O r g a n i z i n g   C o m m i t t e e    o f    t h e   T r a d i t i o n a l   S a b a c   S w i m m i n g   M a r a t h o n
 Milorad Rajsic, Marathon Director, expresses gratitude to all participants and visitors of the Sabac Marathon

Official Report  (August 06, 2006)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
More then 70 competitors from Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia took part in 5 different age category races of the traditional 37th edition of the Sabac Swimming Marathon that was held on Sava River, Sunday, August 06 at the route between Jarak Village and the town of Sabac, Serbia.  The marvelous weather condition as well as more then 5,000 spectators at the river bank near the monument of Old tower of Sabac, contributed in the quality organization of this, one of the oldest European Open Water Swimming Fest. In the main marathon race at the distance of 18.7 km, 16 athletes were entered, among others also Mr.Milorad Rajsic, Marathon Director and ex-YU legend of the marathon races. The Champion title of the Sabac Marathon  2006 is caught by Evgenij Pop Acev (SC Student, Skopje, FYR of  Macedonia) followed also by two Macedonian swimmers who were ranked 2nd and 3rd - Igor Dimovski and Filip Tanurovski...

Photo Gallery  -(August 06, 2006)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Info flayer for the competitors
Kayak Club Zorka-Kolor arranged promo race
Spectators at Stari Grad Plaza in Sabac
Chief Marathon Referee - Mr.Zujovic
The finish of 1.2 K race
OWS new stars from Skopje, Macedonia
Spectators and supportes in expecting their favourites to finish the marathon race
The famous Chadja, pilot from Sabac showed his acrobat experience in his 'Cessna' aeroplane
Elvir Osmanovic (Novi Pazar) fantastic young swimmer - the winner of 4.5 K race
Start of Bubamara 50-m race for the youngest...
Finish of the Bubamara 100-m free race...
More then 5,000 spectators along the river bank

At the Marathon finish - Evgenij Pop Acev
Sabac Marathon 2006 Winner - Evgenij Pop Acev
Igor Dimovski (FYR Macedonia) ranked 2nd
Sabac Marathon 2006 /August 06, 2006/ Evgenij Pop Acev /right/ and Igor Dimovski /left/ after the 18.7 Km marathon race

The Invitation 
The traditional Open Water Swimming event in the town of Sabac as 36 before will take place at the downstream of the Sava River near Sabac on August 06, 2006... The Organizing Committee with Mr. Milorad Rajsic, ex-YU swimming marathon legend as a Chair have defined 6 separate races: Sabac 2006 Marathon 18.7 Km (Gomolova - Stari Grad); Mini Marathon 8 Km (Drenovacka Ada -Stari Grad); The Memorial Race "Ljubomir Ljupce Kostic" - distance of 4.5 Km Mini OWS 2 Km (S.Most - S.Grad) and the Bubamara Races (50 m & 100 m Freestyle for the the youngest competitors)... Welcome to all athletes, marathon and swim fans to the oldest and the most popular open water swimming event in Serbia.

The Program of all 'Sabac 2006 Marathon' Swim Events 
  1. Bubamara (50 m) ages 2000 and older (with parents)   4.  Memorial - 'Ljubomir Kostic' (K.kanal - S.Grad) 4.5 Km
  2. Bubamara (100 m) ages 1997 - 1999   5.  Mimi Marathon (Drenovacka Ada - Stari Grad) 8 Km
  3. Mini OWS (S.Most-Stari Grad) 2 Km (1996 and younger)   6.  Marathon Sabac 2006 (Gomolava - Stari Grad) 18.7 Km

The winners of the previous 2005 Sabac Marathon's events...

The pioneer winners of 100 m Free race
The younger winners - in 50 m Free race
Valis (Valjevo) swimmers - winners of 1.2K
Swimmers from Novi Pazar-winners in 4,5 K
Ilija Stojanovski - winner of Sabac 2005 Marathon
Mr.Milorad Rajsic, Director of Sabac Marathon

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Many worthy awards are provided for the winners in all events
Joining of the swim participants: City Beach 'Stari Grad', Sabac
Place & Date: Sabac, Serbia, August 06, 2006, 10 a.m.
"Zlatni Kotlic" - Cultural and other events - starting at 10 a.m.

 All info: Mr.Milorad Rajsic, Marathon Director  Tel. +381 64 351-00-33
Mr. Ljuba Jelcic, Secretary, Tel/Fax: +381 15 319 080 

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