A.S.D. Polisportiva Messina, ITALY, Viale della Liberta 410, Tel/Fax +39 90 363-839
The 60th Anniversary of the Polisportiva Messina Foundation
Messina City pool
(Messina, ITA) - One of the oldest swim meet in Italy dedicated to the younger category swimmers is concluded successfully. Upon the patronage of the Community of Messina, organized and managed by Mr. Giuseppe Cargminani and the Polisportiva Messina Nuoto Club, the 18th edition of "Vittorio Magazzu Memorial 2006" is finished on June 3-4 at Sicily...
Among the 30 clubs participants with more then 450 competitors in three categories, the final team ranking is as follows: 1/Aquos La Meridiana (ITA)-571 pts.; 2/ CUS Messina (ITA)-404pts.; 3/ Poseidon (ITA)-330 pts.

Complete Official Results...
Transferred from the Meet organizing board - by S.Pamucina

Mini Photo Gallery (arranged by S.Pamucina, Coach of Messina Polisportiva)
Actions in the marvelous out-door Olympic 50-m pool of the Community of Messina
Mr.Slavko Pamucina, Coach with his best talents of the Messina Polisportiva Nuoto Club
The worthy Trophy bowls for the best teams and competitors in all categories
Mr. Giuseppe Cargminani, Meet Director, Special award designated to Z.Paranos and SC Leotar (BiH)
Top men's 100 medley realy teams:1/CUS Messina, 2/Cosenza Nuoto; 3/Aquos La Merid
Grand Prize for the best team of V.Magazzu Memorial 2006 - Aquos La Meridiana. (ITA)-571 pts.

La A.S.D. Polisportiva Messina con la collaborazione del GUG e dell'Assoc. Crono di Messina, indice e organizza il 18. Memorial Vittorio Magazzu di nuoto, manifestacione internazionale ad inviti, riservato alle categorie 'Esordienti B', Esordienti A', Ragazzi' e 'Assol.' con il seguente programma orario: The A.S.D. Polisportiva Messina, Italy in the collaboration with GUG Association Crono from Messina have announced the organization of the 18th Swimming meeting "Memorial Vittorio Magazzu", invitational international event, dedicated to the categories as follows: 'Esordienti B', 'Esordienti A', 'Ragazzi' and 'Absolute', according to the next schedule:
S.L. - Freestyle ------ Farf. - Butterfly ----- Dorso - Backstroke ------ Rana - Breaststroke----- Misti - Ind.Medley

Piscina 'Cappuccini', Messina, Sicilia, ITALY, June/Giugno 03-04, 2006


Ogni atleta potra pertecipare di 2 gare (Esordienti B) e 3 gare (altre categorie e non piu di 2 per ogni parte del programma). Ogni Societa potra iscrivere nella stessa gara non piu di 3 atleti per categoria (B-A-R-ASS.) ed 1 staffetta per categoria,
Each athelte may take part in 2 disciplines (Ess 'B') and 3 disciplines (all other categories and no more then 2 per part of the programme). Each team may be entered with no more then 3 swimmers per category (Ess'B', Ess 'A', 'Rag' and 'Ass') and only 1 squad per relay.


Punti 9 al 1., punti 7 at 2., punti 6 al 3..... 1 al 8. Si raddoppia nelle staffette.
Max 9 points for the 1st swimmer, 7 points for the 2nd, 6 points for the 3rd..... 1 point for the 8th.


Saranno stilate classifiche per gli Esordienti B, A, Ragazzi e Assoluti. Alla Societa 1. clasifficata (B+A+Ragg+Ass) andra il 18. Memorial V.Magazzu. Le iscrizioni con relavita tassa gara (Euro 5, atl/gara, Euro 6 staffetta), dovranno pervenire improrogabilmente entro e non oltre il 20 Maggio 2006 alla: A.S.D. Polisportiva Messina V.le della Liberta 410 - 98121 Messina, Italia - Tel. 090 363-839 Fax 090 363-839, 090 345-137, e-mail: polisportivame@tao.it o pamucina_slavko@yahoo.com L'organizzazione declina ogni responsabilita per quanto possa accadere a persone o cose prima durante la manifestazione.
The rankings will be made considering the categories respectively (Essordienti B, Essoridenti A, Ragazzi and Absolute as well as the teams - participants. The team who would collect the highest points sum in B+A+Ragg+Abs categories will be the winner of the 18th Memorial Vittorio Magazzu. The meet fee per athlete is 5 euro/event and 6 euro/relay. Last day for entries to be sent is May 20, 2006 via: A.S.D. Polisportiva Messina V.le della Liberta 410 - 98121 Messina, ITA - Tel. +39 (90) 363-839 Fax +39 (90) 363-839 or +39 (90) 345-137, also via next e-mail: polisportivame@tao.it or pamucina_slavko@yahoo.com

Sparkles from the Messina's last Memorial (directed by Dott.G.Carmignani, President of the Polisportiva Messina)

Messina - the Sicilian and Mediterranean Pearl...
Messina is the most picturesque and one of the chief city on the Sicily island in the heart of the Mediterranean see. Messina is the gate to the Calabria region - the southwestern part of the continental Italy also the Europe. It was founded as Zancle in 724 BC by the inhabitants the Siculi, who were associated with the Greeks. Greek legend placed the six-headed monster Scylla (Scilla) and the whirlpool Charybdis (Cariddi) in the Straits of Messina, so these names, in modern times, have been used in many events. For instance, the first train ferries of 1896 were named after them.
In 493 BC the city was taken by Anaxilas, and renamed after his native city of Messene in the Peloponnese. It took part in the wars against Athens, and was destroyed in 396 BC by the Carthaginians. The city and its surrounds were rebuilt in 288 BC, and aligned itself with Rome, Augustus establishing a Roman colony in 36 BC. In AD 843 Messina was taken by the Saracens, and then fell to the Normans in 1060 who built the cathedral in 1092.
The city was independent for 400 years until 1678, when it was sacked by the Spaniards. Between 1740 and 1908 Messina suffered a series of disasters from plague, earthquake, cholera and bombardment by a Neapolitan fleet, ending with a further major earthquake in 1908 which harmed more then 100,000 lives.
It was not until the 1930s under Mussolini that Messina made real progress towards the complete recovery. Air-raids in 1943 in the World War II killed another 5,000 inhabitants, and reduced much of the reconstruction to rubble. Nowadays, Messina and its community inlay worthy efforts to enable many European tourists and visitors of Sicily to have a fan and pleasant staying for the vacations, excursions, recreations, sport preparations, etc...
Messina coast line
In respect towards the swim friendships between Polisportiva Messina and the Swim Star 2000 SC, Belgrade
(Arranged by Igor Rasula, April 30,2006).......
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