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Swim Star 2000 SC has come into its 8th year...

The latest month in the course of 2005 has marked the conclusion of the 7th year of the Club's existence... To remind all Club's mates, the group of the Belgrade swim enthusiasts with Mr. Olivera Mladenovic MrPh at the top, realized the idea of establishing the new swimming club in the capital of Yugoslavia just on the New Year Eve 1998-1999. Since that, many things had happened, our club went through storms but also reached many successes and compliments. The main fact have to be mentioned. Our two men's competitors Igor Rasula and Stevan Sosic have been entered in the SCG national team for the Balkan Junior Championships 2004. Despite of the fund problems, the circumstances in the country, the troubles with the training conditions by the 25 of May swim center, Belgrade and other obstacles, we succeed to save the Club's fundament. Four young trainers have started building their careers with our swimmers: Serdjo Filipovic (later on the Head Coach of Rari Nantes Ascoli and Chimera Nuoto (Italy) also the Head Coach of SC Braga (Portugal) and Coach of Portugal National Junior team (in 2004), Dejan Ilic (2000-2003), Slavko Pamucina (2004-2005) in the present, Head Coach of the Messina Polisportiva SC (Italy) and Vladimir Minic, Present Chief of the Coach Staff... To our pride, our best competitor Igor Rasula, now student in Michigan, USA is one of the best swimmer of the Olivet College Men's Swimming Team, coached by Mr. Dave Stubbs also ranked in Top 10 in 200 yd free considering MIAA Conference 2005, Michigan... The Club's anniversary we have signed by the prom night at the Charm Caffe of the '25 of May' sport center, where the best athletes Boris Cetkovic (1988) and Jelena Dimic (1989) have been awarded with the Special Club Annual Recognition - ... We express our gratitude to many well known and/or unknown persons worldwide who have helped us in many situations... Swim Star 2000 SC is going on !!!
Goran Rasula, Director, December 29, 2005.../

Jelena, Dragan, Vladimir Minic, Coach, Jugoslav, Boris and Marko
Jelena and Boris the most valuable swimmers in 2005 with Vladimir Minic, Head Coach
Filip Andjelkovic and Mr.G.Rasula, members of the Swim Star 2000 SC foundation...
 Boris Cetkovic (1988), MVS in 2005 - awarded by Mr.G.Rasula, Director
 Jelena Dimic, Captain of Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club and the best women's swimmer
 Jelena Dimic (1989), MVS in 2005 among the girls - awarded by Mr.G.Rasula, Director
 Boris Cetkovic showed this year that his future in swimming is definitely assured...
 Marko Dimic (1992), the new Swim Star 2000 SC's potency...
 Boris Cetkovic, Jelena Dimic and Marko Dimic
Jelena Dimic, Dragan Komazec, V.Minic, Coach and Jugoslav Milutinovic
Jugoslav Milutinovic, long-distance competitor and Assistant Coach
Vladimir Minic, Head Coach of Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club, Belgrade

Best wishes to all our swimmers for the Christmas and a Happy New Year... Swim Star 2000 Swimming Clu is go ahead to fulfill the goals been set for this season as well as for the near future... Be serious in every training and successes won't miss you, there is no doubt  !!!

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