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Stephan Widmer's Work Shop in LIGNANO
ITALY, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Sept 14 - 16, 2007

World Coach Stephan Widmer to Headline Swim Clinic in Italy
Mentor of the world swim stars Libby Lenton and Leisel Jones to be Special Guest Presenter at 2007 Nuoto.IT Clinic

October 23, 2007 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
6 CDs Video Presentation of the Widmer's Work Shop - available...
CD presentation
The Widmer's Work Shop 2007 been held mid of September is now available at the worth 6 CDs audio/video presentation, issued by Nuotopuntoit (ITA)... Stephan Widmer, the new world coach-swim power from Australia - the personal trainer of the two women's world champions (Jones and Lenton) has had the marvelous lectures... Click up the a link above to watch sequences from the CDs (set at YouTube), prior purchasing. For more info on ordering write down - e-mail: nuoto@nuoto.it
Another great contribution to the world of swimming by NPI...  (Photo from NPI web gallery).

September 16, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Widmer's Work Shop - concluded successfully...
The Widmer's Work Shop is concluded successfully in the marvelous sport and tourist resort of the GeTur in the town of Lignano Sabbiadoro... In front of the worth audience, the well known swim coaches, clubs officials and others from many parts of Europe, the latest experiences of Stephan Widmer, the new world coach-swim power - the personal trainer of the two women's world champions (Jones and Lenton), have been presented... Click a link on the right to watch the special Web Gallery of the Widmer's WS... The special Widmer's DVD presentation from Lignano - in preparation.
At the end of the 2-day event, the Nuotoputoit chives Guerra Cristiano and Walter Bolognani consigned special award to Stephan Widmer at the conclusion ceremony...
W.Bolognani, S.Widmer and G.Cristiano, chives of the NPI WS... (Photo from NPI gallery).

September 15, 2007 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Coach Widmer starts with the Work Shop...
The Widmer's Work Shop has started today as part of the marvelous European Swim Clinic, organized by the Nuotopuntoit at the GeTuR tourist and the sports complex in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy... In his first theme "My Story about introducing the method" many interests have been shown from the audience - domestic and foreign swim coaches... The elaboration is followed by the slide show available via the large wall screen at the work shop hall...
Stephan Widmer, presents his today's theme...     (Transferred from the NPI live web).

September 14, 2007 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Swim Clinic in Lignano Sabbiadoro - started...
The greatest 2007 European Swim Clinic, organized by Nuotopuntoit, the leading swim Italian and European web media, has started today by the well known GeTuR aquatic complex in Lignano Sabbiadoro... 
As the overture for the Stephan Widmer's Work Shop that will be held next two days in Lignano, the two famous Italian swim personalities Ivo Ferrettii and Cesare Butini have had their contributions to this clinic by presenting their latest experiences... Cesare Butini, Head coach of the Italian junior swimming team and a member of the technical staff of the senior national team, presented a useful theme on the psychological cut in touching the highest swimming  values: "The expectations - seeing from the role of the trainer". Ivo Ferretti the FIN expert in bio-mechanics, presented his last evaluations of the studies and analysis on the armful from the aspects of utilization and application of the strength... 
Ivo Ferrettii, presents his theme  (Transferred from the Nuotopuntoit live web)...

August 29, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Program, Schedule, Entry forms...
Complete Program of the Clinic
(Arranged in Italian only...)
Additional info:
Accommodation Entry form
(Arranged in Einglish language...)
Additional info:
Organizers: Guerra Cristiano - Walter Bolognani; Moderator: Walter Bolognani; Translators: Ida De Flavis - Federico Ferraro; Logistics: Federico Gross
August 10, 2007 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Who is this great swim person?
What do two world swimming icons, Libby Lenton and Leisel Jones, have in common? They are recognised around the globe for their swimming talents...yes. They are the best women's Aussie swimmers...yes. They have swam to the Olympic gold medal glory...yes. They earned their first individual world championship titles in 2005...yes. They dominated the pool at the Montreal and Melbourne FINA Championships...yes. And do you know the name of the person - the swimming trainer, Coach who inlayed efforts and provided that - 

Melbourne 2007
SUPER coach Stephan Widmer, Swiss-born now coach of the Queensland Academy of Sport, has been named the Australian Swimming Coaches And Teachers Association Coach of the Year.  Widmer won the award for his efforts in lifting Libby Lenton and Leisel Jones to world records in 2006. 
In spring of 2006, at the Queensland Government's web site, one might find out the next notes:
Stephan is the instrument that drives the engines of these two brilliant talents. Over the past year alone, Libby and Leisel have brought home a combined total of eight medals from the FINA World Championships, 11 medals from the Melbourne Commonwealth Games and on top of these achievements they have smashed a combined total of nine world records. Stephan's talent as an elite swimming coach is undeniable. Combine this with his passion for the sport and being part of his athletes' journey to the top; he is unquestionably one of the greatest swimming coaches in Australia
Stephan joined the QAS as an employee in 1997. Initially, Stephan acted as an assistant to the QAS Head Coach, Scott Volkers, and now heads up one of the State's elite swimming squads. As a coach he emphasizes the importance of challenging his athletes with great learning opportunities.
Vladimir Stanisavljevic, legendary ex-YU marathon swimmer now Head Coach of Xavier College (Melbourne) with Stephan Widmer at the recent  FINA World Swim Championships in Melbourne (Australia, March, 2007)...
After Bill Sweetenham (2002), Gennadi Touretski  (2005) and Bob Bowman (2006), another great globe swim coach leads the Nuotopuntoit clinic in Lignano,..

        Welcome to the Swim Clinic in Lignano !!!
  The Widmer's Work Shop will be organized in the GeTur village in the city of Lignano Sabbiadoro at the swim complex that has hosted European short course pool Championships 2006 and the EYOF 2005. GeTur Village is the perfect place for the highest professional swim training throughout the year. The city of Lignano is placed by the Adriatic Sea coast between Venice and Trieste. It is an entire sport complex with 2 indoor pools (distance 50m and 25m), weight room, fitness center, service restaurant, conference hall, also containing many sports playgrounds and several excellent hotels. It is a real paradise for swimmers and coaches, since everything is at their fingertips, for practices as well as for relaxation and fun. 
Guests - contrubutors: Cesare Butini: head coach of the Italian junior swimming team; he has also been a member of the technical staff of the senior national team; Ivo Ferretti: he is a bio-mechanic working for the Italian Swimming Federation, he has been also the producer of various publications and videos coping with starts and turnouts and many useful drills for improving the swimmers technique; Gianluca Camillieri: he is a worldwide known orthopedic, working also with the Italian national swimming team. He performed as a lecturer in several international conventions and produced interesting papers about the medical treatment of various injuries (shoulder etc.). 
For all additional info please call walter@nuoto.it

Dobrodosli na plivacki seminar u Linjanu !!!
Plivacki seminar Stephan Widmer-a, trenera najcenjenijih Australijskih plivacica i svetskih rekorderki Libby Lenton i Leisel Jones, organizovace se u poznatom GeTur turistickom kompleksu u Linjanu u plivackom centru u kome je odrzano Evropsko prvenstvo u malim bazenima te EYOF 2005. GeTur kompleks je inace lokacija na kome se organizuju visoko profesionalni kampovi, tokom citave godine. Na obali Jadrana, smesten izmedju Venecije i Trsta, plivacki kompleks poseduje 2 bazena (50-m 8 staza i jedan od 25-m sa 6 staza), dobro opremljen fitnes centar, restoran sa samoposluzivanjem, konferencijsku salu, otvorene sportske terene i nekoliko hotela sa kapacitetom smestaja od preko 3,000 ucesnika. Ovo je zaista raj za plivace i njihove trenere, jer je sve sto im je neophodno na dohvat ruke, kako za trening, tako i za relaksaciju i zabavu.
Gosti - predavaci na ovom simpozijumu - Cesare Butini: selektor Juniorske reprezentacije Italije te clan tehnickog strucnog tima Italijanske seniorske selekcije. Ivo Ferretti: ekspert biomehanike, clan strucnog tima Italijanske plivacke federacije i publicista vise znacajnih publikacija iz domena korisnih 'drilova' u razvoju plivackih tehnika.  Gianluca Camillieri: svetski priznati ortoped, radio je i za plivacku federaciju Italije, te poznati predavac na vise najznacajnijih medjunarodnih kongresa o medicinskom tretmanu kod povreda sportista.
Cena smestaja (pun pansion) za ucesnike seminara iznosi 36.- eura, a kotizacija, ako se prijava izvrsi do 10. sept 150.-eura, te nakon toga 165.- eura. Dodatne informacije u vezi sa smestajem raspoloziva su na sledecoj adresi info@geturswim.com

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The sophisticated conditions for the professional swimming development:
Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy - the European swimming paradise...

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