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2007 European Junior Championships
Antwerpen, Belgium, In-door Wezerberg Olympic pool 50-m
July 18 - 22 2007

Serbian National Selection at Antwerp 2007...

The complete Photo documentation exclusively for Swim Star 2000 Agency, Belgrade arranged by Mr.Vladimir Anusic

July 22, 2007
Day - 5  Ivan Lendjer - New European Rec Holder in 100 Fly...
(Anwerp, BEL)- Ivan Lendjer set the new European Junior record in 100 Fly Men - 0:53.21 and picked up the Gold medal... In the afternoon final race, followed by Belarus Lazuka Yauheni (53.90) and Austrian Dinko Jukic (53.97), the Serb swimmer first 50 swam in 24.68 and turned back with 28.53 - enough for the New Euro 100-m Fly Junior Standard...Caba Siladji made the great success, too. After he has been fortunately entered for the final, in the 100 Breast M he swam out to the 4th position with the time of 1:02.63 (new national junior record)....
In the men's relay 4x100 medlay final, Serbian team (Kopas, Siladji, Lendjer and Stojanovic) set Nrec with the time of 3:46.12 ranked 7th.. All Belgrade's swim fans would like to send again the congratulations to Ivan Lendjer his trainer Dejan Pejinovic and all members of the national team in Antwerp!!...Find out the complete official ON-LINE Results
 Serbian team for the national proud...
Lendjer, Siladji, Kopas, and Stojanovic 
 Ostojic, Vukanovic, Bogdanovic & Tesic
SRB men's relay
(Anwerp, BEL)- In the morning prelims of the last day of the marvelous Euro Junior Champs, Serbian men's relay succeeded  to get into Final in the 4x100 Medlay Relay with the time of 3:49.42 (new national standard)... Besides Lendjer's final in 100 Fly this would be another great chance this evening for the new Serbian swimming achievement and the promotion.
Other Serbian competoitors swam out worth times - Boris Stojanovic touched 20th (of 57) in 50 Free M (0:23.89), while Ivan Kopas was ranked 43rd in the same event (0:24.72) his LBT. Tijana Vukanovic touched 21st in 50 Fly W (0:29.36) and the SRB women's relay swam out to the 14th position (4:29.28 Nrec)...Find out the official ON-LINE Results

July 21, 2007
Day - 4  Lendjer Earned Final in 100 Fly...
The afternoon events in Semi Finals brought fantastic swimming of Ivan Lendjer in the men's 100 m Fly. Coming as 4th to SF, Lendjer did not want to calculate. At the end 1st, with the new national rec 0:53.30... There is no doubt that the new European Championships title will be brought to Belgrade - by Ivan Lendjer.... In the "Serbian second semis", Caba Siladji in men's 100 Breast with the time of 1:03.86 (new national standard), swam out to the 9th position... (In this same event, Daniel Gyurta of Hungary set the champs record 1:02.00).
(Anwerp, BEL) - In the morning prelims of the Euro Junior Championships Antwerp 2007, the two best Serbian juniors succeeded to catch Semi Finals. Ivan Lendjer in 100 Fly M swam out to the 4th position with the time of  0:54.92, while Caba Siladji was ranked 10th in 100 Breast M (1:04.25)...
Other Serbian competoitors swam out good - Milica Ostojic of SC Red Star, Belgrade touched 25th in 50 Free W (0:27.96), Jovana Bogdanovic (SC Red Star, Belgrade) ranked 30th in 100 Breast W (1:16.41), Ivan Kopas (SC Banat, Kikinda) and Lazar Boganovski (SC Vojvodina, Novi Sad) were ranked 28th and 29th respectively in 50 m Back M (0:28.69 - 0:29.14). Isidora Tesic of SC Vojvodina, Novi Sad was ranked 29th in 100 Back W with the time of 1:07.10.. Find out the complete official ON-LINE Results
 Caba Siladji in the 100 Breast M prelims
Lendjer prior to start of 100 Fly M
 Siladji (lane 6) start of 100 Breast SF..

July 20, 2007
Day - 3  Siladji - Silver in 50 Breast - 28.53...
Caba Siladji of SC Novi Sad, won silver medal in 50-m breast M with the time of 0:28.53 (the new national men's junior record)... In the afternoon, in the semi finals Caba Siladjifinished also at the second place touching the wall with the time of 0:28.61 (Nrec) while Lazar Bogdanovski was ranked 14th in his 200-m backstroke M (2:07.10)... Beside the Lendjer's silver in 50 fly, this is another great achievment of the Serb Swimming.. Congratulations !!
Siladji (Anwerp, BEL) - Day-3 prelims of the Euro Junior Championships 2007 brought another two bright achievements to the Serbian Swimming. Caba Siladji  of SC Novi Sad (Novi Sad) in the men's 50m breaststroke  prelims touched the third with the time of 0:28.98 and earned his first Euro Semi Final. Another SF earned Lazar Bogdanovski who was ranked 15th in 200-m Back M prelims (2:08.31), while Ivan Kopas was ranked 20th (2:10.16) in the same event. Tijana Vukanovic swam out to the 23rd of 36 participants in 100 Fly W (1:04.44). Isidora Tesic swam out to the 44th position in 50 Back W (0:32.46) with her LBT (life best time). Find out the complete official ON-LINE Results
 Caba Siladji at 50 breast Antwerp's podium
A.Skanata and D.Pejinovic, Serb Coaches
 Siladji after the morning prelims..
Ban Sandor, coach and Siladji at warm-up..
Happiness among Serb fans at the tribune
Pool display for the Serbian proud

July 19, 2007
Day - 2 passes good, but Serbs wait the next one in Antwerp...
(Anwerp, BEL) - Day-2 prelims of the Euro Champs 2007 brought the worth results of the Serbian participants, but nothing surprisingly... Ivan Lenjder in 100 Free was ranked 18th (51.75) while  Boris Stojanovic of SC Kikinda, in the same discipline swam out his LBT (life best time) to the 26th of 64 participants (time 52.31). the third and the last competitor of Serbia who took part in today's events was  Jovana Bogdanovic of SC Red Star, Belgrade. In her 200 Breast W she was ranked 20th of 32 participants... Find out the complete official ON-LINE Results
 Serbian flag at the pool display
Serbian fans at the tribune of the pool
 Jovana Bogdanovic prior 200 Breast W...

July 18, 2007
Day - 1  Ivan Lendjer - Silver Medal in 50 Fly...
In the evening semi finals Ivan Lendjer touched the first again in 50 Fly M with the time of 0:24.83, while Tijana Vukanovic swam out to the 11th position in 200 Fly W (2:21.60)... Later on in this session 2, in the 50-m Fly M final, Ivan Lendjer touched the second (0:24.57) and earned the Silver Medal...Find the ON-LINE Results
 To be memorized - photo by V.Anusic..
Serbian proud - Ivan Lendjer at podium..
 Congratulations from coach Pejinovic...
Lendjer (Anwerp, BEL) - Day-1 prelims of the Euro Champs 2007 brought the first achievements to the Serbian Swimming sport. Ivan Lendjer  of SC Proleter, Zrenjanin in the men's 50-m Fly  prelims touched the first with the time of 0:24.54 (NRec) and earned his first Fly Semi Final. Tijana Vukanovic swam to the 10th in 200 Fly W (2:21.39) and qualified for SF. Among other Serbian participants Lazar Bogdanovski was ranked 34th in 100-m Back M (1:01.00), while Ivan Kopas ranked 38th (1:01.91) in the same event. Milica Ostojic swam out good in 100 Free W (0:59.70), Caba Siladji was ranked 22nd in 200 Breast M (2:23.92) and Isidora Tesic 25th in 200 Back(2:24.87). Find out the ON-LINE Results

July 17, 2007
Day prior to the Euro Champ's start...
(Antwerp, BEL) - After the day and a half of the acclimatization to the wet and not so warmly climate in Antwerp like at the home-land (with more then 38 deg.C), the delegation of Serbia used to walk around the splendid city of Antwerp as well as to introduce the swim concurrence... Little problem has appeared with Lazar Bogdanovski (small flue), however coach V. Anusic hopes that it wouldn't be an obstacle for this worthy athlete (the best Serbian backstroker and rec holder). All others are well and ready for the great jobs !!! Best wishes to all - Go Serbia !!!

 To be remembered - photo by I.Lendjer..
Serbian Squad went sightseeing..
 SRB coaches: Anusic, Ban & Pejinovic...
ITA team at training with Coach Bolognani
Greek team with Papailia Konstantina..
Slovenian Team walking round the city

July 16, 2007
Mini Photo Gallery upon arriving Antwerp...
(Antwerp, BEL) - The Serbian Junior team arrived Antwerp (via Amsterdam), for the upcoming 2007 Euro Junior Championships, that will be held on July 18-22... Serbia will be presented with the next squad: Caba Siladji (SC Novi Sad), Ivan Lendjer (SC Proleter); Lazar Bogdanovski (SC Vojvodina); Ivan Kopas (SC Banat); Boris Stojanovic (SC Kikinda), Tijana Vukanovic and Isodora Tesic (SC Vojvodina), Jovana Bogranovic and Milica Ostojic (SC Crvena Zvezda). The coaches team: Vladimir Anusic, Dejan Pejinovic, Sandor Ban and Aleksandar Skanata...

 Marvelous Wezenberg pool in Antwerp..
Serbian Squad in front of the Champs pool
 Evening training upon arriving...

Euro Junior Antwerp 2007 - Psych Sheet
Program of all events

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