Policie SC
Junior Olympic Hopes 2007 Meeting
Laskovského Memoriál
Memoriál Kataríny Jonecovej
Place of the event: Košice, Slovakia      Pool: 50 m/8 lanes    Datum: 12 – 13 May 2007   Timing: OMEGA 

International Junior Meet in Slovakia

The complete Photo Doc is arranged by Mr. Sergio Filipovic, Coach of Red Star SC, Belgrade and the National Junior team
The Complete Results of the Serb Swimmers.
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(Kosice, Slovakia, May 2007) - The  36th edition of the traditional International Age Group Meeting Olympic Hopes, organized by the Sport Club Policie, Kosice, is concluded on May 13, 2007 ... Three nations have been presented at this worthy competition: from Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia. The Serbian Swimming Association has entered its national squad of more then 30 competitors in all categories, coached by A.Rosic, D.Markovljev, M.Djordjevic, V.Boskovic and S.Filipovic... Marvelous times have been set. The worthiest expression has been made by Milica Ostojic (1991) - member of the Red Star Swimming Club, Belgrade, earning 3 Gold medals in 100, 200 and 400 m freestyle... Mini photo gallery from this bright participation of the national junior team of Serbia has been arranged for our SWIM STAR WEB PORTAL by S.Filipovic...

    Mini Gallery from Kosice...
 Mr. Sergio Filipovic, Coach of Red Star SC, Belgrade
 Tribune of the Kosice pool with the Serb squad 
 A.Petrovic, M.Ostojic and J.Nikolovski
 Community 50-m pool in Kosice, the place of event
Kosice, May 13, 2007 - Serbian national junior swim team

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