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Novi Sad
17-18.11.2007. Swim Center SPENS, BNovi Sad(50-m out-door pool)
Organizer: SWIMMING CLUB "VOJVODINA"- Novi Sad, Vojvodina - SERBIA
PK ''Vojvodina'', Lasla Gala 24, 21000 Novi Sad, ili fax:+381 021\6618-891
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The complete photo documentation exclusively for Swim Star Agency 2000 is arranged by Jan Valo, Novi Sad, Serbia

(Novi Sad, SRB, Nov. 19, 2007) - 28th edition of the oldest international swim meet in Serbia "Novi Sad 2007" is concluded successfully in the City of Novi Sad by the 50-m Olympic pool of the Trade & Sport Center of Spens. More then 300 competitors from 27 teams (Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Russia, FYROM, Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro and Serbia) took part this Age Group  event. Click up the title bellow for the complete final results of the meeting... All our visitors who would like to receive the professional formatted picture-files (in JPG and other formats) from this event (in the resolution that may allow the direct picture printing), please contact us or directly the author of this gallery Mr. Jan Valo at the e-mail Jan.Valo@entjuba.co.yu

.The Official Final Results.

    Photo Gallery from the SPENS pool...(® Copyright  by Jan Valo)
 Day-1 - warming up at the marvelous conditions in Spens
 The Opening ceremony of the NOVI SAD 2007 meet
More then 300 athletes from 28 clubs (9 countries)
The podium designed for the Novi Sad 2007 winners
100m breast  cadet W- Volic K. (SC Vojvodina), Bogdanovic J. (SC Beograd) and Mateva D. (SC Levski Sofia, BUL)
100m breast cadet M - Krasovec M. (SC Olimpia Ljubljana), Bratic M. (SC Vojvodina), Somogyi B. (SC Tasi, HUN)
100 m fly P - Mioc A. (SC Dinamo), Tomazic M. (SC Merit Triglav SLO) and Devaja T. (SC Vojvodina)
100 m lbackstroke P - Ivanovic D. (SC Partizan), Santa A. (SC Tasi, HUN) and Plackov B. (SC Vojvodina)
100 m freestyle P - Vukobrat T. (SC Vojvodina), Ivancevic M. (SC Vojvodina) and Micevska I.(SC Vardar Skopje, FYROM)
100 m freestyle P  - Hodzic D. (SC Zmaj, BIH), Keidl P. (SC Tasi, HUN) and Senicar M. (SC Vojvodina)
The awards for the teams: 1/SC Vojvodina; 2/ SC Tasi, Pecs, HUN; 3/ SC Merit triglav, Kranj, SLO
100m free W - Plakunova O. Nizhny (RUS), Veselova A. Nizhny (RUS), Senji M. (SC Kikinda)
100m back M - Zvyagin M. Nizhny (RUS), Kopas I. (SC Novi Sad), and Bogdanovski L. (SC Vojvodina)
100 m fly W - Todorovic S. (SC Novi Sad), Tomazic M. (SC Merit Triglav Kranj SLO) and Atic S. (SC Zmaj, Tuzla BIH)
100 m breast M- Stojanovic B. (SC Kikinda), Bratic M. (SC Vojvodina and Rozanovic A. (SC Tasi Pecs, HUN) 
100 m breast W - Mateva D. (SC Levski Sofia BUL), Bogdanovic J. (SC Beograd) and Marcun N. (SC Merit Triglav Kranj, SLO)
200 m free M - Jaksic M. (SC Vojvodina), Kopas I. (SC Novi Sad) and Bakony B. (SC Tasi Pecs, HUN) 
200 m free W - Marjanovic J. (SC Vojvodina), Ostojic M. (SC Beograd) and Veselova A. Nizhny (RUS) 
Action in the marvelous Olympic pool in Novi Sad
Preps for 4x50 m mix free realy (M+W) at the end of the meet

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