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 2006 Balkan Junior Swim Championships, Larnaca, Cyprus, July 29-30 - Exclusive Report
Cyprus 2006
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August 04, 2006 ---------------------------------------------
Photo Gallery from Larnaca
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August 01, 2006 ---------------------------------------------
Mini Photo Gallery

The officials and the chief delegates of the Balkan countries at the opening ceremony
8 Balkan countries - participants of the Championships in the opening ceremony
Serbian National Junior Team at the tribune of the Zenon Aquatic Center in Larnaca
Boris Stojanovic - the Bronze medal in 50 m freestyle men
4x100 Ind.Medley relay men ceremony  - Bronze medal for SCG Team
V.Sreckovic, our reporter with Mr.P.Prokopiou, President of the Cyprus Swimming Federation

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July 30, 2006 -------------------------------------------------------
Day - 2 of the Balkan Champs - Greeks are the best...
(Larnaca, July 30)--- Second day of the 2006 Balkan Junior Swimming Championships organized by Cyprus Amateur Swimming Federation, has started on Sunday morning at the nice out-door Olympic pool of the Zenon Sport Center. Among the participants of the SCG team, only Jovanka Marijanovic in 100 m Breaststroke Women won a medal (bronze) in the individual disciplines. In the morning relays, both men's and women's team of SCG touched the third... Click the link bellow to watch the complete official results.
  One of many individual swim pools in Larnaca (at the entrance of the Michael's Beach Hotel)
In the last 4th part of the Championship (held on Sunday evening), SCG National Team succed to win more 3 medals - in 100-m Back Men, Lazar Bogdanovski was ranked 2nd (1:00.94); in 100-m Back Women Isidora Tesic touched 2nd (1:08.01) and in 50-m Breast Women Jovanka Marijanovic picked up her third Bronze medal (0:35.26)... At the end of the Championships, the final team ranking is as follows: 1/Greece, 2/ Romania, 3/Bulgaria, 4/SCG, 5/Cyprus, 6/FYROM, 7/BIH and 8/Albania.

FINAL Team Rankings 

Male Concurrence Points Female Concurrence Points Overall Points
1/ Greece 254 1/ Greece 264 1/ Greece 518
2/ Romania 189 2/ Romania 170.50 2/ Romania 359.50
3/ Bulgaria 129 3/ Bulgaria 126 3/ Bulgaria 255
4/ Serbia & Montenegro 119 4/ Serbia & Montenegro 112 4/ Serbia & Montenegro 231
5/ Cyprus 20 5/ Cyprus 57 5/ Cyprus 77
6/ FYROM 12 6/ FYROM 17 6/ FYROM 29
6/ Bosnia & Herzegovina 5 7/ Bosnia & Herzegovina 13.50 7/ Bosnia & Herzegovina 18.50
8/ Albania 0 8/ Albania 0 8/ Albania 0

.The Complete Results Report - Part-4
.The Complete Results Report - Part-3
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July 29, 2006 -------------------------------------------------------------
Day - 1 of the Balkan Junior Champs in Larnaca...
**** The "Balkan Junior Championship 2006" in Cyprus has started Saturday morning! The first medal for the Serbian National Team at the Larnaka's Zinon Athletic Center was won by Boris Stojanovic who touched the third in his event 50 meters freestyle. Jovanka Marjanovic kicked off the girls' way to the success winning another bronze medal for the Serbian National Team this time in the longest breaststroke event--200 meters. The third bronze was won by the Men's 4x200 meters relay. 
**** In the afternoon events (Part-2 of the Championship), Serbian swimmers caught additional 3 medals: Lazar Bogdanovski (Gold) and Paunovic (Silver) in 200 Backstroke Men and Jovanka Marijanovic (Bronze) in 200 Ind.Medley Women...
Team Rankings after the Day-1 /Part 1+2/

Male Concurrence Points Female Concurrence Points Overall Points
1/ Greece 122 1/ Greece 140.50 1/ Greece 262.50
2/ Romania 109 2/ Romania 86.50 2/ Romania 195.50
3/ Serbia & Montenegro 63 3/ Bulgaria 60 3/ Bulgaria 114
4/ Bulgaria 54 4/ Serbia & Montenegro 50 4/ Serbia & Montenegro 113
5/ Cyprus 15 5/ Cyprus 27 5/ Cyprus 42
6/ FYROM 7 6/ FYROM 13 6/ FYROM 20
6/ Bosnia & Herzegovina 4 7/ Bosnia & Herzegovina 8 7/ Bosnia & Herzegovina 12
8/ Albania 0 8/ Albania 0 8/ Albania 0

.The Complete Results Report- Part-2
.The Complete Results Report- Part-1
.The List of all Participants
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July 27, 2006 ------------------------------------------------------------
The Program and Schedule of the Events in Larnaca...

Race No. DAY 1 - SATURDAY, July 29, 2006 Race No. DAY 2 - SUNDAY, July 30, 2006
1st part 10:00 3rd  part 10:00
   1 50 m Freestyle  Women    21 200 m Freestyle  Women 
   2 50 m Freestyle    Men    22 200 m Freestyle   Men 
   3 50 m Backstroke  Women    23 100 m Breaststroke  Women 
   4 50 m Backstroke  Men     24 100 m Breaststroke   Men 
   5 200 m Breaststroke Women    25 200 m Butterfly  Women 
   6 200 m Breaststroke   Men    26 200 m Butterfly   Men
   7 100 m Butterfly Women    27 4x100 m Medley Relay  Women
   8 100 m Butterfly   Men     28 4x100 m Medley Relay   Men
   9 800 m Freestyle Women  
   10 4x200 m Free Relay   Men   
2nd part 17:00 4th  part 17:00
   11 50 m Butterfly Men    29 50 m Breaststroke  Men 
   12 50 m Butterfly   Women    30 50 m Breaststroke   Women 
   13 100 m Freestyle  Men     31 400 m Freestyle  Men
   14 100 m Freestyle   Women    32 400 m Freestyle   Women 
   15 200 m Backstroke  Men     33 100 m Backstroke  Men
   16 200 m Backstroke   Women    34 100 m Backstroke   Women
   17 200 m Ind. Medley  Men    35 400 m Ind. Medley  Men
   18 200 m Ind. Medley   Women     36 400 m Ind. Medley   Women
   19 1500 m Freestyle  Men    37 4x100 m Free Relay  Men
   20 4x200 m Free Relay   Women    38 4x100 m Free Relay   Women


July 27, 2006 -------------------------------------------------------
Roster of the Serbian team with the entered disciplines and times

Click here to open the Complete Serbian Entry List (in .pdf acrobat format)

All data transferred from the official issued information of PSS, Belgrade...


July 26, 2006 ---------------------------------------------------------------

About the host country of the 2006 Balkan Junior Championships
Cyprus is an island of legends that basks all year-round in the warm Mediterranean sun. A storied past 10,000 years long has seen civilizations come and go and the likes of everyone from Alexander the Great to Cleopatra stake their claim here. Aphrodite was born in Cyprus and made her home here. Travellers throughout antiquity came here just to pay her tribute. Today Cyprus is a modern country that effortlessly marries European culture with ancient enchantment. Here in Cyprus you will discover a compact world of alluring beaches and fragrant mountain peaks, vineyards studded with olive trees and ancient ruins that stir the imagination, citrus groves and old stone villages where sweet wine flows as freely as conversations at the local cafe. Cyprus is a carefree place where a sense of timelessness is magnified by the kindness and hospitality of the people.
CYPRUS, Kypros in Greek, is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia, covering an area of approximately 9,251 square kilometers. It has a maximum length of 240 kms from east to west and a maximum width of 100 kms from north to south. Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate with typical seasons, such as hot, dry summers from mid-May to mid-September and rainy, rather changeable winters from November to mid-March are separated by short autumn and spring seasons. Summers are hot with temperatures ranging between 29 C and 40 C. Winters are mild with temperatures ranging between10 C and 18 C. Sunshine is abundant during the whole year and particularly from April to September when the average duration of bright sunshine exceeds 11 hours per day. 
LARNACA, is a city on the southeast coast of Cyprus. Home of the main Cyprus international airport, and of the islandís second busiest commercial port. Today, Larnaca is a very popular tourist resort with a local population of 72,000. In ancient times, as one of the oldest living cities in Cyprus, where the earliest remains go back to the Mycenean age Larnaca was also known as Kition, or Citium.
Today, Larnaca is a very popular tourist resort with Cypriots, as well as foreign visitors. Many of the hotels and much of the activity in Larnaca is centered around the promenade area of the City. The promenade lined with palm trees and cafes on one side and the beach on the other, is a popular place for a stroll for both locals and visitors. The Byzantine church of St Lazarus, Halal Sutan Tekke by the the salt lakes, Kition archaelogical site and the neolithic settlement of Chirokitia are some of the places to visit during your stay in Larnaca area.

(Vladimir Sreckovic, July, 2006)
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