Spelin Memorial

Upon the swim & sport cooperation between the two clubs-friends SC Valis, Valjevo and SC Swim Star 2000, Belgrade, as well as the kindness and readiness of Mrs. Nina Petronijevic, Chief Marketing Director of SC Valis, all our visitors are in the position to have here the full photo story of this fantastic swim meeting dedicated to the younger category swimmers. 28 clubs from 6 countries with 466 competitors took part in the events... Serb Swimming was presented by SC Vojvodina (Novi Sad) with 24 and SC Valis (Valjevo) with 4 participants in total... The link for the Complete official results of the meeting you may find also here at the bottom of this page...

Spela Memorial Part-1 Gallery (November 26, 2005)
Nov. 26 - Opening Ceremony
marvelous Olympic pool in Kranj
Flags of the 7 countries participants
Darjan Petric, Meet Director
New Girls Stars of BVSC, Budapest, Hungary
Second Hungarian team-SC'Dolphin'
New Stars of HAPK"Mladost', Croatia
Vanja Petronijevic, SC Valis, SCG
City of Kranj under the snow

Part-2 Gallery (November 26, 2005)
New SCG swim Legend- Tijana Vukanovic
Part of SC Vojvodina, Novi Sad
V.Anusic, Coach of SC Vojvodina
Athletes of SC Valis, Valjevo, SCG
The City of Kranj is left under a tone of snow
V. Boskovic, Coach of SC Valis with his team
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The Complete Official Results
The main organizer of the Serbian Clubs participation in the Spelin Memorial 2005
Mrs. Nikolina Nina Petronijevic
Chief Marketing and Media Director of SC "Valis", Valjevo

The complete Meeting report from Kranj, for the domestic visitors, you may find out at:
Add Info: 063 - 346 - 485 or via e-mail: s131289@va.sbb.co.yu

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