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Waterside Sharks Swim Club, New York, USA
SRB Coach Radenko Miskovic in New York

First worthy successes of the Sharks a  brand new, growing swimming club on the east side of New York City
May 18, 2010

One of the well-known former swimmer of Yugoslavia, SCG and Serbia, now advanced swim trainer, graduated from the Belgrade Sports Academy, started his serious coach career in America. For the Belgarde's audience it is easily to say - Radenko Miskovic, former Champion and national record holder (as a member of the Swim Club Belgrade). Having in mind our wish to present the engagements of the Serbian coaches all over the globe, we're proud to get a chance to show one of the first Miskovic's successes recently achieved at the local competition in the New York City.

Best Wishes for the new Swim Stars in New York
 Photo by the Waterside Sharks Team,NYC
The “Waterside Sharks Swimming Club” was founded in early February of 2010. 
Coaches Mr. Radenko Miskovic, Senior Swimming Coach, former 50m butterfly National Champion and record holder of Yugoslavia and Mr. Jorge Martinez, former defender of Professional Italian Soccer Club in “Serie B” – Perugia Calcio, - both ASCA level 2 certified coaches (American Swimming Coaches Association) were keen to set up a swim club which was not only a lot of fun but also competitive.  Sharks is a  brand new, growing swim club which is practicing at the  “Waterside Health and Swim Club” on the east side of New York City.
Currently, there are 17 members, new swim hopes  between the ages of  6 and 12.. 
As the pool where the practices are held is only 12yds long, the team is looking to move to another, bigger pool in near future that could satisfy need for competitive swim practices. The clubs’ goals are to gain more members, to start competing with its age group  around the area of Greater New York as well as provide organized swim instruction for under- privileged children in the New York area and encourage children to live a healthy lifestyle…
Take a look at the “Sharks” swim club picture gallery from their very first competition, “BIG SWIM” held on Saturday, May-15th at “Hansborough” swimming pool in Harlem, New York City.
Amber Levis one of the greatest swim hopes of Coach Miskovic...

The Sharks Mini Picture Gallery:
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Hansborough Swimming Pool in Harlem, NYC, a place of the recent competition...
Alisha-Sharks' fastest sprint Freestyler, Amber, Drew, Milan and Ajay with their trophies (L-R).
Moments before  win in 50yd backstroke, Meghan Jenkins
Top Sharks' Swimmers Alisha Chopra and Meghan Jenkins with their Coach Martinez
Waterside Sharks Swim Team 1
Sharks, a growing Swim Club after BIG success at their very first meet - BIG SWIM
The youngest Shark and brand new New Yorker Axel Letellier with his Coach
Coach Jorge Martinez and his 25yd Sprinter Milan Chopra (L)
Meghan Jenkins, by far the fastest backstroker in her age group

Want to talk to or ask Coach Radenko Miskovic - try via: miskovicr@yahoo.com

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