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09.07.2007. Swim center Dudova Suma, Subotica (50-m out-door pool)
Organizer: SWIMMING CLUB "SPARTAK"- Subotica, Vojvodina - SERBIA

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The complete Photo documentation exclusively for Swim Star Agency 2000 is arranged by Jan Valo, Novi Sad, Serbia

(Suboticaj, SRB, July 10, 2007) - The exclusive photo presentation from the Summer Championships of Vojvodina 2007 for the pioneers gathered 15 Vojvodina's swim clubs overall... Final team ranking: 1/ SC Vojvodina, Novi Sad;  2/SC Novi Sad, Novi Sad;  3/ SC Proleter, Zrenjanin.... This gallery is prepared and arranged by Mr.Jan Valo, the Swim Star 2000 Agency’s special reporter from this event. All athletes, participants and delegates who would like to reach the professional formatted picture-files from this event (in the resolution that may allow the direct picture printing), please contact us or directly the author of this gallery via Jan.Valo@entjuba.co.yu

.The Official Final Results.  Team  Ranking

    Photo Gallery from Subotica...(Arranged by Jan Valo)
 Out-door Olympic pool in the town of Subotica
 Warming up prior to the begining of the morning part
One of the start in 200 m back girls
The trophies for the teams winners
Male's relay 4x100 free 100m of SC Vojvodina (Dautovic, Laban, Kovacevic and Molnar)
200m breast boys: Perisic (SC Banat), Trajkovic (SC Proleter Zrenjanin) and Marko Zuzic (SC Spartak Subotica)
200 m breast girls: Boros Cila (SC Senta), Bojanic Kristina (SC Proleter), Vujatov Dejana (SC Novi Sad)
 50m free boys: Kreca M. (SC Banat), Vukobrat D. (SC Banat) Ivanovic N. (SC Novi Sad)
50m free girls: Repman Rebeka (SC Feniks Sombor), Ivancevic Milica (SC Vojvodina), Valo Dragana (SC Vojvodina)
200m free girls: Parcetic Ana (SC Feniks), Draganov-Cordas Stefanija (SC Proleter), Kristina Bojanic (SC Proleter)
100m breast boys: Trajkovic (SC Proleter), Perisic (SC Banat), Kovacevic (SC Vojvodina)
100m breast girls: Boros Cila (SC Senta), Banjanin Natasa (SC Polet), Bojanic Kristina (SC Proleter)
Team captains: 2/SC Novi Sad  (Vujatov Dejana); 1/
 SC Vojvodina (Ivancevic Milica); 3/ SC Proleter (N.Trajkovic).
Marvelous pool in Subotica, however sad view across the pool tribune (the complete without audience)
400m free boys: Kovacevic Dj (SC Vojvodina), Kreca M. (SC Banat), Laban D. (SC Vojvodina)
400m free girls: Bojanic K. (SC Proleter), Gucunski J. (SC Novi Sad), Parcetic A. (SC Feniks, Sombor)

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