June 08, 2007
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Ivan Tsanov
M.Sc.Psych. and the Balkan Swimming Expert, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Only Giant in the Balkan Swimming

Mr. Ivan Tsanov, M.Sc.Phy., (or Canov, re. the Cyrillic letter) is one of the well known Bulgarian all over the globe. Get on every Internet browser, and type his name, last name, or only part of his name and youíll see it for yourself. The first info in a set of the top 10 infos (at the google, yahoo, astavista, hotboot, etc.) contributes to this great man. Whatís more, a swimming is a theme that is connected or added to his name. 
  If you would like to search more, youíll find out one widely visited web site at www.bulswim.info which contributes to the development of the swimming sport, its popularization, full of the serious historian review analysis, statistics, exclusive interviews, media articles and before all of that, the promotions of the new swim talents and their achievements, all far away of any political, clerical, spiritual, business and other interests. The site is composed predominantly in the Bulgarian language (Bulgarian cyrillic alphabet) as well as in English in short segments. The topics do not deal only with the actualities from the authorís native land, but also the Balkans, Western Balkan (as its popular in the moment) and South Eastern Europe. That is enough to be respected from any aspects. 
  So, today, on June 08, 2007, we all have to send our congratulations and regards to Mr.Ivan Tsanov for the worth celebration - the 5th anniversary of establishing the First Bulgarian Swim Site (FBSS). More over, the best wishes and the appeal to go ahead in his struggle for the Balkan and global swimming interests.
  But, let me start from the beginning! I had a privilege to know Mr.Tsanov for six years, while weíve met only once in person, in the course of 2001. Since that, after heís been officially presented to the chives of the Serbian swimming association at the State championships in the city of Nis, weíve exchanged just thinking in general, but I understood that one sincere swim giant and open up person stays in front of me, who could do a lot in the poor swimming regarding the situations not only in Bulgaria and Yugoslavia (in that time), but also Europe. So, the Swim Star 2000 Agency involved this man, powered his previous and the present web site and established one great swim and human cooperation.
Mr. Ivan Tsanov (1963) is the professor of psychology and philosophy, post-graduated at the respectable Sofiaís University St.Clement Ohridski...... ex Balkan Junior swim champion, ranked 5th at the Euro Junior in 1978, the winner of many domestic and international events in age categories. Today, he is well respected participant of the Bulgarian Masters swimming events and a part of the national selection.
  Few days ago, Iíve asked the webmaster of our Swim Star Web Portal to investigate more then 200 MB data of the FBSS from many aspects. Would you like to see the final report? All explanations can be put into one word FANTASTIC. Very few web media in the world today have created something similar. Watch out at the swimming names among the interviews, critical articles on the swimming in Bulgaria, Serbia, BiH, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, FYROM, Albania, Cyprus and other countries. Want to meet great Bulgarian swim coaches dislocated world wide today, get on the FBSS. Who doesn't know something about the Bulgarian legends Lazov, Zamorata, Bogomilova, Mihaylov, etc., then about FINA open water champion Peter Stoychev, Mike Alexadrov, Gueorgi Palazov, Moralieva, etc., as well as the new kids: Kolichev, Nikolov, Tzvetanov, Zhelev, Zlatkova, Grahovsky, etc. FBSS is the only non-governmental web media in the world that has been asked from the National swimming federation for the promotion space and presentation. And thatís not all. Mr. Ivan Tsanov helped the Serbian swim people many times for this last 5 years.
  Personal message - Dear honored Ivan (as I used to call him just like that), the both of us are on the road to nowhere, I know. However, some new winds in the swimming sport in our wider region will respect all our efforts inlayed so far, and this worthy sport will be put to the place it really deserves. You, me and all our mates worldwide do that just because of the Swimming. God bless you Man!!
Goran Rasula, M.Sc.Hydro.E. (June 08, 2007)
Director of the Swim Star 2000 Agency and
Swim Star 2000 Swimming Club, Belgrade

Mr.I.Tsanov in the rare situations - in front of the photo camera
Still active in the swim competitions
A.Mihaylov and I.Ttsanov, BUL Masters legends
Family: Tsveta, Daniela and Ivan Tsanov

Want to directly hear Mr. Ivan Tsanov, try via: ivan_tsanov@yahoo.com

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