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01.12.2007. Swim Center Mostonga, Sombor (25-m in-door pool)
Organizer: SWIMMING CLUB "FENIKS"- Sombor, Vojvodina - SERBIA

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The complete photo documentation exclusively for Swim Star Agency 2000 is arranged by Jan Valo, Novi Sad, Serbia

(Sombor, SRB, Dec 01, 2007) - The 3rd edition of the international swim meet in Serbia "Feniks 2007" dedicated to the younger category swimmers concluded successfully in the town of Sombor by continuing the oldest tradition of the swimming events started in this town at the end of the 19th century...  More then 200 competitors from 23 teams (including 3 clubs from FYR of Macedonia) took part this Age Group  event. Click up the title bellow for the complete final results of the meeting... All our visitors who would like to receive the professional formatted picture-files (in JPG format) from this event (in the resolution that may allow the direct picture printing), please contact us or directly the author of this gallery Mr. Jan Valo at the e-mail Jan.Valo@entjuba.co.yu

.The Official Final Results.

    Photo Gallery from the Mostonga pool...(® Copyright  by Jan Valo)
 The entrance of the popular swim center Mostonga in the town of Sombor, Vojvodina, Serbia
 The full professional conditions for the competitors, referees, time keepers  - all organized by SC Feniks, Sombor
Almost every race was spectacular for the athletes - some of them have had their first swim competition ever
The marvelous conditions for the top achievements by the 25-m pool of the Mostonga swim center in Sombor
The part of the competition squad of the Swimming Club Vojvodina (Novi Sad)
More then 250 competitors from 23 domestic and 3 MKD clubs took part in this event
The nervous and the 'patience' of the beginners in the present - in the future - new SRB swim stars 
Before the start of the 50-m breaststroke girls

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