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25.10.2008. Sports Centar Vojvodina (SPENS), Novi Sad (25-m pool)

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III International AG Meet Poletarac 2008

The highest level international AG meeting organized in Serbia in the previous season

(Novi Sad, SRB) - The  third edition of the Age Group International swim meeting in the City of Novi Sad, POLETARAC 2008 is going to be held on October 25, 2008.. For this meeting, the Olympic pool in Spens complex will be re-arranged in two 25-m long segments where the adequate categories will take part in the events... Swimming Club Novi Sad, as a host club invites all swimmers and teams from the wide region of the Balkans to come to Novi Sad and participate in the best competition in the country. See here bellow the Programme of the meeting, pictures from the previous one, while all other details would be available via the contact data given at the top of the page...

.The Meet Age Categories.and Programme

      Gallery from the SPENS pool for the previous meet...(Photo by Jan Valo)
The  previous 2nd edition of the International swimming meeting POLETARAC 2007 which has been included in the the frame of the famous Youth cultural and sports festival "Zmajeve decje igre" held in June 2007. That event gathered fantastic number of 868 competitors from five countries: Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia... This fact confirmed the top position of this event among all organized international meetings in Serbia, regarding  the number of the participants in the last swim season...
For this meeting, as it will be done also in this year, the Olympic pool in the  famous Spens swim in-door complex has been re-arranged in two 25-m long segments where the adequate categories took part in all disciplines.. Swimming Club Novi Sad, as the main organizer of this manifestation with its sponsors and donors showed the highest potency not only within the program and activities by the pool, but also in the accommodation, hosting in the City of Novi Sad for the international participants and other engagements, which provided this meet to be concluded successfully.
All additional info: pkns@sezampro.yu

The deadline for the entries: October 22,2008. Mail address: PK "Novi Sad", Sutjeska 2, Novi Sad, Sebia, Web site: www.pknovisad.org

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