO) - The spectacular 10th edition of the traditional 'Porecki delfin' Sea Swimming Festival concluded Saturday at the Adriatic coast line in Porec, Croatia... This event gathered 106 competitors from SLO, ITA, AUT, GER, SVK, HUN & CRO. In the main race (5 Km), Slovenia's star Rok Kerin ranked first (1:01:00) in front of Mathias Schweinzer, AUT (1:03:01) and Milan Marin CRO (1:03:09). Among women, top ranked was Anja TrisicCRO (1:12:05).... Click up the title for the complete official results in absolute category at the web site of the Swim Club Porec (www.porecswimming.hr)...
Rok Kerin, SLO winner of the Porec 2009 (Ph by Porec SC).
August 31, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
FINA Cup - Copenhagen Marathon 2009...(Results)
(Copenhagen, DEN) - Thomas Lurz (GER) continued his winning streak over the weekend by taking gold in the sixth stop of the Fina 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup 2009, which was held in Copenhagen (DEN). Petar Stoychev (BUL) ranked 2nd, while Sergay Bolshakov (RUS) placed 3rd. The winner in the women’s field was Poliana Okimoto (BRA). Click up the title to read the Fina official press release... (Photo by i-swimmer.ru)
Poliana Okimoto, Brazilian open water swim star...
August 30, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Studzinski won Pharos Marathon 2009, CRO...(Results)
(Stari Grad, CRO) - 34th edition, Pharos Swim Marathon 2009 concluded Saturday at Hvar, CRO. At the distance of 16 km, final men's rank is as follows: 1/ Alexander Studzinski, GER (3:01:55); 2/ Vladimir Dyatchine, RUS (3:03.38); 3/Loic Branda, FRA (3:08.01). Among girls, Russia's Anna Uvarova came first (3:18:44) in front of Karla Sitic, CRO (3:21:35) and Ekaterina Zhdanova, RUS (3:25:54).. Among competitors from 15 nations Jasmin Gracan, SRB ranked 23rd (4:33.22). Click up the title to watch out the official results at the hsdp.hr web site...
Alex Studzinski, German OWS star set the new NR...
August 12, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Matt Jaukovic - Commonwealth Rec in 50 fly SC...(Results)
(Sydney,AUS) - Yesterday evening at the present 2009 Australian national SC Champs, Matt Jaukovic smashed the Commonwealth record in the 50m butterfly (22.40). Have to be mentioned that this great world swimmer,  student of the University of Sydney, contracted swine flu at the recent Universiade Belgrade 2009. "At that point I didn't even consider racing at nationals," Jaukovic said. "It was a great achievement for me to bounce back and be able to do the work in the time I had to come back from illness. It's a Commonwealth record but I was secretly hoping I could get under the 22.18 mark - the world record." At this SC nationals, Trickett, Sprenger and Seebohm broke world records. See the full official results at the Hi-Tek's real time data base.. 
Matt Jaukovic - Aussie hope for the new WR in 50 fly.
August 11, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Lurtz and Ilchenko won OWS Fina Cup in Varna...(Report)
(Varna, BUL) - This past weekend, the 4th stop of the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup 2009 series took place on Lake Varna (BUL), ending in another victory for Thomas Lurz (GER) among men, while the women’s gold is in the hands of Larisa Ilchenko (RUS).  Thirty-nine athletes (20 men and 19 women) from 16 countries, many of whom are accomplished open water swimmers, entered the race in Bulgaria. Click up the title to watch out the official FINA report...
T.Lurz, continued with a great swimming after the Rome'09.
August 09, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Kerin (SLO) takes Montenegro Coast 2009 title...(Results)
(Bar, MNE) - For the 30th times, (former Sutomore-Bar Marathon) now the Montenegro Coast 2009 Marathon concluded successfully in the town of Bar. 34 competitors in the men's category and 11 girls took part in the 5KM race from Sutomore to the Topolica Beach in Bar. Final men's rank: 1/Rok Kerin SLO (55:56 MR); 2/ Evgenij Pop Acev FYROM (58:17); Mihail Georgiev BUL (59:01). Top among girls - Jelena Dedajic MNE (1:06:57).. Click up the title to read the official Marathon 2009 report... 
Rok Kerin OWS super star in the Region of SE Europe
August 08, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Jessica Hardy - WRs in 50 & 100 Breast...(Results)
(Seaettle,USA) - Jessica Hardy, 22-year old US swimmer at the present 2009 U.S. Open Champs (King Aquatic Center, Federal Way) succeeded to set two new WRs. In the first 50-m breast distance on Thursday, when she time-trialed the 100 breaststroke she went in 29.95 as a first girl ever under the barrier of 30 sec, while on Friday in the 100 breast the American was timed in 1:04.45, lowering the old WR of 1:04.84 set by Rebecca Soni at  Rome Worlds. See the full results via Hi-Tek data base.
Jessica Hardy - confirmed her top world values...
July 25, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Valerio Cleri, ITA - winner of the 25 K in Rome...(YouTube)
(Rome, ITA) - 25 k race of the OWS competition at the 13th World Champs Rome 2009 concluded today by the Ostia Beach with the extremely rough see. Italy's Valerio Cleri won (5:26:31) followed by Trent Grimsey (AUS) and Vladimir Dyatchin (RUS). Among female, Angela Maurer (GER) won in front of Anna Uvarova (RUS) and  Federica Vitale (ITA). Click up the title to see the 9:50 min video clip of the 25 K race finish (issued by the goal90.net)..
Valerio Cleri - first Italian swimming gold medalist..
July 25, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Day prior the Rome's Big Bang - Gianni Merlo...(aipsmedia.com)
(Rome, ITA) - Issued at the AIPS web site from the pen of Gianni Merlo, President, great article can be found. In the title "Will swimming go back to basics", the author marked crucial swim dilemma. Merlo stated:"Now people want to turn the clock back... But how? Leaving the costume at home is difficult as it’s like a second skin, and brings money into the coffers of many companies, federations, athletes and trainers." Read the full article..
Gianni Merlo, AIPS president (at the 72nd AIPS Congressin Milan, ITA)..
July 24, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Julio César Maglione - new President of FINA...(Web Blog)
(Rome, ITA)--- The 22-member FINA Bureau (executive board of the IF) decided today at its Congress session in Rome, the new President of FINA for the next mandate 2009-2013 term will be Mr. Julio Cesar Maglione. Ex-Vice President of FINA and member of IOC, great Urugvay's athlete and sports administrator will conduct the world of swimming... Find out  more at our Special Web Blog...
Julio Cesar Maglione, new President of FINA.....
July 22, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Rome 2009 - 5k and Women's 10 k -concluded...(Results)
(Rome, ITA) - OWS events at the World Champs Rome, started Tuesday in Ostia Beach... In the women's 5 K winner is Melissa Gorman, AUS (56:55.8 18). In the men's 5K Germany's Thomas Lurtz picked up gold in 56:26.9 18. Keri-Anne Payne (GBR),  the 10km silver medallist from the Beijing 2008 Games – is now the reigning World Champion over 10K distance. She raced perfectly today winning with a time of 2:01:37. Thomas Lurtz won 10 K, but the official results are pending due to the USA swimming appeal that will be discussed at the technical congress. See all results at omegatiming.com
Keri-Anne Payne (GBR), the new world OWS super star...
July 21, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
30th Montenegro Coast Marathon 2009...(Second Call)
Bar, Montenegro
(Bar, MNE) - For the 30th times, (former Sutomore-Bar Marathon) now the Montenegro Coast Marathon 2009 is going to be held at the distance of 5km from Sutomore to Bar (municipality beach). Date of the event August 08, 2009. See here Marathon route. The offcial Marathon's Entry form is available here. For more info: Prof.Miodrag Banovic, Marathon Director via infosport@cg.yu
The finish of the Marathon route in Bar, Montenegro..
July 18, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Greek LC Championships for categories 2009...(Results)
(Athens, GRE) - Organized by the Hellenic Swimming Federation, the 2009 Greek National Championships for categories (athletes born in 1991/92; 1993/94, 1995, 1996, 1997) took part this week-end in the 5-day event held in Athens (July 14-18). Few great results were swam out. Click up the title for the official results (in XLS files). Great gallery is also added (swim-news.50megs.com)...
The competition pool of the 2009 Greek AG nationals.
July 18, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
BIH Summer LC Champs 2009- concluded...(Results)
(Trebinje, BIH) - Organized by SC Leotar, the Summer LC Championships of BIH 2009 concluded last week by the Banje Olympic pool in Trebinje. 121 competitors from 16 domestic clubs participated in 3-part events (all age categories).. Due to the final medals table, team rank is as follows: 1/ Zmaj-Alpamm SC (Tuzla); 2/ Leotar SC (Trebinje); 3/ Sloboda SC (Tuzla). Best swimmers: Ensar Hajder (91) and Selma Atic (90), both members of the Zmaj-Alpamm SC.. See the complete official results...
Part of the Zmaj-Alpamm team - winner of BIH 2009.
July 15, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Tamas Gyarfas - Open Letter to Euro Swim Media...
(Budapest, HUN) - Tamas Gyarfas, President of the Hungarian Swimming Federation (since 1993),  Vice President of LEN since 2008, Vice-President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee since 2004, etc., who has already been voted once by the LEN Congress in Zurich as European Representative for the next FINA Bureau  - as a candidate for FINA Bureau (2009-2013) is trapped by bureaucratic "highest decisions". His Open Letter is shown here not just as support, but also to mention the "games" that exist in the European Sport of Swimming.
Tamas Gyarfas - more then 32 years in swimming...
July 15, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Lukavac 2009 - International Meet, BIH...(Invitation)
(Lukavac, BiH) - Organized by the Galeb-Koksara swim club, the new international meet Lukavac 2009 is going to be held on July 25. Place of the event: 50-m outdoor community pool in Lukavac. Age categories: M/W (94 & older, 95/96; 97/98; 99 & up)...Dedline for the entries: July 20. Additional info: mirsad.delic@bhline.ba
The Olympic outdoor pool in the town of Lukavac, BIH.
July 14, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Bulgarian LC Championships 2009 - concluded...(Results)
(Sofia, BUL) - This past weekend in the City of Sofia (by the Cerveno Zname out-door pool), the 2009 Bulgarian LC Championships concluded... 20 domestic clubs with more then 250 competitors took part in 3-day events. Nina Rangelova (1991) set NR in the women's 100 free (55.85).See the official results of the championships
'Cerveno Zname' pool - a place of the BUL champs...
July 12, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Aaron Peirsol - WR in 200 Back (1:53.08)....(YouTube)
(Indianapolis, USA) - Spectacular  2009 USA Swimming National Champs concluded Saturday in Indiana IUPUI complex. After he set WR in the Men's 100 Backstroke (51.94) on Wednesday, Aaron Peirsol becomes the American champ again by smashing tonight the World Record in 200 Back (1:53.08). See the complete Men's 100 m backstroke final race at the ConocoPhilips swim show, issued by the sportsnetwork on YouTube... 
After the US trials, Rome is waiting for the USA champions..
July 11, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Universiade Belgrade 2009 - concluded...(Web Blog)
(Belgrade, SRB) - Swimming competition at the 25th Universiade Belgrade 2009 concluded successfully after seven days... The new Games records and gold medals owners are: in the women's 50m Freestyle Aleksandra Gerasimenya,BLR (GR 24.62); in the men's 400 Medley, Mateusz Matczak, POL (GR 4:12.28) in the women's 4x100m Medley Relay, the United States (GR 4:01.90); in the  men's 4x100 Medley Relay the team of Japan  (GR 3:32.80). In this event, SRB team ranked 4th (3:40.21). Final team standing: 1/ USA, 2/JPN; 3/ POL.
Men's medley relay team of Serbia.. (Ph by I.Rasula).
July 08, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
USA Swim Nationals - Phelps's 100 Fly WR...(YouTube)
(Indianapolis, USA) - Spectacular  2009 ConocoPhillips USA Swim National Champs held this weekend. After he was near the WR at the meet in Montreal, CAN, earlier this season, Michael Phelps world super star now in the US trial succeeded to smash the Lochte's 100 fly world mark in 50.22... This win might assure him a new power for the FINA World Champs in Rome. See the US Trials  "swim show". Complete Results are at omegatiming.com
As always, in his turning to media, world star Phelps charmly says: " I just swam down a pretty good race..."
July 10, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Prague Day-3, Toniato (ITA) - EJR in 50 Breast...(Results)
(Prague, CZE) - On the Day-3 of te European Junior Champs in Prague, members of the Serb squad earned extremely poor places within the preliminaries. Katarina Simonovic set her LBT in 200 free (2:07.50) ranked 28th (of 51). In the 100 fly she went in 1:06.07 (50th of 51). Igor Vulesevic ranked 39 (of 41) in 200 back (2:12.22). Italian Andrea Toniato, (SC Plain Team Veneto) in the men's 50 breast heats set new Euro Junior Rec (27.81). Click up the title to follow up the On-Line results...
Andera Toniato, ITA - new Euro Junior Rec holder ..
July 06, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Summer Pioneer & Cadet Champs of FYROM 2009...(Results)
(Skopje, FYROM) - The Summer Championships of FYROM 2009 (LC pool) for younger pioneers, older pioneers and cadets took place at the Mladost pool in Skopje this past weekend... More then 300 competitors from 17 domestic swimming clubs took part in 2-day events. Top competitors due the Fina point scores are Gorazd Chepisevski and  Vera Blazevska (both part of SC Vardar). Click up the title for the official results. Click here also for the Multi Medalists in all categories...
Final ceremony of the Championships with the top competitors awarding at the Mladost pool in Skopje.
July 05, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Universiade Belgrade 2009 - Day-1...(Web Blog)
(Belgrade, SRB) - The Universiade Swimming Day-1  started Sunday with the morning preliminaries... Great results were swam out just at the beginning of the competition. Have to be mentioned -  the men's 400 free Italian  Federico Colbertaldo (GR 3:48.14); in the women's 50 fly Italian Cristina Maccagnola  (26.90); in the men's 100 back Japanese Irie Ryosuke  (53.64). Slovenia's Jernej Godec ranked 1st in the men's 50 fly (GR 23.43). Ivan Lendjer caught SF in 50 fly (23.75)... 
Competition venue - the Tasmajdan Olympic pool.
July 04, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Mario Todorovic - new NR in 100 free (48.77)...
(Rijeka, CRO) - Day-2 of the Summer Croatian Champs (July 03-06) concluded this evening in the town of Rijeka... As his second national mark, Mario Todorovic Mediterranean Rec holder, today in the men's 100 free broke the Croatian Record with the time of 48.77. Niksa Roki (ZPK) set also the new NR in the men's 400 IM (4:21.60). Find out the full results Swevid Live Results.
Mario Todorovic - CRO and the world super star...
July 02, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Summer Championships of FYROM 2009...(Results)
(Skopje, FYROM) - The Summer Championships of FYROM (long course pool) took place at the Mladost pool in Skopje (June 28-30)... More then 300 competitors from 17 domestic swimming clubs took part in the Absolute and Junior categories.. Wortiest results were swam out by Jeremik, Jovanov and Pop Acev (from SC Student), Blazeski and Cepishevski (SC Vardar), etc.. Click up the title to open up the official results...
Mladost pool - a place of the FYROM Champs 2009...
June 29, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Fina World Cup 10 K - Setubal Bay 2009, POR...(Results)
(Setubal, POR) - The second race of the 2009 FINA 10k Marathon Swimming World Cup took place on Saturday at Setubal Bay (Portugal). German swimmer Thomas Lurz won in  1h 34m 26s in front of Christian Reichert (GER) 1h 34m 18s 00 and Allan Carmo (BRA) secured bronze with a time of 1h 34m1 8s 15. Among women, Poliana Okimoto (BRA) took gold in 1h42m32s, Angela Maurer (GER) silver 1h42m33s and Stefanie Biller (GER) bronze medal (1h42m37s).. Find out full report..
T.Lurtz (GER) - winner of the Setubal Bay 2009...
June 27, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Pellegrini WR in 400 free; Caba Siladji - first medal for Serbia in Pescara...(Results)
(Pescara, ITA) - Daty-1 of the swimming events at the  Mediterranean Games in Pescara brought new WR and Games Records. In the evening finals Federica Pellegrini in 400 free set a new WR (4:00.41). Aschvin Wildeboer (ESP) took gold medal in the men's 50 back with the GR (24.73)... In the women's 100 breast Roberta Panara (ITA) also set GR (1:08.47). In the men's 100 breast Melquiades Alvarez (ESP) ranked 1st with the new GR (1:00.45). Caba Siladji picked up first medal for Serbia - Silver in 100 breast (1:00.68). See the official results.. 
Federica Pellegrini - new WR in the women's 400 free
June 27, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Britta Steffen (GER)  New WR in 100 free 52.56...(Results)
(Berlin, GER) - Since she broke the WR in 100 free in prelims (June 25), at the 2009 National Championships of Germany (being held in Berlin), today on the Day-4 finals Britta Steffen, went beter for 29/100 of second (52.56).  In the men's 100 free Paul Biedreman set new NR (48.39), while Markus Diebler set NJR (49.55). Find out the  live score data base at the titanium-media day by day of the German Champs 2009...
Britta Steffen - German and the world super star..
June 27, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Daniela Samulski (GER) - new WR in 50 back...(Results)
(Berlin, GER) - The 2009 National LC Championships of Germany (Berlin June 24-28), after Britta Steffen's WR in 100 free, brought another new WR now in the women's 50 back. Daniela Samulski (24-year old), member of SG Essen, set WR in 50 back (27.61) beating the Zhao Jing and Rebecca Edlington record for 6/100 of second.. See the complete live score data base at the titanium-media day by day of the German National Champs 2009...
D.Samulski at the Amsterdam Cup 2009. (Ph by I.Rasula).
June 25, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Romanian National Championships 2009...(Results)
(Bucurest, ROU) - Last week-end (June 17-21), in the Bucurest's sport complex Dinamo (Romania), the 2009 National Absolute and Junior Championships 2009 were held... Florea, Potec, Ionela and other "old" super stars did their best. However Norbert Tradafir (1988), former Euro Junior Champs medalist and the Beijing Olympian  succeeded to break 2 national marks. In the 100 fee he 'beat his previous record' (49.71) in the time of 49.05, while at the first leg of the 4x100 free he went in 48.94.. Dragos Agache set NR in 50 breast (27.98) and Razvan Tudosie new NJR in the same event in a time of 29.36.
Norbert Trandafir - confirmed Romanian super star...
June 25, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Isakovic and Godec at the Universiade 2009...(pzstiming.net)
(Ljubljana, SLO) - Issued by the popular web-swim site in Slovenia pzstiming.net, two national record holders and students of the Berkeley University (USA) Sara Isakovic and Jernej Godec would appear in the SLO team for the upcoming Universiade Belgrade 2009... Sara Isakovic Olympic vice-champion took part in the Bangkok 2007 where she succeeded to pick up silver in 200 free and bronze medal in 200 fly.. Read the article (in SLO only)
Jernej Godec one of the best swimmers of the CAL Bears - at the NCAA champs in Atlanta (Ph by I.Rasula).
June 24, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Ioannis's Photo Gallery from the Comen Cup 2009...
(Tessaloniki, GRE) - Great photo gallery from the recent Comen Cup 2009 that has been held in Belgrade last weekend is prepared by the most popular Greek swim web site http://swim-news.50megs.com/.. 480 images (more then 76 MB), mostly of the Greek paricipants, but also all others, with the events at the opening ceremony, pool deck and the podium that can be downloaded. Click up the title to be redirected to the Ioanni's Gallery..
Greek national selection at the Comen Cup 2009..
June 23, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
40th Jarak-Sabac Marathon 2009, SRB...(Gallery from 2008)
(Sabac, SRB) - Neglecting the fact that the 5th stop of the Fina Open Water Swim Cup - Sabac '09 is canceled, the Assembly of Sabac, Tourist Organization of Sabac and the founder Mr. Milorad Rajsic - Rajsa legendary marathon swimmer of Serbia, decided to continue the OWS tradition by the Sava River. The 40th Marathon Jarak - Sabac Peace Run (at the distance of 18,7 km) will be organized on August 02, 2009... Also the Mini marathon, Fun Run and SC distance races will be held. Waiting for the official invitation, the SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL has got the exclusive rights for the promotion..
Rok Kerin, Slovenia's OWS star, winner of the Jarak-Sabac 2008..
June 22, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
FINA Approval of World Records...
(Lausanne, SUI) - Just after issuing the final swimsuits approval, the FINA honorary secretary  announced today the World Records validity...  Five WRs (V.D.Burgh in 50 breast, Bousquet in 50 free, Silva in 50 breast, Pellegrini in 200 free and Pierse in 200 breast) are still pending FINA approval... Rejected WRs are: Bernard in 100 free, Ryosuke in 200 back, Zueva in 50 backand Efimova in 50 breast. See the complete press release no.49...
Alain Bernard (FRA) - WR in 100 free is not approved.
June 22, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
"Modified" X-Glide, Jaked 01, Blueseventy - OKAY...(FINA)
(Lausanne, SUI) - The FINA finally issued - the modified X-Glide and the Jaked 01 can be used at the upcoming FINA World swim championships Rome 2009... FINA has re-examined its first decision and accepted arguments of the manufacturers regarding the previous Meeting held on May 19.  The Manufacturers have re-presented their "new" swimsuits with modifications. In certain cases, the Manufacturers have submitted arguments regarding the fact the construction or material of their swimsuits would not create air trapping effects. See the new FINA List of the approved swimsuits at the www.fina.org
June 21, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
5th Int'l "Bobercek Cup 2009", SLO - concluded...(Results)
(Ravne na Koroskem, SLO) - The 5th international AG meeting "Bobercek Cup 2009" concluded Saturday at the outdoor 50-m community pool in the town of Ravne, Slovenia... Organized by SC Fuzinar, more then 330 competitors from 20 clubs-teams (BUL, HUN, USA and SLO) took part in the events... Click up the title for the complete official results... (issued by the pzstiming.net)
The community pool in Ravne na Koroskem, SLO...
June 18, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
"Srdjan and Maksim 2009", BiH - concluded...(Results)
(Trebinje, BiH) - The 5th international AG meet "Srdajn and Maksim 2009", concluded past weekend in Trebinje, Rep.of Srpska... 173 competitors from 15 clubs (SRB, MNE and BiH) took part in 2-day events.. Nina Zarkovic (LE) set 3 NRs (50 free, 50 fly and 100 fly). Few new AG records were set... Final team ranking: 1/ Leotar (BiH); 2/Bosna (BiH); 3/ Velez (BiH). Click up the title to watch the full official results of this worthy swim competition.
The community Olympic pool in Trebinje, a place of the event.
June 15, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Kranj Open Champs 2009, SLO - concluded...(Results)
(Kranj, SLO) - The Open Championships of Kranj 2009,  concluded Sunday at the 50-m pool in Kranj. This event gathered 226 competitors from AUT, BiH, CRO, GER, ITA, FYROM, RUS and SLO. Second day, beside few worthy results, brought also the NR in the women's 1,500 free set by Tjasa Oder (SC Fuzinar) in 16:38.34.. Watch out the complete official results (that are issued at the pzstiming.net).
Tjasa Oder (1994) - the door to Rome 2009 is now opened....
June 14, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Paul Biedermann - 200 free ER in Montecarlo...(Results)
(Montecarlo, MON) - The German recorrd holder Paul Biedermann, on the second day of Monterarlo Meeting in Monaco, set the new European record in the men's 200 free with a time of 1:44.88 (beating Pieter van den Hoogenband's ER of 1:44.89 set in 2002). Australia's Andrew Lauterstein set a new MR (52.04) to win the men's 100 fly, while Libby Trickett (AUS) posted new MR in the women's 100 free (53.57)... Click up the title for the official results data base of the Montecarlo Meet...
Paul Biedermann broke also his NR set in Beijing...
June 14, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Dutch Open 2009 - NR & MRs in Endhoven...(On-Line Results)
(Eindhoven, NED)- The second day of the Netherlands Open Championship 2009 concluded  Saturday at the marvelous National Swimming Center De Tongelreep in Eindhoven. New national standard has been set last  night by Job Kienhuis in the men's 800 free (7:57.48)... Three MRs were also broken: Femke Heemskerk in 200 free W (1:57.84); Bastian Liejensen in men's 50 back  (25.91) and Verlinden Joeri in 100 fly W (53.08). Follow up the complete oficial results on-line. (Arr by I.Rasula)
Femke Heemskerk, NED and the world swim super star...
June 13, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
VIII Vienna International Champs, AUT...(Results)
(Wien, AUT) - VIII edition of the Vienna International Championships 2009 is organizing this week-end (June 12-14) at the Hallenbad Satdthalle pool in Wien, Austria. More then 700 competitors of all age categories (from SVK, ITA, CZE, SLO, GER, SUI, DEN and AUT) take part in 3-day events. Worthy times were already set by Iris Rosenberger (EMSC) in 50 fly (28.23), Erwin Doktor (AUT) in 50 back (26.80), Paolo Villa (ITA) in 100 fly (56.18), etc.. Find out the on-line results data base...
Iris Rosenberger, Turkish Olympian and the record holder - member of the Erster Münchner SC (Germany).
June 10, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Marenostrum - Canet 2009, FRA...(Results)
(Canet, FRA) - Second stop of the 3-meet competition Marenostrum takes part in France at the XXII "Meeting Arena de Canet en Roussillon" (June 09-11). First two days, 17 new meet records were set .. Just to mention few of the worth: Lisbeth Trickett, AUS in 50 free 24.15; Frédérick Bousquet, FRA in 50 free 21.65; Anastasia Zueva RUS in 50 back 27.80; Andrew Lauterstein, AUS in 100 fly 51.70. Find out more as well as on-line results.
The official flyer of the Canet en Roussillon meeting
June 09, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
19° Trofeo dell'Est in Gorizia, ITA - concluded... (Results)
(Gorizia, ITA) -  Marvelously organized by the Gorizia Nuoto Club, the traditional international meet (the 19th edition) Trofeo Dell'Est '09 concluded this past weekend. Among the participants from AUT, RUS, SLO & ITA, few meet records were set: Evgeny Korotyshkin (RUS) in 100 fly (53.27) and Emil Tahirovic (SLO) in 50 breast (27.80).. Other worthy times : Davide Cassol (ITA) in 100 breast (1:01.67); Peter Mankoc (SLO) in 100 fly (53.32) and Matjaz Markic (SLO) in 50 breast (27.86).. Find the official results (at the gorizianuoto.it web site)... 
E.Korotyshkin  - MR in 100 fly at the Gorizia Meeting..
June 09, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
LEN Statement on "Swimsuits" ... (from the LEN)
(Rome, ITA) -  After the LEN Bureau Meeting held in Chania (GRE) on May 15th and 16th, and the continuing development and ongoing steps being taken toward a stable situation regarding the use of the new swimsuit models that have appeared on poolsides since February of 2008, LEN has issued the official information. Click up the title to open up the note... List of approved suits
Swimsuits farce - at the end or just at the beginning?
June 07, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
5th International Delfin Cup 2009, Skopje - concluded... (Results)
(Skopje, FYROM) - 5th edition of the international AG swim meeting Dolphin Cup 2009 concluded successfully   Sunday by the Center pool in Skopje. Organized by the SC Delfin, Skopje more then 320 competitors (27 clubs)  from Albania, Prishtina, Montenegro, Bulgaria,  Serbia and FYROM took part in 2-day events. Best competitors in absoute: Milica Ostojic (SRB) among females and Stefan Sorak (SRB) among males.. Click up the title for the complete official results of this top FYROMs meet...
M.Ostojic, SRB Olympian, winner of the Deflin Cup 2009 top award...
June 03, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
36° Trofeo Città di Modena, ITA - concluded...(Results)
(Modena, ITA) - 36th edition of the traditional swim meet Modena Trophy 2009 concluded yesterday by the community Dogali pool in Modena, Italy.. More then 500 competitors from 33 clubs-teams took part in one day events. Final team rank: 1/ Team of Modena (413.5); 2/ Bologna Team Rossa (322); 3/ Bentegodi (272.5)... 
Modena Nuoto Squad at the Olympic pool Dogali in Modena.
June 01, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
47th Grand Prix Slovakia 2009 - concluded...(Results)
(Bratislava, SVK) - The famous international swimming meeting GP Slovakia 2009 (for the 47th time) organized by the Slovakian swimming federation concluded Sunday in Bratislava... More then 600 competitors from 87 clubs (AUT, BUL, CZE, HUN, SLO, UKR and SVK) took part in 3-day events... Many national standards and new meet records were set. Click up the title to find out the official report and full results (from the swimmsvk.sk web site)...
Pasienky pool in Bratislava - place of the GP Slovakia 2009.
May 31, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
37th Welser Speedo Meeting 2009, AUT... (Results)
(Wels, AUT) - One of the oldest Austrian and the Euro swimming meet  (in the calendar of LEN) - International Welser Speedo Meeting 2009 concluded Sunday by the Weldorado Olympic pool in the town of Wels, Austria... 50 clubs-teams with more the 770 competitors from ITA, CZE, GER, RUS, SLO, POL, UZB and AUT took part in 2-day events... Click up the title to be redirected to the msecm.at web site with the complete official results...
Unbelievable swim crowd by the meet pool in Wels; more then 2800 starts. (Taken from the Pertholds gallery)
May 29, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Gianni Merlo: "Going back it would be Hari-Kari!". (AIPS)
(Lausanne, SUI) - Issued at the AIPS web site, Gianni Merlo, AIPS president said: "Swimming will not return to the naked days of the past.. Since the beginning of the Century both athletes and coaches have accepted new technology which covers most of the body with long high-tech suits, not for modesty, but because money has begun to flow into many pockets..  Yes, it is possible to go back, but it would be financial hari kari." Read more.
G.Merlo, awarderd by the "Telling Emotions" plaque..
May 28, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Barcode by Swiss Insitute at the Swimsuits??!!. (SI.com)
(Lausanne, SUI) - At the Fina press meeting held today in Lausanne, strange news continued to be delivered... All swimsuits of competitors will be sent for testing the week prior to the Rome 2009. After passing tests by the Swiss  Institute of Technology, each costume will be embedded with a barcode system. Only these suits will be allowed during the upcoming World Champs. Cornel Marculescu, FINA director explained to AP: "We need to control this technology... We need to do it by scientific proof. There is no scientific evidence today to say one swimsuit is better than another swimsuit.". Find more... 
Cornel Marculescu, Executive Director of Fina... 
May 28, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Timisoara Masters Cup 2009, ROM... (Invitation)
(Timisoara, ROM) - The second edition of the Timisoara Master Cup '09 is going to be held on June 14. Thanks to Mr. Mihai Lisetchi, manager, we are in the position to invite all category swimmers (25-94) to take part in this international event in Romania. The place of the event: Arena Aquasport Complex. Deadline for the entries: May 31... Click up the title to find out the official invitation or direcly over the next link to be registered on-line
Greats from the Timisoara swimming Masters team.. 
May 27, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Let the Swimmers Say Something... (By Igor Rasula)
(Amsterdam, NED) - Considering  the "storm on the swimsuits" and huge discussion that spread out the  world since the Fina issued its decision on the swimsuit approval, Igor Rasula, Journalist, Editor-in-Chief of the SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL arranged the special article which is dedicated to the wide swimming audience all over the globe. Crucial statement of his arguments is just put in the title. Find out the article (arr. in Serbian and English).
I.Rasula, Editor-in-Chief of the Swim Star Web Portal..
May 27, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Italian National Champs in Pescara... (On-Line Results)
(Pescara, ITA) - Started Tuesday in Pescara the Italian National Champs in Absolute is organizing (May 26-30).. On the Day-1 few new national marks in the categories were set also two new NRs: Samuel Pizzetti in the men's 800 free (7.48.13) & Caterina Giacchetti in the womne's 200 fly (2.06.50).. In the Day-2 morning heats and SFs, Silvia Di Pietro two times broke NR in 50 fly (26.25 and 26.23).. Click up the title to follow up the on-line results of the Italian Absolute Champs 2009... 
Silvia Di Pietro - new Italian NR in 50 fly (26.23)...
May 26, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Eamon Sullivan is saved - "swimsuits storm continues"... (theage.com.au)
(Sydney, AUS) - Issued by the Age magazine, Sullivan's Coach Stoelwinder said: "I spoke to him on the phone this morning, and both he and I are definitely happy about the announcement. I was a bit nervous going into world championships about the level playing field. It's also a case of you were thinking, 'Has the LZR Racer been surpassed in technology?' That was always a concern … they might have been racing people who had advanced technology in suits. You don't want to be behind the eight-ball before you dive in." Read more... 
Eamon Sullivan, Australian Record Holder in the Speedo LZR Racer 
May 23, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Janet Evans Invitational 2009, Irvine, USA...(On-Line Results) 
(Irvine, CA, USA) - 2009 Janet Evans Invitational meet started Friday by the William Wollett Aquatics Center, Irvine, CA... Many Olympians are entered for this 3-day event... At the first night finals few worthy times were swam out. In the women's 200 IM Katinka Hosszu (SC Trojan) won with a time of 2:11.47; In the men's 200 IM Hidemasa Sano ranked 1st (2:00.59). In the women's 100 breast Katy Freeman (SC Santa Barbara) knocked off Beijing gold medalist Rebecca Soni, 1:08.40 to 1:08.83. John Criste (Mission Vijeo SC) in the men's 100 breast beat with a time of 1:02.51 California's  Damir Dugonjic placed second in 1:03.31.. Follow up the official results of this traditional California's swimming event..
Rebecca Soni, Beijing's gold, lost gold in 100 breast..
May 22, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Mr. Fabricca: "The research continues..."(The Swimster Blog)
(Vigevano, ITA) - In the interview that he gave for the  Italian sports magazine Gazzetta Dello Sport (on April 29 translated into English and issued by Swimster Blog), the Guru of the Jaked 01 revolutionary swimsuit, Francesco Fabbrica said: "On June 4, 2008 came the official OK (from FINA), so we first debuted the suits at the Italian team championships in Rome... Alessia Filippi was the first of the big names to try it.... Our investment was around 500,000 - 600.000 Euro including the human resources and the patent... The research continues, Beijing was just a stop on the way". Read the interview.
Francesco Fabricca - the Jaked 01 swimsuit inventor...
May 21, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
"Swimsuits Explosion" - X-Glide and Jaked rejected...
May 19, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
FINA Commission for Swimwear Approval...
(Lausanne,SUI) - The FINA Commission in charge of the swimwear approval had a meeting on May 18, 2009 in Lausanne (SUI) and after reviewing 348 swimsuits from 21 manufacturers forwarded its proposal to the Fina Executive.. Click up the title to read the official press release No.37 with the decisions.. The same day, Fina and a group of swim coaches coming from 18 countries met at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, where Prof Jan-Anders Manson, presented the procedures of the testing process completely defined on the Fina swimwear approval regulations. Fina also announces the media promotion of the decision for the May 28...
May 18, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Pokal Terme Ptuj 2009 - Int'l Meeting, SLO...(Results) 
(Ptuj, SLO) -The 5th edition of the international meeting  Pokal Terme Ptuj 2009 finished successfully on Sunday by the outdoor aquatic center in Terme Ptuj, Slovenia. This event gathered more then 720 competitors from 33 clubs (CRO, GER, HUN, RUS, VEN and SLO). Click up the title to find out the full official results of both days of the competition issued by the pzstiming web site.
Outdoor Olympic pool at the Terme Ptuj complex,SLO
May 15, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
USA Grand Prix Series 2009 - continues in Charlotte...(Results)
Charlotte, NC
(Charlotte, NC, USA) - Upon the patronage of the USA Swimming the Grand Prix Series 2009 (for the fifth stop) continues this weekend in Charlotte, North Caroline. At the first night (Thursday), Peter Vanderkaay (Rochester, Mich.) lowered the pool record in the men’s 1500m free, while Katie Hoff (Towson, Md.) collected her first gold of the meet in the 800m free. On Friday, Michael Phelps is turning back to pool firstly in 200 free and 100 fly... 
Michael Phelps at the press conference announced   "the fun in next three years".(Webcasted by wcnc.com)
May 14, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Int'l Swimming Festival 2009 in Zagreb, CRO...(Invitation)
(Zagreb, CRO) - Thanks to the kind invitation that has been reached from Mr. Srecko Sever, head of the SC Dubrava, SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL recommends a great "Swimming Festival 2009" (6th international meet) in Zagreb, Croatia (June 28). Place of the event: outdoor Olympic pool Salata. Age categories: M/F 95, 96, 97, 98 and 99...Click up the title for the official invitation.. All additional information: dubrava-swimm@zg.htnet.hr
The famous Olympic pool of Salata Center in Zagreb.
May 12, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
36th Meet "Trophy of Modena 2009", ITA...(Second Call)
(Modena, ITA) - Organized by the Modena Nuoto and NC Ghirlandina, supported by the Community of Modena, the 36th edition of the traditional international meet "Trophy of Modena 2009" is going to be held on June 02 by the marvelous 50m out-door Olympic pool Dogali in Modena (Italy). Age group categories: M-(1990 & older; 91/92; 93/94/95); W-(1992 & older; 93/94; 95/96/97)... Click up the title for the official invitation. Deadline for entries May 15... Add info: meeting@ncghirlandina.it
Prof. Dr. Mauro Soldati, head of the NC Ghirlandina invites athletes & clubs to this great Euro Meet in Italy...
May 11, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Ryosuke - New WR in 200 back (1:52.86)...
(Camberra, AUS) - The first "Duel in the pool" between the selections of Australia and Japan concluded Sunday in Canberra. World super stars took part in this event such as Eamon Sullivan, Andrew Lauterstein, Stephanie Rice, Libby Trickett, Ken Takakuwa and others. However, coming from Japan's team, new world sensation arose - Irie Ryosuke (age of 19) after he set the new WR in the men's 200 back - 1:52.86 breaking Ryan Lochte's, USA (Beijing 2008) mark of 1:53.94... Find out more..
Ryosuke - new Japan's super star.. (swimming.org.au)
May 11, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Aquatic Euroswim 2009 in Skopje - concluded...(Results)
(Skopje, FYROM) - The 4th edition of the AG meeting "Aquatic Euroswim 2009" concluded this past weekend in Skopje, by the Karpos swim pool (SC). Organized by the Aquatic SC, this competition gathered 17 domestic clubs with about 250 competitors. Thanks to the swim officials from Skopje SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL is able to present the complete results (both days of the meet)...
Karpos 25m pool, place of the Euroswim 2009 meet...
May 10, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
29th Ilirija 2009 - concluded in Ljubljana, SLO...(Complete Results)
(Ljubljana, SLO) - The traditional international meeting "MM Ilirija 2009" concluded on May 10 by the Ilirija 50m pool in Ljubljana.. 177 athletes (24 teams) from CRO, BiH, HUN, ITA, FYROM, POL, ROU, RUS, SRB, SUI and SLO were entered. On the Day-1 finals in the men's 100 fly E.Korotyshkin, RUS (53.47) won over P.Mankoc SLO who went 54.69. From Serbia, swim squad of SC Proleter was presented. Tijana Vukanovic in the 100 fly ranked 3rd (1:03.33). Nikola Trajkovic in 200 IM swam out to the 4th place (2:16.92), while Nikola Celic ranked 8th (2:23.87). Watch out the complete official results... 
Peter Mankoc, the star and hostman of 29th Ilirija Meeting..
May 09, 2009 --------------------------------------------------------
Felipe Franca (BRA) - new WR in 50 Breast...(Results)
Rio De Janeiro
(Rio De Janeiro,BRA) - At the yesteday's qualification in the men's 50-m Breast - for the 4th day of the present Brazilian Absolute National Champs 2009 (LC pool), Felipe Alves Franca Silva, BRA rec holder set a new WR (26.89)... In the evening finals in the same discipline, he went in 27.25 and earned gold medal.. Click up the title to watch all 5-day competition results (May 05-10) as well as the marvelous galeries at the cbda.org.br ...
F.Franca at the finish of the WR race (Ph by S.Sodré)..
April 28, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
More two new WRs in Moscow - Yefimova & Zuyeva...
(Moscow, RUS) - Unbelievable evening of the Russian swimming... Yulia Yefimova (1992) set new WR in the women's 50 breast - 30.05, while Anastasia Zuyeva renewed the 50 back record (27.47)... Two new national marks were also set by Evgeny Korotyshkin in 100 fly (51.55), and Danila Izotov in 200 m free (1.46.17) 
A.Zuyeva and Y.Yefimova... (Ph by russwimming.ru)
April 28, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
"The most up to date swimming site in the Balkans"...
(Tessaloniki, GRE) - The new web site designed in the form of the web-blog started recently to cover swimming activities in Greece as well as worldwide... As our new partner from Greece, Dr.Maria Touraki has sent a great message to the world: SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL is "The most up to date swimming site in Balkans". Expressing our gratitude, we promise, more power we'll inlay to be much better then before.. Thanks a lot.... 
Main logo of the http://swimnet.wordpress.com/...
April 28, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Anastasia Zuyeva (RUS) - new WR in 50 back...
(Moscow, RUS) - Anastasia Zuyeva, the Russia's new swim star (age of 18), European champion from 2008, the Olympian,  set a new world mark of 27.48 in the women's 50 backstroke on Tuesday at the Russia Open Championships 2009.  Zuyeva shaved 0.19 seconds off the former world best that was shared among Zhao Jing (CHI) and Sophie Edington (AUS). Valentina Artemyeva set ER in the women's 50 breast 30.32 (breaking former rec of Zoe Baker 30.57). More at RUS swimming site...
A.Zuyeva - new world super star. (Ph by Visualria.com)
April 27, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Venizeleia 2009 - Int'l Meet in Greece - concluded...
(Chania, GRE) - This past weekend, the 12th edition of the Venizeleia 2009 GP Meet concluded in Greece.  Serb swimmers Milorad Cavic and Miroslava Najdanovski took part in this event... Few great times: Mike Cavicin 50 fly (24.41), Tsagarakis GRE in 50 free (22.44), Randal USA in 50 back (25.39). Najdanovski in 100 free (56.44), while in 50 free (26.15)... Click over the next links for the official results of the Part-1; Part-2, Part-3, Part-4 (issued at  our Greek partner's web site)...
Mike Cavic Serbian and the world super star...    (Ph by Igor Rasula).
April 26, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Bousquet - new WR in 50 Free (20.94)...(Results)
(Montpellier, FRA) - 2009 French Open Championships (long course pool) concluded this evening in Montpellier with the new WR that was set in the men's 50 free by the French super star Frédérick Bousquet (20.94)... Second finished in 50 free was Alain Bernard, with a time better then the previous WR (21.23)... Amaury Leveaux came third (21.59)... Watch out the official results at the FFN.
Frederick Bousquet (FRA), the first sprint under 21"...
April 23, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Bernard - First man under 47" ever in 100 Free...(YouTube)
(Montpellier, FRA) - 2009 French Open Championships (long course pool) in Montpellier for the Day-2 brought new WR in the men's 100 free... Alain Bernard French super star went first under 47 seconds ever and set the new WR (46.94)... Click up the title to be redirected to the You Tube webcast taken from the Eurosport... 
Alain Bernard (FRA), new/old world record holder...
April 20, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Petar Stoychev won 4th Fina OWS Grand Prix 2009...
(Sumidero Canyon, MEX) -Famous open water swimmers Petar Stoychev (BUL) & Britta Kamrau-Corestein (GER) won the fourth stop of the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix 2009 series that has been held this past week-end at the Sumidero Canyon in the Grijalva River (MEX), where Stoychev imposed a new record for the 15km route with 3:09:49. Among the women's athletes, Kamrau-Corestein won with a time of 3:24:05 followed by Angela Maurer (GER) and Daniela Inacio (POR). Read the official Fina report on this great OWS event...
Petar Stoychev, legendary BUL and the world OWS super star..
April 19, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Amsterdam Swim Cup 2009 - Two WRs of Veldhuis...(Web Blog)
(Amsterdam, NED) - Day-4 of the AMS'09 at the evening finals brought the two new World Records set by the Netherlands, the World and European swim super star Marleen Veldhuis (1979, born in Amsterdam)... In the women's 50 Fly new mark is 25.33, while in the 50 Free 23.96... In this race (50 free) Serbian record holder and two times Olympian Miroslava Najdanovski (1988) has  reached the 7th position (25.76). The SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL beside covering the complete meeting, with the wider results review, at our Special Web Blog prepared also the three great photo galleries...   (Arr by Igor Rasula)
Marleen Veldhuis (NED), the world swimming queen..
April 19, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
27th Int'l Meeting Spittal 2009 - concluded in AUT...(Results)
(Spittal, AUT) - One of the oldest AG LEN meet, and the most respectable in Austria, the Spittal 2009, concluded Sunday at the Wappenschale. More then 600 athletes  from ITA, SLO, HUN, BUL, CRO, CZE and AUT took part in the events. Women's ranking for the Trophy bowl: 1/ Verena Klocker (AUT); 2/ Giulia Tarquini (Toscana, ITA); 3/  Eleonora Tafi (Toscana, ITA)... Men's ranking: 1/ Emil Tahirovic (SLO); 2/ Matteo Fraschi (Toscana, ITA); 3/ Alessandro Spoleti (FIN Toscana, ITA)... 
Awarded swimmers of the Spittal 2009 Meeting...
April 19, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Amsterdam Cup Day-4 - Najdanovski (SRB) 7th in Prelims...(Web Blog)
(Amsterdam, NED) - Day-4 of the AMS'09 in the morning went with the great results, again.  In the women's 200 back S. van Rouwendaal NED set the pool rec (2:13.82). In the men's 100 breast Lennart Stekelenburg NED - pool record (1:01.09). The NREC was set in the women's 200 breast by Lia Dekker (2:28.57).  From the heat 10 (lane 5) of 91 participants, Serbian rec holder Miroslava Najdanovski swam out worthy women's 50 free (25.96) and earned the 7th position for the evening final... 
Minja Najdanovski (SRB) assured the final in the women's 50 free.
April 19, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Ciro 2009 - Int'l Meeting in Tuzla, BIH...(Results)
(Tuzla, BiH) - The 14th edition of the international swimming meeting Samir Cirak-Ciro 2009 organized by the Zmaj Alpamm SC, Tuzla, concluded successfully by the 25-m pool of the Tuzla Hotel on Saturday... Beside many domestic teams, guests came also from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia (Vojvodina, Feniks)... Click up the title for the complete official results.
Samir Cirak-Ciro 2009, the meet pool in Tuzla, BiH.
April 13, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
27th NIOVEIA Grand Prix 2009 - concluded in GRE...(Results) 
(Tessaloniki, GRE) -Organized marvelously by the YMCA swimming club, the traditional intern'l meeting the 27th edition of the Nioveia 2009 Grand Prix concluded in Tessaloniki by the Possidonio 50-m pool.. 
Click up the title to watch the complete official results of this great event or over the next link for the Photo Slide Show from Greece. Aslo the Nioveia 2009 Petit Prix has been held parallel. Click over the link for the complete results
Great sparkles from the Possidanio pool in Greece... 
April 10, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Jing Zhao- equaled WR in women's 50 back...
(Shaoxing, CHN) - Day-4 of the China national champs brought the world mark... The best domestic women's backstroker Zhao Jing, of Hubei, in 27.67 in the 50m backstroke equaled the WR set at Australian nationals  last year by Sophie Edington. In her short note for the China's media, Jing Zhao expressed her feelings, "I enjoyed... the results yes, to the proud of the Chinese team, I am pleased". Click up the title to introduce this 18-year-old Chinese swim hope for the Rome 2009...
Zhao Jing - WR holder, Olympian and Chinese star...
April 09, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
30th Arany Ust - Dunaujvaros 2009, HUN...(XLS Results) 
(Dunaujvaros, HUN) - Organized by the Dunaferr sport association, the 30th edition of the traditional Arany Ust Swim Meeting is organizing on Apr. 08-10 by the 50-m pool of the Fabó Éva sport complex... More then 400 competitors from Slovenia, Slovakia and Hungary take part in 3-day events.. Age categories at the program: M-(93-94); W-(95/96)... Click up the title for the (.xls) official results, also the next link bellow to introduce the famous Dunaferr sports engagements.
Sparkle from the Fabó Éva pool... (Dunaujvaros.com).
April 09, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Danish Open (LC) Championships 2009...(On-Line Results) 
(Esbjerg, DEN) - The 2009 Danish Open Championships (long course pool) is organizing at the Denmarkstadium sports complex in the town of Esbjerg (West Denmark). From Apr. 07-12, all best juniors and seniors as well as the disabilities will take part in the 12 sessions. On the Day-2 5 new NRECs have been set -Jeanette Ottesen in 50 fly (26.00), Jakob Andkjer in 50 flySF (23.52), Mads Glesner in 200 free (1:48.10), Chris Christenesen in 100 breast SF (1:02.69) and the SC Sigma women's relay 4x200 free (8:08.65). Click over the title for all results. 
Denmarkstadium pool in Esbjerg  (Arr by Igor Rasula).
April 07, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
2009 Romanian Junior Champs - concluded...(Results) 
(Baia Mare, ROU) - This past weekend (Apr. 02-05), in the town of Baia Mare, the 2009 National Junior II swim championships (LC pool) concluded successfully. Age categories that were presented: 1993-1996. Many great times were swam out at the marvelous 50-m Olympic municipality pool and the new Romanian hopes are born. Click up the title to watch out the complete official results (Day-1-Day-4 qualifications and finals)...
Great conditions at the Baia Mare Olympic pool, ROU.
April 06, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Maida Turnadzic - 6 NRECs - New star of BIH...(Results) 
(Sarajevo, BiH)- At the new swim complex in Sarajevo (SC pool), a week ago, 2009 National winter champs of Bosnia & Herzegovina concluded... 17 teams with 140 competitors took part in 2-day events.. One women's swimmer set 6 (six) new NRECs. New BIH swim star is born - Maida Turnadzic (as part of SC Zmaj - Alpamm, Tuzla). Maida was a top swimmer of the Cape Coral High School, FL (USA). She holds eight HS records and the FLSC 100 fly record. Winner of two silver medals at the Florida State HS Champs (2005 & 2007) in the 100-yd fly; member of the National Honor Society. Since Sept. 2008, Maida became a freshman of the University of Florida... Click up the title for the BiH 2009 results...
Maida Turnadzic (1990)... Photo from gatorzone.com
April 05, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Muñoz - World Record in 50 fly,  Strazmester 8th in 100 back..(Results) 
(Malaga, ESP)- Day-4, the last one of the Spanish Open Champ (LC) in Malaga brought more new fantastic times of all domestic athletes. Rafa Muñoz since he set ER yesterday in 100 fly (50.58), today in the semifinals of 50 fly set the new WR (22.43) breaking Schoeman's rec of 22.96 (from Montreal 2005). Aschwin Wildeboer set the new ER in 100 back (52.93). Marica Strazmester, Serbian rec holder, now member of the Arcorcon (ESP), swam out to the 8th position in 100 back with the the time of 1:03.42. See the complete Day-4 results...
Marica Strazmester, SRB rec holder  at the start of the women's 100m back semis (lane 5) in Malaga (Ph by Jose Herrezuelo)...
April 05, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Multinations Junior Meet Piraeus 2009, GRE...(Results)
(Athens, GRE) - The multinational junior meet in Greece gathered this weekend athletes from 9 countries - POL, BRA, ISR, TUR, CYP, POR, SUI & GRE. The 2-day event brought many great results. Among others, Brasilians Henrique Martins in the 50 fly (24.67) and Leonardo De Deus in 200 back (2:03.35)... Age categories of the program: M-(91/92) and W-(93/94). Click ove the links for the results of Part-1, Part-2,Part-3Part-4..
Olympic complex in Athents - a place of the event.. 
April 03, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Visit the Race Club swim camp in Florida, USA...(Reg.Form) 
(Miami, USA) - Gary W. Hall M.D., chief stroke technician of the Race Club invited us to take part in the training camp at the University of Miami, FL this summer. We recommend this camp to future Olympic candidates all across the Balkan region. You will spend time focusing on fundamentals of stroke techniques. You will hear inspirational Olympic stories and learn how to create an attitude for racing. You will learn important facts about nutrition and recovery. In one week, you will gain new  experience and knowledge in all five disciplines required for greatness. You will have also an option of having Dartfish underwater video analysis (for an additional cost) and receive a CD later by mail... More info...
World super stars at the Race Club camp complex...
March 31, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Ekaterina Avramova - New NRECs of Bulgaria...
(Sofia, BUL) -212 competitors from 22 clubs took part in the 2009 Bulgarian National Championship (short course pool that concluded previous week in Sofia. Ekaterina Avramova (as part of the SC Olympia-Sofia) set three Bulgarian national records.  In 50 m Back she touched the wall in a time of 28.99, in 100 m Back 1:00.95 and in 200 m Back – 2:11.27.... Click up the title for the complete article at the FBSS web-site (in Bulgarian only).
E.Avramova, present power of the BUL swimming...
March 29, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Ravne 2009 Int'l Meeting, SLO - concluded...(Results) 
(Ravne, SLO) - The 36th edition of the international meet Ravne 2009 concluded Sunday in Slovenia. About 200 athletes from 7 countries took part in 2-day events. From Serbia, great performances were shown by Nikola Simic (golds in 50 free, 50 fly and 100 free), Stefan Sorak (2 medals in 400 and 200 free), while among girls, Tijana Vukanovic earned gold in 100 fly (1:03.37), Anja Mioc silver in 50 fly (29.46). Watch out all results.
Pool in Ravne na Koroskem, a place of the meeting..
March 27, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Roni Pikec, New Coach of the SLO Swimming...(Zurnal24.si) 
Pikec & Tahirovic
(Ljubljana, SLO) - The executive board of the Slovenian Swimming Association decided yesterday that the new national head coach will be Roni Pikec, chief coach of the SC Merit-Triglav, Kranj. In the previous period, Pikec was also trainer of the national record holders Emil Tahirovic and Matijaz Markic. The engagement of the new coach is defined up to the London 2012 Olimpic Games..
Roni Pikec and Emil Tahirovic at one of the previous International meet "Belgrade Trophy" by the Tas pool...
March 27, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Samir Cirak 2009, Int'l AG meet in Tuzla, BiH...(Invitation) 
(Tuzla, BiH) - Organized by the Zmaj-Alpamm swimming club, the 14th edition of the international AG meeting Samir Cirak Ciro Tuzla 2009 is going to be held on April 18 in the town of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Two categories are welcome at this competition, M/W 1994 & older and 1995 & younger. Deadline for the entries:April 15. More info on this event: senad.salkic@bih.net.ba or via Tel/Fax: ++ 387 35 250 018... Click up the title for the complete program/schedule of the meeting.
25-m pool at the Tuzla Hotel, a place of the meet...
March 26, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
CAL Women's Team - First NCAA Champs Title...(Results) 
(CAL, USA) - At the recent concluded NCAA women's Swim & Dive Championships 2009 (Div I) held at the College Station, TX, Slovenian best women's swimmer Sara Isakovic has made fantastic success and helped CAL Berkeley team to take the first-ever NCAA title. Two times Olympian, Beijing 2008 silver medalist in 200 free, now as a student - swimmer of the CAL in the 4x200 yd. free relay (Isakovic, Wilson, Jensen, Vollmer) set the new US Open and NCAA records of 6:52.69... Click up the title for the complete official results or here bellow for the great Photo Gallery (via floswimming web site)... 
Sara Isakovic (1988) in front of the Water Cube for the Beijing
March 22, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
2009 Croatian National  Championships (SC)...(Results) 
(Zagreb, CRO) - 2009 CRO national champs (SC pool) is organizing at the Utrine center in the Croatian capital. 3-day competition gathered absolute, junior and cadet category swimmers. On the Day-1 Sanja Jovanovic (WR holder, Olympian and the best CRO backstroker ever), set the new national standard in the women's 100 IM (1:00.99). Among juniors Mateo Muzek swam out new NJRec in 400 free (3:50.75), while among cadets Valery Svigir in the women's 50 free set NCRec (26.74).. Find out the complete official results at the HPS web site...
Great swim conditions at the Utrine pool in Zagreb...
March 17, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Alshammar, New WR but disqualified - swimsuit drama...
(Sydney, AUS) - Swedish swimmer Therese Alshammar is stripped today of her WR in the 50-m fly for wearing two swimsuits, just hours after setting the new mark. She has been disqualified from this morning's heat and the new world record will not stand," Swimming Australia spokesman Ian Hanson told to media. Alshammar recorded a time of 25.44 in the morning heats at the world championship trials in Sydney, shaving 0.02 of a second off her previous world-best time, set in June 2007. The 31-year-old was swimming at the Australian meet as a training foreigner and will not be allowed to compete in the semi-finals or finals. Find out more...
ThereseAshammar - the first victim of the Fina Dubai Charter.
March 17, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Jo Jackson - New WR in 400 free (4:00.66)...(Results) 
(Sheffield, GBR) - The first day of the British Swimming Championships 2009 (LC pool), which is organizing in the City of Sheffield (on March 16-20), Joanne Jackson (1986, the Loughboro Univ.), the Beijing 2008 medalist and national rec holder, set the new WR in the women's 400-m free (4:00.66) overjumping a previous standard (F.Pellegrini 4:01.53) swam out in Einhoven, 2008.. Click up the title to be redirected to the on-line results data base of the British Swimming official web site... 
Joanne Jackson (GBR) - bronze medalist in Beijing (400 free).
March 15, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Canadian Annamay Pierse - new WR in 200 breast...
(Toronto, CAN) - Annamay Pierse Canadian Olympian and national record holder broke the world short course swimming record in the women’s 200 breast yesterday at the 2009 Spring Nationals. Pierse, an Olympic finalist in Beijing, clocked 2:17.50 to beat the previous WRec of 2:17.75 set by Leisel Jones (AUS) in November 2003. Pierse also broke her NRec of 2:18.59 set last month at the Canadian Interuniversity Championships...
Annamay Pierse - Canadian and the world super star.
March 09, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
Pellegrini - New WR in 200 free (1:54.47)...(Results)
(Riccione, ITA) – 5th day of the 2009 National absolute championships of Italy held in Riccione, as part of the Canottieri Aniene swimming club, Federica Pellegrini set a new world record in the women's 200 free (1:54.47)... Her team mates were also great picking up four bronze medals - Damiano Lestingi in 100 back (54.89), Valerio Cleri in 1500 fee (15:20.59), Christian Galenda in 100 free (48.90) and Elena Gemo in 50 fly (26.92). Click up the title to watch the full official Day-5 results of the Campionati Assoluti Primaverili 2009 (FIN web site)... 
F.Pellegrini - Italian and the world super star (Photo by Giorgio Scala)...
March 05, 2009 ------------------------------------------------------
XV Masters Championships  of France (SC)...(Results)
(Dunkerque, FRA) – The French Short Course Masters Nationals concluded last week-end at the Paul Asseman Aquatic Center in Dunkerque. In this great competition, many fantastic times were swam out... The organizers were pleased with the success of the meet as in addition to the 10 FINA world records, 25 European and 93 French records were set. Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen, 47, set six FINA Masters world records in the 45-49 age division. For all those who are interested in the Masters swimming click up the title to watch the official resuls at liveffn.com... 
Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen in her 'swimming life', set more then 160 Fina Masters WRs. (Photo by floswimming.org)
February 26, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
New Swimming Federation of FYROM - established in Skopje...
(Skopje, FYROM) – After the foundation assembly that was held yesterday in Skopje, 22 swimming clubs (incl. 3 still not activated), decided to get out of the alliance with the Macedonia Water Polo federation. The first president of the FYROM Swimming is Mihail Malahov,  Aleksandar Filipcev and Tomi Stefanovski will be two Vice-Presidents while the members of the top board are Gorgi Boev and Ivica Nikolov... On behalf of the Belgrade swim adorers SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL sends our congratulations and best wishes for the new step in the national swim rising.
Aleksandar Filipcev, Headcoach of the Swimming Club Dolphin, Skopje, a new Vice-President of the FYROM Swimming.. 
February 25, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Bulgarian Stoychev in OWS Hall of Fame...(10Kswimmer.com)
(LA, USA) – The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame selected its Class of 2009. The eight honorees are nominated:  Mike Read (GBR), Skip Storch (USA), Petar Stoychev (BUL), David Meca Medina (ESP), Maria Luisa Cabañeros Sanchez de Leon (ESP), Britta Kamrau (GER), Frank Pritchard (USA) and Sunny Lowry (UK). Find out the copmlete report at the 10Kswimmer.com site... 
Petar Stoychev, winner of eight consecutive FINA OWS Grand Prix titles, winner of more the 50 individual open water races and the English Channel Rec holder...
February 23, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Shiho -new WR in the Womens's 100 Back (SC)...(Results)
(Tokyo, JPN) – The Tatsumi International Pool in the Japan's capital was the host place of the International Japan Open 2009 that was held on Feb 21-22.. Many  JPN national standards, the new WR is broken in the womens' 100 back (56.25) by Sakai Shiho (JPN). Great times were set also by Therese Alshamar (SWE) in 100 free, Jade Edmistone (AUS) in 50 breast, Jiao Liuyang (CHN) in 100 fly...See all results at swim.seyko.co.jp. 
The competition pool of the Japan Open 2009...
February 22, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Pan-Hellenic Winter  Champs 2009(LC)...(Results)
GRE champs
(Volos, GRE) – The 2009 open winter championships of   Greece (long course pools), with the attendance of the associations of Thessalonica, Thessaly, Macedonia, Thrace, etc.,  will be finished today in Volos. Many great races were seen and few national standards were broken (in the youth categories). Click here to watch the official results of the Day-1; Day-2 and Day-3 of the Champs...
The championships pool in Volos...(Photo by N.Sevastos)
February 19, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
27th Generali Swim-Meet SPITTAL 2009, AUT...(First Call)
(Spittal, AUT) - 27th International meeting Spittal 2009 is going to be held in Spittal, Austria (Apr 18-19). The one of the oldest and most known European age-group event  (25m pool), will gather this year  athletes from all over the world. The Swim Star Web Portal recommends this event to all swimmers in the Region of the Balkans... Click up the title to open the Spittal 2009 official invitation, as well also here for the Photo Gallery Spittal 2008 been made previous year in Austria...
The greatest conditions by the Spittal pool. Add info: f.kendi@hotmail.com
February 15, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2009 - concluded...(Report)
Herceg Novi
(Herceg Novi, MNE) - The 14th edition of the traditional LEN meet Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2009 concluded this morning at the marvelous Mediterranean Health Center (25-m pool)... 20 teams with 259 competitors from Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Pristina and Montenegro took part in 2-day events. Click up the title to be redirected to our special web page on the Mimosa 2009. Find out also the complete official results.
Pool of the Mediterranean Health Center in Igalo Spa.
February 13, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Nykolay Skvortsov - New WR in 200 Fly (SC)...(Results)
(St.Petersburg, RUS) - 2009 Russia's Championships (short course pool) took place in Saint Petersburg (Feb 07-11).. Among great times swam out all five days of the competition Nikolay Skvortsov set the new WR in 200 Fly (1:50.53) breaking his own record (1:50.60)... New national standards were set by Stanislav Lahtyov in 200 breast (2:05.54), Katerina Artemyeva in 50 Fly (0:26.23) and Ksenia Moskvina in 50 back (0:27.06)... Click up the title to find out the results (swimming.ru).
Nikolay Skvortsov, European SC bronze medal in 50 Fly - Rijeka'08..
February 08, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Viareggio - Coppa Carnevale 2009 - concluded...(Results)
(Viareggio, ITA) - 32nd Coppa Carnevale 2009 int'l AG meet is finished Sunday after the 3rd day of the events. One of the oldest AG European swim meeting concluded successfully gathering more then 500 athletes from ITA, SLO, SVK, AUT and LIT.. The final team rank: 1/Aurelia Nuoto (ITA); 2/Rari Nantes Torino (ITA); 3/ Fiorentina Nuoto (ITA)... Click up the title to open the complete official results report of the meeting...
Community pool in Viareggio, a place of the event.....
February 08, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
STAR 2009 - International AG Meet, SLO - concluded...(Results)
(Kranj, SlO) - Organized by the KPD Zvezda Kranj, the Int'l AG meet "Star 2009 "concluded successfully at the community Olympic pool in the town of Kranj, SLO. More then 450 competitors from 42 clubs (11 countries) took part in 2-day events... From Serbia, 9 athletes of the SC Proleter - Jugoremedija picked up 17 medals in all AG categories (Gold medals earned  Pandurov Jovana in      50 fly and 50 back, Vlaisavljevic Petar in 50 breast and Celic Nikola in 50 free)... Clik up the title to watch the complete official Results of the Star 2009 meeting... 
Community Olympic pool in the town of Kranj, SLO...
February 03, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Mr. Ivan Tsanov - Exclusive Swim Interview...
(Amsterdam/Sofia) - Exclusively for the SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL, Mr. Ivan Tsanov, one of the top Bulgarian swim experts, the owner of the FBSS First Bulgarian Swimming Site, the ABS Secretary General (the Association of the Bulgarian Swimmers) and the LEN corespondent, gave us an inteview, where he also underlined the interest of the swimming sport in the wider region of the Balkans and SE Europe... Arranged and prepared by Igor Rasula
Ivan Tsanov as a Secretary General of the ABS...
February 03, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Dr.Fig 2009 - Int'l Meet in Kranj - concluded...(Results)
(Kranj, SLO) - 11th edition of the Dr.Fig 2009 concluded  in Kranj, Slovenia, organized by the Swim Club Merit - Triglav. 470 competitors from CRO (4 teams); HUN (1); SRB (1) and SLO (19), took part in the events. From Serbia, SC Proleter-Jugoremedija participated. The best achievements earned Divna Cosic in 200 free and 200 back, and Danijela Zurz-Bugaric in 200 free... Click up the title for the full results (taken from pzstiming.net)...
The official flyer of the Dr.Fig 2009 swim meeting...
February 02, 2009 ---------------------------------------------------
Stoychev won Santa Fe Marathon 2009, ARG...(Results)
(Coronda, ARG) - The winner of the first race of the FINA OWS Grand Prix 2009 is the legendary Petar Stoychev (BUL) in 8:53:07:79. He earned this victory in Santa Fe-Coronda (ARG), of the event traversed a river course of the 57 km. The 32-year-old Stoychev was in the leading group throughout the race, but after passing the front man Rodolfo Valenti (ITA, 4th in 8:53:20:31) in the fifth hour of swimming he remained in first for the extent of the race. See all results + gallery at the Coronda site...
The World open water swim legend - Petar Stoychev...
January 23, 2009 -----------------------------------------------------
Croatia - the best swim country in the region...(Statistics)
(Zagreb, CRO) - In the course of 2008, far best country in the swimming in this part of the continent is Croatia. In spite it missed the Beijing medal, 3 new WRs and 5 ERs were set and 11 medals earned at the World and Euro  championships.. The best coach is Dimitar Bobev (BUL expert), while among the teams - ZPK. Croatian Swimming Federation has issued the statistics for 2008..
Sanja Jovanovic, CRO, Euro and the world super star..
January 18, 2009 -----------------------------------------------------
19th McDonald's Multistroke Cup Linz 2009, AUT...(Results)
(Linz, AUT) - 19th edition of the popular  int'l meeting McDonald's Multistroke Cup 2009, organized by the ADM Schwimmen concluded this past weekend. More then 280 competitors (predominantly athletes born 1992-1998) from 23 clubs (GER, CZE, LTU, SLO and AUT) gathered by the 25-m pool of Auhof swim center in Linz. Click up the title to be redirected to the meet official web page.
Crowed at the warm-up of the Auhof pool in Linz... 
January 17, 2009 -----------------------------------------------------
Reykjavík International Meet 2009, ISL...(Results)
(Reykjavik, ISL) - This weekend in the capital of Iceland, the traditional int'l swim meet (since '89) is taking place at the Laugardalur Olympic Pool (opened in 2005). Many foreign swimmers participated in this meeting during the years (SWE, CZE, DEN, GER, RUS, FIN, SVK, USA, FRI and others)..  Serbian record holder Mladen Tepavcevic, now as part of the SC Hafnarfjordor took part in two prelims: in 50 breast he ranked 2nd (30.07) while in 100 breast he was 3rd (1:08.53)...The finals are on the programme tomorrow... Click up the title for the on-line results...
Laugardalur Olympic Pool... (Photo by JAK@ismennt.is).
December 20, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Maribor 2008 International Meeting, SLO...(Results)
(Maribor, SLO) - The traditional international swimming meeting MM Maribor 2008 starts Saturday by the Pristan 50m pool in Maribor, SLO. More then 300 athletes from 27 clubs of BiH (1), CRO (2), GER (1), HUN (5), SMR (1), USA (1) and SLO (16) are ready to their best. The PZS Timing arranged the on-line results web presentation of  2-day events. Click up the title to be redirected to PZS.
Pristan Olympic pool, the excellent conditions for the top swim achievements... (Photo by SC Branik, 2007)
December 14, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Last day in Rijeka - 5 WRs, 3 ERs and 2 CRs...(Results)
(Rijeka, CRO) - On the last day of Rijeka 2008, in the morning, Amaury Leveaux (FRA) set new WR in 50 Fly(22.18). In the evening, 4 more WRs were set: Mireia Garcia Belmonte ESP in 200 IM W (4:25.06); Federica Pellegrini ITA in 200 Free (1:51.85); Stanislav Donets (RUS) in 100 Back M (49.32) and France's men's relay  (Bernard, Gilot, Leveaux and Bousquet) in 40 x 50 Free (1:20.77). New ERs were set by Peter Mankoc SLO in 100 IM (51.97), Hugues Dubosq FRA in 200breast (2:04.59). New CRs were set by M. Veldhuis NED in 50 Free (23.55) and Jeanette Ottesen DEN in 100 fly W (56.70)... 
Federica Pellegrini, new world record holder in 200 Free (Photo by AP)
December 13, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Four new WRs in Rijeka -on the  Day-3...(Results)
(Rijeka, CRO) - Evening session of the Day-3 brought 4 new WRs: Amaury Leveaux, FRA in 100 free M (44.94) Sanja Jovanovic, CRO in 50 back W (26.23) & Nikolay Skvortsov RUS in 200 Fly M (1:50.60). NED women's 4x50 medley relay equaled WR (1:45.73).. New ER was set by Aschwin Wildeboer, ESP in 100 back (49.66)... Petar Mankoc, SLO in 100 IM M (52.45), Matjaz Markic SLO in 50 breast (26.47) and Hanna Maria Seppaelae, FIN in 100 IM W (59.24), set new CRs. See all results..
Sanja Jovanovic, CRO Swim Queen, new WR in 50 BAck.(Ph by V.Vlacich)
December 12, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Mike Cavic - Gold in 100 Fly (49.19 ER)...(Web Blog)
(Rijeka, CRO) - On the Day-2 within the evening finals, from the lane 2, Milorad Mike Cavic, the best Serbian swimmer ever, the silver medalist from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, succeeded to pick up a Gold medal in the men's 100 butterfly with the time of 0:49.19 (the new European short course record and 2nd best time ever in the world). Ivan Ledjer (1990) was ranked 6th in 100 fly with the time of 0:50.47 (the new National Junior record, also the new men's European Junior record)... Congratulations from the swim mates of Belgrade!!!
Mike Cavic at the podium of 100 fly with his first rival Rafael Perez Munoz (ESP)...   (Photo by V.Vlacich)
December 12, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Three new WRs and Six ERs in Rijeka - Day-2...(Results)
(Rijeka, CRO) - On the Day-2 evening SF & F, more new fantastic times were set: Amaury Leveaux  FRA new WR  in 100 free (45.12); Alessia Fillipi ITA, new WR in 800 free W (8:04.53); The Netherlands in 4x50 free women's relay new WR (1:33.80);  Lubos  Krizko SVK in 50 back (ER23.15),  Igor Borysik UKR in 100 breast (ER 57.33); Sanja Jovanovic CRO in 100 back W (ER 56.87); Milorad Cavic SRB in 100 fly(ER 49.19); Hanna Maria Seppaelae FIN in 100 IM  W(CR 59.62);  Hinkelien Schreuder NED in 50 fly W(ER 25.21)...Find out complete results..
Amaury Leveaux in Rijeka... (Photo by V.Vlacich)
December 11, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
New WRs and ERs on the Day-1 in Rijeka...(Results)
(Rijeka, CRO) - Amaury Leveaux (FRA), earned Gold   in 50 free 20.63 (WR in semi-final 20.48). Gold medals were taken also by Paul Biedermann GER in 400 free M  (3:37,73); Francesca Segat ITA in 200 Ind.Medley W (2:07.93);  Donets RUS & Wildeboer (ESP) in 200 back (1:49,22); Petra Granlund SWE in 200 fly W (2:04,27); James Goddard GBR in 200 Ind.Medley M (1:53,46); Valentina Artemyeva RUS, in 50 breast W (29.96); ITA 4x50 m men's medley relay (1:32.91 WR).. Find out complete official results at the www.omegatiming.com
Amaury Leveaux (FRA) -   (Photo by Giorgio Scala)
December 07, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Alain Bernard - New WR in 100 free (45.69)...(Results)
(Augers, FRA) - The 3rd World and European SC record has been set this evening at the France's 2008 Short Course Open Championships in Angers... Alain Bernard (1983) set the new World record in the men's 100 free (45.69). This last day of the Open Champs, also the new 4 NRs were set by Dubosq, Lebon, Lacourt and Muffat... Click up the title to be redirected to the official Frence's  swimming federation web data base... 
Alain Bernard in the Fina 2008 WC series in Berlin....
December 07, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
17th Miklavz Meet 2008, Ljubljana - concluded...(Results)
(Ljubljana, SLO) - The 17th edition of the traditional AG international swim meet Miklavz 2008 organized by the SC Olimpija, Ljubljana concluded successfully today in the Slovenian's capital... At the Tivoli 25-m pool, the talents from ITA, CRO, SRB, FRA & SLO  took part in 2-day events. The athletes from SC Vojvodina (SRB) also participated...  Click up the title to be redirected to the Timing Ljubljana site, for  the complete results.
Tivoli pool in Ljubljana at the previous Miklavz meet. 
December 07, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Leveaux Amaury and Balmy Coralie - Two new World Records...(Results)
(Augers, FRA) - The France's 2008 Short Course Open Championships (Dec 05-07) in Angers, beside plenty NRs brough also two new world records last night. In the men's 50 Fly Leveaux Amaury swam out in a time of  22.29 WR, while in the women's 200 free Balmy Coralie smashed the WR in 1:53.18... Overall, 8 National new standards were set (the day before 8 FRA and 2 ESP records). Click up the title to find out the official results of the France's SC nationlas in Angers...
The Jean Bouin 25-m swimming pool in the City of Angers, FRA....
December 05, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Randall Bal - WR in 50 Back (LC) in Eindhoven...(Results)
(Eindhoven, NED) - The 2008 Eindhoven Swim Cup (long course pool) started today in the Netherlands... Beside plenty NRECs, the American backstroker Randall Bal, member of the A.D.N. Swim Project (Italy) set the new World record in 50 Back (24.33) destroying the 24.47 previous standard set by Liam Tancock (UK) in Sheffield earlier this year. This is also better time then the U.S. record of 24.71 set by Ben Hesen during time trials at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials this past summer... 
Randall Bal, at the podium of the 2008 World Cup series this year in Berlin
December 02, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Federica Pellegrini - back to pool soon...(Flash at FIN)
(Rome, ITA) - Federica Pellegrini, the Italian Olympic medalist, and national record holder will be back to pool in short period of time... Since she finished the health check at CONI Institute (after breaking the 800 Free at the ITA Champs last week in Genova), Pellegrini has been given the all-clear from the medical aspect... In next 24 hours, she will wear a heart-beat monitor, after the final results will get a permit. She hopes she might be turned back to training Tuesday morning re. the upcoming Euro championships in Croatia Dec.11-14. See the short info in Italian at www.federnuoto.it 
Federica Pellegrini, ITA, European & the World super star.. 
December 01, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Biedermann's Show in Essen - Two New ERs...(400 Free Results)
(Essen, GER) - At the German SC Championships that is concluded last night in Essen, Paul Biedermann lowered the Euro SC records in 400 Free (3:34.98) and in 800 Free (7:35.23)... Johannes Dietrich lowered twice ER in 50 Fly (22.64 and then 22.62)... To remind you, Paul Biedermann 22-year-old man, broke Thorpe's WR in 200m Free at the Berlin'08 - the WC Series (1:40.83). Overall 12 new NRECs of Germany have been set in Essen. See the list of the winners at the DSV web site
Paul Biedermann, World & European Record Holder.. 
November 30, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Italian SC Championships 2008 - concluded...Results)
(Genova, ITA) - 'Campionati Nazionali Assoluti Invernali 2008' (The National SC Champs) is concluded yesterday in the City of Genova, ITA. Fantastic performances were seen... Overall 16 national records have been set. To mention few of them: Francesca Segat (83) in 100 IM (59.56); 100 fly(57.81); 200 fly (2:04.92); Elena Gemo (87) in W 50 back (27.02); 100 back (57.59), Edoardo Giorgetti (89) in 100 breast (58.39) and in 200 breast (2:05.02)... Watch out the complete FIN Record Sheet
The official flyer of the Italian championships 2008 
November 30, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Sweden SC Championships 2008 in Stockholm...(Results)
(Stockholm, SWE) -The 2008 Sweden SC Champs will be concluded this evening in the Sweden's capital. New NRECs are set by J.Lillhage in W 100 IM (59,84) and  the Täby SC in 4x50 W medley (1:48,11)... Great news for SRB swim fans - Radovan Siljevski, SRB Olympian as a member of  the Neptun SC, on the Day-1 achieved to pick up his first gold medal (in the 4x50 Men's Relay) - 1:37.34... Click up the title for the complete results...
Radovan Siljevski as part of the SC Neptun, Sweden..
November 29, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Memorial Spela & Vesna 2008, Kranj, SLO...(Results)
(Kranj, SLO) - The 25th edition of the 'Spelin & Vesnin Memorial' concluded this evening in Kranj, Slovenia. 706 competitors from 31 clubs (AUT, SRB, CRO, CZE, BiH and SLO 22 teams) took part in the events... From Serbia, Misa Matic (Spartak) won gold in 100 fly M1 (1:02.36), Isidora Tesic (Vojvodina) picked up silver in W 100 back (1:06.13) while Milica Ivancevic (Vojvodina) silver in W2 (1:08.16)... Worthy races swam out  S.Stepanov and N.Simic. Click up the title for the official results...
The 25m pool lane of the Olympic pool in Kranj, SLO.
November 29, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
35th STRÖCK 2008 in Wien - AUT new NRECs...(Day-1 Results)
(Wien, AUT) - The 35th edition of the Strock'08 started yesterday in Wien by the Stadthallenbad (25m). Day-1 brought many MRs and NRECs - Dominik Koll,  in M 200 Free (1:45.16); Birgit Koschischek in W 100 Fly (57.76); Fabienne Nadarajah in 50 Back (27.44); 2 Records of Jordis Steinegger in W 200 Free (1:57.56) and W 400 IM (4:35.48)...  Athletes from 11 countries took part in the events. Click up for the Day-1 results. More: msecm.at
Dominik Koll, Beijing Olympian, Austria's Rec holder.
November 24, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
LZR Racer would be forbidden in swimming...
(London, UK) - Journalist Craig Lord issued an article in the Sunday Times yesterday about the requests of banning the "doping" swim suits in the upcoming world events... More then 90% of all new WRs were set in the LZR, TYR or Arena "bodysuits". Swim suits dominated swimming in Beijing but they should be banned before they ruin the sport, says the United States... More>>
Laure Manaudou and Craig Lord, swimming journalist and analyst (Taken from the SCAQ Swim Club's blog)...
November 24, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
4th NEMO Cup 2008 in Skopje - concluded...(Results)...
(Skopje, FYROM) - The 4th edition of the International  swim meet NEMO Cup 2008concluded Sunday in Skopje by the 25m pool od the Mladost Center - Karpos.. 608 competitors from 7 countries took part in the events... Meet overall winners: Danijela Djikaniovic (SRB) among women and Aleksandar Nikolov (BUL) among the men. Team winner SC Jug, Croatia. Organized by WSC Delfin,  this event confirms great potency of the FYROM's swim.
Sparkles from the Mladost pool, Karpos in Skopje...
November 21, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
4th Grand Premio Italia - Viareggio, ITA...(Results)
(Viareggio, ITA) -Great event is organizing this weekend  in Italy - the Grand Premio Italia 2008 - 32th Mussi Lombardi - Femiano Meet... Many world and domestic super stars are entered in 2-day events such as Randall Bal (USA), Cameron V.D. Burgh (RSA), Zoe Baker (NZL), Therese Alshammar (SWE), Sophie Edington (AUS), Chiara Boggiato,  Federica Pellegrini,  Massi Rosolino (ITA), Vladislav Polyakov (KAZ), etc. Click up the title to follow the on-line results at the FIN Italy's web site..
The official flyer of the GP Italy 2008 Open Champs.
November 20, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
2008 Romanian SC Championships - concluded...(Results)
(Hunedoara, ROM) -Organized by the National federation the 2008 Romanian SC Championships concluded this past weekend in Hunedoara. Many new national records have been set in the cadet and junior categories... In absolute, Razvan Florea set two records in the men's 100 IM (56.16) and 100 back (52.95), while Trandafir Norbert in 50 Free swam out new NRec in 22.04. Click up the title for the official resutls of the ROM Champs...
Norbert Trandafir with his Coach Prof. Atilla Peteley...
November 17, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
23rd Pokal Mesta Celje 2008, SLO - concluded...(Results)
(Celje, SLO) - The traditional International meeting "Pokal Mesta Celje", organized by Marines-Neptun SC concluded this past week-end by the Golovec pool in Celje, SLO. More then 430 competitors from CRO, CZE, ITA, USA and SLO (30 clubs) took part in 2-day events. Click here over the links to open-up the official Day-1 and Day-2 results (from the pzstiming.net in .pdf)...
The Golovec swim pool in the town of Celje, SLO...
November 17, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
100 Years of the Sport Club Primorje, Rijeka,CRO ...
(Rijeka, CRO) - The sport club "Primorje", Rijeka, CRO,  set a charm ceremonies regarding 100-year anniversary of its establishing... At the new Kantrida pool also in the  CN Theater in Rijeka, the special academies were held, where the top recognitions have been consigned. The swimmers were awarded, too:  Duje Draganja, Tomislav Karlo, Milos Milosevic, Marko Strahija.. Find out more at the www.rijeka.hr on-line issue (in Croatian only)...
Primorje's millennium picture.. (Ph by Sime Strikoman)
November 16, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Fina World Cup 2008 - concluded in Berlin...(Results)
(Berlin, GER) - Berlin 2008 marked the  conclusion of the 2008 Fina/Arena World Cup Series... Cameron van der Burgh (RSA) is the overall winner in the men’s category (192 pts.). In the women’s ranking, Marieke Gueher (AUS) got the first place with 199 points. This evening she set new WR in 50 Fly (24.99).. More two WRs were set by Paul Biedermann (GER) in 200 free-1:40.83 and   Randall Bal, USA in 50 back (22.87). New WCs were set by Evgeny Korotishkin,RUS in 100 Fly (49.74), Corolie Balmy, FRA in 400 free (3:56.24) and Oussama Mellouli, TUN in 200 Individual Medley (1:52.41)...
Marieke Gueher (AUS) and Cameron V.D.Burgh (RSA).
November 15, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
New WR in the Men's 100 Backstroke in Berlin...(Results)
(Berlin, GER) - Day-1 of the Berlin 2008 - 7th Stop of the Fina World Cup, brought another new world standard.. Peter Marshall (USA) in 100 Back set the WR in 49.63.. Li Tao of Singapore set the WC in the women's 100 Fly (56.28). Fantastic Matt Jaukovic, AUS in 50 Fly touched  first (22.58) - only 8/100 seconds near his WR, in front of Dietrich (GER) and Korotyshkin (RUS)... 
Matt Jaukovic, confirmed globe leaderships in 50 fly...
November 13, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
3 New World Standards at Srockholm 2008...(Results)
(Stockholm, SWE) - The 6th stop of the World Cup 2008 series concluded last night in Stockholm, SWE... In the women's 400 IM Katheryn Meaklim, RSA set World Cup record (4.27.21). In the men's 50 Back Peter Marshall    USA  WR (23.05), while in the women's 50 Fly Therese Alshammar, SWE  set also WR (25.31). Click up the title to open up the official results of the Day-2 in Stockholm
P.Marshall, new power from the USA (Ph by Reuters)...
November 11, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Matt Jaukovic - Tzar of 50 Fly at World Cup 2008...(Results)
(Stockholm, SWE) - The 6th stop of the World Cup 2008 series started Tuesday... Cameron V.D. Burgh (RSA) set WR in 50 Breast (25.94). Also Peter Marshall (USA) set new WR in 100 Back (23.87). Matt Jaukovic (AUS) in the men's 50 Fly touched first (22.85) and confirmed his supremacy in this event. Click up the title to watch the official Day-1 results at the www.omegatiming.com
Matt Jaukovic, world record holder in 50 fly (SCM)...
November 11, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
10th Int'l Meet Zamorata 2008 Sofia, BUL...(Results)
(Sofia, BUL) - Thanks to our friends from Skopje, the SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL are able to present you the Complete official results of the finished Zamorata 2008 International meeting that was held this past weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria... More the 330 athletes from Croatia, Serbia, FYROM and Bulgaria took part in 2-day events... The meet organizer: SC Levsky, Sofia... 
The 'Spartak' pool in Sofia, BUL... (Photo by FBSS)...
November 09, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Two new World Standards are set in Moscow...(Results)
(Moscow, RUS) - The 5th stop of the FINA/ARENA World Cup Series concluded in Moscow by the Olympiisky swim pool... On the Day-2 Cameron Van Der Burgh (RSA) set  new WR in the men's 100 Breast (56.88)... Valentina Artemyeva (RUS) set new WC in 50 breast (29.86)...  Matt Jaukovic (AUS) ranked first in 100 Fly (50.68) in front of Korotyshkin, RUS (50.72) and Kawamoto, JPN (51.19)... Watch out the complete official results at  the Omega timing web site www.omegatiming.com
Cameron V.D.Burgh,  new miracle from South Africa...
November 08, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Bolzano 2008 Swim Meeting, ITA...(Day-1 Results)
(Bolzano, ITA) - As a new member of the ITA ADN Swim Project, Serbian star Mike Cavic took part in the 11th Bolzano 2008 Swim Meet.... This evening unfortunately  Cavic swam out just to the 2nd position (23.83) behind the German Thomas Rupprath who touched first with the time of 23.69... Click up the title to open up the sheet with the official results from the Bolzano meet, Italy...
Competition pool in Bolzano (Photo by ROL Media)
November 08, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Van Der Burgh Cameron - New WR in 50 Breast...(Results)
(Moscow, RUS) - The 5th stop of the FINA/ARENA World Cup Series is settled down to Moscow (Nov. 08-09) by the famous Olympiisky swim pool... On the Day-1 Van Der Burgh (RSA) set a new WR in the men's 50 Breast  26.08 Matt Jaukovic (AUS) ranked first in 50 Fly (23.12) in front of Kawamoto (23.24) and Korotyshkin (23.30)... Watch out the complete official results at  the Omega timing web site www.omegatiming.com
The Olympiisky pool in Moscow - place of the events.
November 05, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Bulgarian Mihail Alexandrov to swim for the USA Swimming...
(Lausanne, SUI) -- As it was expected, since the FBSS has announced in September, the FINA allowed the top Bulgarian swim star Mihail Mike Alexandrov to compete for the USA. The Bulgarian will be able to compete for his new country in one year exactly, due to the the FINA Rules. This greatest Bulgarian breastroker ever lives in the USA (for last 14 years) and within the USA college swimming (part of the North West University, Evanston) he earned NCAA record in 100yd. (51.56). For his native country he set more than 40 national records in medley and breaststroke.See Alexandrov's Bio at nusports.com 
M.Alexandrov, new US super star...(Ph by AngySports)
November 01, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Matt Jaukovic - Gold in 50 Fly in Singapore...(Results)
(Singapore, SIN) - At the 4th stop of the FINA/ARENA World Cup Series, started today at the Singapore Sports School (Day-1), Matija Matt Jaukovic, World rec holder (Short Course), picked up a gold in 50m fly (22.82) and climbed to the 2nd position in the World Cup men's ranking overall.. Australian Robert Hurley set the WC Rec in 100 back (50.28). Watch out the complete official results at  the Omega timing www.omegatiming.com
Matt Jaukovic, another win at World Cup in 50 fly...
October 27, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Balkan AG Women's Rankings by Rumen Atanassov...
(Sofia, BUL) - Another great Balkan swim statistics have come from Rumen Atanassov, one of the top European swim statisticians, also the former correspondent of the famous SwimNews Magazine. The complete latest 2008 Balkan LC swim rankings - Women's top 5 Age Groups - 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, and 11 years old swimmers are now available at the BUL web site www.bulswim.info. Click up the title to open-up the official review at the FBSS...
Stefanija C.Draganov, best positioned SRB swimmer.
October 26, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Matija Matt Jaukovic - Gold in 100 Fly in Sydney...
(Sydney, AUS) - On the Day-2 of the 3rd stop of the FINA/ARENA World Cup Series 2008 at the Park Aquatic Center in Sydney (AUS), Matija Matt Jaukovic, confirmed his another great performance, now in the men's 100 fly touching the wall first with the time of 50.50 also winning the Gold medal... This greatest Montenegrin swimmer ever, now the member of the Australian team showed the new world power in the butterfly. All results at www.omegatiming.com
Matija Matt Jaukovic, new World & Australian butterfly super star (Photo taken from the AUS Swimming web site)...
October 25, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Matija Jaukovic - WR in 50 Fly in Sydney (22.50)...
(Sydney, AUS) - At the 3rd stop of the 2008 FINA/ARENA World Cup Series, held this weekend at the Park Aquatic Center in Sydney, Matija Matt Jaukovic, Montenegrin, now as a member of Australian team set the New World Record in the men's 50 fly (short course)... Click up the title to watch the final results of 50 fly... See the complete official results at Omega timing www.omegatiming.com
This is the congratulations to Matija from all his mates and adorers from Belgrade !!!! 
Matt Jaukovic, new World Record holder in 50 Fly (scm). Click over the link to  Read more..
October 20, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Oussama Melloulli, Tzar of Durban 2008...(www.witness.co.za)
Durban (RSA)
(Durban, RSA) - Oussama Mellouli, US based Tunisian, prior to reaching the Beijing gold medal in 1,500m free been banned by CAS for 18 months - and stripped for positive on amphetamine, this past weekend at the FINA World Cup series - Durban 2008 succeeded to earn four victories in the 200m and 400m free, 200m and 400m IM. Among women, Brazilian Fabiola Molina won 3 races – 50m and 100m back and the 100m IM... Provisional leaders after 2nd World Cup event: Christian Sprenger AUS (45 pts.) and Marieke Guehrer  AUS (50 pts.)...
Oussama Mellouli Olympic Champion (Photo by AFP)..
October 20, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Balkan AG Men's Rankings by Rumen Atanassov...
(Sofia, BUL) - Transferring the analysis of Mr. Rumen Atanassov, one of the greatest European Statisticians, also the former correspondent of the famous Canadian Swim News Magazine, the complete latest 2008 Balkan LC swim rankings (Men's top 5 Age Group) are available at the popular BUL web site www.bulswim.info. Click up the title to open-up the official review at the FBSS... 
BUL team at Balkan Champs 2008 (Photo by Angy)...
October 19, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Vidra 2008 Meet in Zagreb - concluded...(Results)
(Zagreb, CRO) - Among the four LEN meetings that were held this past weekend in Europe (Szekesfehervar, HUN, Granollers, ESP, Lambertseter, Oslo, NOR), Vidra 2008 Age Group event concluded successfuly at the Utrine swim center in Zagreb, organized by ZPK. More then 650 competitors from Slovenia, Slovakia, BiH and Croatia took part in 2-segment events... Click up the title to open-up the Complete Official Results of this meet.
Marvelous conditions at the Utrine Center in Zagreb, Croatia...
October 18, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
LEN Meeting - Székesfehérvár 2008, HUN...(Results)
(Székesfehérvár, HUN) - Hosted by the Hullam 91 swim and water polo club, the popular Hungarian international AG meeting "Köztársaság napja" (Republic day) started today by the community pool in Székesfehérvár... The next age categories take part in the events: 91 & older, 92/93; 94/95; 96/97... Click up the title to open up the online results at the hullam91 web site (XLS data base).
October 14, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
2008 Turkish Swim Clinic in Istanbul...(Photo Gallery)
(Istanbul, TUR) - Upon the patronage of the Turkish Swimming and its coach association, the 2008 Speedo Swim Clinic was organized in Istanbul... More then 250 participants of the Turkish swimming sport took part in the theoretical program. Main lecturer of the event was Mr.Genadijus Sokolovas, Ph.D. Senior Physiologist from the Global Sport Technology, USA (www.globsport.org)... Click up the title to watch the  photo gallery from this event... More info find out via www.turkyuzme.com
Genadijus Sokolovas at the 2008 TUR swim clinic...
October 12, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
START 2008 Int'l Meeting, Kranj, SLO...(Results)
(Kranj, SLO) -International meet "Start 2008" concluded last night in Kranj Slovenia. Organized by the Zvezda SC this meet gathered 27 clubs (399 competitors) from ITA, BUL, MNE, FYROM and SLO.. As this was the first event at the entrance of the new 08/09 season worthy times were set. Click up the title for the complete official results...
The community pool in the City of Kranj, SLO...
October 12, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Balkan LC Rankings by Rumen Atanassov...(www.bulswim.info)
(Sofia, BUL) - Due to the worthy contributions of Mr. Rumen Atanassov, one of the greatest European Swim Statisticians, for many years also correspondent of the Canadian SwimNews Magazine, the latest 2008 Balkan LC swim rankings are available at the popular BUL web site www.bulswim.info. Click up the title to open-up the FBSS official page or here over the links: 2008 Balkan Men's Ranks (LC); 2008 Balkan Women's Ranks (LC)... 
Flags at the Baklan Junior Games 2008, Romania...
October 11, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Belo Horizonte - 2008 Fina World Cup - 1...(Results)
(Belo Horizonte,BRA) -Day-1 of the 2008 FINA/Arena SC World Cup Series in Brazil brought many respectable times.  Few of them have to be mentioned: 50 fly Cielo (BRA) 23.40; 100 free Nystrand (SWE) 47.92; women's 100 back - Tara Kirk (USA) 1.07.10; women's 200 Ind Medley -  Meaklim (RSA) 2.16.82... Click up the title to be redirected to the official results at omegatiming.com
Cesar Cielo, BRA, Olympic record holder (Ph N.Almeida)
October 10, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Victoria-Primorje Meeting, Rijeka, CRO...(Results)
(Rijeka, CRO) -- Organized by the Primorje-Croatia SC, Rijeka, CRO for the 100-years jubilee of its foundation, the new international meeting is going to be held this upcomming week-end at the new opened pool of the Kantrida Complex. Beside the best domestic swimmers, the participation confirmed also the top athletes from SLO, ITA, AUT, BiH and other countries... Click here on the right for the meet programme... 
There is no doubt, the new Olympic pool in Rijeka is far best swimming complex in Europe in the present...
October 07, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Banatul 2008 International Meet, Romania...(Invitation)
(Resita, ROU) - At the new - renovated Olympic pool in the town of Resita, Romania, the C.S.S. Resita is going to organize the Banatul Cup 2008 international meeting. The purpose of this event is to strength the relationship between the Romanians and club's friends in the wider neighborhoods. But also all other participants/clubs are welcome, too... Click up the title to open-up the official invitation been received from Mr. Marius Creteanu...
New-renovated Olympic pool in Resita (Ph by Swim.ro)
October 06, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Cleri and Ilchenko - Winners of Singapore 2008...(Results)
(Singapore, SIN) -- The second-last stage of the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup 2008 series in Singapore on Oct. 04 brought more gold to Valerio Cleri (ITA) and Larisa Ilchenko (RUS).. Cleri had to share his victory with Daniil Serebrennikov (RUS) in a time of 2:09.20.25, while third place won Mazen Mohamed Aziz (EGY) in 2:09.21.08. Among women, Olympic champion Ilchenko beat Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) and Angela Maurer (GER)... Click up the title to open-up the official results of the Singapore 2008 World Cup race...
Cleri with his coach Emanuele Sacchi (Photo by Giorgio Scala)
September 30, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Cleri and Ilchenko - FINA 10 k Winners Again...
Hong Kong
(Hong Kong, CHN) - Two Asian stages of the FINA 10km Marathon World Cup 2008, took places in Hong Kong on Sunday, Sept. 28 and Shantou on Sunday, Sept.21... In the last race in Hong Kong, among men, Valerio Cleri (ITA) defeated Daniil Serebrennikov (RUS) and Allan do Carmo (BRA) . Among women the Olympic champion Larisa Ilchenko (RUS) was the first, Kristel Kobrich of Chile took silver while the bronze went to Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA), Watch out the full report...
Larisa Ilchenko - Russia's and the World super star.
September 29, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
12th Euro SC Championships, Rijeka 2008, CRO...
(Zagreb, CRO) - The Organizing Committee of the next 2008 European Short Course Championship, being held in Rijeka, Croatia (Dec. 11-14), with its chives Mr.Goran Pavic and Luciano Susanj has established the fantastic web site on this event (www.rijeka2008.com). Click up the title to open-up the first Bulletin with the complete info about the program, schedule, accommodation, etc.
The new Olympic pool of the Kantrida aquatic center in the City of Rijeka, a host place of the upcoming champ.
September 28, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Nory Kruchten - New President of L.E.N.
(Zurich, SUI) - The Congress of the European Swimming Federation, LEN, announced today a change at the top of its board. Since legendary LEN chief Bartolo Consolo (ITA), canceled re-election after 18 years as president of LEN, in Zurich today new one has been proclaimed - Nory Kruchten, 64, of Luxembourg previously Treasurer and member of the LEN Bureau since 1992... Nominated for the position of the president were also:Gennady Aleshin (RUS), T. Gyarfas (HUN) and  D. Diathesopoulos (GRE). Kruchten, also Vice President of FINA, graduated from the Department of Sports of the University of Strasbourg (France), has been involved in LEN since 1986. 
Mr. Nory Kruchten - new president of the L.E.N.
September 25, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Mike Bottom new Michigan swim coach...(www.freep.com)
Ann Arbor,MI
(Ann Arbor, MI, USA) - The best world sprint coach Mike Bottom, ex-CAL, ex-Race Club and the USA national team, coach of CRO national team and the best Serbian swimmer Mike Cavic, since couple of the days started with his new swim-coach 'experience'. Due to the Jo-Ann Barnas's article at the Detroit Free Press re. the Beijing's 1/100 sec between Phelps and Cavic, Mike Bottom said: "People said I pushed the protest, and I did. I wanted to make sure that the race was fair. I felt like they did the fair thing by reviewing the video. It's a great lesson that these guys need to learn -- somebody's making a call, and when they do, you live with it and go on.".. Click up the title to be redirected to the Freep.com site to read the article and watch the latest images from Michigan...
Mike Bottom, the greatest swim guru in the world...
September 25, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Székesfehérvár 2008 - AG Meet, Hungary...(Invitation)
(Székesfehérvár, HUN) - Hosted by the Hullam 91 swim & water polo club, the popular Hungarian international meeting "Köztársaság napja" (Republic day) is going to be held on Oct 18-19... Age categories: 1991 & older, 92/93; 94/95; 96/97... Pool: 50 m/8 lanes. Dadline for the eintries: October 16.. More info sardiakos@t-online.hu
Marvelous conditions at the Székesfehérvár pool...
September 15, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Australia's legend Hackett - retirement thoughts...
Hackett in Beijing
(Melbourne, AUS) - In his interview to Peter Rolfe (Herald Sun), Grant Hackett, Australia's super star, Olimpic record holder and a silver medalist in 1,500 (Beijing 2008) has given himself a month to decide whether to continue competitive swimming or settle into family life with singer wife Candice Alley..."I definitely won't be going to the next Olympics because I just think it's unrealistic," he said. Click up the title to be redirected to the Herladsun on-line issue...
G.Hackett and O.Mellouli (TUN) at the podium of the 1,500 free at the Beijing 2008...    (Photo by Mark Baker)
September 12, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
8th Age Group International C.I.S Trophy, ITA...(Invitation)
Moie di Maiolati
(Marche, ITA) - Due to the kind invitation from Mr.Luca Carbonari and SSD Team Marche, Italy, we feel free to invite Serbian teams to take part in the 8th edition of the International AG meet "Trophy C.I.S", being held on Oct. 18-19 (short course pool).  Deadline for the entries OCt. 04. Click up the title for the program and schedule of the events... More info: carboluca@yahoo.it
The community pool Moie di Maiolati “PALABLU”, the place of the traditional Trophy C.I.S, near Ancona, ITA.
September 10, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
European OWS Championships in Dubrovnik, CRO...
(Dubrovnik, CRO) - On the Day-1 of the European Open Water Championships the women's 5K and men's 10K events are finished. Rachel Bruni of Italy won the 5K  with a time of 58:50.7, while Britta Kamrau-Corestein (GER) earned second in 59:16.1 and Italy's Alice Franco  a third-place 59:39.0. In the men's 10 K, Thomas Lurz (GER) won over Russia's Evgeny Drattsev - 1:52:48.9 to 1:52:50.6... Sara Stepanov (SRB) touched 27th of 28 - 1:13:59...Watch out the complete results of the events.
Women's 5 k podium: 1/R. Bruni (ITA); 2/B. Kamrau (GER); 3/A. Franco (ITA)... (Photo by Giorgio Scala)
September 08, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
New WR in 50 Free (SCM) - Roland Schoeman...
(Germiston, RSA) - At the 2008 Telkom SA Short Course Championships of South Africa, that were held by  the Delville Swim Pool in Germiston (near Johannesburg) on Saturday, Roland Schoeman broke Duje Draganja's 50m World short course record of 20.81, when he swam a blistering 20.64. Schoeman's powered his way to a world best time in the two-man showdown final against Tuks Swimming club team-mate Gregor Widmer, who clocked 22.45. Find out more at the SA GoodNews web site...
Roland Schoeman, South Africa's and the World Super Star....
August 21, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Dutch swimmer Weijden won Men's 10km in Beijing...
(Beijing, CHN) - Maarten van der Weijden (NED) won the gold medal of the Men's 10 km Marathon Swimming at the Beijing Olympic Games on Thursday. The silver medal went to David Davies of Britain while the bronze was taken by Thomas Lurz of Germany. Yesterday, Larisa Ilchenko of Russia won in the Women's 10 km  race at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park. Click up the title for the full official results...
Maarten van der Weijden...  (Photo by Wang Lei).. 
August 20, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Beijing 2008 - Gallery of Marica Strazmester, SRB record holder...
(Belgrade, SRB) - As for the problem of having photo in the complexes of the Beijing Olympic Games, Swim Star Web Portal reporter Marica Starzmester, Serbian record holder and a  participant in the women's backstroke events allowed us nice slide show from the Beijing 2008. Among SRB swimmers, here you may found also many others Serbian participants in other sports... For the original images call marica2808@yahoo.com
M.Strazmester with J.Jankovic in the Beijing village... 
August 16, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Beijing 2008 - Milorad Cavic Silver Olympic medal in 100 Fly...
In the Men's 100 m Fly final Serbian swimmer  Milorad Mike Cavic (1984), touched 2nd  with the time of 50.59 in just 1/100 seconds behind M.Phelps to earn silver Olympic Medal. This was also his LBT, European Record and the National record.  Phelps and Cavic battled it out in the last 50m. After two wins in Beijing against the best world flyers (in heats and SF) Cavic in 100 Fly final "granted" Phelps with 0.01 seconds.  Watch out the official blog on the Serbian swim squad at the Beijing 2008...   (Photo by Reuters)
July 19, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
2008 Youth Friendships Games - Holland...(Start List)
(Amsterdam, NED) - Two days left until the start of the 5th edition of the Youth Friendship Games Holland (YFGH) being held on July 22-27. Approximately 10.000 athletes from all over the world come to the Haarlem / Hoofddorp / Amsterdam region each year to participate in this event.. Besides the Swimming, the YFGH provides also other tournaments such as in the Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Wresting and Bowling. The event is organized by the Expersport in cooperation with 15 sports clubs.. Click up for the Start Lists/Results page.
July 17, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
2008 Long Course Championships of Italy...(Results)
(Treviso, ITA) - The 2008 LC Champs of Italy gathered these days (July 16-20) all domestic athletes in Absolute category. Yesterday, Alessia Filippi claimed the European record in the women's 1500 free with a time of 15:52.84 to clear Flavia Rigamonti's record of 15:55.38 set at the 2007 World Championships. Find out the official results..
Allesia Filippi, ITA, Euro and the world super star...
July 08, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
2008 National Summer Champs of FYROM ...(Results)
(Skopje, FYROM) - Last two week-ends in Skopje the capital of FYR Macedonia, the 2008 Summer LC National Championships were held in Absolute, Junior and Cadet concurrences (June 28-29) and for the Younger & Older Pioneers  on July 05-07.. Thanks to Mr. Aleksandar Filipcev, our swim correspodent and mate from Skopje,  the SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL came into the position to present the full official results of these events. Click up the title to open the National Abs Champs results and here over the right link for the 2008 Pioneer Champs
Marko Gigovski of SC Akuatik, Skopje, new Cadet Champion.
July 06, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Bulgarian Open Championships 2008...
(Sofia, BUL) - The Bulgarian Open Championships 2008 is on scene these days at the Sofia's swimming complex "Cherveno Zname"... Among 190 athletes from 20 domestic clubs, there are also the competitors from GRE national team... Click the links bellow to see the official results of the Bulgarian Nationals Day-1 and Day-2... The wide report will be available at the end of the event.
G.Palazov (1980), BUL Olympian and Rec holder... 
July 05, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Phelps & Peirsol  - WRs at US Trials - Day-6...(Results)
(Nebraska, USA) - The breaking of the World records continued at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials... Until today, 8 (eight) new world standards are set. Aaron Peirsol equaled Lochte's rec in 200 back (1:54.32) while the magic Phelps set the new one in 200m Ind.Medley (1:54.80). Dara Torres beats over Coughlin in 100 free with the time of 53.78... See the complete results...
Michael Phelps can't stop - another WR after 400 IM.
July 04, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
2008 Telstra Grand Prix 2 in Sidney...(Results)
(Sidney, AUS) - The 2008 Telstra Grand Prix II started today at the famous Olympic park - Aquatic Center. The three-day meet will be swum over 50m pool size where  Stephanie Rice, Eamon Sullivan, Libby Trickett, Emily Seebohm, Sophie Edington, etc., would try to set their best - 30 days prior to the Beijing... Click up the title to open up on-line Hy-Tek results from Telstra Grand Prix.
Marvelous Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre....
July 02, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Coughlin & Peirsol - WRs at US Trials - Day-3...(Results)
(Nebraska, USA) - Unbelievable breaking of the World swim records in 2008 continues. The 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials on the Day-3 finals brought  two new WRs. World and Olympic champion Aaron Peirsol lowered his own 100m backstroke world record with a time of 52.89 to set up a defense of the title he won in Athens 2004. Natalie Coughlin broke the women's 100-m back world record for the second time in two days, punching her ticket to Beijing with a victory in 58.97 - the first woman to swim this event in less than 59 seconds.
A.Peirsol - showing technique in China two years ago.
July 01, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Greek Cadet & Junior Championships 2008...(Results)
(Athens, GRE) - The 2008 Cadet and Junior Champs of of Greece is nearing its end (June 28-July 02) in Athens. More then 80 clubs both in men's and women's AGs are taking part in the events... Since the beginning, three new national records have been set... Click up the title to be redirected to the official web page with the complete results (day-by-day)... Click also here to watch the marvelous photo sessions of this tournament...
Olympic pool in Athens - a place of the 2008 champs.
June 30, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Coughlin - WR at the US Trials - Day-2...(Results)
(Nebraska, USA) - The 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials on the Day-2 heats at the Qwest Center in Omaha, brought the 3rd world record - Natalie Coughlin set the new WR in 100-m back (59.03). Hayley McGregory first broke the record with a time of 59.15 and then Natalie Coughlin broke McGregory’s record with a time of 59.03 in the very next heat... See the official Day-2 results. 
Natalie Coughlin - new world standard in 100 back...
June 30, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Bulgarian National Cadet Championships 2008...
(Varna, BUL) - The 2008 Cadet Swim Championships of Bulgaria concluded this past week-end (June 28-29) in the City of Varna... 29 clubs with about 300 competitors ages 13-14 took part in 2-day events. Click bellow over the links for the official results of the championships Part-1; Part-2; Part-3; Part-4... Final team standings: 1/SC Mladost'91; 2/SC Iris; 3/SC Shipka...
Start of the women's 200 back (Photo by bgswim.com)
June 30, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
The Comen Cup 2008 - Official Results...(pdf, 1.1 MB)
(Larnca, CYP) - Thanks to the Joan Coromina and the  www.nataciogironina.com, we came into the position to present the complete official results of the Comen Cup 2008 been held this past week-end in Larnaca, Cyprus.. After the three days in Larnaca, the team standing is as follows: 1/Italy; 2/France; 3/ Spain.
Men's relay team of the host country in Larnaca, CYP.
June 22, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
23rd Golden Bear 2008, Zagreb ...(Results)
(Zagreb, CRO) - The great performances could be seen on Saturday in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia at the 23rd Golden Bear 2008 International swim meet... Organized by the SC Medvescak, Day-1 events are concluded with the worth evening finals. Click up the title to be jumped  to the Live Results score board of the HPS web site...
The in-door 50-m pool of the Salata swim center.
June 09, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Great "Delfin Cup 2008" in Skopje - concluded...(Results)
(Skopje, FYROM) - The 4th "Delfin Cup 2008" int'l swim meet came to the end in Skopje.. 323 competitors from Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and all Macedonia's clubs took part in 2-day events. Top ranked swimmers in abs category are: Milan Silaski (SC Banat, SRB) and Milica Ivancevic (SC Vojvodina, SRB); in 94/95 - Vukobrat (SC Banat, SRB) and M.Ivancevic (SC Vojvodina, SRB); in 96/97 - S.Stojanovski (SC Orion) and E.Sekulovska (SC Bambini); in 98 - M.Trpevski (SC Mladost) and  S.Galac (SC Feniks, SRB); in 99 & up - N.Boskovski (SC Akvatik) and E.Radoeska (SC Delfin)... See the official results...
The top ranked swimmers of the Delfin Cup 2008, Skopje...
June 06, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Trofeo Sette Colli 2008, Italy...(Results)
(Rome, ITA) - The XVLI Trofeo Sette Colli, one of the oldest European and Italian swim event, started today in Rome.. Many top European and the world super stars are entered for this event, among them: Federica Pellegrini, Randall Bal,  Otylia Jedrzejczak, Leisel Jones, Peter Mankoc, Stefan Nystrand, Eamon Sullivan, Alain Bernard, and others.. See the official results at the FIN web site..
The official Romaquatica 2008 flyer of the meeting...
June 03, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Trofeo Citta di Modena 2008, Italy...(Results)
(Modena, ITA) -  Organized by the AS Modena Nuoto and NC Ghirlandina, all upon the patronage of the City Assembly of Modena, ITA, 35th edition of the LEN Modena Trophy 2008 international swim meet is concluded successfuly on Monday (June 02) by the 50-m Olympic pool Dogali.. Swimming Club Proleter, Zrenjanin with its top seven athletes: Miroslava Najdanovski, Ivan Lendjer, Caba Siladji, Tijana Vukanovic, Stefanija Cordas-Draganov, Igor Vulesevic and Vladislav Paskvas represented Serbia at the highest level. Click up the title for the complete official results.. 
The official Trophy of Modena 2008 flyer of the meeting...
May 31, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Veronika 2008 - Int'l Meet, Kamnik, SLO...(Invitation)
(Kamnik, SLO)-Due to the kind invitation to our club, we proudly recommend you one of the greatest Slovenian Meetings "Veronika 2008" being held on July 12 by the out-door Olympic pool "Pod skalco" in the town of Kamnik.  Age categories: M - (93 & older; 94/95; 96 & up); W- (95 & older; 96/97;98 & up). Prize fund for the top swimmers in 50-m events is 1.760 Euro... Deadline for sending the official entry forms is July 08. Add info: info@plavalniklub-kamnik.si .. Click up the title for the full program, schedule and other data of the events.
'Pod skalco' Olympic pool in the town of Kamnik, SLO.
May 26, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
33rd Pokal Mesta Ljubljana, 2008 - concluded..(Results)
(Ljubljana, SLO) - The 33rd edition of the international meet Pokal Mesta Ljubljana 2008 is concluded this past week-end in Slovenia...445 competitors (36 clubs) from BLR, CRO, CZE, GER, HUN, ITA, FYROM, POL, SRB and SLO took part in the events... From Serbia: SC Dinamo, SC Vojvodina and SC Vracar with 16 athletes...See the complete official results at the PZS timing web site...
Outdoor Olympic pool - a place of the Ljubljana meet.
May 26, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Grand Prix Slovakia 2008 - concluded...(Results)
(Bratislava, SVK) - The 46th edition of the Grand Prix Slovakia is concluded this past week-end (May 23-25) in the Slovakia's capital (by the 50-m Pasienky pool).. More then 330 competitors from AUT, CZE, BLR, SLO, FYROM, GER, UKR, NED, SUI, TUR and SVK took part in 3-day events... See the complete official results...
The indoor Olympic pool - a place of the GP Slovakia.
May 26, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Banjaluka Open 2008, BiH - concluded...(Results)
(Banjaluka, BiH) - For the second time since the new fantastic Aqua park has been opened in the town of Banjaluka, Rep. of Srpska (BiH), the Banjaluka 2008 international meeting is organized. More then 300 competitors from Slovenia, Serbia and BiH took part in this marvelous event (25-m pool). Click up the title for the complete official results of this event...
Zeljko Panic, Meet director and Emil Tahirovic (SLO)...
May 25, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Championnats de France Juniors 2008...(Results)
(Massy, FRA) -  Starting on Friday (May 23) in France, the 2008 National Junior Championships (LC pool) is opened up... The age categories included M & F YoB 1988-1994. Click here for the Program, or up the title for the Complete Official Results. Add info may be also found via the Champs main page at www.liveffn.com...
May 19, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
IV Terme Ptuj 2008, SLO - concluded...(Results)
(Terme-ptuj, SLO) - The 4th edition of the International meet Terme-Ptuj 2008 concluded Sunday in Slovenia... 38 clubs gathered, with 812 competitors from AUT, BiH, BLR, CRO, GER, HUN, LAT, SVK, UKR and SLO who have been taking part in 2-day events. Great performances. Click up the title to open-up the results of all 4 parts of the competition via PZS timing web site...
Marvelous out-door pool of the Terme Ptuj, Slovenia.
May 18, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
The Greek National Open Champs, concluded...(Results)
(Athens, GRE) - The 2008 Greek National Open Champs concluded on Sunday in Greece. On the Day-3 in the evening finals SRB athletes swam out worthy results: M.Najdanovski in 100 free (56.51), N.Higl in 200 breast (2:34.48); C.Siladji in 200 breast (2:21.54); Vukanovic in 100 fly (1:02.88) and I.Lendjer in 100 fly (54.27)... Find the complete results at 50megs.com
Tijana Vukanovic (SRB) - great swim in Greek capital.
May 16, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
29th Malaspina Trophy 2008, Milan, ITA...(Invitation)
(Milan, ITA) - Due to the kind invitation that we received from Malaspina Sport Club, Italy, we recommend the Malaspina Trophy 2008 as the most attractive European meet on June 28th. Categories: M-(89+; 90/91; 92/95; 96/96), F-(90+; 91/92; 93/95; 96/97).. Pool: outdoor 50-m Olympic size...  Click up the title for the official program & schedule. Click bellow to find out the link to   the video clip of the great Malaspina Sports Complex... Additional info: Marco Pizzamiglio m.p.pizzamiglio@iol.it
The highest professional conditions by the pool...
May 12, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
III City of Lignano 2008 Meet - concluded...(Results)
(Lignano , ITA) - The 3rd third edition of this great European Meeting is concluded succesfuly at the GeTur complex, in the town of Lignano Sabbiadoro in Italy. More then 800 athletes from 49 teams took part in two days events. Teams ranking: 1/Plain Team Veneto; 2/ Team Lombardia Rossa; 3/ Nuotatori Milanesi. Click up the title for the results at the GeTour.com web site...
The fantastic swim complex of the GeTur in Lignano..
May 10, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Speedo Meeting 2008 - Wels, AUT...(Results)
(Wells, AUT - The 36th edition, among the oldest Euro age group swimming meetings the "Speedo Wels 2008" concluded Sunday in the town of Wels, Austria.. 58 clubs with 768 competitors (from ITA, ROM, CZE, POL, SLO, FYROM, GER, UZB and  AUT), took part in this great event.. Click up the title to find out the complete official results of the 2-day events in Austria...
Marvelous conditions by the out-door pool in Wells...
May 08, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Weijden (NED) & Popova (RUS) - 25 K winners...(Results)
(Seville, ESP) - The 5th FINA World OWS Championships concluded in Seville with the 25k races. The rank in the men’s event: 1/ Maarten V.D. Weijden (NED); 2/ Mark Warkentin (USA); 3/ Yuriy Koudinov (RUS) At the women's side: 1/Ksenia Popova (RUS); 2/ Edith Van Dijk (NED) -; 3/Natalya Pankina (RUS) out more..
Maarten V.D. Weijden (81), new 25K World Champion.
May 05, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
FINA OWS Champs, Seville 2008 - 10 K concluded...
(Seville, ESP) - 5th FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships started in Seville (ESP). The 10km races  took place over the last two days with the women’s event staged on May 3 and the men’s on May 4. The winners are Russia’s couple: Larisa Ilchenko (2:02:02.7) among women and Vladimir Dyatchin (1:53:21.0) at men's side.
Champs route at the Guadalquivir River in Seville, Spain...
May 05, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Euro Swim 2008 - AG Meet in Skopje...(Results)
(Skopje, FYROM) - This past week-end, organized by the swimming club 'Akvatik', Skopje, the worthy age group event "Euro Swim 2008" has been held... Age categories were divided into 4 groups (YoB 1990-2000).. More then 300 competitors from (RUS, SRB, BUL and FYROM) took part in 2-day events by the Karpos 25-m pool.. Click up the title to watch the official results of this meeting...
The Karpos pool in Skopje, place of the 3rd "ES 2008"
May 05, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Frendly Swim Meet "Kranj 2008", SLO...(Results)
(Kranj, SLO) - Organized by SC Merit Triglav, the Frendly swim meeting "Kranj 2008" concluded successfully by the community pool of Kranj (May 04). The competitors from 5 clubs - SC Arena (CRO), Primorje (CRO), NC Triestine (ITA), SC Olimpija (SLO) and Merit-Triglav (SLO) took part in the events. Click up the title to open-up the official results of this worthy international AG event... 
Kranj pool, the place of the Frendly Meet Kranj 2008..
May 04, 2008 --------------------------------------------------------
Swedish Grand Prix Final 2008, Stockholm...(Results)
(Stockholm, SWE) - Organized by the Swedish Swimming Federation the 2008 Swedish Grand Prix is organized this week-end (May 02-04) in Stockholm... Stefan Nystrand cruised with a victory in the men's 100-m free (49.54). Nathalie Lindborg won the women's 200-m free with a time of 2:04.66. National Rec holder Simon Sjodin hit the wall in 2:02.23 in the men's 200 fly... Do watch the complete results at the SWE LiveTiming...
Simon Sjödin, the national record holder in 200 IM...
April 28, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
19th Austria Meeting 2008 - concluded...(Results)
(Wien, AUT) - 19th International Strock Austria Meeting gathered this year 947 athletes from 121 team (clubs and national squads) from 16 countries (SWE, ITA, POL, SUI, GER, CZE, SLK, CRO, FYROM, MNE, SLO, CRO, ALG, HUN, ROM, and AUT ) who took part in three-day events (Apr. 25-27)... Austria's Mirna Jukic paced the 3rd day of swimming with a meet-record double, which included a national standard as well. In the women's 200 IM, Jukic stopped the clock in 2:15.35.. She also touched in 31.79 in the women's 50-m breast, just missing her national record of 31.59 from a month ago.. Click up the title for the complete official results...
Mirna Jukic, Austria's, European and the World swim super star....
April 26, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Leisel Jones & Libby Trickett - New SC WRs...(Results)
Camberra, AUS) - On the second day of the Australian Telstra Grand Prix held in Canberra (short course pool), two new WRs are set. Lisbeth Lenton-Trickett in 100 Fly touched first with 55.74, while Leisel Jones swam out 100 Breast with a time of 1:03.72.. Click up the title to see other worthy results of this great Aussie competition...
Leisel Jones - the world top women's breaststroker...
April 25, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
40th CIJ Meet Luxembourg 2008...(Day-1 Results)
(Luxembourg, LUX) - 40th anniversary - edition of the traditional CIJ Meet started on Friday in Luxembourg by the Olympic Pool Luxembourg-Kirchberg. More then 600 competitors from 11 countries (SWE, GER, FRA, FIN, SLO, ISL, NED, BEL, ITA, DEN, MDA and LUX) are taking part in the events... Click up the title for the Day-1 results... Find out the full info on this meet at www.swimming.lu
The Olympic Pool Luxembourg-Kirchberg....
April 21, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Romanian Cadet Championships 2008...(Results)
Baia Mare
(Baia Mare, ROU) - The 2008 Romanian championships (long course pool), for category swimmers born 92-95, (CN Juniori II), concluded yesterday in the town of Baia Mare... Four parts (days) of the competitions have been held (on Apr. 17-20)... Click here bellow over the links to find out the official results (arranged in .doc format): Day-1; Day-2; Day-3; Day-4
The marvelous Olympic pool in Baia Mare, Romania..
April 20, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
26th Spittal Generali 2008 Meet, AUT...(Results)
Spittal, AUT
(Spittal, AUT) - The traditional 26th edition of the int'l LEN meet "Spittal Generali 2008" concluded on Sunday in the city of Spittal/Drau, Austria (25m pool) organized by SV Volksbank, Spittal... 450 competitors from 7 countries (ITA, CHI, SLO, HUN, CRO, GER and AUT) took part in this great swim event. Click up the title for the complete official results of the Day-1 and Day-2.... 
The marvelous facilities at the swim center in Spittal...
April 12, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
3 new WRs and 2 CRs on the Day-4 in Manchester...
(Manchester, GBR) - In the evening finals, 3 new WRs are set. Ryan Lochte (USA) in 100 IM (51.25); Kirsty Coventry (ZIM) in 200 IM (2:06.13) and NED women's relay in 4 x 100 free (3:29.42).. 2 new CRs are also set this evening: Jessica Hardy (USA) in 100 m breast  1:04.22 and Sanja Jovanovic (CRO) in 50 back (26.71). Click up the title for the complete Day-4 results...
Ryan Lochte - King of the Ind.Medley in Manchester...
April 12, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
26th NIOVIA International Meet, Thessaloniki, GRE...
(Thessaloniki, GRE) - The YMCA Club, Greece, upon the patronage of the Swim of  Macedonia (GRE),  organized the 26th NIOVIA International Meet April 19-20 by the Posedonion indoor 50m swim pool in Thessaloniki. The deadline for the entry is April 14... Add info via the fax +30 2310 245881 and the tel. +30 2310 245323, also can send inquiry via email: pekkdm@otenet.gr
The Posedonion - swim center in Thessaloniki, GRE...
April 11, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Unbelievable  - Five New WRs on the Day-3...(Results)
(Manchester, GBR) - In the evening finals, 5 new WRs are set. Galvez in 50 fly (25.32), Coventry in 200 back (2:00.91), Draganja in 50 free (20.81), Lochte in 200 IM (1:51.56) and women's relay - USA in 4x100 m medlay (3:51.36)... 5 new CRs: Hardy in 100 m breast 1:04.63; Tancock in 50 back 23.41; Veldhuis in 100 free - 52.17; Palmer in 400 free 3:59.23 and Pine in 50 fly 22.70)... Click up the title for the complete Day-3 results...
Galvez Felicity, Australia's and the world swim giant...
April 10, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
More new WR and CRs at the Manchester 2008 ...(Results)
(Manchester, GBR) - Day-2 of the 9th FINA short course champs brought new WR - Jessica Hardy (USA) in 50-m breast 29.58... From Serbia, Miroslava Najdanovski in the morning touched 12th with the time 54.41, while in the evening SFs, she was ranked 15th overall (54.75)... Watch more at the SRB squad in Manchester. Click up the title also to watch the complete Day-2 results...
GB legendary swimmer Mark Foster sends a kiss as he takes part in the parade at the opening ceremony...
April 09, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Bright first night at the Manchester 2008...(Results)
(Manchester, GBR) - 3 new WRs and 3 CRs are set on the first night of the World SC Champs. Kirsty Coventry (ZIM) swam out 400 IM with the time of 4:26.52. USA men's relay in 4 x 100 free ( Lochte, Lundquist, Adrian, Van Wie) touched first  with the time of 3:08.44. NED women's relay in 4 x 200 free set new WR (7:38.90)... New CRs are set by Coventry in 100 back (0:57.99), Mary Descenza (USA) in 200 fly (2:04.27) and Adam Pine (AUS) in men's 100 fly (0:50.09)... Click up the title to watch the complete Day-1 official results...
Kirsty Coventry (ZIM), after setting new WR (Ph by AP)
April 06, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Toyota Grand Prix at the Ohio State University...(Results)
(Columbus, USA) - Ohio State Un. is a host place of the present stop of the Toyota Grand Prix 2008 (Apr 4-6). After the 2nd day, Katie Hoff (Towson, Md.) won her third gold medal of the meet in the 400m IM last night... In addition, the world record-holding trio of Michael Phelps, Brendan Hansen and Aaron Peirsol each won their respective events. Click up the title for the complete Hy-Tek's live results board... (Info by Igor Rasula, USA)
Katie Hoff, great mate of our Club at Melbourne'07..
April 03, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Britain's Liam Tancock - New WR in 50 Back...
(Exeter, UK) - The Britain's swimmer Liam Tancock set a new world 50-m backstroke record of 24.47 seconds at the British Olympic trials in Sheffield yesterday.. As on the world debates on the new costumes, for the past two months 19 world records have fallen, with 18 of those, including Tancock's, all set by swimmers wearing the new  Speedo LZR racer (except Pellegrini that was set in the new Arena costume)... Click up the title to read the short interview with Tancock issued at the British Sport Olympics web site...
Liam Tancock - the British hope for the Beijing 2008..
March 31, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Multinational Meet - Istanbul 2008...(Day-2 Results)
(Istanbul, TUR) -The 2008 Multinational Youth Meeting Istanbul 2008 concluded yesterday by the Olympic pool of the Technical University of Istanbul.. After four parts of the competition, the team standing is as follows: 1/Poland; 2/Greece; 3/Portugal... Click up the title for the complete results of the Day-2...
The Olympic pool in Istanbul, place of the event...
March 30, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
International Meet "Ravne 2008", SLO...(Day-2 Results)
Ravne na Koroskem
(Ravne, SLO) - Organized by SC Fuzinar, "Ravne 2008" int'l meet concluded on Sunday in the town of Ravne na Koroskem, Slovenia. On the Day-2, from Serbia, the top positions in the evening finals are caught by Stojanovic in 100-m free (52.13), Higl in 100-m breast (1:11.94) and Stefanovic in 50-m fly (26.09). Click up the title for the Complete Day-2 Results.
The warming-up at the pool in Ravne na Koroskem...
March 30, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
NCAA Men's Swimming Champs - Day-3...(Results)
Federal Way
(Wash., USA) - Day-3 of the 2008 NCAA Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships concluded Saturday evening in Federal Way.. Three new NCAA and US open recs were set: Cielo (Auburn) in 100 yd free (47.20); McDermott (Texas) in 200 yd IM (1:47.20); Scheider (Cincinnati) in 50 yd free (19.70).. After the Saturday, the final team standing is as follows: 1/ Arizona (500.5 pts.); 2/ Texas (406); 3/ Stanford (344). Click up the title to open-up the complete NCAA Champs results of the Day-1+2+3...
Cielo Cesar (Brasilian) - pearl of Auburn's swimming.
March 30, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Multinational Youth Meet - Istanbul 2008...(Day-1 Results)
(Istanbul, TUR) -The 2008 Multinational Youth Meeting Istanbul 2008 has started yesterday by the Technical University of Istanbul (50-m pool).... 10 countries took part in the events: GRE, POR, SUI, POL, BRA, ISR, ALB, CZE, CYP & TUR. After 2 parts, team rank is as follows: 1/Poland (260 pts.); 2/Greece (193); 3/Brasil (120)... Click up the title for the official results of the Day-1 events...
Opening ceremony at the Olympic pool in Istanbul...
March 29, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Libby Lenton-Trickett - WR in 50 Free...(Results)
(Sydney, AUS) - The last day of the Australian Telstra Swimming Champs, Libby Lenton-Trickett set a new WR in women's 50-m free with the time of 23.97.. Trickett’s world record was her second of the competition and the eighth all together at the Championships. Click also here on the right to find out the Complete Results..
Libby Trickett - Australian first pearl for the Beijing'08.
March 28, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Eamon Sullivan - New WR in 50 Free...(Results)
(Sydney, AUS) - The Day-6 of the AUS Telstra Swimming Championship brought another world standard.. Eamon Sullivan broke his and the old WR in 50 Free clocking this evening with the time of 0:21.28... After Sullivan's WR in 50 Free (21.41) and Libby Trickett's in women's 100 Free (52.88) set yesterday in Australia, this is the miracle that nobody expected... Just in March of 2008,  14 new WRs have been set across the globe. Click also here on the right to find out the Complete Results..
Eamon Sullivan -a man who submerged Alex Popov..
March 21, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Alain Bernard (FRA) - WR in 100 Free in Eindhoven...(Results)
(Eindhoven, NED) -On the Day-4 of the European champ new WR is set by France's Alain Bernard who caught up to Pieter vd Hoogenband in the men's 100 free. Bernard dropped a remarkable time of 47.60 during the evening semifinal to surpass Hoogie's WR of 47.84 set in 2000. Notably, Anastasia Zueva (RUS) in 100 back (59.41) and Ioannis Drymonakos (GRE) in 200 fly 1:54.62 set Euro Records. See official results of all events on the Day-4
Alain Bernard - new World Record holder in 100 free..
March 20, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Multi Nation Junior Tournament in Paris...(Results)
(Paris, FRA) - The traditional, this year the 39th edition of the Multination Junior Tournament will be held this next week-end in Paris (March 22-23)... The federations participants: Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Sweeden, Greece and Spain. The top participans of those 7 nations the candidates for the 2008 Euro junior championships in Belgrade would take part in... Click up the title to find out the program, schedule, start-list, etc. at ffnatation.fr
The flayer of the 39th Multination Junior Tournament.
March 16, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
M.Strazmester - at Campeonato de Madrid...(Results)
(Madrid, ESP) - As for obtaining a pick for the position to be entered the Spanish national championships - the Campeonato Open de Madrid, the community meeting was held this week in the ESP capital, Marica Strazmester, Serb women's backstroker (now member - swimmer of the CN Ondarreta Swimming Club), set her LBT (life best time) at the 100-m back with the time of 1:05.72 (50-m pool). Click up the title to open-up the complete official results of this worthy Spanish event... Congratulations!!
Marica Strazmester at the start block of 100 back...
March 13, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Alessio Tambuzzo is getting better in Cesena ...
(Cesena, ITA) -- Alessio Tambuzzo (1991), member of the Nuoto Agrigento (coached by Slavko Pamucina) and one of the best junior swimmer of Sicilia, unfortunately collapsed prior to his race in 200 breast M at the recent Italian Junior Championship that concluded yesterday in Riccione. Unexpectedly the appearance of the high blood pressure prior to getting to the start block knocked him down. Now in the hospital in Cesena (ITA), first signs of recovering are positive... All swimmers from Belgrade wish him good luck also turning back to the pool...
Alessio Tambuzzo & Coach S.Pamucina in Riccione..
March 12, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Maria Pelaez - Exclusive interview from Madrid ...
(Madrid, ESP) -- Maria Pelaez one of the most famous women's swimmer of Spain, the four times Olympian, Euro junior champion, the national record holder and the most awarded athlete in her country gave an exclusive interview for the SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL. From the pen of Marica Strazmester, ex-YU Olympian now swim coach in Spain and active swimmer, interesting sentences can be read.  The special article is arranged in Spanish and English respectively for all our visitors in the wider region of the Balkans and South Eastern Europe...
Maria Pelaez, the Spanish swimming queen...
March 11, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
III Trophy of Zaragoza in Spain - concluded...
(Zaragoza, ESP) -- The 3rd edition of the international  meet "Trofeo Ciudad de Zaragoza" (LC pool) concluded in Spain. Participants from more then 40 teams have appeared (from Germany, Spain, etc.). From Serbia, now as part of the CN Ondarreta (ESP), Marica Strazmester swam out worthy results: in 50-m fly 29,68; 50-m back 30,43 and 100-m back 1:06,05.. Click here to watch the complete official results: Part-1; Part-2; Part-3; Part-4...
Maria Pelaez, the Spanish swim super star with Marica Strazmester by the deck of the swim pool in Zaragoza...
March 07, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
Italian Junior SC Championships 2008...(Results)
(Riccione, ITA) - The Italian Junior SC Championships 2008 started Thursday in the town of Riccione, Italy (March 06-11). The marvelous achievements have been already earned among women at the beginning of this worthy event. After the second day, the women's team ranking is as follows: 1/Plain Team Veneto; 2/Emilia Romagna; 3/Toscana. Click up the title to be redirected to the FIN official web site with the complete results of all parts of the championships...
The official 2008 Italian Junior Championships flyer...
March 06, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
FINA World Youth Swim Champs - Monterrey 2008...
(Monterrey, MEX) - The 2nd FINA World Youth Swimming Championships - Monterrey 2008 is going to be held on July 08-13 in Mexico. Age groups that are acceptable: M (1990, 91, 92, 93); W(1991, 92, 93, 94). The Mexican Swimming Federation and the Nuevo Leon Institute of Sports (INDE) who are in charge of organizing issued the summons of the competition.. Click up the title to be redirected to the Champs official web site, or here for the Monterrey invitation (with the program, schedule, list of the first champs record holders, etc.)
March 03, 2008 -------------------------------------------------------
International Meet Madrid Open 2008...(Results)
(Madrid, ESP) -- The famous int'l meeting the Madrid Open 2008 is concluded this past weeked in the Spain's capital... 34 domestic clubs and teams from CRO, POL, BRA, AUT, UK and SWE participated in... Many world stars were in Madrid: Duje Draganja, Noriega Javier, Nina Zivanevskaja, Fabiola Molina, Hostman, Nicola Cassio, etc. From Serbia - Marica Starzmester (part of the CN Ondarreta - ESP) swam out worthy results: 50 back -30.96; 100 back-1:07.62 and 50 fly - 30.03
Marica Strazmester with Duje Draganja, Croatian Olympian and  the world swim super star...
February 29, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Turkish Championships 2008 in Izmir...(Results)
(Izmir, TUR) -- The 2008 national championships of Turkey started on Feb. 27 in the City of Izmir ... On the Day-1 and 2, three national records are set. After day-2 of the champs, team rank is as follows: 1/Fenerbahce; 2/Galatasaray; 3/FMV Isik-Istanbul. Click here over the links to watch the complete final results of the Day-1; Day-2 and Day-3 (prelims).. (from www.fbyusme.com)
The 2008 Turkish national championships - openning ceremony.
February 27, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Romanian Open Championships 2008...(Results)
(Pitesti, ROM) -- Organized by the national swimming federation the 2008 Open Championship of Romania is concluded last week-end in the City of Pitesti (Feb.20-24)... The complete official results you may find out here for the each day of the champs separately: Day-1; Day-2; Day-3; Day-4; Day-5; (arr in doc format)..
Camelia Potec, ROM Olympian and swim super star...
February 18, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Natalie Coughlin - New WR in 100 Back...(Results)
(Missouri, USA) - Natalie Coughlin American Olympic gold medalist, after Eamon Sallivan in Sydney, shocked the world with 100-m backstroke world-record breaking swim Sunday night during prelims at the 2008 Missouri Grand Prix (USA). She lowered her previous WR in the event by more than twenty hundreds with a time of 59.21. After seting pool rec, Kattie Hoff broke second US record... Click up the titile to watch all official results..
Natalie Coughlin, USA Olympian and the world record holder.
February 18, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Petar Stoychev - third Open Water victory in 2008...
(Patagones, ARG) -- Argentinean race at La Patagones Viedma, a 15km event and the third race of the 2008 series of the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix, the fantastic Bulgarian Petar Stoychev, obtained his third 2008 victory, with the time of 2h42m19s. At the women's side, Natalia Pankina (RUS) ranked first (2h44m22s).
P.Stoychev Tzar of the 2008 FINA Grand Prix Series...
February 05, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
CRO Swim Miracle in Hands of Dimitar Bobev...
(Zagreb,CRO) - At the end of the previous year Croatian Independent Magazine "Nacional" has issued a fantastic swim topic. An inteview with the Bulgarian Coach Dimitar Bobev, now Head Coach of the CRO national team and last 15 years chief swim personality of many swimming miracles been happened in Croatia (Milosevic, Draganja, Impric, Jovanovic, etc). Click up the title to be redirected to the web page of the Nacional Magazine, to read also the gratitude to one Serbian coach (prof.A.Skanata) who had helped Bobev to find himself in SC Primorje, Rijeka.
Sanja Jovanovic & Coach Bobev (Ph. by Nacional, CRO).
January 26, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
10th Dr.FIG AG Meeting - concluded...(Results)
(Kranj, SLO) - The 10th edition of the traditional Age Group swim meet "Dr.FIG 2008" is finished on Saturday in the City of Kranj, organized by Merit-Triglav Swimming Club... 510 competitors from 29 clubs (CRO, SRB, SVK and SLO) took part in the events.. From Serbia, the SC Proleter (Melegi D., Ulemek L. and Djuric S.) swam out successfully. Click up the ttitle for the complete results..
Kranj community pool-place of the Dr.Fig 2008 meet.
January 25, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
OAKA - Greece Winter Champs - started...(Results)
(Athens, GRE) - The 2008 Open Winter Championships of Greece (Long Course pool) started today. Many worth results are set just at the Day-1 prelims and semi finals. The complete reports each part of the championships are already available by swim-news.50megs.com where also the marvelous photo galleries may be found. Add info can be reached via: nsevastos@gmail.com
The competition pool (Ph. by Nikos taken from Picasa)
January 22, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach - concluded...(Results)
Long Beach
(Long Beach, USA) - Toyota Grand Prix meet concluded in Long Beach. World-record holder Michael Phelps won two gold medals and set one meet record Sunday on the final night of the competition. In 100y fly, he came from behind in the last 50 yards to beat Matt Grevers to the wall with the time of 45.40. In 100 yd back Phelps swam a meet-rec time of 45.50. In his third final race in 100 yd breast he came in second to Mark Gangloff.. Gangloff turned in a time of  53.09 to win gold, while Phelps won the silver in 53.41. Matt Smith (Santa Clara, Calif.) took bronze in 54.92. Kaitlin Sandeno earned her fourth meet record in the women’s 200 I.M., winning gold with a time 1:56.90...See the complete results.. (Arr by Igor Rasula)
The front entrance of Belmont Plaza pool hall in Long Beach, California..
January 22, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
10th Euromeet - Luxembourg 2008...
(Luxembourg, LUX) - 10th swim jubilee is going to be celebrate at Euromeet 2008, Luxembourg this upcoming week-end... Organized by the national swim federation it is expected that more then 630 competitors (83 clubs) from 18 countries (with 2676 starts) will take part in the events Jan. 25-27... Click up the title to be redirected to the official web-page of the Euromeet in Luxembourg....
Olympic pool in Luxembourg - place of the Euromeet.
January 20, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
STAR 2008 Meet- concluded in Kranj...(Results)
(Kranj, SLO) - STAR 2008 international LEN meeting is concluded successfully in Kranj, Slovenia, organized by KPD "Zvezda"... Among more then 340 competitors from seven countries, worth times were set  in 2-day events... Click up the title to open-up the complete official results of this meeting (arranged in acrobat pdf format)...
Tanja Smid - top swimmer of the host swim club...
January 20, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
41st International Champs Geneve 2008...(Results)
(Geneve, SUI) - 41st edition of the traditional AG Int'l champs of Geneve, Switzerland (one of the oldest in the Europe), organized by the Geneve Natation 1885 SC, started on Friday. More then 700 competitors from 72 clubs/teams (8 countries), took part in 3-day events... Click up the title to find out the official Day-1 results. All others may be find out at  www.geneve-natation-1885.ch
Sparkles from the Geneve Int'l Swim Champs...
January 19, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Coppa Carnevale in Viareggio 2008...(Results)
(Viareggio, ITA) - 31st edition of the traditional youth AG Meeting Di Carnevale 2008 (as part of  the popular ITA Viareggio Carneval) started yesterday in Italy... 70 clubs with more the 500 competitors from six countries took part in the events... On the Day-1, two parts of the meet were concluded... Click up the title to be redirected to the web site of the organizer www.assonuoto.it where the official results are presented...
Flyer of the 2008 Viareggio Carneval manifestation...
January 15, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
Walter Bolognani - Chief of the Italian Junior Selection...
(Rome, ITA) - Mr. Walter Bolognani one of the greatest friends of Swim Star 2000 SC is inaugurated as the Head Coach of the Italian national junior team... Few sparkles from Bolognani's latest swim engagements: member of the ITA national coach staff (1987-2004), ex-President of Rari Nantes Trento (1984-2001) and ex- Director of the  famous European Youth Meeting Trento, the Head Coach of NC Ghirlandina (2003-2006), co-director of the www.nuoto.it web swim site and 'Nuotare Magazine' Italy, chief manager of the greatest European work shops with Sweetenham, Touretski, Bowman and Widmer... As FIN officially announced, other members of the Italian junior staff board will be Manuela Dalla Valle as a coordinator and  Stefano Battistelli (ex-ITA head coach for EYOF '07) as a new team manager. On behalf of management and all members of Swim Star 2000, we send the greatest compliments from Belgrade!  Olivera Mladenovic, President
Walter Bolognani - always on duty of the swim development.
January 12, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
LEN Flanders Swimming Cup  2008...(Results)
(Antwerpen, BEL) -- The first LEN meeting in this year is organizing this week-end in Belgium - the Flanders Cup 2008, approved by FINA as a qualifying competition for the Beijing 2008... 55 clubs from 8 countries with 342 participants take part in this traditional swim event... Click up the title for the on-line results via the TopTime web site or the instant photo galleries at the 'Jacobs'...
Zoe Baker of New Zealand at the Flanders Cup 2008..
January 11, 2008 -----------------------------------------------------
29th Arany Ust 2008 - Int'l meet in Hungary...(Invitation)
(Dunaujvaros, HUN) - Thanks to the kind invitation from Sandor Perjamosi, head of the Dunaffer sport festival, many Serbian clubs are invited to the upcoming Arany Ust 2008 AG meet being held on March 19-21. Click up the title for the invitation, or the next link bellow for the bright flesh gallery from the previous Dunaujvaros 2007 sports events... Add info: dunaferrse@chello.hu
Marvelous conditions for the top swim performance...

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