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Modena - Dogali Olympic Pool
34th LEN International Swim Meeting in Italy
ORGANIZED BY:  AS Modena Nuoto & 
NC Ghirlandina, Modena
Via Dogali 5 Modena
Tel. +39 59 223838
Host team: www.ncghirlandina.it
MEET Director: Prof. Mauro Zanni
E-mail: meeting@ncghirlandina.it
Out-door 50-m Olympic Pool
Via Dogali 5 Modena, Italy
DATE:  June 02-03, 2007

Part-1 (Day-1)
Part-2 (Day-2)
Part-3 (Day-2)
Saturday, June 02, 2007
Sunday, June 03, 2007
Sunday, June 03, 2007
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Alessandro Terrin
Filippo Magnini with new Modena hopes
Alessia Filippi
Prof. A.Skanata (Coach, Red Star SC) and Prof.Mauro Zanni, Modena Meet Director
Greetings to the world from the winners of Modena 2007 - AS Modena Nuoto Team
Jovana Bogdanovic of Red Star Belgrade - winner of gold medal in 200 breast (2:39.52)
Prof.Mauro Soldati, Chief of the NC Ghirlandina with Allesia Filippi
Filippo Magnini, World super star also has a duty to sign his name for the swim hopes
The only Serb delegation in Modena - SC Red Star squad upon landing Belgrade
Photo gallery is made upon the swim cooperation with the NC Ghirlandina's tech team and Prof. Mauro Soldati, Modena

Filippo Magnini, Alessia Filippi, Alessandro Terrin and Luca Marin (with Laure Manaudou)

The 34th edition of the International Swim Meeting "Trophy of the City of Modena 2007" will be held in Italy on June 02-03, 2007 by the marvelous swim center of the Community of Modena the Dogali Pool. The event is opened to all athletes members of the National Italian Swimming federation as well as all members of L.E.N. and FINA...The place of the event: Out-door Olympic pool in the park of Novi Sad, Modena - host pool of the AS Modena Nuoto and Nuoto Club Ghirlandina. Entries from the clubs, regional associations and the national federations are welcome. The first three athletes in each event will be awarded by medals and sponsors grants. The coaches of the first three clubs will earn sports "kit" and prize money (800, 500, 300 euro). Welcome to the Emilia Romana region and its heart - the City of Modena... Click right here for the Official Invitation (arr. in Italian)

The sparkles from the Modena Trophy 2006...(Photo by NC Ghirlandina, Modena, Web & Media Design by Igor Rasula, 2007)

.... The Program of the Meeting:
 Sat, June 02, 14:15
200 m Back (w/m)
200 m Fly (w/m)
100 m Breast (w/m)
100 m Free (w/m)
 Sun, June 03, Morning
400 m Free (w/m)
200 m IM (w/m)
100 m Fly (w/m)
 Sun, June 03, Afternoon
200 m Free (w/m)
200 m Breast (w/m)
100 Back (w/m)
50 Free (w/m)
.... Categories:
Ragazzi YoB: 91-92-93
Juniores YoB: 1989-1990
Absolute YoB: 1988 & older
Ragazzi YoB: 93-94
Juniores YoB: 1991-1992
Absolute YoB: 1990 & older
.... Time Schedule:
Saturday June 02, 2007 - 2:15 p.m.
Sunday  June 03, 2007  - 8:45 a.m. / 2:45 p.m.

The Complete Results of the previous Modena 2006 !!!
At the official host team web site www.ncghirlandina.it

Add info: Meet Secretary Ms.MONICA via e-mail meeting@ncghirlandina.it and/or Tel. +39 59 223-838 between 15.00 and 19.00

Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club, Belgrade at the Modena Meeting in the course of 2000 and 2001

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