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15th LEN International Swimming Meeting
 "Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2010"
6th Open Swimming Championships of Montenegro 2010
U LEN kalendaru oficijelnih Evropskih plivackih mitinga  ::  Part of the LEN official calendar of the European swim events
Mimosa Cup 2010 finished successfully...
 Mimosa 2010 - Opening ceremony  (Photo by Tamara Pesic)
  The Organizing Board of Herceg Fest Co, the Mimosa Cup Board and the Assembly of Herceg Novi are proud to announce that more then 270 athletes from nine countries took part in this 15th edition of the LEN Swim Meeting Montenegro Mimosa Cup 2010...
  All competitors and the club's delegates were in the same time the participants of the 41st edition of the Mimosa Fest Carnival 2010 (the traditional cultural, fun and sports joining at the beginning of every spring) with various events being held in the town of Herceg Novi and the famous gulf of Boka Kotorska, Montenegro. 
  The official time keeper of the meeting issued here three separate result sheets of the PART-1; PART-2 & PART-3.as well as the full Complete Mimosa 2010 Resultss recorded on Saturday and  Sunday within the meet sessions. Few worthy times were swam out also the new meet, national and LB standards were set..,
  Information: Tel/Fax +382 31 321-924   Cell:+382 69 047-374 ivica.zuber@t-com.me
.Prof. Zuber - Interview.
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.The Herceg Fest invites you to the 41st Mimosa Carnival 2010!!!
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